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By nicaq25

This Spirulina had really caught my attention!
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Promote Spirulina use to fight hunger: UN official
Dr Naseer Shahir Homoud
DOHA: The Doha-based UN Office has called upon global leaders to promote the use of super food Micro Algae Spirulina to fight out world hunger and food instability.
Maradona urges Qatar to spread spirulina awareness
A DOHA The Director General of the Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Microalgae Spirulina against malnutrition (IIMSAM) and the permanent observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council Remigio Maradona on Monday appealed to the Qatar Government as well as private and government bodies of Qatar to help launch a campaign similar to the anti-polio campaign launched in the ’50s to popularise use of spirulina across the world.
Qatar can cultivate Spirulina
DOHA: Protein-rich Spirulina, a micro algae which helps effectively counter malnutrition and known to magically enhance human immune system, can be cultivated in Qatar on a large scale, says the head of a global anti-malnutrition drive.
...Spirulina's quality as an immune system booster calls for its use almost everywhere in the world, including prosperous regions, since it helps in the long term to keep dreaded diseases like cancer and swine flu, for instance, at bay.
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By nicaq25• 8 years 6 days ago.
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By somwerNdmiddle• 8 years 6 days ago.
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DXN office beside alfardan bus station (it's in a building where an indonesian restaurant is also located), they have spirulina tablets for sale there.


By nicaq25• 8 years 6 days ago.

where we can buy this?Anybody?

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