Sweet Resignation

What is your dream resignation idea (given you have life time opportunity to pursue).



Adios suckers !!

Yes it's a sweet way for sure!

Fantastic ,,,,:-)

Let me get it right.. they guy had a baby... his expenses on the rise... he needs to take care of his family and give them a decent leaving... so let me see... what does he do.. oh yeah.. quit your job ... Awesome for u... sucks for everyone else.

I saw it on Twitter... absolutely LOVE IT!!

I can see Rizks doing the same with his Signature line Mr Tea Walla and website RiskTeaEmporium.com

With all due respect to Rizks, I would imagine him writing his resignation on his silk "Lungi" with bald head border around it....

Sorry Rizks, couldn't control to crack a joke about your traditional attire and medical condition

oh man it is really a sweet resignation... and with this comment am achieving my 100th point in QL. really sweet...


I saw it on Twitter


and nice hand writing...

I got something that tops that easily!!! And this was done by a colleague of mine about 8-9 yrs ago here in Doha

Well, he was a part time broker on the side, with a tiny office somewhere in Doha...plus he dabbled in the stock market as well with whatever ‘lil cash he made...in about 2 weeks’ time he was able to close a MEGA deal making millions in broker’s fees....then he put the whole thing into a single stock which went up about QR200 per stock....I think his net profit was about 400 million!!!

So he simply showed up to work...cleared his desk of everything...including the PC….and stacked a single layer of QR500 bills to cover the whole table....all u can see is a sheet of blue bills....and he left the office key on top....left the office never to return again hehehehe.

Brilliant Idea of a creative man

this is what we expats working in the GCC want! the freedom/right to mobility in career!!!

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