Sharia Court.

Where is the Sharia Court located in Doha. please give me the direction.


is on Rayyan Road opposite to Al Bida which is no more just after auto mart and after Mannai roundabout which is AlKhaleej Road.


Which one? for marriage or for crime case?

If for marriage, that is opposite road of Blue Saloon along Alsadd area. There used to be another one along Old Rayyan st.

If you ask the latter, that is near to Al-Salam plaza & City Centre at Dafna area

Is it Rayyan road or Khaleej road?

the mannai round about is on KHaleeJ road :p


The one i mentioned in Alsadd is also Sharia Court, isn't it?

depends yes thats also one. but whats his case he didnot tell!!!


wanna bet Darude? he is getting married soon. hmmm, what ya think?

chances of being kicked out by wife too :P


is he married? i didn't check his profile wait...

Guys.. I plan to marry , hehehe, what do u think? what are the requirements ?

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I told you, he want to get married!

know why? coz if he looking for criminal court, he won't advertise here, lol

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requirements? for me, they ask letter from my sponsor, my father's consent letter(as moslem) to be stamp from my embassy, my passport or QatarID, 2 witness, hmmm what else? of coarse my groom!

Best wishes!!!

did he mention in his profile if he is married no right???

how will one know about that?

so chances are may be he is trying to get rid of his current wife and getting married to his girlfriend :P


and he want to come here in Qatar for marriage?, you mean he is on LDR(Long Distance Relationship) w/ his girlfriend?

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Guys, you are funny! well I am not married , yeah I wanna marry hehe. I am Muslim she is Muslim, her parents arent Muslim. so what are the requirements again. lol I wont get rid of my wife as long as I have one.

hey the requirements are too much there.

Blessed are the geeks, for they shall Internet the earth!

its gonna get tough than man if her parents are not muslim coz they got right to object.hmm they should agree too. is ur gf over 18 or 18.than she can marry you any time any where you want :P where is the party any goth invited :D


thank you guys. you are very helpful . but not when asked about help on finding work. kkk. well I hope the Qlers will help me about this too someday .

I am in Doha.

Blessed are the geeks, for they shall Internet the earth!

Wali who will represent u at the wedding say like ur bro or father or uncle maternal or paternal.

Nikah is marriage deed or contract what ever on which u agree to marry ur fellow

Mahr is what u will ask ur fellow to give u eeeh i forgot what they call it.let me think


Mahr is Dower


Hi DaRude,

thanks for the info

what if i dont have my parents here with me?



Some One senior friend he can be it.or any friend MALE.


The judge can be your wali, or maybe.....


Apple Wali.

And i wont be accepted at all coz i will say i donot know both of them :P


It's Dowry NOT Dower.

The difference is: When Shavone get married her husband must give her DOWRY, When her husband died she get DOWER, :)))))

she still has to marry and u are killing her husband from now she will kill u hahahaha


Dont worry dear, that time when you're decided..we can put ads here "Wanted Wali". Also the "Nikah" not a problem, too much here. i told you?

You told her dower not me, he heeeee :)))

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gudnite all see u around have fun.


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heyah apple!!!

Hi All,

i am an Indian married in India. i want to take my wife and child here in qatar.I have my marriage certificates from India which is attested by notary India and translated to Arabic. can any one tell me about the mariage certificate process which is to be attested/ issued from shariah court?..i am statying near mannai r/a is it the court which issues marriage certificates?.

Thnx in Advance!!

My name is Hafeez Ahmad, Please can someone help me out with this information about where sharia court located here in Doha. I want to get marry and i need to know what are the requirements needed before the marriage can take place. Is there any fee required for marriage? I am well complete Muslim and so my sweet love will/is Masha'Allah. Please can anyone tell me all requirement need and as well how much those it cost for marriage fee? I will be very glad to see the right answer to my question.

mahr = Given to bride by groom, could be in cash , jewellery, or as decided by the bride.Need to be paid upfront or request bride for it to be given later, or the bride can also waive it if she wills.

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