visa enquiry!

can anyone tell me if the qatar government has closed indian visas for indian maids?


No idea.

I think that is the rule, but am not sure.

I knew one family, they do have 2 Indian domestic helpers but they are with them like i think more than 5 years!


"Like I always said IMHO"

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What Hulk meant to say is, if you are a cannot hired a Filipino housemaid. Or if you are Indian, not allowed for you to hired an Indian Housemaid. That's the same nationality!

That rules is true Hulk!

Check or call your Indian Embassy. They should have the correct infos.

Good Luck!

sweet apple ;-)

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"Like I always said IMHO"

thank you

Visas are issuing from authorities very rarely & strictly after all the verifications. in a limited qty yes - in my best knowledge it's not yet stopped. eligibles are yet obtaining - dont worry.

i am in need of a indian housemaid and i really do want indian visa for that.also want to know what r the paperworks and the procedures for that. somebody help!

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