Sex-shop scrap over bad p0rn film

Would you complain about a faulty product or bad service.. ?????????????????

A customer got into a fight in a gay sex shop when he demanded a refund after watching a porn film.

CEN reports that the furious punter branded the film rubbish, but staff at the Mystery Hall Sex Shop in St Pauli, Germany, refused to give him his money back.

He left the shop but returned minutes later to start a fight, and after flooring the shop assistant he stole £350 as compensation for the disappointing film before leaving the shop.

Police are now searching for the man who was caught on CCTV.

Source: Anannova


he should have read the critical reviews on the film before watching the film..:)


good way to get your money back after having a really ummm... unsatisfying sexual experience;-P

reminds me of the time my wife bought "shaving ryans privates" thinking it was the war film.. :0P

ROFL .... A Major misunderstanding..

he had fun, and now wants a refund....

What was he thinking.... ;)

ROFL!!! is there a movie "shaving Ryan's privates"

everybody is not that sensitive .he may a different level

customer is always right

I cant comment at all!

Pass me the movie to see if it's a disappointing film or not!


Sadly, I left the film behind in the shop.... :O(

The basic story is about a window cleaner who goes to a secluded farmhouse and whilst cleaning the windows is "invited in" by the owner and his hunky business partner....

guaranteed customer satisfaction ;)

how is it different from any other product for which 'quality' is termed as 'customer's delight'?

Lol Rishi...customer's

Business is bad :( maybe its the

so what is the criteria of a critically acclaimed porn movie? somebody enlighten me please ;)

ruby: i have the details, will just pm you... ;)

Criteria is. He/she should be single, should not be virgin, should be experienced, with out experience people should be given " Priority "

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