videos of women in shopping malls

A sales manager, who had shot over 200 upskirt videos of women at shopping malls without their knowledge, has been sentenced to nine months jail by a court here.

35-year-old Soo Ee Hock, who had taken 201 video clips of women between November 2008 and March last year, has pleaded guilty of intruding into the privacy of women.

Soo, a married man, used to clip a pen with a built-in video camera to his laptop bag and place it under the skirt of women standing in front of him on an escalator, reported the online Straits Times.

He would then transfer all the images to his laptop and and save them onto a CD.

He was caught on July 7, 2009, at Junction 8 Bishan Shopping Centre after a woman reported him to the police.

While pronouncing the judgment recently, District Judge Lee Poh Choo said Soo knew full well what he was doing and was a serial offender.

Lee said Soo had intended to keep those images for a long time as he had burnt them onto a CD, and "that shows the extent of his perverted mind."

Soo plans to appeal against the sentence and was offered a bail of SGD 20,000.



Amazing what turns people on :O)

A friend of mine is a cop in Canada and they arrested a guy for putting a tiny camera in the toilet bowl of the women's loo in busy mall in Vancouver. There was well over a 1000 hours of women peeing and he and his partner on the case had to document each hour in detail to press the charges.

hms hms

world all kind of psycho's we will find, really pathetic, dont know on what circumstance and where cameras are kept.

That's another reason why you need to wear clean underwear every day ;)

Forgive my ignorance... but wouldn't it be pitch dark if the lady was sitting on the bowl ??

Only if the woman sat on the seat Brit, which isn't the case in most public bathrooms were women "hover" over, letting enough light in. And especially in Chinese populated Vancouver, many women of Asian descent stood on the toilet to pee.

hms hms

LMAO, wonderful and statement of the day. !!!!!!!!

Nice upskirt collection he must be having by now.

See.. QL can be quite educational .. Even for an old foggie like me :o)

Just be glad you didn't have to watch the video Brit ;)

Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not all Singaporeans are like this

Who said all Singaporeans are like this?

Desparate times calls for desparate measures.

Was sound recorded in any of these videos, Pilgram? I wonder if the videos made their olfactory senses smell urine after seeing 1000 like that.

What would make it more interesting is if they found that a man snuck into the ladies WC. How would they go about making a positive ID?

Hey, sick stories inpired a sick imagination!

LOL @ timebandit's comment

Brit: even if the women sat instead of squatting, not all women's rear-ends are that big.

My bad.. i can only go by thw women i seem to meet :O(

as i have said earlier,suppression leads to distortion..

this is a perversion.. Cases of this type occur in all societies...

brit, agreed this is a perversion which may happen in any society...tell me why this happens in the first place?

Who knows why people get fetishes or kinky tendencies or even perversions..

Perhaps it's upbringing or those around them or the media..

i am no expert on the topic...

true, it has to do with the upbringing..if the urges of the mind and body are not addressed to at the right time and in the right way, there may be such perverted tendencies cropping up...just my thoughts.

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