I moved here using a Work Visa and my sponsor charged me 2000 Riyals for that visa ... is that cost right ?? I think is very expensive .... is 2000 the price for a 6 months work visa ?



No this is not right, the work visa cost 1100QR not more, ask him why he charged you 2000??



out of curiosity, why does she have to pay for the Visa in the first place. Is it not the responsibility of the sponsor who is bringing her in?

Dear Sandra,

it is always advisable to chek out the legal documents you need when you come to work in a foreign country. You can find out at the labour office what the visa costs and if you have received a work visa you must have received a residence permit too. The residence permit is not cheap so check out if you paid for this too. Make sure that all your documents are up to date and in order otherwise this can be very expensive for you in the end.

Long time ago the companies used to pay for the resident permit fee as it was cheap but later when the government increased the fees to almost 1000 the companies complained that it would cost them alot then the government allowed them to collect the fees from their employees instead, so now some companies pay those fees and some collect the fees from their staff and also some share it with the staff.

Thanks for the information, i will answer if that price include a resident permit cause i have no idea at the moment. I agree before i came here to pay for all visa charges so i just want to be sure that i am paying the right price. Do you know how much cost if i want change my sponsor ???

Thank you, I was not aware of that, the company pays for the visa of all the employees in our company, I hope they do not change that. :)


At the most, (I just checked) your visa costs should be about 1.300 QR including the work permit. Perhaps he also took money for the ticket (or did you buy this yourself). However, if you want to change your sponsor you can do this only after one year and this has a great deal of difficulties connected to it. a) Your present sponsor may not be happy about this and may not allow you to leave - in this case he will cancel yor visa and you will get a two year ban from working here unless the law has changed recently. b) He can agree and let you work for another company with what is called a "letter of no objection" and then later you can change sponsorship. You will have to talk with the sponsor anyway to clear this. Perhaps the next company will pay your visa fees.


my wife and I are moving to Qatar. I have an offer from QP. I am not sure if my wife is considered under QP sponsorship or mine ( we are moving to qatar together Qo is applying for work visa for both of us at the same time). I want to know if my wife finds a job in Qatar, she will have to get a letter of no objection from Qp? is she considered under my sponsorship?

Also, I sent all the docs to QP so they can apply for visa. also, I did my medical last months in Doha, do you how long it takes to get work visa?

tg tg

I have explained that in another thread..that getting a visa is not an issue with QP..They can get it in a few days..but your mobilization will depend upon the date set by your department...

Your wife will be on your visa..and it has nothing to do with QP..if she is flying in with you then she will be given a visit visa to fly in and when your Resident permit is stamped..she will be transferred to your sponsorship and resident permit will be stamped on her passport..

Companies have no business of objecting to your spouse work..However you will need approval from the Labour department before your wife can start work.(Not a major problem if your wife lands a job..her company will arrange approvals..

I hope I have answered your query..


Thanks Tg

I have been waiting for visa for three weeks now !!

I assumed that It is me who sets the date for the relocation. I certainly need a few weeks to give a notice to my current employer and arrenge everything for my move. I did not know that the date of mobilization is set by the hiring department.

Changing the sponsorship fees is QR 1000.

Hi Steamy,

looks like TG answered the question. If you have signed an agreement with QP then there will be definately a starting date mentioned. I think it is better if you check back with QP yourself directly and find out the status quo. QP is a god company to work for. Your wife will also need to go for a medical and fingerprints however, I am sure that QP has a pro who can assist you with all the necessary documents that you and your wife will need. Generally most companies have someone doing this for them. The Immigration itself is a Zoo and is the Labour Department I know this from personal experience. The only place that I finished things quickly was when I had my driving licence changed. There are also people there doing the arabic typing etc. but you have to be careful as they want payment for the job and tend to over charge.

Canarybird is correct with respect to QP having dedicated staff, they have a number of them and they will take you through the entire procedure. The sooner they have you processed the sooner they will get you working.

I never went to immigration at all for my RP extension. Normally hubby just take it to Human Resources then they will do the rest. When you arrived somebody from QP will picking u up in the airport, take you to the hotel, the same person will be running around for you sending you for passport photos, finger prints, moving from hotel to QP accomodation.

nice to hear that about qp. I have an outstanding offer from them to work in their offshore terminals. I was shortlisted last Feb but only offered last May, till now I am waiting for the visa. My medical examination is already approved.

QP can be out of doha, make sure you don't end up with QP ras laffan. it is 82km from doha.

I'been in Doha for two months and i dont have my resident permit,not even take the medical examination yet, is that normal ? This work visa expired in June and i came in may, my sponsor told me that this is not a probleam because he is going to renewal the visa, but i think the process is taking so long.

A resident permit can take upto 6 months! the visa only takes two mins to renew so don't worry!

Issue of a residency permit shouldn't take that long. I would query why you haven't even had the medical yet.

I had a similar problem in Abu Dhabi and found later that the contract that I was issued wasn't worth the paper it was written on and the company hadn't even applied for a residence permit.

My friend's took about five months to come through! A couple of girls at work have been here three months but have had their medical but still waiting!

What happen if i need go back to my country for a month and come back here if i dont have my resident permit yet ? As i sayd before my visa expired in june and i am changing the sponsor, can i come back if i dont have the new visa yet ?

Do you mean you're here on an expired visa now? If that's the case there's a fine, 50 or 100 riyals per day or something like that. Find out from your sponsor who'll pay the fine if you want to leave. He should.

You can always get a new visa after you've left and come back that way.

My sponsor has many companies and he told me is changing my visa to another one, my visa expired in june and he says is doing all the process to renew the visa with his new company, i am going back home in september for 2 weeks and i dont know if i will have probleams to come back if i dont have the new visa, i am still waiting for the medical test.

All this shouldn't take so long. Maybe your sponsor has too much on his hands but the medical, fingerprinting and issuing of the residence permit shouldn't take more than 2 weeks.

If he's registered the new company then there shouldn't be a problem. Press him, that's all I'll say. Sponsors, sigh...

Tks e46, u right i think i have to press a little.

thanks Izxcoco for the reminder, per qp, I will be based in Doha for 7X7 work sked in their offshore installation. regards and hope to see you soon there!

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