Temple at Doha for Hindus

Islam is the predominant Religion and makes up 77.5% of the population of Qatar and all others make up the remaining 22.5%.

Sunni Muslims constitute 98% percent of Muslim population. The majority of noncitizens are from South and Southeast Asian and Arab countries working on temporary employment contracts, accompanied by family members in some cases. Most noncitizens are Sunni or Shi'a Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, or Bahá'ís. Most foreign workers and their families live near the major employment centers of Doha, Al Khor, Mesaieed, and Dukhan.

The Hindu community is almost exclusively Indian, while Buddhists include South, Southeast, and East Asians. Most Bahá'ís come from Iran. Religion is not a criterion for citizenship, according to the Nationality Law. However, nearly all Qatari citizens are either Sunni or Shi'a Muslims, except for at least one Christian, a few Bahá'ís, and their respective families who were granted citizenship.

No foreign missionary groups operate openly in the country, but in 2008 the government allowed some churches to conduct mass. In March 2008 the Roman Catholic Church “Our Lady of the Rosary” was consecrated in Doha.

I have no interest in any religion whatsoever but I cannot keep my eyes closed to what is so obvious.

Why should only non - 'People of the Book' religions,viz.,Hindus and Buddhists be not allowed to practice their religion here when they are contributing so much to the country's growth?


If you are religious,you don't need a specific place to pray. I go to the church regularly for example, but I'am not a christian. Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
because that's very against Islam teaching. Paganism (AKA both Hinduism & Buddhism) is forbidden in the arab peninsula. The exempted are only the people of the book.
...as I know there are temples in UAE and in Bahrain too I guess... Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
UAE is not Qatar. Beside Saudi , Qatar too follows (somehow) the Wahhabi sect of Sunni's Islam. This will never ever happen here. Many Qataris can't even digest the idea of having churches in the first place...
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
LifeisBeautiful : Could you please share you contact number ? PM me ur contact number
Below are the facts : 1. There is no such religion call Hindu. 2. Hindus are less tolerance people. 3. Hindus are nothing but nuisance whereever they are. 4. Hindusspread problems for others and for themselves. 5. Hindus doesnt know where their religion came into existence. 6. Hindus just keep fighting and making others fight, like for small things they will create huge problems. 7. Even in US and UK they have created multiple problems for small issues because of man made idols. So there are multiple reasons as to why Hindus are not allowed for the temples.
Mohd Abdu, Agree,,,
I would think there is less than 77% muslims in Qatar. Take the Filipinos for example, there is approx 150,000 to 200,000 here according to some reports and they will nearly exclusivley non-muslim so that is say 10% - 15% of the pop. Then add in all the Nepalese and non-Muslim indians and you have probably got 30%. Muslim pop I would guess is around 50%. (I have no evidence for this)
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Yo, Swedish, keep your views, however extreme they are, to yourself! Stating your points based list of which religion is a nuisance is bound to create a heated discussion or argument here. I could sit here and type out arguments to all seven of your points, but the fact that you actually took the trouble to type them out shows how: 1. extremely uninformed you are 2. bored you are 3. have nothing better to do in life 4. are a total jacka$$ living in your own little cocoon who has no idea about what's going on in this world I'd suggest you shut the heck up and get a reality check!
hehehe --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
dont call Hell --- please come a take me --- try to save from hell because it is toooooooo
you seem to be a hardcore Hindhu activist who has no better things to do, Hindhus live peacefully in their terms in the foreign country with no harm to the others. your particular posts of Hindhuism is only gonna create unknown hatred to fellow Hindhus in this region. you have very smartly started firing topics with not even a single comment on it allowing Nature to take its own course, very typical "Religious Fanatic" mentality. MODS YOU NEED TO DELETE UNNECESSARY TOPICS WHICH WILL OBVIOUSLY CREATE FRICTION AMONG GROUPS..... Clear example of Fanaticism... who ignites fire like politicians and then sit back and have their favorite coffee....
Dear Moderator, PLease ban this most ill mannered Arrogant holder of QL ID SWEDISH, because this person's posts are irrelevant and targeting sensitive issues like religion. I would have given this person a fitting reply, but throwing stones in the dirty shit water and replying to this swedish both one the same and I would never do these things. My suggestion is people like Swedish should be banned for ever. Today is Hindu, tomorrow may be some other religion. Good and bad are everywhere, no human being or group of people should be badmouthed based on religion or nationality. Please consider giving atleast a warning to this Swedish if you cant ban, but certainly I would prefer Swedish's permanent ban from this QL so that this person learns what respect means. Not only Swedish, people with this similar attitude should be banned from QL.
shiva87 : Guyz he is another Hindu here so see my 2nd point came true..... i.e : 2. Hindus are less tolerance people.
Dear Moderator please ban all QL members , and finish this story --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
;) --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
When you find mistakes of other religion with out knowing facts..then people try to correct you.. which u say is a hindu's fighting and hindu's are less tolerance people.. YOGA is something you never know then??? So dont bring religion on people..
less tolerance... stay cool, good people!
Are you not living in peace in Qatar. A country having different religion or different worshipers create several problems to the Government. If the Government do not stop them now, after 100s of years it will become the country of them who will be in majority. it is to understand!
adams.apple : Go and learn some tolerance in India and take this subject else you guyz will be hospitalised soon. After Shiva74 you are added to my ignore list :P.
Swedish.. Your like a cat... Closing your eyes does not mean the world is dark!!! No use.. sharing sense with you.. Clay mind:)
LifeisBeautiful :Nationality:Qatar: Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........................
good one dracula --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
Swedish, great comeback.. you posted my own link again.. LOL again, get the reality check will ya..
who is your God? Is it Shiva, who has the moon and river Ganges on his head and who could not identify his own son? Or is it Rama who couldn't see through Sukrievan's disguise and who murdered another god? Or could it be Krishna, the "playboy god"?
Guys grow up, all of you.
Why are you loosing your tolerance...?
:) I don know if LifeisBeautiful is Hindu or not... but I am sure he knows the art to come up with a attention grabbing forums... Good to see you back Life :) Request you to punch some text in your previous forum - Why I m A Hindu.. lotsa fun on it... At present we discussing whether Hitler was a nice guy or not..... Whts Hindu about him... ?? he had a Swastik Symbol :) thts enough ....lol To be honest.... I don expect anything in Qatar as right or Wrong... this is not a democracy.... If one is not happy with terms n Conditions... one is free to leave...... I am not.. shall be leaving the place as soon as I finish my two yrs here.... I wish I was good enough to call it Brain Drain for Qatar :(.......... ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
Much you your surprise, I'm not at all religious.. It's your extremist attitude which everyone hates! All I'm trying to say is, as sandeepkadian puts it, grow up!
Fair Play, Swedish! First warning!
LIB has a point. They should also be allowed to practice. There are Hindu temples in UAE, Muscat & Bahrain. MODS ; dont you agree laksh65?? ______________________________________________ - Listen to Many...Speak to a Few -
ashwindoke = LifeisBeautiful = SAME You really don't know or lolz ....
There was one place of worship for Hindus in Dubai. It was not a real temple, just a flat designated for prayers..
Dear, To any person, his/her religion means a lot. Hindhu, Christian, Muslims.... we all love and respect our religions. If some one points bad fingers on something we love, the reflex could be negative. We should respect other religions too.
Sandeep ; come on, there is aKrishna temple in the dubai creek dude. RAMUJI - Good joke buddy.lol ______________________________________________ - Listen to Many...Speak to a Few -
That's what I was told Arien. I personally never go to a temple so don't know firsthand. My colleaugue who is a bit more religious told me..
its getting hot in here....lol
sandeep ; I havnt been to the said temple, have gone to drop somebody, and the entrance was looking just like the temples back in India. Not sure about the inside. ______________________________________________ - Listen to Many...Speak to a Few -
I like this Guy Swedish... :) Hoping to get into a Debate or Discussion sometimes.... Problem is .. he is not writing enough crap to get triggered...... May be I am a accpetional Hindu to his Pt. No - 2 :( Wht a shame.... I wish I wasn't..... Ramuji - There is a Difference between me and LifeisBeautiful.... He writes lengthy Forums.. I wdo the same on Posts.... :) And I would have chosen a Name like - LifeisBabe/hot/sexy..... Beautiful ??? thts so nice .... n Gay.. :p ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
Dotcom I think I am missing your point, Or you just asking this without any hidden deeper meaning?
Agree with Ashwin. Qatar is a monarchy and idol worship is against Islam. Imagine it took so many years to actually have a church with a cross outside built in Qatar. Unless something miraculous happens I dont see any chance of a temple being built in Qatar. Although it would be nice to have one. "Ali Baba and 40 thieves" are now "Ali Baba and 30 thieves" ; 10 were laid off.
I dont understand why u people reply to people like Swedish man? "Ali Baba and 40 thieves" are now "Ali Baba and 30 thieves" ; 10 were laid off.
And How not-so-religious I am.... shall be revealed if there is a temple... Now At least I have a excuse.... :).. there is no place to go to be religious .. so m open to all the Sins devil wants me to commit :) Abiding by the Qatari Law of course... lol ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
Hmmm Dotcom Got it..
wooowwww!!!! its just amazing somebody heated up a fire and we have so many ppl jumping into it.... sheeeetttt i wished if i had never came accross this website --------------------------------------------------------- well the topic is highly sensitive and do ignites a hell lotta fire......but the fact is if they have given permission for a church than soon after a lil hesitation they will agree for a temple too and i will not be shocked ------------------------------------------------------ Rules and Regulation are meant for the guidance of the wise people fools follow them
Whats so Sensitive here ??? Are you guyz posting on a religious forum for the first time..... things 10 time spicier than this have been discussed and debated.... no one gets offended... its all entertainment sake.... Has any forum changed a brick in this country ??? Why you bother to be criticized for your stand ??? When I said I appreciate Swedish - I meant it... at least he is honest enough to show the dirty side inside him which we all hide in this social life we live... Why are others scared.... If you like it. say it... if you dont ... say it.... Don push it away calling it a sensitive issue.... these are not testicles we are discussing here.... (never seen anything more sensitive than them.... :( ) ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
...on these threads but also not read them. I'am off. Have a great remaining weekend! Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
The problem with religious folks is they fight among themselves....mines is better than yours All this while the anti-religious ones never fight among themselves. The so called "anti-christ" or "anti-religion" lobby stands united unlike religious folks.....slowly eating into the religious group.
I do not post on QL nowadays because of the number of threats I received for my post 'Why 'am I a Hindu'. I do not want to repeat that experience. I received a large number of threats promising retaliation and some even threatening me of severe consequences for my family. I joined QL just like you guys abd 'am appalled to see the negative response to a thread where the story was not even mine and I had mentioned that 'I found it interesting'. Having said that, I find the issue of a temple worth a debate. Please continue posting without hurting others! Life is Beautiful...Indeed!
" ...think before you post! You are responsible for what you post so before you hit enter, ask yourself if this is something you would say to someone in real life." Community Guidelines http://www.qatarliving.com/guidelines
Please continue posting without hurting others!
with all due respect, i'm all for religious tolerance & coexistence. However, acceptance of Hinduism in our region is beyond comprehension among the people here. even just discussing this here is a taboo. few threats over your PM, should be the least of your worries...
------------------------------------------------------ Rules and Regulation are meant for the guidance of the wise people fools follow them
Oh come on Swede. Every body knows that except sometimes we have to watch our language. Its not good to live with hate all around. All over the world you can find them and I wonder whats wrong staying back in their own country
so you were hiding bcos of threats, Did you notify Qatar/Ahmed about these threats, you better do that they can handle and monitor your msgs
swedish just read the post above yours carefully. It's a free world and everyone has a right to voice their opinion but hurting others while doing so isn't nice. We Indians maybe craps but since you are better than us, atleast you can be nice..
Genesis's post I think answers the OP perfectly without hurting anybody..
hi.. for all of us...yes- we are entitle to express for our own ideas and opinions... hence- we should also be responsible for the thoughts and words that we may be using.... morally- it may hurts others... and besides- we should also learn the art of respects... we are human.... have the feelings.... and as far as religion is concern---let's us just respect each other's customs.... as long as we do believe - that we are all created by the "GOD"...
Why should only non - 'People of the Book' religions,viz.,Hindus and Buddhists be not allowed to practice their religion here when they are contributing so much to the country's growth? frankly speaking if they dont want us they will kick us out from their country irrespective of ur contribution buiding temple or church or a masjid is no determined by ur cotributiuon ------------------------------------------------------ Rules and Regulation are meant for the guidance of the wise people fools follow them
...and that too in this day and age. It's high time that the Middle East wakes up before other countries too prohibit them from building mosques. But wait a minute,if they do, muslims will rise up in revolt in the name of jihad. Isn't it. Now thats unfair. if you guys are going around the worl building mosques,why don't you allow others to even mention anything about their religion. Let alone letting them build their places of worship. Is it that what is applicable to them is not applicable to you? Life is Beautiful...Indeed!
again nothing new is coming up
In India they have completely stopped building of Mosque, instead they are torturing Muslims all across, still the RSS, VHP, Shiv sena, Bajrang Dal, MNS and their are lots of Hindu Terrorist organisation which are operating openly and targetting innocent Muslims but there is no news in Media its all concealed. These fantaics are demolishing Mosque and building temples on that and also they are killing loads of innocent Christians brothers and sisters in Orissa and many other places where the media is their own and concealing all these facts, and now these nerds now want a temple in Qatar...which will never happen.
rakesh tell me one place in India where a temple has been constructed after demolishing a mosque.. Please enlighten me.
Go in Maharashtra, Konkan, Jaipur, Gujrat.. go and see at the same place where the Babri mosque was demolished what is happening at that place. In konkan there was a huge mosque which was demolished in one night and at the same place temple construction is going on almost completed because Muslims are minority in that area...there are many places, these are the known places which I am aware of. I am telling there must be many other places where this is happening I am damn sure about it. And the same crap media...when Hindus are in Gulf no one touches them they leave in peace I know many people in uae they have even purchased houses in uae, but in India muslims are not allowed to purchase, these are the known facts. Thank to that media who atleast come out with 1 case that too of actors and some stars..what about those innocent muslims people ?
rakesh no temple has been constructed in Ayodhya till date... Konkan is a huge area, If you can be a bit more specific I can clarify that too... Muslims not able to buy homes in India, LMAO... I hope you are not talking about the Emraan Hashmi episode as even the muslims in Mumbai criticized him for that stupid statement, he was just looking for cheap publicity as are you my friend in my opinion..
And I happened to live in Jaipur for 18 months. No one even bothered about the religion there at all. Can you give any concrete evidence about that....
sandeep its easy to say LMAO...but these are the facts. Forget about Emraan Hashmi episode we are least interested in them..
Ha.... rakesh_ql... are you talking about India???
I am requesting you to present those facts rakesh...
Muslims in India find themselves in a difficult predicament today. Advani, the man responsible for their security, is also a Hindu fanatic. The Babri Mosque demolition campaign received its greatest boost during Advani's presidency of the BJP. It was he who initiated the infamous Rath Yathra (Chariot Caravan) in 1990 from the historic Somnath temple to collect 'holy bricks' for the Ram temple in Ayodhya . Hindus around the world have joined this campaign, with gold bricks being contributed in North America, Europe and the Middle East, including workers in the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The regimes there have been largely silent about the murders and massacres of Muslims in India. All religious minorities in India are feeling the heat. Sikhs, Christians and Dalits (lower-caste Hindus) have all suffered at the hands of Hindu fascists. At least 250,000 Sikhs and 200,000 Christians have been killed over the years. The Indian government's record of brutalizing its minorities is horrible, yet it gets away with everything by claiming that it is a 'secular' state. Yet one can imagine only too vividly the worldwide furore had Christians or Hindus been murdered by Muslims anywhere at all.
When did Advani became responsible for Muslim's safety??? Stop giving your views rakesh and show me the facts you are talking about...
rakesh ql , from where you having all this wrong information, "In India they have completely stopped building of Mosque" Only few of them like RSS,VHP & Shivsena making trouble, but most of the Hindus are very good so far my experience being an Indian Muslim. This one of the stuppid LIB (RSS promoter) enter in the forum like cockroach need pifpaf for him. LIB is a totally confused 420, check out his previous post "Why I am Hindu" , "Why I am Muslim" and "Why I am Christian"
Rakesh_ql.. which era are you talking about? and evrybody knows the state of Advani now.. I have no idea from where did you surface with these literally jaw dropping current affairs
metrocity I must apologise, I had a bad view of you in my mind but apparently you are more sensible than most people here...
You want my eyes ? I have seen few destroyed in front of my eyes when I was young in my village ? I have seen dreadful attacks which you would have never heard in newspaper and ever seen it also. To tell you the truth I still hate my name is Rakesh, but I respect my parents and pray to them that they gave me a religion of my choice. I took the Shahadah when I became 25 yrs old. What facts you want to know ? Even when I remember those days how the muslims were attack in front of me my nerves still feel those shocking incidents...
rakesh_ql your profile shows you are from Jamaica, but from your comment will understand you are from one of the terrorist country Pakistan, simply spoiling Islam's name to the world with terrorism. All of you learn atleast the meaning of Islam is "Peace"
Just asking for the names of the places where you said mosques have been replaced with temples.. Don't get all melodramatic, doesn't work with me...
Yes I am from Jamaica. Born and brought up in India. I think whatever knowledge I gain about Islam is good and better than what you know, though I am still new to this religion.
Sandeepkadian , thanx for understanding me, this people not thinking in India's Hindus population is nearly 80% and all of this Hindus are supporting RSS,VHP and all, how Congress (Democracy) win the 2009 election.
lol metrocity not too many people think about that...
About Imran Hashmi episode , these what people do allways when they are in trouble or something will say its because of their religion, and this people not even aware or follow the religion in single time , similar statement also from cricket player Azharuddin.
LifeisBeautiful,shiva87,laksh65,adams.apple,sandeepkadin,ashwindoke,someonenew,jackmohan2007...and there are many more on QL I guess... I wonder the whole Hindu Indian community is lined up here to build a temple and for the debate and most of them might be having multiple QL IDs that too God knows much more about these least tolerance ..
LifeisBeautiful shiva87 laksh65 adams.apple sandeepkadin ashwindoke someonenew jackmohan2007 and the least is infinite
Swedish never been to a temple so not too worried about it. Still I am glad atleast the list of people with your line of thinking is finite...
you have never been to a temple..? Dont know if it makes any diff.,but been to temples numerous times.... ;-)
thalib never let truth get in the way of a good story :) Ok I will come out with the truth, haven't been to a temple since my enginnering days over 5 years back. Even then I used to go there to meet my gf secretly ;) Have been to a Gurudwara more often though I am not a sikh...
...metrocity!!! what did you want to prove by mentioning Pakistan as a terrorist counrty? Was there any need to bring in that issue? Your first post presented a good image of you....but then you lost it somewhere....isn't it? Better to be on track...and stick to the thread topic....Thanks ---------------------------------------------------------Whenever I find the KEY to SUCCESS...Someone STEALS it. Ka Pukhtoon ye no dalta daNgg warka: http://www.qatarliving.com/group/pukhtoon-in-qatar
to perform Puja you need coconuts right? quantity which is available in Lulu/Indian Supermarket is not even sufficient for our chutneys/curries
I am glad to see so many ignorant people on QL...I feel so wiser now...LOL
ha... wat can i say... pretty same reason why i had been to temples myself! ;-)
lol thalib... I was never the only one visiting temples for that reason.. Just ask any Indian guy whether he has been to a temple on Mondays. They will all say ofcourse that's when most girls come there... For those who don't know, Indian girls fast on Mondays praying for a good husband....
yeah, they do... i miss those days when i had to feed my ex in the evening when she breaks her fast... :-(
lol don't tell me you did that!!!!
Eco something as trivial as a coconut shouldn't stop them for praying, just my opinion..
i did, believe it or not..... its a long long story.. and this is a public forum, hope my dad does not read this.
lol... I used to eat whole day long in front of my gf when she was fasting.. I can be real A**hole at times....
really,,, ahole ! LOL..
lol.. I am still waiting for rakesh to come back with his facts ;P
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
all those sky-daddy worshippers fighting each other - all to no good as their imaginary friend ignores all their pleading. This thread is a great advert for atheism and agnosticism - keep it up you deluded religious persons, we cant get enough of your hatred of one another. I shall be linking this thread to a secular forum, so they can experience first hand the wackyness of you dudes. Keep it up. ha ha ha "Deaths in the Bible. God - 2,270,365 not including the victims of Noah's flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, or the many plagues, famines, fiery serpents, etc because no specific numbers were given. Satan - 10."
Allah prohibits His Messenger and the believers from insulting the false deities of the idolators, although there is a clear benefit in doing so. Insulting their deities will lead to a bigger evil than its benefit, for the idolators might retaliate by insulting the God of the believers, Allah, none has the right to be worshipped but He.
i keep repeating this atheism is also a religion but they believes in "no God " life is really complicated series of choices . some people think that God is man others think that god is cow other people think that god is statue and others think that god is imaginary illusion . but the good think , you know what?, God created us among all these creatures with special utility : thinking .... i mean you have the ability to choose and deffer between right and wrong . so............ you made your choice whatever it is , and you will find the sequences later . --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
adey, one shot actually I am indifferent to God. I don't care whether he exists or not.. What category would I be put under???
agnostic God help you --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
What list is that Swedish? So I'm a Hindu now? LOL "Ali Baba and 40 thieves" are now "Ali Baba and 30 thieves" ; 10 were laid off.
What a non-sense thread over here! "Ewan ko lang!"
And your post chad was reeeeally informative and insightful. Bravo! "Ali Baba and 40 thieves" are now "Ali Baba and 30 thieves" ; 10 were laid off.
lol someonenew.. chadqa post something sensible, let's see what you can come up with...
Ah well, maybe chad was just drunk:) "Ali Baba and 40 thieves" are now "Ali Baba and 30 thieves" ; 10 were laid off.
:( I thought getting drunk on weekdays was my exclusive right.... Before any smarta** comes along it's sunday here already, a weekday....
Its still weekend for me and I'm going to sleep the whole day tomorrow... yipeeee:) "Ali Baba and 40 thieves" are now "Ali Baba and 30 thieves" ; 10 were laid off.
I envy you someone new :(
Dear friends here !!!!!!!! Pls dont blame a country like INDIA for religion sake . It is a big country with so many religions & tradions which other countries has to know about . The right to workship in common will also be fair enough
hey ppl the point is swedish is a rotten lil kid who cant stand us indian's/hindu's cause he was deprived of all worldly pleasures when he was a kid and now when he's all grown up ,by this i mean grown pubic hair in god knows which parts of his body seems to know better.and then again ahhh forget it..cant waste a good drunk evining arguing with ppl who saw day light last nite :P
swedish..ur a nutjob..rakesh..dunno where u come from..but ur stories stink..u may/maynot have seen/witnessed something bad happening..but its time to stop wailing n look at things in fairness..i'm happy if ur currently from jamaica..n not Indian..god save jamaica..lol Sandeep,dont waste ur time trying to enlighten these cunts..i'm sure u have better things to do.. LIB..wtf?..these posts only get the worst out from the fanatics.. u raised a valid point,but by now u should know that Islam doesnt actually recognize any other religion as a true religion..thats the base point here..so acknowledging any other religion,would be counted as unislamic,i guess..either u accept or dont..the church wouldnt be built if there werent any americans/europeans here,thats for sure..the economics made it possible,not the fondness for christianity( in my opinion).. avoid posting topics like this here,cos it doesnt do us Indians(muslims,hindus,bddhists,christians,sikhs etc)any good..just feel lucky that we hail from a place which is tolerant and people value freedom,despite all the shortcomings that are highlighted by those ignorant(or jealous) of India/its people..
Why Need A Temple When You Have A Mobile God Carry Him In Your Bag OR Luggage .... or Even MINI GOD Pocket Size.. 1) Hindus NEVER Practice Their Religion They Change It As it were a school syllabus... mostly they say they are vegetarian But Today I See that 98% Eat Meat 2) If They Practice The WHY dont they perform SATTI ...oH its AN OLD PRACTICE .. RELIGIONS DON'T CHANGE THAT FAST 3) Hindu-ism Is No RELIGION a Group of People gathered Together on son Foolish Stories 4) NUDITY is On EXT REAM LEVEL in Hinduism .... Its ONLY RELIGION the promotes NUDITY in the Name Of WORSHIP.Their Gods ARE NAKED STATUES With Frightening FACES LIKE KAALI MAATA ...etc 5) NO Book , No Prophet Just BUNDLE of Stories 6) No Rights For WOMEN In HINDUISM the women is considered the Lowest Creature in Hinduism like she is not allowed to re-marry , she cannot dress like other women if her husband dies, she cannot wear any ornaments too after the death of her husband. SHE IS IN FACT A SLAVE A Dog Might have much more rights in AMERICA THAN A HINDU WOMEN IN INDIA. 7) The CASTE SYSTEM in HINDUISM IS RIDICULES How can man have the authority to claim MASTER & SLAVE that I AM SUPERIOR because I am BORN in a prestigious FAMILY. 8) Hindus ARE Extreamly Dirty & UNHYGIENIC PEOPLE They Try Living With a Monkey, Mouse They even DRINK COWS URINE because according to Their Stories They Believe It HELPS TO KEEP THEM YOUNGER. 9) Hindus BURN THEIR DEAD Which CAUSES ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION AND THEN THEY THROW THE ASHES IN THE RIVERS Of course NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AGREED FOR THAT ITS NOW ONLY BEING PRACTICED IN INDIA & NEPAL. ------------------------------------------------------- Truth is Not Easily Digestible Tablet .. So Please RELAX after Reading This
Mabrook - 74 Posts.... in a eve.. I was so sure there was a Hijack... But no.. you people are talking the same good old entertainment.... :) rakesh_ql - ?????? You converted to Islam at the age of 25... And felt bad.. emotionally affected .....when Mosques were broken in your childhood ???? Man.. thts so bollywood.... lol And B T W Shiv Sena and MNS (Maharastra Nav Nirman Sena) are fighting against non-maharastrians .. specially UP/Bihar labor class coming into the state.... There are Muslims in Shiv Sena... FYI.. How do I know... I know few of them..... JAI MAHARASTRA..lol nice... I wont repeat the mistake wht few Islamic nutheads do here.... Promote their religion when no one is asking for it.... Makes the religion look Ugly .... I tell you about the Hindu religion only when you ask for it... don wanna play the blame game..... The problem with running a Rat Race is.. even if you win...YOu are still a Rat.... ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
oh wise ladies and gentlemen,please excuse me for putting in a little thought of my own here.... #1 - All those individuals who classify or categorize 'Hinduism' under religions is surely ignorant of what he/she is saying #2 - 'Hinduism' is not a religion...it is but a way of life.And to think that existence without adhering to millions of unexplainable norms set down by teachers is foolhardiness...coz that's what the Hindus have been doing for ages. #3 - For any faith to be called a 'religion',it has to have a FOUNDER, a SACRED BOOK and a PROPHET/MESSENGER...Hinduism does not have any of these.It does have sacred books but they do not in any way tell you 'HOW TO LEAD YOUR DAILY LIFE'.Hence,it is not a religion. #4 - Hinduism does not require its followers to visit a temple or pray a certain times every day lest he/she beget the wrath of God or be denied a place in heaven.It encourages praying for mental peace but also says,"You pray,good for you...you don't pray,it's upto you...God made you and has kept you alive till this moment...proves that He loves you" #5 - All these multiple Gods that are a subject of contact criticism are but fidgets of man's imagination over the ages.Pure divine Hinduism preaches the presence of only one primordial power 'Brahman' that has no form or sex.It is the same as what Christians refer to as 'God' and what the Mohammedans refer to as 'Allah'.Since common people of ancient times were not educated enough to understand this concept,it became necessary to personalize this one power into many forms. For instance,any person with common sense would understand that it is not possible for a human form to have 1000 hands (please see pic below).This form is feminine as feminity is a sign of power(Shakti) and the 1000 hands represent that the hands of God reaches everywhere.And under all circumstances,Good wins over Evil (which is what is shown by her killing a hideous looking demon).There's really nothing beyond that. #6 - Hinduism essentially preaches non-violence.All the ruthless killings and stupid practices you see all around you like nudity and sati are creations of men either for political or personal gains.Search any ancient Hindu scripture.You will never find any mention that you have to do these things in the name of religion or that killing begets you a place in heaven.On the contrary,Hindu scriptures are so against any kind of violence that it warns of different levels of punishment in hell for different crimes...crimes even as small as talking in a bad away about one's teacher! I have put across my thoughts that I have learnt and imbibed after years of reading and studying about this faith.It may not necessarily reflect every individual's perception.I have not meant to insult any person or any faith coz my faith and my upbringing has taught me to respect every religion and every faith with equal fervour as my own.Pardon me if I have unknowingly hurt any feelings. Thank you for having the patience to read thro! Peace to all and God bless! :-) Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. ~ Garrison Keillor
Adey - nice to see you after long time ... :) Now again you are trying to bend the situation in your favor in a unjust fashion.... You Hype Passionate fools like Swedish and Rest as religious... and then say religion is Bad... If they think the God is not powerful enough to be responsible for every living and non living thing that exists...... And if they do... and even then they hate other creations of the God.... which a "All merciful" will never do... Do you think they are truly religious... Don promote these guyz as religious pls...... And again you promote Atheism by saying How bad religion is.. and not by showing how good being a non-believer is... it would be difficult I know.... as the base is all ideologies what you trying to work against .... I know we might start the previously discussed content again.... but thts as entertaining as religiously fooling around :) ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
svelte_saggi - :) NO it was not offending at all.... being a Hindu I can say tht.... no idea about others... but I really feel nice when there are people who like to go beyond the superficial image of anything to come to a conclusion..... Irrespective of being right or wrong... effort is wht is worth appreciation.... Jus to add onto it.... there are Do's and Don'ts in Hinduism too.... But as you know we had Caste System... Do's and Don'ts are different for different class of people.... All those who were involved in priestly work were suppose to stay away from Materialistic desires... Live simple and execute the rituals..... Sages were suppose to renounce things they deserved in materialistic world and focus more on research and development in the world of Spirituality.... You think Meditation... Yoga.... Ayurveda...Chankaya niti was mere coincidence.... ? :) Warriors were suppose to live a physically strict and disciplined life..... Vyasya.... the business class there Do's and Don'ts were specific for developing the society.. protected by the warriors and with strong foundation of spirituality given by Brahmans..... Shudra's were class of people taking care of all... their well being.. so that they can focus on their assigned responsibilities .... Yes.. I know it was wrong done to sudra's by present society for mis treating them... But even today.. in all societies..... I am yet to see one... which respects... pays.. or appreciates a Janitor as much as a scientist..... Jus bcoz it is mentioned in Hindu history.. it is criticized.... but we are doing it today too.... its jus passing by unnoticed .... :( ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
i do agress that do's and don'ts certainly were there but it was never laid down as something to be followed on a fanatic level,were they?i mean to the point of even murder!i don't think so....guess ppl just tended to overdo the whole thing.just like some people think that if they apply a thick coat of fairness cream on their face instead of the small prescribed quantity,it'll make them either fairer than the others or at a faster rate...the way ppl talk about hinduism is as if hindus were born murderers waiting for a chance to pounce upon ppl and kill them!that is so unfair,don't you think so?when what hinduism preaches is exactly the opposite.... :S Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. ~ Garrison Keillor
the man is so daring he is not scared of the lioness ------------------------------------------------------ Rules and Regulation are meant for the guidance of the wise people fools follow them
svelte_saggi - Once upon a time.. it was at fanatic level.... the Do's n Don'ts . . . . Even to read the scriptures.. it was not a right of every Hindu... not even if all Brahmans.... they had to prove... they deserve it..... I can't imagine... what I read whenever I wish too... if I was born then.. I would have had to go through lot of penance .. sacrifice n patience to learn that.. It was given only to those for whom it is the only goal in life... knowing THE Truth.... Caste system became a curse.... the rules were definitely taking a fanatic face... but then the society realized .. and changed... nothing is fanatic now...... actually to be honest... religion is not taken as seriously as people portray here..... And Hindu's as religion portrayed as people dieing to Kill ??????.. born murderers ????? Are you sure you are talking about the right religion ??? everything is unfair if there is a action involved.... If you Help someone.. or do good to him... you are doing Bad for someone else... knowingly or unknowingly.... thts Law of Karma :) ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
honestly i was not talking about what i felt about it....about Hindus being murderers...please don't think that way....it's what i get to hear and be asked about all the time.and it sure does hurt each time i hear it.that's why i mentioned it here.... Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. ~ Garrison Keillor
Hindu's as murderers ????? thts news to me.. may be I don watch the right news channels... :p n Why should it hurt.... do the words come with Pins attached to them ????? Never try to make a fool understand and never seen a Elephant getting bothered by Dogs barking...... why you wanna be a exception to this ????? ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
u'll know why i said so if u read further backwards in this very thread itself.....the way ppl have commented....it's childish but definitely hurting even for the most tolerant hindus,though they prefer to maintain a dignified silence to such taunts... :S Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. ~ Garrison Keillor
The comments did Hurt ???? then give it back to them..... tolerance is good..... but it is for strong people like you may be... If I am triggered... I love to give back the taste of their medicine to them.... :) And the whole world media is there is back up... :p not tht difficult to counter-attack if one wants to... For me.. I know it is not the religion that is bad... but few who have mis understood it big time...... the good ones I know over shadow the few jerks around.... But I like them (jerks)... for one reason... if everyone is nice n Humble... QL ll be anything but entertaining.... :) ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
Thanks for your respect to fellow human beings and the sensitive feelings that people have towards their religion Regards
.In the democratic set-up, it should be allowed for all citizens to worship the way they prefer..... Peace! ps: no public nuisance please during Holi or Ganpati visarjan in the rivers.....It is happening in UAE!
Hindu + muslim + christian = BHAI BHAI
I can smell the insence wafting out of this thread which has drawn me in to say.....Its NOT happening, no Hindu Temples with idols will be erected in Doha. The Qataris are still gagging on the church and many want to see it go & that is a religion of the scripture. So why waste your energy, make the most of your temporary time in Qatar because the comforts of home and temples await you when your contracts are over. NUCLEAR WEAPONS: IF AMERICA AND ISRAEL CAN HAVE THEM - THEN SO SHOULD IRAN.
well-said! Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. ~ Garrison Keillor
Then walk the talk, big boy. No body will hear you shout.
No Victory - pls don do this to me..... :( I mean with due respect to your concern and being Blunt .... if at all there is a temple here.... I ll be compelled to visit regularly.... shall miss on most of the fun I am having... :p A lad who loves to bang his head over rock songs shall be compelled to sit n meditate in blissful silence.... Where you see democracy in this ????? ... :) Till now the discussion was fine.. pls don make it logically correct to have a temple... :( You know the n number of festivals n occasions we have... imagine the number of dayz it ll be compulsory to visit temple.. as it is auspicious.... and God listens better on this particular day n stuff.... And if at all there is permission to open one temple... I bet all my money.. it ll be a Ayyappa temple ... :) Yes world we Indians are crazy bunch of people... A Muslim suggests to have a temple and a Hindu requests not to... :) now you know why India is shinning :) ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
Oh dont be so selfish ashwin! It would be really nice to have a temple in Doha. Maybe our government should apply some pressure to have one here. "Ali Baba and 40 thieves" are now "Ali Baba and 30 thieves" ; 10 were laid off.
...and I heard that the plan to build was approved. Just that the Indians couldn't decide - Which God??? Hehehehe Nothing Toxic! Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
Someonenew - m I being selfish here ?? I thought I am representing majority.. at least the bachelors... :( Fried - lol.... It ll definitely be lord Ayyappa ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
if i wanna die , how can i die ?
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
FU i tried .. but i cant .. plzz come n help me buddy .. i really wanna die on this thread :P
Qatar have allowed prostitution (under-hand near Ramada area), Dating websites, Alcohol bars, Dance bars, US base and all sorts of Entertainment....how are we tolerant to such Unislamic cultures, which will not only destroy our next generation but take away our islamic faith as well. While Hindus were asking for a common place of worship and nothing else like Casinos or Peep Shows! Give a thought... Apologies, I'm blunt. Peace!
still talking in this issue? khalas ya habibi , put your temple in your pocket and have a "beautiful life" --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
some of you guys could attend and represent your religion and faith. Make a general consensus on which Lord (Rama, Krishna, Ayyappa or Ganpati?) to be in 'Doha Hindu Temple' based it close to Indian Cultural Centre. No caste bound please and live with peace, unity and harmony. All the best.... Ash, you really have great knowledge about Hinduism and now it is the time to become more Religious and need to be there everyday at 4.30 am, prior sunrise ;-) Peace
Victory - :( I sleep at 4 30.. with sunrise if given a choice..... But honestly.. I would have had loved to attend and see tht Oct 20 function.... I ll be back home then... But if its a Temple.... It should be Ayyappa... 9.99/10 are from Kerala.... and other Gods wont mind if we pray them through him :) ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
hahahaa this is really funny and deserve to be read through him hahahaha --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
lol.. for whtever was funny in tht.... :) ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
fun is always ur inner feelings :D
Dot.com - All the emotions triggered in us are inner feelings..... Person we hate most is loved by someone else.... everyone is living and seeing his unique world... no two people perceive this world in similar way.... :) ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
the MOD has bad feelings for me, so he blocked my ID. :(
that's what u get if they feel u've not been a good kid lately :S we've gotta be careful about what we post,buddy....better be safe than sorry :-) Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. ~ Garrison Keillor
There won't be any Hindu Temple in Qatar. So no use aeguing about it. Although it would be good to have a Temple in Qatar, for Hindu, Buddhists and Sikhs.
edifis that is what i am talking about /// still talking in this issue? khalas ya habibi , put your temple in your pocket and have a "beautiful life"/// --------------------------------- "It could be a picture It could be a medicine it could be a bullet depends on how you see it"
IMHO,if at least talking about it gives them some amount of satisfaction,let them have it...coz the people who demand it also know deep down that it's probably never going to happen....so just leave it. Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. ~ Garrison Keillor
QL's MODs are badly inspired by few QL users. :P
Nothing has ever changed with so many text riots on QL... hope everyone knows tht.... If it is for entertainment sake.... keep having fun on whichever forum one intends too........... Religiously... doesn matter whether there is a temple or not..... every Hindu mus be praying at home... Temples like every other religious place (Mosque/church) more than religion... are more important for social gatherings in the name of religion..... ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
as far as i know the srilankan buddhists do have some sort of ritual in their embassy and do even worship there... its a fact... i know from buddhist colleagues... may be they should raid that place :P
Most of the members here seem to agree to the idea. Life is Beautiful...Indeed!
abdullahrafe - Man.. I second you on that.... So much of stuff.... I don know why they.. I mean WE.. left BEATING OURSELVES for FORGIVING A PROPHET for a SIN..... Punishing ourselves for Forgiving a man who is spreading his name in true sense..... and mos loved by God for doing tht Why did we miss that.... :( Other thing I miss is the regular entertainment of calculating the correct time when God listens to us.... it is so fun... :( Wish we had tht too.... I also miss the fact tht it is not compulsory to wear same color cloths for all.... It is so diff to choose diff cloths.... for diff occasions.. Uniform system sounds good.. and makes sense too.... too hell with Music n dance too... utter waste of time... When I feel light ... motivated... for the sake of refreshment ... we are wasting so much of time and money.... :( Besides making people like Brad Pitt n Angelina rich... we could work and earn more.... :( I also miss having a Book of Quantum Physics and implementing it.... Even if I don understand or not qualified enough to unreveal wht is mentioned in tht.... :p ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
a demon...not a man. Did you go to school ever beta? Running is the best thing God ever created! - Rabbit
Ash quote "BEATING OURSELVES for FORGIVING A PROPHET for a SIN..... Punishing ourselves for Forgiving a man who is spreading his name in true sense..... and mos loved by God for doing tht" unquote..... Prophets didn't committed any sin ever....they were 'masoom' like angels free from all sins......
Sorry SK. visit Gujrat anywhere.There is clear order from SC not to built any relegious place between road.our old padra road have Hanuman Mandir I show it develouping within last five years.Near Surat there is village name Saroli(noarth border of Surat)come and see brand new Mandir.There was cricket ground before and now every thursday Bagats are coming from lot of places walking waithing for 'chamatkar'? go little more south. Olpad, once there was cricket ground and now there is very huge Mandir(temple) a tomb with snakes.If you come to gujrat I will show you thousends.SC ordered to demolise some and Bast... CM started but vhp came in action and he stopped. awkhan
Vic - Oh.. Don even bother ..... It was a reply to a JERK ... giving him taste of his own medicine ..... Don even read my crap when m fooling around with these guyz.. I would have had answered seriously if he looked as if he is expecting a serious one .... I know it wont make any sense to write against him when he is crapping around..... but pls read my comments/replies too in the same fashion.... don agree to it... don deny it.. jus ignore it :p ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
my goodness....this thread is still alive??? :-o Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. ~ Garrison Keillor
And I am still waiting for the Treat .... forget rasgullas...... Whtever toffees you collect in Malls for the change which they are not able to return.. even tht ll do ... Something... ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
Life is Beautiful...Indeed!
swedish..u r a asshole...just shut ur mouth..i m sure guys he is a pakistani...failed people from a failed state...
There will be a designated place of worship for the Hindus soon! I've heard it is going to be situated near to Abu Hamour.
whatever your religion if you dont know how to respect others faith and degrade others and just uplift your religion you are still nothing to be proud of...it is shame indeed....
lobot you never made fun of any nationality or religion? **** Aal Izz Well****
whyte i've learned more things in qatar living....
Good **** Aal Izz Well****
Atlast there will be a temple for the Hindus. Now hindus can go and worship there.
the thread is on the way for silver jubilee :-) _______________________________________________ A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose! Dr. Choc
this is monarchy not democracy my friend.
be cool.... WORLD PEACE
man..you guys!!
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
I meant what I said, FU. I believe it's going to happen soon!
Source: - A study Conducted by FriedUnicorn - Vol I (September,1999)
:( again ?? all the melo drama... the fine of 10K QR for Red Lights is a bigger concern for me :( ___________________________________________ Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it
request to ql administartor to ban this tread as this is creating heatread among the indian brothers , the country which has the identity for secularism plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
plzzzzzzzzzzz mod dont allow any thread which creating religious desputes
how is this thread creating religious dispute? Running is the best thing God ever created! - Rabbit
No wonder I don't get support on this issue. Life is Beautiful...Indeed!