Sharks in Qatar?

I love to swim now in the beach..i started in Sheraton hotel. Today i've been told by some friends that Qatar have plenty of dangerous shark come up at this weather.

Is that true? I'm freak now..


Loan sharks, yes. Jelly fish yes. Jaws kind of sharks, no.

I heard there used to be a few years ago, but all the blasting offshore for oil has drove them away.

in Fujeirah Abudhabi the black tip shark but they are not dangerous..i'm just aware though! Jelly fish im not scared :}

I don't know about sharks in the water, but there are plenty on these boards hitting on the females! :D

THose aren't sharks Sernedipity, they're tadpoles with delusions of grandeur. :P

Land tadpoles

"Fins to the left, fins to the right and you're the only girl in town." :)

r7 r7

Im pretty sure there are'nt any sharks around here .... I would be like a Meat feast for them and hey im still here are'nt I :)

Halul Island marine office doesn't have massive shark jawbones on the wall....honest!


Does that mean ther is or ther isn't?

I'm logging off to look it up on-line.......


There are roports on the net of schoals hammerheads around Qatar.

But, as there are no seals around Qatar they won't mistake humans for them, which is the usual reason for atacks.

So, as long as you don't go in the water with a ball on your nose making honking noises while slapping your hands together..... should be ok.

I've been living here for almost 26 years, I spent most of my childhood near the beach because my dad loves fishing a lot. He was fishing all the time, while I was swimming on the other side. He never catch a shark and I never encounter one. :)

I saw one big dead shark before in Wakrah, but it died somewhere else and the sea throw it there near the beach. No one was swimming there for a while because it looks so scary back then.

There are a lot of different types of sharks, but most of them are harmless. The ones that we got here in the gulf belongs to the harmless type.

This dude is eating fish all the time here and we all know that, why would it run after the humans and attack them? I'm not a cannibal, but i believe humans flesh tastes so bad.

The good shark is the dead one anyway.

It is kind of hard for any shark that do respect himself to walk in the malls with his fen hangs out there. This is simply impolite. He should at least hide it so a woman would not know from so far away that he is going to attack her or run after her.

Sharks got a bad habit that it eats suddenly and does not know anything about dining rules. No salt for adjusting the taste, no prayers before dining, no tissues to clean or water to swallow, nothing at all. It will not come and ask you gently, is it possible for me to eat you or should I look for another option?

Those are called in real life Wolves and not Sharks. The shark might be so wild and a bloody dude, but it is so stupid and it would attack a piece of wood thinking of it as a prey.

On the other side, wolves are mean, clever and bloody wild too. But they know when and what to attack.

Be aware of the wild wolves out there, the ones with the Dead Grey Eyes. They are the most dangerous.

here a hammerhead i think! one time my little doggy was happily swimming in the sea and then we saw a black shadow behind him ( so jaws!) we then realized it was a shark and started screaming for our doggy to paddle back! bless him he paddled his heart out!! But im 100% sure you dont have to worry about shark attacks out here! I wouldnt worry at all! We even saw a huge um Manta ray once before! Just make sure you wear shoes on your feet when in the sea as there are stone fish out here which are very poisinious!

Just a nurse shark though and quite small. They look like cartoon sharks and have no teeth.

had better live as we think, otherwise we shall end up by thinking as we lived. - Paul Bourget

At the risk of repeating an earlier post. A Gulf Heli pilot friend of mine saw a shadow following a boat years ago and didn't go water skiing for a very long time.

There ARE huge jawbones on Halul island but that's a long way from Doha.

Fish in the Gulf grow to a large size. We regularly saw garfish 4 feet in length.

Having said that, it never stopped me swimming or snorkeling.

February to April the sea snakes breed and will attack anything.

So long as you keep cool they don't pose a problem.

If they do have a go, give them your fist to attack. They have such a small head that they can't bite a fist. Push them away with open fingers and they will bite in-between the fingers.

i saw a sea snake not so long ago!! At least now i know how to stand my ground!!

I just saw one weeks ago in shahniya out near a farm house rammed by a car poor snake no body even dail 999 emergency ambulance.

There is a fish here that looks like the shark and the sandy beaches are this fish play ground. It is actually a combination of a shark and ray fish. It has the body of the shark, but the head looks like a ray. This one is harmless and i assure you, you can swim beside it and it would never even bother. We catch a big one before [almost 20KGs], when we were pulling the line and it reach there. The line was broke very close to the beach only 3 meters out of our hands. This fish start swimming so peacefully and it does not even run away and that what makes me really sad because i can see it in front of me but can do nothing. Haloul is a very far away place and it is near the oil fields and no one is even allowed to be there.

I'm now calm about the sharks...but not the snake..I'm snake phobia. When i went to the zoo looking at snake in glass i'm almost fainted i cant open my eyes..i just scared of them. My husband keep telling me to go to psychiatric about this snake things..even only picture i'll faint! not good hey..

Snakes can't be found anywhere but in a farm. So if you are far away from farms you would be safe. Don't think of it and again, 95% of the snakes are harmless [no poison].

Who says there are no sharks in Doha? what do you guys think our landlords are :-)


Wishing you a seductive & wonderful day licked by luv & penetrated by heavenly graces & may all your misfortunes be ejaculated!

I don live in farm but i spend my week end there and who said snakes are not Poisonous get in jungle and u will see than desert one is harmful with sharp teeth i tell u where u can find them zubarah some where around a plant or sure go inside umsaeed dunes too and shahniya I HAVE SEEN 4. IF u dont believe me doesnot matter me at allllllllllllllllllllllll.

There are sharks in the waters around Qatar, the shark Charmed mentioned was actually a grey reef shark.

Hammerheads have been reported off the coasts of all GCC states as its a part of the migratory patterns of the fish.

Tiger sharks have also been spotted/caught off the coast of Dubai (in the fronds of the palms) and Abu Dhabi.

Snakes, well there is one local snake the sand viper however you will as previously stated mainly find them around the farms. Sea snakes are prevelant at this time of year and your more likely to see them in the artificial rock pools created to trap blue crabs.

But what really gets me....the camel they freak me out, something that lives in the desert, can get on you in your sleep, bites you and injects a pain goes off and waits for it to kick in, then comes along and has a good old feast on your skin and flesh and you are none the wiser about it!!!!!!

Ending up with large areas of skin missing....lovely!!!!

Its the creepy crawlie hour

We came we saw we were Qatarized

If you're swimming you really have to beware of the jelly fish. Maybe not now but when the water gets warmer. Try to have a bottle of vinegar on hand. That's the biggest threat we've found.

Jelly fish is something to worry about here more than sharks. Last summer i had bad burns because of a jelly fish and thank god that I was expecting such a thing and bring a bottle of vinegar with me.

I did not say that there is no snakes here in Qatar, sorry if i make you feel that I don't believe you. What i said was that most of the snakes are harmless, but i did not say that they does not exist. I've seen a lot of them here. If you are in the desert or in a farm and you did not see a snake, what kind of desert or farm would that be? :)

Snakes do exist outside the farms.

At Dukhan golf course when climbing to the fourth tee, there used to be a horned viper lived just off the steps to the left. At Messaieed golf course there were sand or horned vipers just off the 18th tee.

In addition, many of the ladies wouldn't tee off of the 18th tee because there were a family of gubbs living underneath it.

We had a cobra in the garden at Ahmed bin Saif villas (where Al-Saad Street meets the "D" ring road) that had hatched from eggs contained in soil delivered from Pakistan (and I thought our cats were killing the rats).

Truth123, I have never seen or heard of camel spiders in Qatar but we saw some when we were in Kuwait. Strictly speaking they are not spiders and the rumurs of drunks being bitten, partly eaten and eggs being laid in the wound are urban myth.

Thats quite a report on snakes in Qatar!

Just wonder this thread started with sharks and at snakes at present, remains to be seen what we end up with.


Buick's new car is called 71.

It carries two in the front and 69 in the back


You missed out the gubbs and camel spiders.

PS. If you want to kill a scorpion, surround it with petrol and set fire to the petrol. The scorpion will commit suicide rather than burn (it stings itself in the neck). You can then, very carefully, set it in resin.

What the hell are Gubbs?

Gubbs are lizards (large lizards) growing to a maximum of maybe 3 feet in length.

They are ponderous and their tails are a delicacy when BBQ'd......allegedly, as are locusts.

If you see one you won't mistake it.

The shark/ray fish that King Edshel mentioned earlier, we knew as a as a "guitar fish". The central membrane that runs down the centre of the (point) is the same colour as sand making it appear that the creature has a huge pair of scissors at the front.

I will post a picture of two camel spiders on the gallery

thats do u know so much? u have animal discovery channel? i used to have one at home country..but now in doha nothing like it!

Maybe I was in the region for too long although I still do the odd contract job out there. The camel spider picture is posted

iam working near water all the time and i have really seen one small shark last summer but it was very small i think that opent water swining is totally secured so dont worry and carry on ........

sdf24 has posted a picture of a gubb in the desert section of the gallery

That camel spider is the creepiest thing ever!

We saw some Gubbs out at Umm Babb. Glad to know the name now. :)

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