By ksarat16 • 4 years 1 month ago.

Hello there my dear readers...

I have a quick question, which probably would take less than 3 mins for you to answer...

I was just interested to know out of your experience in Doha what have you come across as the ideal Salary Range for Teaching staff as follows:

* Teachers in Primary School (L.K.G --> 3 Std)
* Teachers for the next grade (4 Std --> 6th Std)
I am looking for a job, and I would like to know what could I possibly expect...

Now, please donot bother yourself by writing about "Depends on qualification, experience, etc" I request your inputs on the above question, basically from what you have come across if you have worked/working in the Indian schools here, or if your family / friends working at schools...

Appreciate the

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By Jothish• 4 years 1 month ago.

First Category < 3,000

Second Category

By Lucky Luciano• 4 years 1 month ago.
Lucky Luciano

Ksarat - You are looking for a Job as a Teacher. What's wrong with Q-Tel?

By babuak• 4 years 1 month ago.

As per my knowledge the range between 2,000 - 4,000. I heard only highschool class teacher get above 4,000.

By jstom• 4 years 1 month ago.

and freind you know whether this schools offer job only to those who have family sponsorship?

By stealth• 4 years 1 month ago.

no they also recruit people locally

By junaidahsan422• 4 years 1 month ago.

my wife is teaching in a Pakistani school and we know teachers from Indian schools as well the salary range is between 2000 to 4000max. Average salary would be around 3000.

By flexicode• 4 years 1 month ago.

Now I know why the teaching standards are like that.

By honest_man5• 4 years 1 month ago.

Really if it is so as some of friends mentioned that the salary ranging from 2000 to 4000, really it is unbelievable for teachers who are dedicating thier life for teaching the next generation and getting nothing.

By Aadilj• 4 years 1 month ago.

2500-3500 maximum for primary classes....

By zenmexuweiq• 4 years 1 month ago.

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