UnProfessional behaviour from Al-Rafa Clinic, Doha

I have very hard experience last night from Al-Rafa Clinic, Doha. They have very good pediastrist and ofcourse there will be a great rush to consult to him. But the management staff always play with tocken and they issue tocken seeing the face of the person. Last day they provide the tocken NO. 17 and for the person just BEHIND me they issue Tocken No. 09.

The thing which hurt me, once i questioned this, they simply telling to complaint if you want and extend the complaint form to me. Ofcourse from their activity i come to know that my complaint is going to trash bin. so i didn't do that. I want my complaint to reach to High Management of the Al-Rafa Clinic.

This type of misbehaviour from the staff will distroy the great reputation of the Moopan's Group.


no prb friend thats Qatar... Just Kali Wali.

try to contat Dr. Sameer Moopan

Yes my friend,

I am also one of the victim in the same hospital. I try to approach the management of the Moopan’s groups few weeks before. The staff, while trying to help their friends, they don’t know it will hurt the people waiting so log time to consult the doctor with their kids.

Certainly, this kind of dirty play of the counter staff, might affect the reputation of such a good hospital.

they are not here to serve you no not at all who told you that. they are here to earn money make business they dont care whats ur problem. Its just all business and money does matter for them not a patient health. Believe me i got 3 hospital membership cards and i never visited any one of them.


"never visited any one of them"??

i think you should...


Whatever Turns You ON Babe...

good day everyone, could someone please tell the location of al rafa clinic......

i have appointment for the dermatologist this 6 pm in Al Rafa Clinic Industrial area...maybe they will be like that also...okay i will try to go...

I i observe unfairness and mis behavior of the staff, i will relate to you tommorow..I hope they will treat me not to make me upset

alraffa clinic jaidah flyover----call 4440499

alraffa clinic industrial area---call 4604449

i tried only industrial area..i never tried jaidah

alraffa clinic jaidah flyover----call 4440499

alraffa clinic industrial area---call 4604449

i tried only industrial area..i never tried jaidah

It is a business my friend. There is only one target for them "Money" and only money. NO one cares about level of services or customer satisfaction. Doctors appriasal mainly measure how many tested they did for their patients in the hospital lab, clever doctor who can sustain patient to come more times, make more tests regardless is it needed or not. it is really a corrupted section in Qatar

The lady at the front desk at the Jaidah flyover branch is very rude. Ask for help and she just refuses to even look at you.

Have heard so much about al rafa clinic i fear ever needing to go there. Qatar talks so much about good medical facilities i wonder if they call this good

I had been to Al Rafa Polyclinic recently for the first time. The doctors are good but the toilets are very dirty. Liquid soap dispenser is kept near the washbasin to be used after using the toilet however no soap liquid in it. The most important thing in an hospital is its cleanliness as it gives a bad impression of the equipment used there. I wish the concerned authorities take note of this.

I am a frequent patient of Al - Rafa. The reason you got token no. 19 and the person behind you got token no. 9 is that he was having a prior appoinment. I always have prior appointment and reach the counter 10 minutes before the scheduled time and enter the Doctors room by passing all the waiting patients, I laugh at them when they envy me.

Be Smart (Prior appointments are free of charge)

Ban Spoon Feeding not Me

I will tell the front office girl about your comments & inform Dr.xxxxxxxxx about your concerns about the Toilets :)))))))))))))))))))

Ban Spoon Feeding not Me

I've gone to Al Rafa only once and never gonna go again. The experience was bad enough.

One should make a mistake only once but when it gets repeated it's a blunder.

Come to Mt. Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. Hospitals in Singapore are generally customer friendly. Any severe complains from the public will be written in the next day newspaper. Hospital staff are very tactful when dealing with complains.

Yes - go to Mount Elizabeth and burn a Fortune :(

But I don't mind a meal in Lucky Plaza kopitium :)

Ban Spoon Feeding not Me

Its actually so simple to audit the token system. if management wanted the service to improve, they would have done that already. Obviously one would not assume that the management is so stupid as not to know such a simple concept in management lolz...

Save your criticism

Go jog at the khalifa jogging track instead :)


Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur.

Me too I went with a prior appointment and was given the token number they advised on fone. All went well. Didnt check teh toilet though..

Though its business , its service what they sell... if they dont , they loose.

Hospital charges in S'pore are similar across the board. The locals get subsidy from the govt. call "Govt. Grant". 'A' class ward pay 100% of the charges.

Lucky Plaza has lots of delicious foods. They are not expensive.

it is just opposite to home center (Near jaidah Flyover). some one should be there to raise the voice. All those who face the same partiality should not keep quite unless and until people are not coming forward to raise their voice this will go on. Keep fighting for our rights.


I've recently been to Al Rafa Poly Clinic. see a lot of change in the token system. this is really good. no more dark corners

and they prefer indians... on the whole... its an indian clinic... disgusting!!

...Life would become Dull if there were no such Difficulties...

Why dont you call up and fix an appointment before going there.

That way there will be no complaints isnt it?

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