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I'm flying out to Doha on Saturday to start a new job as a instructor at the aeronautical college does anyone now of any websites of used car dealers. I cant seem to find any? Many thanks for all your help


Gus Gus

It is not recommended to buy a used car in Qatar. I tried myself and I found that brand new car is better value for money.

If you insist check this web:


Many thanks Gus and e46M3 for the web sites. I will just have to wait and have a look when im out there.

Also many private sale ones.

Wait till you arrive and look around.

Hi Taff,

I am coming to Doha in a few weeks myself. I have one friend that bought a used vehicle and boy is he sorry he did. He may have even sold it by now to an unsuspecting person.

Best regards,


Don Don

I had thought I'd buy a used one too.

Hi Don,

From what I have heard, if you don't wish to buy a new one your best bet is to lease. That way even though you are paying a good bit of $ per month, insurance, etc. is taken care of.

I am planning on staying 3-4 years, so to buy you will be stuck with getting rid of the thing, sometimes tough to do and red tape out the wazoo. I lived in Saudi for 11 years, had only one car that I bought new and then sold it to a friend (11 years later) who knew how to handle the paperwork himself. I was lucky.

I plan on leasing an SUV.

Just what I have heard and what I plan on doing when I hit the turf.



Hi everyone,

do you have any idea about the price of Brand new honda civic full option?

Thank you in advance


Thanks for all the comments i think i will wait until i get out there and see what is the best option new/used/lease.

Don Don

I'm going to be at QP and there is a zero interest loan to buy a car. I've had good luck with used cars in the past. I guess I just hate the 30% loss you have as soon as you drive the car off the dealer lot.

Good Luck to all who buy a used car in a GCC Country. I sincerely mean that, because you will need it.

Good Luck to all who buy a used car in a GCC Country. I sincerely mean that, because you will need it.

My advise don't buy used car.Most of used car are abused by drivers.You will be lucky if you got a good used car.

I fly out tonight and i think i will lease for a while and see how that pans out

I want to buy an Opel Vectra 2004 model, the car looks very good, but i heard it will be difficult to sell it again, plz advise.

I would grateful for any information you have re: leasing a car in Qatar.


Julia... all european cars (cept BMW/Mercedes) have poor resale value. Alot is historic as these performed poorly in this environment. They are much better now but reputaions are hard to shake off.


interested in leasing information? Do the dealerships lease new vehicles? In Canada, all manufactures offer lease options and would be great to have that here.



The only people I know that lease, are the car rental firms.

Quality used cars can be had from AlMana (used car division), Jaidah (Advantage), Mannai (pre owned), they provide a warranty on the vehicle and buyback, this is what I was told by Jaidah Motors.

I can see that no one have any information for Qatar, and i have tried to search for few information and i feailed to find any even on this site


I really have to agree with most people here, I really wound not buy a used car, unless you know the people you are buying it from and the history of the car.

I used to lease a car - easy no problems.

I now have bought my own car - but a suggestion is that you buy a make that has a good resale value in Qatar for when you leave.

Really would stay clear of used cars and definately those of the 4x4 variety.

Domasco Volvo and Honda offer lease on their new cars at very competative rates well worth a vist. They also have Pre select used volvo's which i know they have a minmum standard for resale from Volvo before they can sell the cars they also come with 1 year warranty and Volvo on call, Honda offer the same but extend the warratny to the life of the car (not bad) their numbers are 4477800 and 4477900


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I agree with most of you gyz on the luck fact when u buy used cars. But most of my friends who bought used cars actually sold it after 2years at almost the same price they bought it. But if you buy a brand new and sell it in 2-3 years you'll loose about 30-40%. To be safe get a good checkup done by a qualified technician from honda or nissan which will cost you about QR 200. Also if you are buying a honda car you can get the full service or repair history from the showroom.

Even though there are many affordable used cars but they are not easy to find, there are many risks such as you will be cheated or buy hidden problems. So you should be careful and make sure you are getting car and a deal that you will be happy with. Used cars for sale

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