Teacher Detained in Kuwait

In response to the situation in Kuwait involving Katherine Phillips, Middle School Deputy Principal, Al-Bayan School, ISR is posting a travel/work advisory for Kuwait.


Any teachers in Qatar heard about this?


this is terrible

i hope someone can help her.

Such actions are not uncommon. Taking things personally is common within the region. Myself and family experienced this in Qatar with Sharia CID.

Regarding the lack of involvement by the Embassy, many western embassies are the same. They exist primarily for trade purposes.

In the 80's there was an instance in Qatar involving a British nurse who was restricted from travelling for almost 12 months.

She was never found guilty but neither was she found not-guilty. I still have the press cuttings

This is awful! It makes my blood boil that people with "wasta" think they have the right to make other people's lives hell....and over such a unjust reason! Is his son is better than everyone else and should never get punished? Absolute rubbish!

Hey dweller, why happened with u and the Sharia CID? (If u don't mind telling us) and what about the British nurse? why was she restricted?

It clearly proves how helpless we are, expats!

what happened to this lady, will make any other teachers who being offered a job in Q8 to think twice (or thrice or more) to go there. Then the expat school in Q8 wont be able to get a teacher to run the school. If there is no school for expat family ... which expat family want to relocate to Q8 to work? If they can't recruit an expat to work, dont you think this will only backfired to Q8 itself?

Just my 2 riyal worth.


I really could help

but is out of my approach.


They are both long stories but I will try and document them.

The nurse involved was Valery Sykes whos daughter was secretary to an editor of a leading UK newspaper. Naturally. it made the headlines in the UK.

To avoid boring everybody I will send it by PM when it's done

I wouldn't mind a look at your precis of the events. I'm sure it was pure coincidence but, when I clicked on the link at the top of this thread, I got a little way down through the comments and my computer completely froze!

I turned it off in the end, but all sorts of weird things were trying to shut down as it was closing. (and no, I don't have a virus)

Most likely a coincidence, but I didn't like it and haven't gone back to that link to finish reading it. So maybe if you see this you could copy me in on what you PM to Corne. Thanks.

yes me too... I am a good friend of Richard's - if you want a reference..!

I will PM them when they are done. Could be a day or two as I am off to Aberdeen for 3 weeks tomorrow evening.

Nah. Its common in this part of the world.

I remember getting a ticket in canada which I should not have gotten in the first place. I challenged it and went to the court.

Guess what the police man was given a warning by the judge and the ticket got cancelled.

whereas here. you know better

Nurses story is sent by PM

Thanks for that :)

can you send it to me too dweller? thanks

Pls send me a copy too...Thanx

send me a copy:)))

Dweller I would suggest u post it as a thread, much easier lol

But with names of both individuals and companies removed

thanks in advance!

no probs, you remove the names, i just want to know how she got in trouble as a nurse;)

This is the link


got it!

bless you! long live & good health!:)))))

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