Time for QDC 2

QDC needs to open a second shop in Qatar probably in west bay. Commercially it's a no brainer and will support the development of the country.

Also supermarkets should be allowed to open non-Muslim sections so that all residents of Qatar can be free to make choices for themselves.


Exile there is already a QDC opening soon on the Pearl..:) Not sure if the Haram meat will be on sale on not?

Really? Do you know when it opens?

A mate of mine lives and he said it was mentioned in the Pearl circular that is distributed by the owners UDC. It is opening soon. will let you know when the I know any more information.

Cool. Time for QDC 3 then....

first let france, spain etc remove the ban of niqab ,,,then qatar can decide on it

How are those things related? Stop bringing Islam and the oppression of women into every topic

iam not bringing islam,,,iam only commenting...i didnt mention anywhere islam...pls read my comments

jhapa30, Qatar will decide without your permission and QDC is owned by Qatar Airways who love Europe so much that they are opeing new routes to Europe on a Monthly basis. Please keep you little religious views out of this thread.

Heard a rumour that yes there will be another QDC and the Haram stuff will be sold :-)

then why is QDC in a deserted area and hiding away from public place,,,can u answer that


to hide hypocrisy.

Why is CIED located in a deserted area on the Salwa Road?

Plus the second QDC will on the Pearl, Now you going to say O well that Pearl is in the Sea. grow up boy!

Doha aims to be a multi cultural international city. To dobthat you have to respect other cultures and cater for them

beating Girl friend or wife, doesn't make any difference.

How come you know it is there?

It is not hidden it is next to two schools and a mall.

Also, seen a few people in there diplomatically speaking - should not have been there:-P

You are a beast now?

Interrrrrrrrrrresting! lol

How beastly are you?

Do you have talons and hairy hands?

jhpa30. If yer don't like the thread, just stay out of it rather than taking your frustration out on this thread. Hey man you should down a few pints to calm yourself down..:)

beating around the bush

This is Qatar living a site to discuss what happens in Qatar! Seems to be the perfect place for discussion....

QDC is not hidden at all.

i will make sure this forum is deleted...i dont even care if iam deleted

wait and watch

Yes its close to the the Technical College and a Pakistani School and another school plus there is a big Supermarket next to the QDC. It is not is a hidden place.

calm down buddy. Have a amber necter!

Well, it is near Al Jazeera Academy, Qatar Scientific Club and I think (not sure) there is an Arabic/Indian school near there. Could be wrong.

It may have been out in the sticks years ago but not any more.

We are not asking you to go there by the way, however if a higher body than you has said it is ok for some people to buy from there- who are you to say we should not?

i can smell biryani here..............lol

AWQAF already know QDC exists, still please take a printout of this thread and show them.

jhapa30, let me repeat again. Qatar Airways owns QDC. Qatar owns Qatar Airways. Don't you get the link? Imagine if there was no QDC, you would be paying a much higher ticket price while travelling on QA.

I know a harmless topic that concerns many of the residents of Qatar and suddenly I'm a beast?!?! All I asked for was a shop to open, it's not as if what they sell is illegal here

lol well to be sure you are a beast then.

Now about those talons and hairy hands............ lol

Sorry not as hairy as some of the women that live here....

(sigh) you have ruined a dream there rofl

better to sell alcohol in carrefour, we can also get a box of tissues for jhapa30.

So back to topic. New QDC great news for Qatar. As for the pork I too have heard that they are in the last stages and have put in fridges to hold it. Can't wait to cook up a full English breakfast on a Friday morning and a few beers the night before....

Or the 'other stuff' with a beer - hair of the dog.

Reminds me of my youth :-)

It does make sense for QDC to open more branches. One place to cater to the entire population!!!

Let's hope we get done decent bars soon and a reduction in price. Plus give the Lebanese their own place to drink, all that posing and hair gel pits me right off my beer....

Course it does as there are more drinkers here than non-drinkers.

And if they want to retain our services; AND they do, they cater for the masses.

Simple as that.

We are not asking for much; they want us here for what we provide so in turn they kindly allow us to have what we have back home :-)

Win- win situation to me.

By the way - most local people do not have a problem with this.

There is a special monthly truck load of delivery to Dukhan Community Area by QDC. The truck goes loaded and comes back empty. Just get to show how many thirsty lot they are around Qatar!

According to my husband who had to go there the other night they have a hotel called 'Le Cigale'. Yet to go but I hear it is their place.

I want 5 QDC's around here in Qatar

I'll take your 5 and raise you 10 QDCs....

Yes Cabbage that hotel is really pathetic, with lots of wannabees with greasy hair and pointy shoes.

I will take your 10 and raise it to 15 :-)

more whorehouses also needed fro a perfect blend!

The thirsty guys are at the industrial area and they make do by drinking cologne, etc and you people are suggesting the next QDC to be opened at West bay and the third one at the Pearl. Why not open some at the Industrial area and see business booming for QDC and its backers and it would not require a lot of research to tell you that its a win win situation

desertshark, I very much doubt that the thirsty guys in the Industrial area would be able to afford goods from QDC.

QDC is pretty close to the industrial area. Most of the workers in industrial area buy alcohol from drivers who sell it illegally so they get free home delivery anyway.

Sad isn't it. They do deserve a drink.

They sure do.

they are happy with "Desi Tharra"

They deserve a drink but they have to buy alcohol at twice the original price.

Cabbage they don't deserve it, coz if all the Labourer will have a hanger over and will be turning up for work with a heavy head, imagine that. We will not get much out of them from their 14 hours per day of work.:)

Plus the supermarkets will lose valuble aftershave sales....

non merci they will manage and afford it and pay double or treble the price that the permit holders pay. It boggles my mind how the rich can get it at a reasonable price and the underpaid or poorly paid workers have to pay through their nose to have a sip

You are very naughty and inflammatory lol I like it!

Nobody is paying a reasonable price for booze in Qatar. Period.

It looks like its okay for expatgeezer to drink but not for the others or must be the guy just drinks and sleeps all day with his hangovers

some people exist in qatar for no good reason

Cabbage I am glad that there is someone out there who understands a bit a true British Humour! :)

Some people exist in this world for no good reason!

Desertshark. I drink responsibly..:)

Yeah geezer we are on mission to annihilate em...dont worry

Good luck mate on your mission. Make sure you have a few pints before you set off on your mission impossible :)

Yay! You can never have too many QDCs :-)

and I suppose so does everybody else as they know they have to be at work next morning.

Ok just to tease you :-P

It feels great to be in a place where there is a wine shop every 100 metres and not being drunk is frowned upon :)

As my brothers and Da say; I am only a 'social drinker' but I am very 'sociable'.

Nothing wrong with a drop on you. x

pints...nay !!!we wrap 120 proof around us hahahahha

Well will somebody tell Qatar airways now that we need atleast another six QDC's around the place so people dont die of thirst during their day off from work.

WK...enjoy it :)

Cabbage: are your family Irish by any chance? ;-)

lol cabbage. Sociable indeed. O I miss a good pub crawl. I remember one night did 7 pubs in Reading in one night and then walked home. Dont know how long I walked All I can remember is it took over two hours..:)

I am half Irish.

Which half I don't know. Maybe the 'tick' side lol

One step forward- two steps back lol

Like Saudi, all QDC's should be outlawed. then people will learn to brew their own and experiment.

Lets face the fact, QDC sucks. We are just being thankful and all just because they are letting us have some alcohol in Qatar.

Just consider Qatar as a part of modern world and you'll see why QDC sucks so bad.

I really need a pint of beer, where can I get it now?

Do I have to change and then drive 14 KMS to get it for 30 QR, kind of ridiculous.

The Pearl is supposed to have a Spinneys fairly soon. In the UAE it sells pork, and supposedly it will also do so in Qatar.

I am trying hard not to enter into this topic. See where it reached from where.

Some one is going to do everything possible under the sun to get this forum deleted!!!!!!!!!

Seems strange that Qatar should still want to follow Dubai.

Yay! For More QDC's and as President of the world, Free drinks to everyone on this thread!

Guess some guys rant never gets over...:(

And it sounds so childish when they keep crying for each and every thing ...ridiculous...:(

What does this mean?

Some one is going to do everything possible under the sun to get this forum deleted!!!!!!!!!

We are only discussing something that is perfectly legal in Qatar and owned and managed by the government. If you have a problem with the govt I suggest you go and see them

exile, maybe this could be one the demands of the Protesteors who are planned to take the streets on Tuesday or Wednesday..:)

Geezer there are no such protest gonna happen in Qatar. These are all just false rumors like the invisible tigers roaming the streets.

Exactly smoke, neither is QDC going any where out of Qatar! :)

Wait till may 2022….

Well it better not go out of Qatar in fact i wish they start screwing like bunnies and multiply all over Qatar so we will have cheaper booze for everyone!

Oh and they used to sell pork in Qatar before, heck if they can give out at the American Base they can give it out to the rest of the folks in Qatar. Someone send me a FB friend request if you work at the American base.

QDC is a division of QATAR AIRWAYS again.. and follows the same policy too. Rveneue with no service. you pay 200% more of what you pay in Duty free shops and no infrastructure , reminds of the ration shops in India.

And Qatar Airways is the national carrier. So, the nation sells alcohol. Cool, in a so-called Islamic State!

Al Baker send me a FB friend request ASAP!

Guys, be assured that new QDC Branch will soon to open in Pearl Qatar double the size of the existing one in Abu Hamour. Cheers!

great news! god bless Qatar!

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