transfer credit on Hala Card?

By novita77

I know you can transfer hala card credit to another mobile phone number. It used to be written down on their scratch card. But now the print out a starlink receipt instead of giving the scratch card. Need to transfer credit from my husband mobile to mine ... but i forgot the instruction.

Anyone can help me pls?

Ta !

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By blisteringbarnacles2007• 4 years 5 days ago.

Hi zeeshan.. you dug up this thread... a thread that was dug up 3yrs ago???

Dont forget to dig up this thread in year

By zeeshan_shani• 4 years 5 days ago.


By Rizks• 7 years 2 months ago.

LMAO Mohd tat was a quick answer.....:)

By anonymous• 7 years 2 months ago.
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130*(number of beneficiary)*(amount to be transferred)#, then OK

Then u will receive a message to very your transaction

To verify Press 1 and click send button..


By King Edshel• 10 years 2 weeks ago.
King Edshel

accomplished, anything else before I leave boss? :)

By novita77• 10 years 2 weeks ago.

there you go ...

By King Edshel• 10 years 2 weeks ago.
King Edshel

I'm doing fine as well as you are fine too :) If you can please send me the link to that thread, the pleasure would be mine to help. You are welcome at any time, just take care of yourself and PM me his mobile number. Will ask him to check on his credit from time to time :)

By novita77• 10 years 2 weeks ago.

I am good ... thank you for asking. My husband have so many credit on his phone, he never use it and i need to keep putting up a new card to extend the number's validity. And i always run out of credit ... hehe...

How are you King? You seems to busy to go online nowadays.

By King Edshel• 10 years 2 weeks ago.
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King Edshel

I know that you are willing to transfer 50%+ out of his credit :), but here is a trick for emergency purposes. If someone got for example 15 or 16, transfer all of this money to him/her ... send them back their 10 ... now you got 5 Riyals in your credit and they got 10 and it is something good better than ... If i send 10, what would I be left with? :)

Long time no see dear, how are you doing these days?

By novita77• 10 years 2 weeks ago.

thank you sentibhim ... :-) you are a doll hehe...

By sentibhim• 10 years 2 weeks ago.
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Atrik 130 Astrik(Phone number to be transferd)Astrik Ammount Hass Ok.

And follow the conform press one to transfer and 2 for cancel than again ok.This is only for prepaid hala card.

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