Visa for Dubai for Qatar RP Holder

I have heard that it's really fun to drive from Qatar to Dubai on the weekend (obviosly if you have a 4 X 4 Drive). My question is do I need to get a visa if I want to go to Dubai if I have a Residence Permit of Qatar?


Although you can go to dubai and get visa on arrival if you are going by air but road travel is different.

You have to pass Saudi border and you need saudi visa. In order to get saudi visa you have to get UAE visa first. Saudi gives visa only after you already have UAE visa on your passport.

Hope this clarifies.

The whole process will take you 8 days. 3 days to get UAE visa and 5 days to get saudi transit visa. count the weekend

Holly Molly !!!!!

I would drop the idea of driving to dubai in that case. I should go drive in Qatar for 8 hours rather... atleast I don't have to go into the hassle of getting visa

But, thanks guys for information.

Think twice before doing this. It is at least 8 hours drive (at 140-160 km/h).

the drive through saudi is said to be dangerous also -unless you are that adventourous. its easier and safer to catch the flight and get visa on arrival

Drive through Saudi is NOT dangerous. The road is absolutely normal, just keep away from trucks. The only problem is total lack of gas stations. However as it has been told here - it is not fun, and the only reason to do so is probably shopping in IKEA.

Driving to UAE is a lot cheaper than flying. You save on air fare (specially if there are more than one persons travelling) and then on taxis in UAE.

Do what u think is best but it is not dangerous inside saudi. It is just a normal highway.

Highway is normal. I think now its a 2 lane track. THere are a few petrol stations when you cross the saudi border from doha. After that the next station is around 150 kms away.

well for UAE visa you will have to go 3 times to the embassy. But for saudi transit visa just go to the agent and you will get it stamped in 5days.

If you look at older maps, there is a land route connecting qatar with UAE. What happened to it? well, one day the saudis decided they would take it over, and did so, murdering some qatari border guards in the process.

When I lived in Oman, the same sort of thing happened to a piece of land bordering the UAE...which is why Oman is split in two pieces.

Suhail: There are NO petrol stations on Saudi side, unless you enter Salwa, instead of going to UAE.

Driving is not cheaper, even on two person basis. Of course if you have a family, that will save you a lot of money. But with Air Arabia roundtrip ticket to Sharja for QAR 500, on one-two person basis there will be not much difference.

Remember you will have to pay for 2 visas, 3 times you will have to pay insurance plus gas. Also a lost day and all the hassle of crossing the border, customs etc.

I believe there was a trade-off between the sliver of land seperating Qatar and the UAE and another piece of land as mentioned in Rochester's comment.

I understood at the time that the two sets of "soldiers" were enjoying a cup of tea together when tribal insults were made and things deteriorated rapidy into a gunfight.

Trading of the land between Qatar and the UAE was one of the worst deals that could have been reached. Subsequent difficulties including the "holding" of land transported supplies into Qatar from the UAE have confirmed that!

Terramax, you've got it wrong. I have already gone by car once and I've used that petrol station once. FYI, there is one petrol station as soon as you finish the insurance work in saudi,

the next one comes before you take the turn towards UAE road and another one that comes after 150 kms.

Driving is cheaper if you are going with family(wife + kids).

If you are on your own then its always better to travel by flight.

The cost of both visas come out to QR 175/- (100 for UAE and 75 for Saudi).Insurance depends on the number of days and i think least you can take is for 1 week or 10 days. Even though petrol is a little costly, the benefits really outweigh it.

Yes, there is one when you enter the Saudi but you can't get to this station when you exit Saudi to enter Qatar. There is also one almost at the Saudi/UAE border at the truck stop. What I mean there are no stations on the way. If there was one you mentioned, it is not there anymore. I just came back from there and I was desperate for gas, because I eventually ran out of gas just after crossing the Qatari border.

Insurance - there is a catch. If your insurance is valid for 10 days, and you enter Saudi on your way back on 7th or 8th day, you still have to buy a new one since your insurance inside Saudi should be valid at least for 3 days, and you have only 2 days left.

per person of course?

Qr 175/- for visa processing. per person.

believe half ofd what you see and nothing of what you hear

I heard that some helders of qatar RP don't need a UAE visa. It seems that it depends on your job functions in Qatar. If you're an engineer, no problem, you can enter UAE without buying a visa. But, if it is mentioned in your RP that you are an accoutant or secretary... you'll have to pay for this visa.

Actually I don't know if this is true. Moreover it depends on you sponsor's quotas (x RPs for engineers, X RPs for foremen...). So have a look at your RP.

To get a visa on arrival in dubai you have to fall into a list of professions set by the Dubai Immigration.

All professionals doctors,engineers,Managerial Posts and Accountants and a lot more are eligible 4 a visa on arrival wherein u have to fill out a form at the Dubai Airport and pay 100 Dirhams to get it done.

And if u dont fall into the list of professions set by them u can take the help of Emirates Airlines who will arrange the visa for you at a cost of QAR 300.



 Is it neccessary that your Qatar RP is a year old to get on arrival visa for Dubai......?


Or if we have a newly made RP from Qatar even then we will get a on arrival visa for Dubai ?

Your Qatar RP shoul be atleast 6 months old to get on arrival UAE visa but  you can get visa from flight companies like Air Arabia and Emiirates etc...upon there tickets


Your Qatar RP shoul be atleast 6 months old to get on arrival UAE visa but  you can get visa from flight companies like Air Arabia and Emiirates etc...upon there tickets


Any body can answer,I am a family man with holding Qatar RP,I would like to know what are the additional requirenents if I sent my childrens only to UAE for the duration of 3 weeks visit/ tourist.


I was able to travel by road going to Dubai, and definitely If I got a chance, I will do it again. Actually It's not dangerous. I travelled with my 1 yr old baby, my wife and sister. It's a piece of cake, we moved around 1:30 am here in Doha and arrived in Dubai (near airport by 10 am dubai time) by Saloon car.

it fill upto 55 litres petrol full tank is that enuf to cross borders to goto dubai via saudi iam abit alarmed since u said u almost run out of gas this is my first time and iam traveling with my wife so dont want to worry abt the road

Hi nite fox friend pls tell me how u get the visa and pls tell me the visa processing.

thanks in advance.

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