Women abducted a man and raped him!

KARACHI: Karachi police have registered a case against three unidentified women who allegedly abducted a man and raped him over four consecutive

days, and later throwing him near Qayyumabad River in an unconscious state.

The victim identified as Khalil, 23, works as a waiter at a restaurant. Khalil revealed that, on the night of January 27, an identified man ordered him to deliver food to the women sitting in a car outside the restaurant.

“After giving me the order, the man went towards the car. I took the order to the car where the women told me that they had recently shifted to the area,” the Daily Times quoted him as saying. The women then asked him to deliver food to their house every day. “They asked me to go along with them in the car to see me where their house was,” he added. Once they got to the house, “they gave me milk that had some drug in it ... I fell unconscious after drinking it”.

As he regained consciousness, Khalil found that the women “were forcing themselves onto me”. According to assistant superintendent of police Asad Raza, the women sexually assaulted Khalil for four days, and then threw him near Qayyumabad river. “His condition is really bad ... his genitals are bleeding and he cannot walk properly,” said Raza.

Raza said the women belonged to rich families of Karachi’s Clifton area. “It’s a complicated case ... but we are hoping that we will solve it soon,” he added.

Meanwhile, in another bizarre case in Karachi, the Crime Investigation Department (CID) police on Monday arrested four robbers, including a police constable, on charges of looting passengers and seized weapons, motorcycle and car from their possession.

SSP CID Police Chaudhry Aslam said incidents of robbing passengers returning home from foreign countries were on the rise. The CID, after receiving a tip-off, asked a car and two bikes’ riders to stop. However, they opened fire at the cops, who retaliated.

All four people riding the car, were arrested. One of the four accused, Khalid Amir, is a police constable, serving at Shara-e-Faisal Police Station.



I could have volunteered for that :)

i read tat this morning ...:)

Wat they might have done to the Genetials ??

OMG...it's sort of impossible!!

truly unbelievable"+"

if it was the opposite, a man instead of the women, it would have been more logic...

Sorry GUYZ!!

no offence....none taken?

The world is changing...

Guess their prob is lack of sex.

Only God Can Judge Me

الله فقط يمكنه محاكمتي

I am you and you are me, if you love i love, if you suffer i suffer

أنا أنت, و أنت أنا, إذا أحببت نفسك أحببت نفسي, إذا عانيتَ عانيتُ

So Fast n furious its changing ...:)

if arrested the ladies might be one of the first to be charged with abduction, assault and rape that too in conservative Pakistan.

seems a bit unbelievable to many while reading the report.

anyway my prayers for the guy, miskeen.

it was physically impossible to rape a man! Sorry, but the definition is forced sex and there has to be an erection for full sex to take place. If he was in so much danger (being scared may affect the erection) and he had been drugged, would that not render it impossible for him to be raped?

Not saying a sexual assault did not take place but technically I would think rape is too strong a term for it.

My next vacation is in Karachi :)

As I said, he may be rendered impotent by the drugs and being scared; therefore could he could not have been raped.

in front of me, I think my manhood will prevail

its a common thing there

dont know how did this one get in media hands.

What if they were total dogs though? Still up for it then? lol

can men hold their willys not to erect? no

I don't know, not being a bloke that is. But come on be honest, if you were say faced with Anne Widdecombe or Margaret Thatcher or Ugly Betty as Ugly Betty, could you rise to the occasion, so to speak?

gLoopy: He just needed to use his imagination and dream that he was with Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton ;)

Only God Can Judge Me

الله فقط يمكنه محاكمتي

I am you and you are me, if you love i love, if you suffer i suffer

أنا أنت, و أنت أنا, إذا أحببت نفسك أحببت نفسي, إذا عانيتَ عانيتُ

big YES!, not with old ladies pls...

So a double bagger then?

Ask them just to wake you up after they have fullfilled their sex desires ;)

Only God Can Judge Me

الله فقط يمكنه محاكمتي

I am you and you are me, if you love i love, if you suffer i suffer

أنا أنت, و أنت أنا, إذا أحببت نفسك أحببت نفسي, إذا عانيتَ عانيتُ

"Raza said the women belonged to rich families of Karachi’s Clifton area. “It’s a complicated case ... but we are hoping that we will solve it soon,” he added."

Were they intent on proving a point? Tired of men getting away with things so they are turning the tables? Because they are rich, they'll get away with it? Only in the Indian Subcontinent? Is that even possible? Unless they gave him a blue pill with the other drug with the milk....


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

Guess the Amozonian Woman are back in the civilization.

Everybody is right everybody is wrong, it depend where you stand

must've been a good drug to sustain a hard-on while unconscience.

no way!..you got to wake him up!

I couldn't imagine how...

"I do live by the motto that pessimists are usually right, but all the great change in history was done by optimists" -Thomas Friedman

is what I think. it could not have been rape. He could not, you know, have one!

maybe the viagra do the trick. wink

Everybody is right everybody is wrong, it depend where you stand

Maybe it was! Never thought of that. What a devious bunch, drugged him, kidnapped him, woke him up then slipped him some purple devils. Hmmmmmm, could have been then! Butttttttttttttt, then again...Oh no don't go there Gloopy!

CAUTION WOMEN AT WORK! HUH! This again is one proof that women can do what men does...



"There's nothing we can do to change the past, if it teaches  you a lesson profit from it then, forget it."

yes yes... just trick them at the beggining that you want them then asked to take the blue pill and voila..... you can use him as long as you want it.

Everybody is right everybody is wrong, it depend where you stand

... If he was drugged and being rapped... he would NOT be erect. If you think otherwise you clearly haven't had experience. Maybe JUST maybe if you are into being rapped and it got you off you might get hard, it would only last for a few hours, after that youd just be a broken and limp wreck of a man.

Then again, maybe the bloody genitals explains all of this... I tend to kick things that don't work.

it's sad that alot of people find this a laughing matter....we all push for equality between the sexes when we so obviously see a difference between them here. this is just like the post where a woman set a man's crotch on fire which led to his death in adelaide australia. rape is rape, assault is assault and murder is murder...i wonder how funny people would find this post if three men kidnapped a woman in her early twenties, drugged her then violated her for 4 days.

It's obvious, the women spiked his food with a strong dose of viagra after kidnapping him. That way he would have an erection even before the effects of the tranquilizers wear off!!

Very wonderful............anyway, can men "thing" get eracted when he is in the state of unconscious? and now it is getting very weird!!!


For Goodness sake, can you not understand that some men do not want to be raped by women!!!!

These men are called GAY! ...and they have a right not to be violated!!!

Amazing that the news from Karachi is posted in Times of India...lol

But the story is quite funny...lol



:-S !!

rMs .. !!


again?again?and again?!!!!!

...A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Get a grip! this is truly bizarre..

very strange... yet funny...

Times are changing...

We have been sick of hearing stories of men raping from females 6 yr old to 60 yr old...

Now its their turn...probably they are also victims of gang rape..who knows..

Rape cases are increasing day by day all over the world..

but its really strange...

I use the Pint Theory...

Any man will go with any given woman, it is just a question of how many pints.

QA fly to karachi?


QT said: "For Goodness sake, can you not understand that some men do not want to be raped by women!!!!

These men are called GAY! ...and they have a right not to be violated!!!"

No straight man would mind a bloody raping... I don't know about you but I kind of enjoy women and I want to be raped... by anyone.

and strange news from Karachi...very fast progressing city in adopting western culture

perhaps we can all send convisted rapists of each of our country to karachi to be raped there! a case of an eye for an eye? but will they see it as punishement? lol.

This posting makes great a great pschoanalysis study..

Men Rape Woman - All hell breaks loose. Women upset. lots of vitriol and requests for hanging to be brought back.

Women rape Man - All very funny..

Strange world we live in

I am from Karachi as well and I know very well how the high society women of Karachi are.. People might think that Pakistan is an Islamic country and all that but believe me there is no such thing as Shariah law over there.. People drink, gamble, party and sleep around there as much as they do in India.. The only thing is that it doesn't get printed in the newpsaper.. That is why it was printed in TImes of INdia and not in the Dawn..

These poor women must be really frusrated.. Probably all in their 40's and still single..

But it would have been better if they had just go themselves a gigilo.. Just pay and get whatever u want.. Why rape and get into all this crap with the police.

People drink, gamble, party and sleep around there as much as they do in India.. Why u blame Indians because of news published in TI????

bhendi lelo, gazar lelo in our posh defence colony (Delhi)This was big news.For more details i must dig

Shoba de's (columnist) articles

Male rape DOES happen, both for gays and heterosexuals.. It is not as common as female rape, but is a reality.. see following link..


Zayd.. You said it right bro.. i totally agree..

Here the so called greats - are laughing at it and even delighted that finalyy women too did it.. and then some beautiful creativity and story writing too that they offerd money and ddnt pay Duh!!...wht a pity


Listen to Many..Speak to a few.

Alexa maybe the drug refered in the thread is the blue magic pill that does wonders against your will..lol



'you know who'. I don't think it funny that man was sexually assualted by 4 women over a 4 day period. Just as I would not if it was a woman being violated.

I don't see it as a 'sexist' thing and therefore clapping my hands thinking, 'oh goody, a man was violated, he will now what he feels like'!

My original question was, legally it is very difficult to prove a man WAS RAPED! Not saying he did not have a rough time. I think he was not raped. And to be honest it does matter where it happened, if that man was harmed it was wrong!


Dont think about the vacations in Karachi, this happens rarely, most of the time men kidnap men over there so beware :p

Yes, men can be raped by women. Rape is classified as a victim being unable or unwilling to consent to sex. A man can be raped if he is:

1) impaired by drugs or alcohol

2) under the age of consent (16-18 in most states)

3) physically handicapped or limited

4) physically forced or coerced by a woman

The last one is the hardest for most people to believe, but it does happen, because most people believe that if a man did not want to have intercourse that he would not be sexually aroused. This simply is not true. A man can be erect due to nerves, drugs, or other means and a perpetrator can take advantage of that.

(Law & Ethics/Asker)

Man alive! What is wrong with some people? Rape is not something to make fun of or joke about.


Veni, Vedi, Visa! ~ I came, I saw, I shopped!

cjnuzri: Dont be soo Tenced infact its a topic of the world... i guess a woman raping a man.....but how can this happen its realy confusing yaar,anyway its nothing to joke about as u said but its sort of topic that evryone would be shoked... may The Day of Judgment is realy close.......................

does this proves that a woman can do whatever the man can? still, this is wrong.. unbelievable!!

Did anyone post this yet?



Veni, Vedi, Visa! ~ I came, I saw, I shopped!


not one posted that yet

Damn that really weird

Maybe I'll post that now, then.


Veni, Vedi, Visa! ~ I came, I saw, I shopped!

Oops - beela.. thats terrible, 45 men in a day ,holy sh&t!!! well all of them must have already been rewarded for the act with the deadly virus.


Listen to Many..Speak to a few.

I just posted the link separately, in case anyone wants to discuss it.


Veni, Vedi, Visa! ~ I came, I saw, I shopped!

i dont want you to post anything

i just want you to come here only :D

now men are also not safe in dis world?

Men have never been safe since the drug called beer was introduced, which is easy way of getting men to do the thinds they would never think of if they were sober..

Only when they wake up in the morning do they realise what have I done....lol



just bcoz it is happend in so called Islamic republic of Pak...or Saudi Arabia (believe this are rare cases, where general mass doesn't have full access to global media/satellite channels).

It is very common in other parts of the world; where this goes unnoticed, where sex crimes are quite high.

a total failed state, the epicentre of global terrorism am sure will become a hotbed of tourism if such things happen more often single males will be very happy to visit pakistan. what a joke of a nation.

CRYogenic and it only gets published in the Times of India..lol make me larf..

Generalising a nation because an hideous crime like this is unfair. Just another thread a boy of 11 raped a 6 year in India does mean every Indian is a rapest..just think.

Better you keep you views to your self and dont hijack this thread with you views(which I think are pathetic) considering this thread issue.



victims here usually are the family drivers...

yesterday, in dakhira, 2 female goats have been raped by 36 male goats. it was an horrible scene. anything else?


Moving on is simple; it's what you leave behind that makes it so difficult .

Poor guy. This has to be both painful and embarrassing for him. :(

Yes he is in Pain..he had to seek medical help..



Drives who have been sexually assaulted by their mistresses/madams..

I mean assaulted by their female employers.

its strange to read,,,, how could it happens.... astonished... Womens can't be so cruel...

but the waiter enjoyed too those four day's... apart from being kidnapped... hheheheheeee


My Cuban Shot Putter used to Coerce me often..

men at RISK working under women!!! hahahahahahahahaha

I wish i was the guy..LOL!


murderburger, you wish this also?

"his genitals are bleeding and he cannot walk properly"

lol panda !

rMs .. !!

I can't believe people are laughing about this? Would you laugh if this had happened to a woman?

Its not funny for me Salax.. rape is a rape , whther the prey is man or woman.


Listen to Many..Speak to a few.

attrocities by a human on another human.....A big crime.

But making it a thread and discussimg pros and cons, post-mortem the whole scenario and analysing the root causes, passing judgment without full information;

This is really funny guys...don't look at the post....read all the discussion in the thread..will really make you feel humourous.....

is that true?how much is the fare going to karachi?

cool breeds of human!!!no wonder...

The subject matter is certainly no laughing matter.

While I've heard about the physiological reasons and the blue pill, but did not realize the dangers that some men face. And reading the relevant posts above, alrighty then. This has been quite an eye-opening thread. Thanks for the link, britexpat.


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

OMG... :-(


I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer.


I think this guy will become very rich by writing a book titled "How to satisfy 3 horny ladies in 4 consecutive days"

This case is mentioned in Paki newspaper


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