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  1. Family Visit Visa


    I have attested my marriage certificate and my son birth certificate in India. Do i need attest it here in Qatar... for getting Family Visit VIsa. Then were is the attestestation Office, wat r the docs needed to get it done


  2. How to factory reset MAC

    I will be selling MAC Mini (It has Mavericks now). I want the buyer should not suffer and get clean MAC as it is new.

    I googled and found complicated method of doing it and many threads are for older OS. Can anyone suggest how to, please.

  3. visa amendment

    Hi, I just want to ask how long will it take for visa amendment? I had a problem with my passport and visa. My passport is already in married name while my visa is still in maiden name, my employer had my visa amended. I just want to know how long will I wait for my new visa.