I'm American, 25 years old, 6'7", slim, blond hair, blue eyes. I will be flying into Doha in mid January. I will have a 30 day tourist visa. Is it possible to get an extension on a tourist visa? Also how would I get a work visa, do I need a sponsor? I was living in Sydney and Brisbane for about a year previously and thought going to Qatar would be fun and exciting. I would like to live in Doha but know getting a work visa can be difficult. Does anyone know of any career websites in Doha that could help me find work? Also does anyone know of any online personal classifieds in Doha? It makes it a lot easier to meet new people in a new country.



it wasnt necessary to post ur pic up there...

by the way, who told tat u r sexy, tall model ? :(

Uhhh, exactly what kind of work did you have in mind???


another of those brash illiterates?

Any sponsors in Ramada Carparking? because he is sexy so will get a job @ Ramada Car parking area.

So why laugh at others? He's just expressing himself.

Try classified adds of Dohatimes and Peninsula at their sites.

the wrong use of someone’s picture.

Hey that's my picture!! He has used my picture! How dare he!

TB, u looked so handsome in school days ! :(

School days? One of my buddies took that picture of me last year in the Ice Hockey changing room after our game against the Red Wings that we had just won.

good Joke for weekend....;-)

It's hard to see your red shorts timebandit :)

is it true, you have a constipation face

Jotish I had just played against the Red Wings and had two broken ribs. I was doing my best to smile.

Was living in Sydney and Brisbane for a year and you thought going to Qatar would be fun and exciting???

SEXY, TALL, MODEL, REAL, NEW TO DOHA ... BS of the month or of the year on QL...

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Recruitment sites

ur hair style resembles like Ghajini ! :(

so where's the proof that your sexy.. =P

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Blushing mode

maybe he has a loan to pay in Australia

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because khanan is here some where around thats why he didnt post full picture.

what do u mean by 'REAL' ?

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Oh dear me .....why feed the trolls!

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can you post another picture? :(

GOod Morning to all QLers...

Have a Good day

sometime feeding the trolls ;)

when i feed the dogs, birds, fishes in the ponds then why not a Troll ? :)

Khanan, Singing the song?

First Doha-Chap, now you!! seems like everyone is in quiet good mood

this was a double post - one defeated by the mods. the other was left for comments

why this bugger didnt posted in the Matrinomial site about his description ? :(

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TCOM are you new to QL ?

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There are a lot of hair salaons here in Doha, so finding work should be easy.

Went to 4 colleges for IT, computers.

see tinker.. you even indirectly said "He's not Sexy"

cute from which angle ?

Thanks Tinkerbell

"Went to 4 colleges for IT, computers."

And dropped out of all of them

and wanted to make a quick buck

Is this one of the weekend jokes? This should be in 'funnies'..

"went to 4 colleges for IT" for what ?

to rob some computers ? :(

MisterX's profile pic is more sexier than you.....:)

if he needs a break, why dont he go to Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood or Lollywood ? :(

ok guys now!!!

few recruitment sites are

U aint all that.............

No way, it's all in your head, you Yes you are something not horrible to look at but definitely not sexy or anything of the above mentioned qualities.

You just like to think that you are, and TB PFFFF who is jealous? Lool I even doubt that this is his real pic, besides why should we feel jealous of his vanity? I'm just like wondering why you think you are all that. I think handsome is what handsome is supposed to mean, and you still haven't figured that one out yet. So, come on dude, you are probably like, you know, conceited. Beauty fades dude.relax.take it easy.presto.whatever..And all the stuff u Americans say...

western men... far to damn egote.... I mean egotistical....

Them and the Lebanese;-p

TB :)

Did you avail the service then ? ;)

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and teasing :)

Tinker .. what about me?? since its the weeekend.. i want to be happy too ?? :P

Sod off, Guru Uncle... dont mess with me today!!!!

What is the craigslist website in Doha? What is the personal classified website?

my eyes.... those legs... way to ummm... how can I be nice about this..... YUK!!!!!!

LMFAO.. nice 1 FS :D

Thank you tinker, but i seriously think i should change my DP.. LOL :D

Narcissim and gigantism both are welcomed in qatar, but not a guarantee that you will get laid :)

TailChopper : No doubt he will have many gentlemen admirers.

TB: Phew! gracias (:I feel better now. btw TB I thought I read somewhere that Narcissus was dead. Who knew he had a long lost son!

Too bad his balding and empty B/A doesn't look as good as the rest of you!

Damn you mods., i spent 5 min to post that topic. LOL

LOL TC, and it took only few seconds for mods to delete tat post...:)

one of the male admirers might even send him a visa... so its worth posting on QL...:)

TB: I know right. Every time I wake up I just feel I’m the prettiest hunched-back animal in the whole barn!

dear mod, i know who you are, and you cant be sexier than me, You know that!! wink wink :)

Man, post yourself in the classified ads or services if you want to sell yourself!! haha!.. sorry, the funniest post i read since the start of 2012..hehe.. kinda weird!

I can sense the females and some men going weak at the knees. :o)


God he is new to this part of the world

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It would have been nicer if you're bald.. Now shave your head.:p

Thanks bourne 007 for making so many people smile , laugh and fall off their chairs..

so are u a cross between the jason bourne and agent 007.. U might just be the first man - man child ever.. So which surname do u keep Bond or Bourne ?

When I saw the title I thought it was Naomi Campbell visiting! Too bad it turned out to be some freckles invested brat from the outbacks of the USA!

Tall one bit.

I dont mind you putting your shoes under my bed at all..

1.Tourist visa can be extended for another month (QAR.100)

2.In order to obtain a work visa you have to get a job first, and yes your work visa (and Residence permit) will be sponsored by the company.

3.This is weird that an IT guy, an American, doesn’t know how to google for the Job websites.

4.It is even weirder that you spell “personal” classifieds.. shouldn’t it be “personnel”??

Anyway, good luck.. and thanks for making all of us laugh.. good start for the weekend..

I think this is a reincarnation of John Wayne!

a good start to the weekend YES,,,,,,,,

This looks like a "Bourne Conspiracy" :O)

Come on over young man. I'm sure you'll have a great time and lots of "offers" ..

ok now im going to the fridge to get myself a beer before i start reading everyone's sarcastic replies... this is going to be fun LOL :-D

ok now im going to the fridge to get myself a beer before i start reading everyone's sarcastic replies... this is going to be fun LOL :-D

...another naive and clueless tall newbie...

hang the infidel...!!!!



Americans have always arrogant

The MOI is carrying out an investigation , since many females in Qatar have applied for a visa for him stating that he's their brother :o(

If you are for real, contact the website above. Look for Nancy or Gwen.

Or the above look for Kelly (if she still there).

Thanks for the suggestions.

i see people like to pull leg ,, that makes them feel happy but what u think the affect will be on the second person,,, guies please give him a break,, if u cant suggest him some good ideas at least DONT PULL HIS LEG

god bless every one

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