Traffic Signs for Driving License Test
By anonymous • 6 years 7 months ago.

I was looking for the traffic signs for my wife so she could practice for her exam, but couldnt find it on any of the qatari Websites... when i found it on the web i thought I should post it for you guys ;)

have fun

Traffic Signs English


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By anonymous• 6 years 7 months ago.

Happy to have my license after my 1st Test! lolz.

By svelte_saggi• 6 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

eep!!!just remembered my horrible driving test days!!!

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By mical• 6 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

Nice post, will really help those who will take driving test...

" Tomorrow is not just another day, it's another chance..."

By SAMAEL• 6 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

hehe, or they can just pick up the little leaflet that has them all in at any driving school.


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