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Discussions on local Qatari culture

  1. Camping October 2014 - April 2015

    The camping season is coming up and applications for permits are being made. I know from last year that the Ministry for Environment will announce to season in early October and include the rules required for semi-pernament camping, popular amongst the Qatari population.

  2. any jobs for teens

    i,m in qatar and i,m 16 years old i,m here for my summer vacations and i need an urgent part time job. is there anyone who can help me please text me my number is 33750725 and i can do any part time job .


  3. Garangao traditions still strong in Qatar

    Ramadan customs and traditions such as the Garangao remain rooted in the modern Qatari society amid the fast paced progress the country is witnessing.

    “Garangao is an activity that reflects Qatari culture and holds the same significance as in the past. 

  4. [Audio] Driving culture explained

    One of the first things expats need to get used to when they first come to Qatar is a distinct driving style some people have on the road. Where did it come from? No one seems to have an answer. Perhaps this audio clip might be able to help a little.