wanted hot and sexy girl.

MODS are sleeping


wanted hot and sexy girl.
By imtiaz-lucky on Wed, 16/06/2010 - 9:24am
Price: 0 QR
Contact Number: 7XXXXXX
Company Name: PRINCE
Saw atleast 4 of this adds


Too many despos arriving in QL lately.....
im sexy girl but im not hot..lool skip..
OMG...whats going on in QL???
Lol! I have a hot and sexy chinchin! Lol!
They are being around from the very begining. The dumbhead had also given his mob no. The earlier version were A sheikh needs a hot reciptionst .
Q1 Q1
T com. am 40-32-40 , game? :)
i tried callin tat number but all i can hear is... ooohhhh aaahhhhh oooouchhhh!!! now wats tat suppose to mean ? :(
I am not hot not sexy, can I still apply for the job, I can take a job of meeting all the applicants who would apply for that post.
rizk,u sure u can't make out what does the word ooohh aaah ouch means???? lol..don't act like a KID..lol
Even PMs are becoming more desperate these days....looks like the heat has got on their mind
I thought you just stare? LOL!
being you are indian old man . its shamed to you .
What do you mean by "being you are indian old man . its shamed to you ."
Soniya zi all i know is.. "ohh" stands for,if a person unexpectedly sees his friend and says " ohh how are you ? :) "aah" stands for, if a person is in Pain or might have got hit by a rod or cut in the hand ? :) "oouch" stands for, if u kick in between the legs...lol
handsomeqatar you serious? how if he was a from Uganda?
he is desperate, tsk tsk tsk
lol wats goin on ? Rizks u mean moaning ? :P
rizk,i can't beat u in ur translation skills and explanations..HAIL RIZK!!! lol
Ariel u have a good body ! Can we meet today for Coffee ?
Pajju i BET it was u with your other id. tatz the reason u r less active in QL now a days and u thought of coming back in this way....lool How u doin my priend ?
NEED SERILANKA GIRL. AGE 18 TO 25. By imtiaz-lucky on Sat, 12/06/2010 - 7:33am Contact Number: 5290207+7066800 Company Name: PRINCE Compensation: 11111QR Posted in:ContractOther flag this as spam/scam
I think that add was posted by Pajju ;)
Pajju told Rizkz to try fone sex. Rizko came back all upset complaining that its holes are too small. :L
ROLF Ariel saala....:)
lol poda hyderabadi bugger :P
i want Hot and Sexy Broasted Chicken ! m feeling hungry.....:(
lol Arien
too many desperados and desperadas here...
Q1 Q1
i think its pajju as rizks and soonam said and rizks u cant eat hot broasted chicken but wht will u do wth sexy broasted chicken is anything like tht prevails in earth or u did typing mistake in broasted??
Jalebi which category Pajju belongs to ? :) the "dos" or the "das" ?
mj, can you believe that people are asking if you really are a mother/ mom in PMs? I mean WTH.....
no typing mishtakes !! Broasted in the formm of marination Sexy in the form of size and curves of the chicken...:)
LOL drmana, really?? who was asking you that? tell me, so I can give them a piece of my mind... :P
hahaha drmana...who is tat bloody despo guy ?
Well, they say PMs are supposed to be private.......or else Name and shame would be ideal solution..
it wasn't me :)
lol drmana, you can always tell me thru PM, it'll be our little secret... ;)
Exactly i was about to comment drmana..Since u have given us a hint of ur PM which u shldn't actually,so i think u shld let us know his name also.. rizk and pajju will take care of him..lol
Yes mj, will do if that happens again, but for now I have blocked and deleted him and his message :-)
so Pajju called him i guess ^_^
drmana, don't worry you don't have to tell anyone who that wacko is... you can only tell it to me..I'll sort him out.. ;)
mj it was me really :) u can handle ? :P
Lol, sure mj....Let me do the honour first ;-)
Pajju bro, stop cashing in on others fame ;-)
where are we going with such posts ! really caught me
I didnt do it :( I will never do it again :((
LOL Pajju are you kidding,? I've sorted out people worse than you.. :P
wave of HIJACKING came in between..lol
visper, r u gonna to leak out ur PMs as well??? ohh plzzz NO...we don't want..lol
Soniya, shhhh... My PMs are strictly confidential.
i dont know wat to type ? i am lost....:(
Anyone who wants to find a hot and sexy girl should go to Thailand.... ;)
Rizks you can start typing your mobile number so this despo can contact you.. just be sure to dress as a hot and sexy girl,.. ask help from your bella.. :P
Hey Soniya...Help me out to find a girl to enter Clubs baby...Its very difficult to enter widot Partner..
ask him to check the availability from his relatives first.
Player24 i shall help you find a gal if not a guy.
I have a hot Chick ready to make soup...any takers ?
QatarNak is ur hot chick, Sexy ?
Player24 why don't you find it your self..... or ask rizks he will help you out..... ;)
player24, y did u chose me to find a gal for u??? can't u see ne other girl QLer out here to help u in ur search??????
LOL after reading the title I thought what happened to tcom..
damn it...i always fail!! sorry people my bad
I really get shcoked to see the 'title and the name of the author'.....can't believe unless READ the post.lol Tcom ;D
cham,use ENGLISH in main forum...
English please.... ;)
Poor guy ...lets help him :P
ok, go contact a QLer named Drac, he'll help you find what you're looking for, complete with a map...
My help for Prince:
Nice 1 but what about u? Think about that my dear everythings is not sex and remember always What i know about the Women. '' A Mother, A Daughter, A Sister and a wife, Women real person operating in the world. May God bless u bro.
Your name doesnt look so "prophetic" Mr.Playboy..:)
If everyone starts to realise the importance of the judgement day nothing would go wrong in this world. Do good in ur life and continue to live the life in a right way, Dont worry about the others if they do the same or not Because life goes on the way it.
I knew we could always count on you helpful Drac... :P
if you got ,pleae pass for me also
Hai choozy_84 how are u?
you are in Qatar ... everything and anything is possible ...
lol dracula...are u romanian??LOL ..Dracula comes from Romania hahahahhaa
lolxx,,,seems like QL needs more workforce to do all this now!!
Hot n Sexy Gal ... m still waiting for my PM's reply....:(
now hot and sexy for sale on Ql what the hell is this
well it got deleted, atleast :p that happens alot lately on QL ;/