Wearing thongs, or flip flops

Just a question
Is it acceptable for men and women to wear flip flops when walking around the streets and in shopping centres?

Or do we always have to wear closed shoes



Flip flops are fine, as long as you haven't got minging feet!

LOL this is a funny question.

The locals all wear sandals--every day. Wear whatever you want (on your feet)

whatever you feel like wearing is okay. it's up to you.:-)

mo lang!

Jandals are ileagal in my perfect world.

flip flops are ok...

The amount of leg, arm, cleavage/chest seems to be of more importance than feet.

but consider the weather as well.

I don't wear flip flops during winter!

whatever you're most comfortable with.. Mind you in Dubai I saw some people walking in the streets in barefoot.

Cool - thanks for your feedback!

haha asked by an Aussie. If there was a place in the world where you couldn't wear thongs, I don't think you'd find any Aussies in residence. If you're interested, apparently you can also buy vegemite and Tim Tams in Doha.

Long live the Aussie way of life!

.haram, illegal..


.unless you are wearing gucci thong, lol





.just kidding:)

I wear a sandal every day (currently wearing model 4493 below)

in this kind of heat and landscape what would we want to wear other then thongs? I bought over 5 pairs lol

You will have no problem what so ever... I say stock up on your havi's though cos they don't sell them here

I wear nothing but animal hides.

the rules are:

- Only black or white

- Brown is a big no-no

- ostrich leather is so 90's

- Stick to the local fav. Brands (NO LV OR VERSACE);)

genesis: my rules:

- Only black, brown or tan.

- Never the same color twice-in-a-row.

- At lease a new one twice a year (Eid)

- Any other color is a big no-no.

- ostrich leather is so 90's

- Stick to Caretti and Tamima, nothing else.

.my rules.....

.i barely wear thongs, i dislike exposing my feet to the fuming sun.


.but for me,

.tan, choc, beige, bone white, taupe.

any other nuetral but not black.





You can't teach experience...

.vegas, fli flop is slippers



Yes, of course. However, please don't wear them with shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt.


Philippe Floppe.......


I think you have me confused with someone who gives a sh1t.

Flip flops ain't slippers! They are silly rubbery things that one wears on their feet and it makes them look like a good times bogan kind o guy.

kate_n - you can buy Havianas at Nails (the mannicure salon) in Royal Plaza. They have quite a good selection, but not sure how the prices compare with other countries. I bought a pair in the UK for £18 last summer, then paid about QR 100 for a pair there, but think they may have put the prices up since then.

Oh and by the way, THONGS in the UK, means something very different. Please don't walk around wearing those, or you'll be arrested!!

To me, flip-flop is either T, D, SR, or JK... and you don't wear them.

i guess ppl are entitled to wear anything other than stilts :D


Speaking of mink lined thongs.. Not recommended in this heat..

LOL Brit... :D


Thongs may mean underwear and sandals.

For those of you who seem confused. This is a picture of thongs, which is what we call them in Australia. I think the rest of the world calls them flip flops.

From a slippers thread to electronic circuit flip flops. Very interesting.

Also, I like the conversation between the both of you.


I call these flip flops!


And every other colour and pattern under the sun. They're the Aussie uniform.

as long as you dont wear them with socks, because then you will be facing troubles with me....hate it when people do that....

I do love the upper picture very much. They're just missing the hot pinkies:((

Summer time is up!


I almost said that,, even in the US "thong" is something cannot be worn outside unless your on the beach but not here in Qatar.

"simple yet complicated"

"makamal a anak"


lol, and Davidak, do you mean Sandals? Not Jandals?

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME


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Damn you Antipodeans..... No wonder I was harrassed by Police when parading around in my mink lines thongs..

In summer I wear mine most of the time unless going out, out and then I switch to my other favorites my Connie's which I wear through most of winter as well...;)

If everyone cared and nobody cried

If everyone loved and nobody lied

If everyone shared and swallowed their pride

Then we'd see the day when nobody died....Chad Kroeger

No i mean Jandals. Tis the Noo Zealandish word for them.

I see... well you learn something new everyday:-)

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME


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Miss X, where can you get Vegemite I know you can get Tim Tams in Mega mart near the Ramada but I didn't know you could get Vegemite. Nice!!! I also heard you can get Cherry Ripes somewhere too. It is obvious that us Aussies are slowly taking over the world!!! By the way I wear my thongs everywhere. I also work in a heavily Brit expat environment but still proud to call them thongs even though i get laughed at all the time!

no worries...really, it is fine to wear your flip flops.

where can you get vegemite??? i've searched everywhere.

Well considering I haven't moved to Qatar yet I can't guarantee this. But based on the research I've been doing (yes I have researched to make sure vegemite is available before I move there) you can buy it from Megamart or Shoprite. If not I'm bringing it in bulk supply and will sell it on the black market :P

WTF is a Jandal?

If God dropped acid, would he see people? -- George Carlin

see, I was afraid to call them thongs, but thats definalty what we Aussies call them


Strange the world is grasshopper..

A nation that is into sheep running around wearing Japanese originating footwear called "Jandals"

In the regular flip-flop wikipedia page, they say "In footwear and fashion, flip-flops (also known as thongs in Australia, jandals, slippers, pluggers, or go-aheads[1]) are a flat, backless, usually rubber sandal consisting of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap"

Red Pope jandals are what we call them in New Zealand. And i hate them. Jandals, Board shorts, wife beater = Douche bag.

In my place its called Hawai Slippers..lol made of rubber...usually used as bathroom slippers because we have wet toilets..lol

on another note.... I was in Shoprite last night... I found Pro Nutro...yay, I couldn't believe it.... I haven't seen it at MegaMart, where i usually shop although they do have Ceres juices - and do Shoprite too... Any South Africans looking for both can find them at Shoprite on Airport Road;-)

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME


visit www.qaws.org

"rubber slippers" =)

Which ever dickhead designed those needs a seriously big kicking !!!

Im guessing they are from Oz.


I think you have me confused with someone who gives a sh1t.

Ha! nope. Crocs are a canadian/american invention tyvm. Australia wants nothing to do with them.


Only inbred mutants could invent something that looks like a melted piece of rubber and market it as footwear.......


I think you have me confused with someone who gives a sh1t.

Wow! Very informative indeed. I'm lookin' at my bathroom slippers now...


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

please don't wear thongs on your feet, they would surely drag behind and give your feet no protection! silk or grey aging cotton never looked good on feet, plus if there are skiddies, all and sundry would see! So! No! Thongs are not acceptable to wear in public.....

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