Waxing for Men in Doha?

This might be a strange question but does anyone know where a guy can go to get waxing (back hair removal) done in Doha? or a pedicure? It seems everything is for women here? Ahhh I miss civilized countries where everything is available at your fingertips! HELP...!!


NewGuy, Check out the Marriot Spa.. I know they have pedicure for men. I'm not sure if they have waxing, but sometimes they do this treatment on special request for the guys. 429 8519

So if I were u I would choose my words more carefully. We have enough problems with these sort of things in the past.

Ouch!!!! waxing the back hair... eeeooowwww the thought is hurting already...:-D

I am sure u meant more developed countries.

We have enough problems with these sort of things in the past.

Sorry Amigo... Didn't mean to offend.. what I meant was a more progressive lifestyle that has everything available freely to men and women, that's it..! I retract the "civilized"

LOL Colt......if it is back only then it is bearable but if butt is included then it is really OUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

just pulling ur leg NewGuy........Welcome to Doha...

Reminds me of the movie "40 Year old Virgin"... Yeeeooowwwww!!!!

who posts all these 'interesting' threads, as a different newbie each time, and prints off the replies to keep himself amused on a rainy day in Doha :P

No offence NewGuyInDoha and, anyway, I like hairy men - they are like cuddly teddy bears *blush*

i am sure in 'civilized' countries men don't have hairy backs yuk

too much information but whilst we are sharing: you can get good bikini waxes in developing countries... i got a top job in Nairobi.

before removing that body hair, because you're hiding the evidence that you're producing too much testosterone (More testosterone = Increased virility)! lol!

so super expat are bald men unable to do the deed?

are all asians (who are very hairless) inherently not able to comply to their male duties? - does that explain the amount of lady boys?

hairiness or a hirsute body is also a sign of inbreeding or cannabalism...

What's a "top job". Do tell and don't get mad.

Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary. Mahatma Gandhi

Testosterone triggers both baldness (male pattern) and excessive body hair! So, bald men CAN do the deed!

Obvously asians CAN comply their male dutues, otherwise they wouldn't make any children!

I didn't know that cannibalism and inbreeding can cause body hair growth!

Ok... we are still not getting to the point here... so I guess there is no place in this country to take care of the male imperfections like having a smooth back...?


Just go to a proper hair salon.

They usually offer manicures, pedicures, waxing, styling, and massages :)

Think a mani, pedi, and massage is around 200QR


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