When does Eid Al-Adha start?

Anybody knows when does Eid Al-Adha start. I heard the rumours that on 28th of December, but when it will end then? Any knowledgeable insight into this matter would be welcome!


Hajj begins 29 December, Eid Al-Adha 31 December 2006

Begins 31st and ends when? In other words, how many days off we are going to have?

Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated on the tenth day of the month of Zul-Hijja. Zul Hijja is the month when the annual pilgrimage to mecca take place.the pilgrimage takes place from the 8-12th days of the month, and eid is on the 10th day.the 9th day is the day of Arafat.

usually from the day of Arafat, its declared as holidays.if govt companies, its 9-11days off, private companies will be the same, 3-4 working days off.most private companies also give the day of Arafat as half day, as Muslims are supposed to fast on that day.

so depending on when the month starts, we can assume the dates of eid, it can be 30,31dec, or 1jan. eid is just one day, but ur off will the same as official off days.

So...effectively it means 2 first weeks of january?


most govt offices have 4-5days off, so including the weekends its 9days, if they give this additional day of arafat as off, then one more holiday.if ur company gives new years day off,then add another day.so the first week of jan shud be off.

Han19: You said 9-11 days off. Or did you mean from 9 to 11 in Arabic calendar? Let's not mix two of them please, and use the western one.

this time hamad started their first working day after 10days off(incl weekends).so its all on their descretion.

sorry if i confused u, 9-11 days incl weekends.

Even including weekends it is 8 days.

how is it 8 days my friend. you have 2 days off either side of the week(if govt off).private offices can have just 3-6 days.3 if no weekends in between n they have 3 working days officially off.

let me make it more clear.

some have 3 working days off, some 4.most govt offices have 4 days off, they usually include the lone working day,coupled with the weekends and declare the entire week off.so incl the 2sets of weekends (fri-sat)and 5 working days off, it becomes 9 days off.

if they give this additional day of arafat off too, then its 10.

and most companies do give that day off, bcos many fast that day and it is an important day for prayers.or they give a half day.and this is besides the official eid days off, for private companies.

i only know the western calendar, unless my maths is going drastically wrong somewhere.

when does Eid Al Adha officially start this month?

from what day as for Public & Private offices?


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