Hi all….i had a bad experience from FOOD PALACE –MUSHAREIB.Yesterday I went to food palace near HOME CENTRE to purchase some house old items..i saw somany staffs along there.but I felt they are not interested to servise to customer.if we ask some thing they will point to another person.

any way I took some vegetables and other items and went to the counter.there was one philipino lady.she were busy with her mobile in chating.she took my things and started scanning.i paid my bill.and she restart her chating in mobile.that time another customer came.she stoped her chating and started scanning.i wondered.my all things was spread in the table.

 I asked:where is the helper? I want to take this things to any bag.i cant do it alone.

She replied.sorry shouted:I don’t know..i am not helper.i am cashier.

There was only one helper for four counters.i requested her to help me.

she said: that is not my duty I felt ‘some thing’.

I asked :who is your manager? She: I don’t know.

Tell my friends.what should I say? I shouted against her in maximum level and said about how to beahave to a customer.

 i don’t know I was right or wrong.

any way i am giving one award for them



I Once had the Same Kind Of Experince in Food PAlace in Musherib Street so i never go there again ....... they will lose coustomers indeed and really when there was an arab national guy the staff was quite helpful to him and ppl like us at that time just see the hypocracy of these people

Visit FOOD PALACE at AL SAAD...Much better service than what you'd visited...

shouting at anyone willnot solve issues, instead keep cool n try to complain.

Nah, its not the worst...bad, may be....worst is when you are waiting and the lady is drooling over a white old guy or some gelled guy, oblivious of your existence and  attempting to jump into his shopping bag ......:(((

Do they sell old items too?

lol...naughty!Well spotted though =D

FathimaH, I asked him only to reduce his anger 

customer service?!!??!...in Doha?!?!?!...where?!?!?!...

still she was busy on fone not like LULU...kapbiyan bababiyan tamamamalal-a-a-akskskye..blah blah blah to the feloow filipinos..this is not a natonality bash but atleast u shoul dnot talk while customer is on the counter..but no use....they keep doing bababiyan bababiyan even u stare them...

there is no customer service in Doha at all they are lootting money with your requirment,you can notice a sales man even can't smile with customer in more shops and malls I don't know why like this may be they are (staff) not satisfied with what they are  getting or they are not proper trained and managed.....??? !!!

Tell one that is good !

salesman in villagio SWATCH Counter is very smiling cooperative and great person to talk.He lsitens u carefully and suggests u solution if u have any problem with the watch.....

Soo their is many hyper Markets They Care Customer Well Visit their insted of Visiting like Such Markets....In Food palace .this Is Usual....

also in service-oriented profession?  Are you not an exception? Or you are a boss?

"..I asked:where is the helper? I want to take this things to any bag. i cant do it alone.."...do you mean, you cannot put "some vegetables" into bags?? Are you disabled? don't have hands? are there helpers in your country? In my country everyone helps him/herself, we dont have slaves.Goodness, what a pity man, who cannot put few veggies into bags..Besides, you go to the cheapest shop in Doha, and you also expect some good service. In order to get a good service one has to PAY well.  

find an Indian cashier!

So you are complaining that you had to put your shopping into bags yourself???


people complain about wierd stuff, Oryx..  .. may I assume, that a man who came to qatar for work, should have 2 hands and some energy, and should be capable of gathering his few stinky items into bag? Or my silly assumption is invalid?


lol at qatarisun, soem people just find little things to complain about..

is it the duty of helper to put things in your bag? Is that what happens at your home as well when you pack your own bags?Are the things you buy for your own use or to dump it on someones head?

Damn, most of the time i put the stuff in the bag myself, sometimes, i help the "helper" to fill my stuff in the bags, so that I can leave the counter soon...

Customer Service is a big problem in Doha, so much that it does not exist in most places but this thread is unnecessary rant, i believe...

this is not an amazing news...this is constant here...coz were do u find such customer service here in doha...whose having a salesperson like hello sirhow can i help you???.....nobody opens the eye....but the show must go on....

Cant take his shopping to the Car and needs a Helper? Hmm now that is asking too much..

Ha she made you put YOUR stuff in bags all by YOURSELF.. WORST SIR WORST.... I say 1000 lashes for her and then public heading... 

I am sure you will have a stroke the day you face a real problem.

hmmm.. so someone goes to a presumed cheap shop cannot expect a minimum service that is required and people are appointed there for providing the same... so basically as ususal turning a blind eye to the issue at hand people got into show off (tacit) as to how much they earn (which though has been proven time and again  is undeserved but still they continue to insist) as they shop at high priced shops...guess everyone who doesnt shop at those shops has no right to ask for a minimum service and the girl behind the counter can keep blabbering her way  becasue I am in a cheap shop... just wondering why would that be????

Qatarisun, your number one, you are absolutely right.Lol, Flor ...."..I asked:where is the helper? I want to take this things to any bag. i cant do it alone.."WHY you cant do it alone?Are you a disable person without any hands?or you just treated yourself like a citizen/local of this country?Come on men, theres a lot of rude cashier around doha from your own country and as per my experience more than worst the people you are complaining.

"I can't do it alone". Maybe you need a helper from the Hamad Hospital! It's hard to be disabled!!

lol LP ................. :)


"where is the helper? I want to take this things to any bag.i cant do it alone"That's hilarious!!!So you managed to get all your vegetables into individual bags without a helper, but it was just simply too much to get the vegetables into shopping bags?Thanks for making me laugh so early in the morning!

That's also cool: "I shouted against her in maximum level and said about how to beahave to a customer."Maybe you should learn how to behave as a customer. I'm sure you will be treated better!

Whenever I go for shopping, I always put my things in the Bag even there's a helper."If you want some respect and you dont want to treated rudely, respect yourself and others, act as mature professional human being", no matter nationality of the person in the cashier, surely they will treat you with utmost respect. 

Customer Service is poor in most of the shops in Qatar. Recently I was in one of the Lulu outlets looking for a USB Flash Drive. There are plenty on the rack and I found one 8gb with a price tag of Qr. 54. I saw another one 4gb from the same brand priced Qr. 48. I called the guy who was in-charge of that section to let me know why the 4gb is 48 and 8gb is 54. He came with a scanner took the 8gb one scanned it and changed the price to Qr. 84. I asked why did you do that? It was priced Qr. 54 and I should get it at that price. He did not tell anything or tried to explain the reason for it. He just walked away. I know all the senior Managers of Lulu very well and could have called and made a complaint about him which could have resulted in severe punishment but then thought of not doing it due to humanitarian consideration. Those guys are not satisfied with their job or salary and their attitude to the cusotmers are the outcome of it.

lemonqatar,although we are against this practice when you mentioned a nationality you are already making access of racsim.

anyway,why do you ask cashier to help you with your cart its the duty of helper/proter.its like you are asking the project manager to help you with your work which is wrong.

got o any malls with indian cashier,who are very serious sometimes cant understand their english is that ok with you.

There is a saying: the echo is the reflection of what you said!

Funny people saying why ask the cashier...guess she seems to be the immediate contact in the store ...on the same note try remembering asking anyone else other than the designated helpdesk fellows about any queries be it gate info, lounge info, etc etc on an airport...

And if I have to pick pack my things why is the guy kept there and paid for...guess he can be removed permanently...NO...or will we  then go all emotional as to why snatch a job from someone....contradictions, eh!!!

hgl, there was no guy present at the time according to OP.

s_isale...OP is being scorned at  because he was asking the girl for the guy who should be doing the packing saying that why cant he pack things himself...:) I understand the guy was missing...

Probably tired of your boss kicking your ass all day and u want to be the boss to someone for a minute? I pity youLOL

does that happen to you every time you shop??Btw don't imitate the language, you sound stupid

Ugh f*ing cashiers! It pisses me off everytime it happens!!!!! As if we owe them something....Similar scenario happened to me in Carrefour city center. The Philipino lady was so rude it was obvious from the start, and was chatting on the the phone as well (idk what's their deal with using phones non-stop lol). There was a family behind me of Eurpoeans or Americans i dont know really but after they placed their stuff on the belt, she rushed and put the "Next Counter Please" sign. I smiled and told her it wouldn't do no harm if she cashed their groceries as well. She mumbelled something rude in english then in her native language, i asked her "what is your problem?", she gave me sharp/bad look as mind-your-business-kinda look. I repeated loudly saying "WHAT.IS.YOUR.F#%#ING.PROBLEM, MA'AM?"....she was shocked and went on giving her lecture in respecting her job and customers then asked for her full name, wrote it down in front of her and looked for her supervisor (usually the ones with radios). He kept apologizing although he didn't know wtf happened. All you could hear is "Yes, sir. I am sorry, sir!". I told her "If you don't like your job, go home. Do not show your frustration on customers' faces. I am sure tens of thousands of ppl would love to take on your job and do it better." All that I said loudly so that other nearby cashiers could hear.

Trust me, don't get frustrated, this is what you need to do. Their managers do listen to such complains and act accordingly. These cashiers don't owe you anything by only being there scanning your groceries and not even doing the bare minimum of their job, which is smiling and being friendly...and also turning the freaking phone off while serving the customer.

It really might be you guys. I always (!!) get a "Good Morning, Sir," and "Please, come again," together with a nice smile. (Maybe it's because I pay cash?)

Yeah, in Abu Dhabi I actually took her seriously the first time when I heard her say "Please, Come Again"... when I went there the next day she wasnt relenting initially..I was like what, why did you ask me then??   ...:)

don't know about the worst customer service in the world, you sound like the worst customer in the world!!!!

have policy to those workers like them who handled many customers,using mobile fone must be prohibited and those who caught will have penalty,why allowing workers to use fone during working hours?It will distract and disturb the work thus if any problems occur because of that chatting or what ever they talk on the fone,the pressure or anger burst out to the customer,then the customer may complain of the wrong behavior of the cashier...I also experienced this kind of workers,sometimes i told them to be attentive to their job and customers in our dialect in a polite way..somehow they feel embarrass but its good to enlighten their mind... 

I'm with Lincoln.  In all my years here I've never seen a cashier with a mobile phone.  Not once.  I usually get polite, smiling, friendly cashiers, but that might be because I greet them politely, ask them about their day, and then help put the groceries in the bag. If you notice that people all around you are rude to you, then perhaps it's time to consider why that might be the case. And as for the people who are supposed to be employed to put groceries into shopping bags, that is surely the most useless bit of customer service in Doha.  I shoo them away, since when they try to 'help' me pack my shopping bags, everything just gets heaped together.  I have a system, dammit... hands of my groceries!

Dear, I am Manager of Food Palace, and I want to say sorry on your bad experience in our S/M.And to make this wrong things rigth I would like to ask your help by come over and file your complaint by paper or you can contact me personally to find out and avoid this problem in future. My duty: 8:00 to 1:00PM               4:00PM to 9:00PMContact 44364405      Fax: 44364409 Your full cooperation is highly needed and appriciated. Mr. Gamal Read more: http://www.qatarliving.com/messages/view/1007870#ixzz1ZGSQn9fo

I'm even helping the bagger to put the things inside the plastic..is it so hard to do?

what I mean is, are you really a man?Go and find a Qatari cashier?

Flor - Problem is, too many here are acting like sheikhs..what to do yani?

Its all about how you treat others that will inevitably determine how you are treated back. And whilst I wouldn't call all the cashiers I've come across the most chirpiest in the world they are still polite and not ill mannered and have NEVER shouted at me even once(and yeah no mobile phone in sight!)

As always, I have a different opinion as I feel I am under no obligation to be either greeting the girl behind the counter nor be smiling or asking her well being... but I am also not frowning at her... a flat emotionless face of mine should be fine IMO so far she does her job i.e. bills me for my stuff and I pay and get lost. As for use of cell phones by these girls, one of them even asked me if I can excuse her to receive a call....unlike me, I was very polite and with a huge smile told her...sure, please do that but only after you are finished with me...her expression was like you $%#@@^%$##...........:)

That's why it's called "Custormer Service"...you SERVE the CUSTOMER, and get paid monthly for doing so. Some lazy workers don't like their job, they hate it so much that they show it! That's what I don't have tolerance with. Despite their nationality, they need to do their job, or at least the bare minimum. They are not prisonners, and no one has forced them to fly to Qatar and SIGN a contract to work in big franchise company, then they nag and suck so badly in their job and do nothin but ruin their company's reputation!

Quddos to people like eso123 who is a manager at Food Palace cuz he is doing nothing but his job at FP and wants to make sure customers get high quality servie. It is a very simple rule folks, DO YOUR JOB OR GO HOME!

Now back to you flor1212 , yes I am a Qatari man, bron and raised in Doha. I don't understand nor see what is this have to do with any of the things I said. Perhaps you are that low-quality lazy cashier at Food Palace, idk.

Also, how dare you ask me to find a Qatari cashier? We, the sons and daughters of this country, never work as cashiers. This is a fact you HAVE TO to live with. This is Qatar, a place where many non-Qatari families make decent living in, other countries live off us. DO NOT cross the line my dear by asking us Qataris to work as cashiers in such places. 

Show some appreciation to this country. Now you talk behind closed curtains, but I am afraid they will ship you back to where you came from when you get exposed. Careful, walls DO have ears *wink* look up ECPC-Qatar lol.


OMG I'm going to agree with Flor1212 on this one...well said Flor, totally agree mate!

Emiratis work as cashiers in supermarkets, if I'm not mistaken.  

if you are really a Qatari, I still believe, the f*cking word is not a word associated with Qatari.  You just happened to be born and raised here but you're not one of them.  Your rudeness in dealing with these low-salaried workers who happens to be my KAbayans is not a typical Qatari characteristics.Qatari may be bad in many things but never in dealing with cashiers specifically, lady cashiers.  They are as polite as they can be, so excuse me if you will insist that you are a QAtari. You're NOT!And again, find a Qatari cashier of your own! ANd feel how to be one!

JamQat go find a Qatari cashier and abuse them, you ignorant arrogant twat!!

it all comes down what country you r from, it is a cast system in qatar, so if you don't look westerner or qatari...tough

On how to get good customer service at supermarket checkouts:Treat them like human beings:I always greet the cashier with a SMILE and say "Hello, how are you?"Always say 'please' and 'thank you' when handing over cash or cards.Always give the money into the cashiers hand....NEVER just throw the money onto the conveyor belt.Always say 'thank you' and some sort of goodbye greeting at the end.Strange that I've never had a surly cashier here, ever......I wonder why? I don't blame the cashiers being frumpy when they are met with ignorant customers who don't say a word to them and throw their money on the belt, as if just handing it to them is too much effort, or they are scared of catching some contagious disease.  

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction....

natatawa ako sa mga kabastusan ng ibang lahi... hihihiiiiiii!!!!















These are Indian managed branches or shops and most of the customers are from Indians whose themselves no have a penny of its value in here or in their country.

Lemon Qatar, please note that the helper is for only for the one who need it, not for all public. That's why it's called helper.

I was once a cashier but never had a single customer complaining against me.. Idk, but i dont remember a single time i frowned infront of a customer, nor mumble a bad word. Though most of the time customers can really make me stomp my feet for using their mobiles while i am checking them out, and in the middle of their phone calls they would be asking me something which i will barely understand because at that time i am focusing on cashing out their items rather than listening to her conversation. if i am like "i'm sorry sir?" He will be yelling at me like he was the one who brought me to here on earth. What he will get from me? A sweet smile and another , "i'm sorry Sir, you need what?"

You know, it is always the attitude of one person to another that is making or breaking your day.

Indian, Pakistani, Pilipini all are on same track Lol

old post Lol

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