slimming tea

I cant find any kankura or kankunis herbal tea here in Doha? can you help me where can I find a slimming tea to helps my metabolism. Cause my metabolism is too slow.


wanna make quick ay?.. , Emad =>
these are available in Souq Assiri or better known as Filipino Souq. you can also find it in most groceries around doha. silent "G"
wrong post
"Slimming tea" is merely a laxative and/or diuretic. You don't lose calories or weight. Mandi
look for Al diafa slimming tea... it's better :)
deleted ,not in the mood forr english translation.
Try it, it's better pisache.
where can i buy al diafa slimming tea???
family food center or in any pharmacy
Where can i get al Diafa slimming tea in Dubai ? Where is family food centre vin Qatar ?
hello.. Did u try al diafa slimming tea ? what is your result ??????????/ where can i get this slimming tea in Qatar ? pls let me know
How is dallah pharma slim tea? i recently got this from carrefour? Anybody tried it yet?
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