Traffic Violations
By kerrie edwards • 9 years 1 day ago.

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Has anyone had to query a traffic violation and if so where did you go and what was the outcome

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By sentibhim• 9 years 1 day ago.
sentibhim you can go here and checked ur violation.Hope that you dont have.

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By kerrie edwards• 9 years 1 day ago.
kerrie edwards

Thanks, I checked and suppossedly do but I know for a fact that I was not on the street I was "caught speeding". I need to ind out how I can question teh validity of violation.

By anonymous• 9 years 1 day ago.

You can not proove anything. Just go to murul and complain to them. they will show a nice picture of you car speeding. Don't even try that just pay the fine and clear the records.

By novita77• 9 years 1 day ago.

My last registration i had to pay QR 200 for using mobile phone ... i never failed to use my handsfree kit. I asked for proof, they asked me to go to traffic police in madina khalifa ... Can't be bother ... In the end i just pay QR 200 extra otherwise they wont register my car.

Do you think maybe your car being driven by somebody else? Your husband perhaps?

By Majnoon Ajnabi• 9 years 1 day ago.
Majnoon Ajnabi

enquiry at the site about a 200 QR fine that I do not beleive I incurred. I received a reply a week or so later to return to the site and the fine was gone with no explanation.

By kerrie edwards• 9 years 1 day ago.
kerrie edwards

I will send an email and see what happens

By wizmotr• 9 years 1 day ago.

I'd like to hear the conclusion to this one...

By novita77• 9 years 1 day ago.

Majnoon ... thank you for the post. Will do that in the future.

By londonalgiers• 9 years 20 hours ago.

Hey! I found a QR300 fine on some road I’d never ever been on in the year I’d spent here something is wrong, so I won't pay it and if I have to go to the border I would to not pay for it, call me stupid or man of principle but that's that.

Freedom is not free.

By anonymous• 9 years 16 hours ago.

By chance I check the site for my car registration number and ooops! I got one back on May for QR 400. It said "Non Compliance with the maximum speed level" Huh speeding??? Oh well I guess I have to go to Murrur to pay for it. Sigh...!:-(

Guys check never know!


By Longhorning Texas• 9 years 5 hours ago.
Longhorning Texas

The idea of installing 'inconspicous' radars on roads and highways was a no brainer. Since the traffic patrol doesn't like to man the streets 'due to oppressive heat and extreme conditions' they would rather be in the 'office' working towards the betterment of road and vehicular safety.

I have yet to see a police patrol, do policing.

By iwael• 8 years 12 months ago.

Instead of driving to the traffic department, I usually pay therough the e-government

I hope I won't pay anything again ;)


By airmech123• 8 years 12 months ago.

what is a time duration to pay for violation I also got one for speeding is it ok if paid by credit card and is the points system also effective or no

By Majnoon Ajnabi• 8 years 12 months ago.
Majnoon Ajnabi

that's what happened to me, it was a 200 QR fine at the time of day and at a place that I would not even be out on the road or near (due to my job). I used the "inquiries" link and just stated the facts and they removed it. I was quite surprised to tell you the truth.

I have also noticed while perusing the vio;ation site that people receive tickets/fines while in the UAE and they are posted here.

For instance if you look up plate # 111111, whom ever it is thayhad over 7000 QR in fines at one time. When I am bored I look up "easy" numbers to see who has the most violations.

By Majnoon Ajnabi• 8 years 12 months ago.
Majnoon Ajnabi

you have until the next time you register you car or if you get in an accident. The on line site was down and inoperable and lately you have to go to a police station to pay or one of the malls. They will not accept cash and you must use a credit card.

By novita77• 8 years 12 months ago.

either credit card or your ATM with naps system. Just like you pay for your groceries in carrefour.

By Terramax• 8 years 12 months ago.

Sign up for it and every time something that concerns you is registered in government computers, like your wife crossing the border or you getting a traffic ticket, you will receive an SMS.

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