Women Driving

Are Women allowed to drive in Qatar?


Oh yeah :-)

Don't worry about this at all.

Lots of women are driving.It's normal here.

Yeah....one almost ran me off the road yesterday when she came flying into a roundabout speaking on her cellphone!

I am afraid so, they drive just like the US, talking on phone, eating, putting on makeup, checking on the kids in the back, all at the same time.

Mix that with the really bad crazy local drivers and it is a challenge.

Well qatari, as the Forrest Gump says: "Shit happens." No really, I think people shouldn't be driving while using the cellphone. Thy could just as well drive drunk. What were handfree sets invented for I have to ask myself?

It seems they were invented to wear with the wire dangling across your face *g*

Qatar's the only place I've ever been, or heard of, where women drive worse than men. There was a letter about this in the Gulf Times a few weeks ago. The writer claimed, apparently from experience, that driving instructors didn't even try to tell women learners anything. That fits with my observation that qatari ladies seem to have no concept of lanes. I know the young lads here act as if they don't, but they do really: they just ignore them, which isn't quite the same thing.

A propos Tyrolean's commnet, there was some British research suggesting that using a mobile phone, even a hands-free one, impairs driving as much as having a few drinks. It's NOT like listening to the radio or chatting with a passenger: it's many times more distracting.

Recent studies have proved that beer contains female hormones. To demonstrate this, scientists took two control groups of men, members of group A were made to drink 8 pints of beer each, while group B members were given a placebo.

After eight pints, ALL members without exception were incapable of driving and were found to talk complete rubbish. QED



And if I remember it right, they all started knitting at the same time! ;-> (Sorry, Ladies I couldn't keep that one back!)

What's with all the male chauvinism flying around. it's as if men nrver make mistakes.....

I personally never crossed lanes with a bad female driver , but i have with male drivers.....Especially the young ones..

It's like being in a sixties movie.

Qatari, I think that was probably me!!!!Lol.........JUST KIDDING.lili.

We are kidding too. I know from personal experience that most women ARE better drivers. I for my part can't get a car into a parking lot except left and right slots are free. (At least not without several retries.) And I admit that.

there was just too much testosterone flying around...

Anyone who's driven in Egypt will find driving in Qatar a peice of cake....We always anticipate the ...ummm ... uhh..well just let's say miscalculations of others


mj mj

Yes they are allowed ...

But beware of a women driver! :D

I am a woman and I drive, and I haven't caused anyone any troubles on the road. No woman has ever caused me any trouble on the roads! But men do freak me out in their Cruisers...

mj mj

Cool !

Well, I'd better be off buying one of those, huh? No, really, I am just keeping my fingers crossed and pray every evening that I will be accepted to that job in Ras Laffan. It would be just way cool... Would you keep yours crossed too? PLEASE? (Maybe it helps?)

If I should get there I'd also be into a 4x4, though I am usually an avid Volvo driver. But the allowance for a car wouldn't be high enough to afford a XC70 or XC90, so I'd rather buy some Toyota, Mitsubishi or a Nissan. What are you driving? (Just out of interest... We'll see. But I shouldn't be counting my chickens yet...



think different.

I have to agree with the ladies on this forum..Women may not be perfect drivers..but In Qatar...Men completely outclass them in terms of incompetence and recklessness...

My guess...3/4th of the accidents in Qatar are avoidable..

I drive a Pajero, and I highly recommend getting a 4x4 in Qatar. First, it takes you everywhere, second, people will think twice before cutting in in front of you - here, the bigger car rules the road. And of course it's handy for jumping all the rumps and pavements and hidden (unmarked) speed humps - there are plenty of those here!


TG, what exactly do you mean by that? That women are not perfect drivers, and men are??? LOL!

Women are good drivers...but In Qatar...Most of them ( I certainly dont mean all)..are too busy on the mobile..(So I said they are not perfect)..they are pretty good at crossing the lights slowly and sucessfully (busy on the mobile again)..so that those at the back can be left fuming..

Surely thats not perfection..LOL..or is it??

Gosh, you are right! You know, today as I was in a hurry to get to work (late as usual so no slow lights crossing luxury for cat, lol) as I was already on the roundabout, a local lady cut in from the right - she was supposed to stop and wait - and guess what? Not only she was on the mobile, she was holding a CUP OF COFFEE as well, drinking! I think she was steering with her knee so she couldn't reach the brakes on time. I only hope she managed to spill something hot on herself... I am mean and nasty, but I almost crashed into her so I am excused for being mean and nasty!

As opposed to the men who come barreling up behind you at 150 km/h talking on their cell phones.

Men are by far more dangerous on the roads here. Take a man, add Qatari traditional dress and a Landcruiser, and you have a potential killer. When a man "comes barreling up" behind me, I usually slam my brakes - and drive off to the screeching sound of his burning tires! :p

Definitely, men here are more murderously aggressive than women. (And when I say "men here" I'm thinking too of some westerners I know.) But the Qatari women really do seem to have even less idea of what lane they should be in than their brothers do. The guys know about lanes, but think that keeping to them is demeaning. The gals are simply unaware of what those white lines mean. A glare and some determined place-keeping might therefore fend off an attacking male, but it'll have no effect on oblivious female.

no lanes discipline, lack of indicator ( u suppose to guess which way they want to go????????), driving on the mobile phone, driving and reading the newspaper (yes it is only happen in Doha)... the list is endless. You name it and you will see it here.

And kids in the front seat on adult's knee without any seatbelt ... grrrr......

Perhaps someone can enlighten me, but is there actually any licensing system here, driver training, etc?

I know in Canada we have a very lengthy system that people have to go through before they can get a license. Beginner's Permit, New Driver and finally a full license. This process can take two years.

I think the answer probably lies in actaully teaching Qatari's to drive, instead of handing them the keys to a Hummer 3 and saying go drive. It's like handing a child a loaded gun, and probably more deadly.

That kind of adequate system is present only in the Emirates..Specialy the Emirate of Sharjah really trains people properly..Some struggle for upto 2 years to get a license..

Doha driving licenses are easily obtained.so people dont understand the value of driving safely and defensively..

My own humble opinion is that its not just the Qataris..but almost every under-educated person who does not value his/her life...and for whom the only way to represent his/her importance is being a nuisance value on the road...


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