Women ‘want to be curvy not thin’

Is this the most desired shape??

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British women hanker after a curvy hourglass body shape rather than trying to be ultra slim, preferring Kate Winslet to Kate Moss, according to a poll published yesterday.
Sixty percent admitted to being either an “apple” or “pear shape,” but 75% said they wanted a figure like Catherine Zeta-Jones or Marilyn Monroe, against only 10% who wanted to squeeze into a slim size 10 dress.
The findings reflect changing attitudes in Britain — where obesity is a growing problem — among women tired of the so-called Size Zero culture long fuelled by advertising and the fashion industry.
“The report shows that women’s attitudes to slimming over the last 50 years have changed with their figures,” said Laura Bryant of the food company which commissioned the poll of 2,000 women.
“It seems British women have lost their waists but now they are demanding them back.”
And she added: “They are more concerned about getting a curvy hourglass shape like their grandmothers instead of being the perfect size 10 which shows a marked shift in attitude from the 80s and 90s, when success and failure

when slimming was benchmarked against fitting into certain sized clothes.”
A top-10 list of female celebrities whose shape inspired women was topped by buxom TV cook Nigella Lawson and actresses Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, and Joanna Lumley.
The findings might raise eyebrows in neighbouring France, which has the highest proportion of clinically underweight women in Europe, according to a study published in April.
Only half of those French women think they are thin, said the study, noting that in Britain, Spain and Portugal, the number of women who see themselves as seriously skinny easily outstrips the number who actually are.



I agree - Curvy is better..

Well I am very thin and i'm wanting to be curvy so I agree, being healthy looking is much more flattering

I'd like to fit into the size 10...actually I'd like to fit into a size 0.

Anybody considered being "thirvy"?

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Yes I do. I used to, but I've put on some weight in the last couple of months so I'm busting my ass to get back to that size 0.

Does that mean congratulations are in order ????

by the way - Kate Winslet rocks..

"Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff." --Mariah Carey

Good old Mariah.. i think the Silicon bag has leaked and affected her brain :)

Brit, really? She has a brain?

U need some help doing that dont 4get me. I luv that stuff hehehehhehe.

The media has a lot to answer for. Designers flaunt their wares on the back of size zero models..

kate Moss, the stick insect is sadly a role model for many..

strange thing is that it was only fifty years ago that curves were in..

Ya Brit you can congratulate me for a more challenging job, moving away from a compound with a gym and generally being a lazy arse.

curvy is a lot more hotter to me!

"don't read beauty magazines, it will only make u feel ugly..." just wanna share this line from a club song which really got stuck in my mind ever since.

thin and curvy!

i hate fat. and fat is curvy! too curvy!

Gyps.. you wont look bootiphool in size 0..:(

I wouldn't be bootiphool if I was a size 14! I have a small frame and I look better with less weight on it. Sadly, while I'm not quite Kate Mosse's frame, I'm not Kate Winslets either. Any weight I put on goes to my waist and thighs, not my boobs or butt.

any extra wait goes to my belly!

and i've done exercices for years, i almost lost all extra weights everywhere, exept from the belly zone!

I think the most telling sentence is

"The report shows that women’s attitudes to slimming over the last 50 years have changed with their figures".

It's a matter of relativity. When you're a very big person, being moderately sized is ideal in your eyes as a realistic goal. When you're already moderately sized, being very slim is ideal in your eyes as a realistic goal. Therefore since womens sizes have generally gotten bigger, it makes sense when you survey them, that most will want to be a moderate size. Womens attitudes have in fact not changed over the years, all women still want to lose the same amount of weight, it's just that they are bigger now, so when they realistically reflect on what size they would want to achieve, then it's going to be a bigger size.

36/24/36 will be better

ok but not 3 cubic meter!



(To a fat woman) Let me explain. It's just like an elevator. There's a 2 ton weight limit on these shoes ..



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I've been trying to put weight on for ages, but nothing seems to work. I think I eat a lot. I'm a former vegan, now vegetarian, gave up being a vegan in an attempt to gain weight. Currently size 0 but tall so really need to put on a few kilos. Any suggestions? Sensible ones only please.


labda, brit - It's a common myth that Mariah Carey said that. She didn't.

Most men at attracted to Curvey Shaped Women,, atleast the people i know :)



"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

diamond, do you need my advice?

Please Panda, if you know a healthy way for a vegetarian to gain weight.


Diamond - KFC for breakfast , lunch and dinner. ;)


- Listen to Many...Speak to a Few -

Arein, hellooooo....I'm a vegetarian. And KFC is very unhealthy for you.


wow ,, wat a structure? :P

Diamond.. lol kiddin, I hate it too.

Have lots of cheese, faty yogurt.


- Listen to Many...Speak to a Few -

diamond, if you wanna gain weight the main thing you have to do is sleeping. eat mormally but sleep more so you'll store more energy. in average 9/24 it's fine.

Drac said:



like a panda bear!

eat-sleep-eat-sleep-eat-sleep-eat-sleep-eat-sleep ..etc :)



Well it's going to be quite hard for you to gain weight while being a vegetarian. I guess you should eat rice and bread with everything for lunch and dinner, buy full-fat milk and go to the gym!

In reply to this topic, I agree. Women should definitely aim to be curvy rather than skinny. The worst possible thing is when their ribs show :( And curvy doesn't necessarily mean big breasts taherhussein :P

right! Curvy not thin.

But being curvy, well proportioned body can be gained by just all proper eating and exercising nor body scuplturing through liposuction.

A well shaped butt, fronts, arms and legs are just simply endowed gentically. Ya? simplest way to beat the argument.

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I'm proud with my 200 pounds lol


Soweeee for the confusion.

Glitterfy.com - Glitter Graphics

Panda, I'm not much of a sleeper (absolute max 6 hours a night) and I like to swim laps every day and do power pilates.

Deyta, my friend told me how he gained weight and muscle by doing light reps in the gym so I think I'll keep going with that.

Arien, I think full fat dairy is bad for your heart so a no to that.


Drac said:



too much!



If women want their waist back they could always go back to the corset ;o)


Gals might be preferring curvy as they can call themselves thin and still have noticeable assets...

Guyz Don mind.... trus me... if you are not Ugly... You are beautiful....

Its media which makes you think you are not.. so tht you buy those expensive cosmetic crap.....

Men are not racist or discriminate in any manner when it comes to Women...


Man created religion ..not GOD... get over it guys...- FS

Yeah Ashwin, all women are beautiful



EWWWW...My Valium, pleaseeeee!




mai lain pa!

a rockin arse does it for me.

alexa :) fb was wrong!!

Having worked with the fashion models I know that the most beautiful women are the most insecure. They want to be assured every now and than that they are good looking no matter how talented they may be. It is high time women break their inhibitions and focus more on their talents and attitude.

You're right Alexa, I'm trying to regain my equilibrium but gaining wweight is proving difficult.


Well, I'm certainly not eating for comfort otherwise I would definitely not be a size 0 now!!!

I guess I have to give it time...although I eat lots...maybe my metabolism is just burning it off fast.


Diamond...are you less than 30 Kgs?

What is size 0?

haha...i liked pictures by baldrick2dogs and dracula..

If you are wanting to put weight on in a healthy manner for a vegetarian...try adding in the fats that are good for you. Try Avocadoes, nuts (especially the higher fats ones like Macadamia...but please, dry roasted or natural).

You can also add in more complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat products, potatoes, (especially sweet potatoes or yams as they are so good for you!), brown rice, etc....

the light reps for sculpting is the best way for women to lift weights...light weight, more reps. that way it doesn't BUILD muscle but uses what you already have and tightens it, thus sculpting the body.

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the main difference between a dog and man.

-Mark Twain-

diamond. may I ask you few questions? may I PM you about it?

I had the same problem, maybe my experience will help you.

yes Panda...go ahead.


Alexa, thanks for your unwavering support.

Scarlett, thanks for the tips...will try to build in more complex carbs...not a great fan of rice and pasta but quite like sweet potato. Love nuts and eat some everyday...make my own cashew nut spread, etc.


Diamond, eat lots of Baking soda. I think it will give some volume to your body, just like it does to the bread.

no matter what your size is, the focal point is once you love your body...confidence follows....aspiring a perfect figure is but normal but no both worlds are exactly alike. That makes us unique from one another. Learning to embrace what was given to us and instead of whining over our physical imperfections, we should rather focus to flaunt on our assets...very classic, isnt it ?


Diamond, I'm so glad you asked that question cuz now I know im not the only one having that problem! Everyone tells me I'm crazy and that gaining weight is the easiest thing on earth, its really not:( Your mind truly does influence your apetite. Right now my mission is to gain weight this summer! Dont worry we will get there, trust me you just have to start slow with 3 meals a day, alot of rest like they said and just a healthy diet. From there just gradually increase your portions. Thats what i have been trying to do. Good luck to you hun really cuz i know how stressful it can be, trust me right now i couldnt be more depressed about my weight and being slim. I have no eating disorder, I love food, but just cant seem to get the apetite alot of the time. Quick question does anyone know if it possible to gain 3 kgs in a month and a half..?

"British women hanker after a curvy hourglass body shape rather than trying to be ultra slim"

Excuse me, that is what all females with to many KG's say.

Doha Girl,

Gaining weight, may be not needed if you are indeed between 18 and 25. I am guessing that you are somewhere around 18-20.

Drinking protein shakes, next to eating normally, will make you gain weight. However, NEVER do this without working out or without guidance from a professional.

Trust me, it is needed especially at this age, I used to be at my ideal weight but lost it somehow. But yeah i will try the protein shakes, although it sounds painful to drink lol whats in them?

My husband is an Arab and he still adores me.

What can you say with my new boobs and nose?


Like Omni stated,

Do not use it without having a fitness instructor guiding you, or go to a dietitian.

You can't teach experience...

I actually find that guys prefer curvy girls, not the ones that look like a walking skeleton. It is US women who get this idea that being thin is fashion, glamorous, chic. It is US, and we do it for the sake of other women, because let's face it... we're all venomous snakes when it comes to criticize a fellow woman, so we try to stay thin saying "I want to look hot for men" BUT unconsciously thinking "I want to be the envy of my friends"

Isn't that true?

donosa ==== more likely half truth

Hey! Loser, what can you say with my new boobs and nose?

hahaah alexa!!

nooo! I didn't mean USA women... I meant US us as in we!

tallg...which brilliant "star" said that?

Drac - lol...

I forgot to add "*" ... conditions apply....


Man created religion ..not GOD... get over it guys...- FS

sorry Alexa, when I posted it I read it again and I thought people might get confused.. then I didn't really think people would misunderstand like me....

oops! =D

We heard you Appletabachoy. Now you may take those watermelons out and relax, lest your nose starts growing.:P

...and I thought, I would have problems...

Such crap, men prefer curvy girls :P. That's why they all go on about how sexy Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Britney Spears, Cristina Aguleria, blah blah blah are. Sorry, but they are all size 0's.

curvy nor thin, all women are beautiful

Now, lets be honest: img src="url"


The one which is naked!

Gypsy- lol...

Curvy is concave curves on the Waist and convex on cups n butt

Not Convex everywhere.... :)


Man created religion ..not GOD... get over it guys...- FS

Well that waist is a 0. the boobs & butt below it might not be, but therein lies the problem, men want 38 -0 -28 & so do women.

FS: did you start this thread coz you are Curvey ??!! :D



"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

But I can see the curves on the second one!

Hay Gypsy is that U ??

Nearly impossible to have curves without the flab though.

Gypsy - 38 - 0 - 28 is good for XXX movies...

38 shall be too much....

32 is nice......


Man created religion ..not GOD... get over it guys...- FS

Diamond, to help you sleep better, try taking Melatonin. It's the natural hormone that makes us sleepy. I think a dose of 30 mg an hour before going to bed should do it. You should be able to get from health food stores (if there are any there).

"I tell ya, my wife and I, we don't think alike. She donates money to the homeless, and I donate money to the topless!"

"I went to a massage parlor. It was self service."


Then why they all go to gym?

Then why they all go to gym and work out so much that they look like Paris Hilton?

i am curvy and i completely like the way i am...never been to a gym in my life coz i never felt the need for it.going for an occasional walk on the corniche fills up my system with fresh air.that's enough for me.personally i feel that a woman has to have her flesh in the right places to be appealing.i don't advocate obesity but i mean...imagine the scenario when u hug a woman and find your hands hugging ur own biceps??i just don't like women who sport an under-nourished twig-like look just to feel chic.some women are plump with a good body shape...what's that u call them....?ah!buxom beauty :-D he he!

Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. ~ Garrison Keillor

men experinced the thin type for awhile

and found it just not enough..

now they like some more.. thats all

Over weight women don’t come under curvy category...:)

curvy just mean some extra fat in the right places...

Nothing suits an over weight person... I mean its hard to find proper dress...we wont have much choice...

So its always good to be in ideal weight or with few extra pounds..:) ideal weight is not boney..

I always want to go back to my thin and tall figure..:(

Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. ~ Garrison Keillor

Prof...Ash, concave and convex are nicely placed.

Men want something to hold and cuddle, not stick insects like Kate Moss..

Alexa...when width increases length decreases..lol

Oopz… saggi that was a general statement… good philosophy though..:)

Some like ribs, some Tborne, some prefer steak fillets..

None would want just the bornes, except dogs. :)


- God Gives n Forgivs .. We Gets n Forgets -

I am hungry again, don't get confuse....

I am going to Steakhouse for lunch ;)

Victory bro -dont make me hungry now. I luv steaks :((


- God Gives n Forgivs .. We Gets n Forgets -

Mmmm curvy over thin for me.

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Don`t Love me be my friend

im 36-29-38

is that ok?

for you my love i'll be forever faithful

Curvy doesn't have to be fat. Like Jessica Rabbit. :)

I like my women with a slim waist so I can lift her and she can wrap her legs around my waist as I go from room to room. Particularly in the shower.If you know what I mean.

Or is it too much information you didn't ask for? ;)


28 is good too, but I don't like large busts nor a big back side. It speaks of a lack of attention to oneself, no exercise, too much fat intake.

Hey. Leave my beloved 76ers out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I've been here in Doha for almost 2 months now. Been to all the hotels and checked out all the spots.

What a place that 2nd floor at Sheraton is! I was out of there in 60 seconds flat! Rather depressing to see what goes on there. Desperation!

I didn't mind the Harp, but for a pub where you're supposed to socialize and chat over a drink, it's way too loud. Is it a pub or a disco?

Paloma has no ambiance. Lava is not bad, but also loud.

But where do all the fun, smart and good-looking girls hang out?

Smart is the key word here.

Yep some love handles for me!


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Yes We Can!

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