can Qatari girls allow marry indian????

why Arab Girls NOt getting marry indian man


If the Indian man is Hindu, no, it's not allowed.


so Qatari female Qler answer you that why they dont marry you.

Give us some really knockout reasons why we should. We're very picky so you'll have to be VERY persuasive...


Im going to be honest and blunt. I think its because most qatari woman dont find indian men very attractive. Im just telling you what I think, Im a Qatari man and to be honest I dont care where your from it depends if I like you enough.

lol whitefeather...don't go upsetting him now ;)



I meant no harm :p Just typing my thoughts.

Qatari ladies, were never been allowed to marry any foriegner even to any arabs, so why wonder? Qatari Ladies are born to marry Gulf men only. but i know one, The father of the lady is half Indian, and the father, arranged a marriage to her for an Indian Groom but i am not sure if the Indian is allowed by the government to stay here or even live here...the lady is Qatari, her grandmother was an Indian.

But many Qatari men are married to an Indian ladies...i know alot.



"There's nothing we can do to change the past, if it teaches  you a lesson profit from it then, forget it."

If that the case, I wonder why the Indian Movie Cinema halls are filled with Qatari Women & even men. If there was no liking for Indian Men or shall i say Indian Actors why is that most of the Qatari Women see first day first show of Indian Movies? The Curiosity killed me..

being a God fearing down to earth person...not being proud just wana share that i have been close to a few ...

Its just that i was not a Qatari or a muslim which they only found out after i told them ...or else i would have been married to one by now...

1 thing to appreciate Qatari women know how to respect their Men...

All other women too know it...but seen a lot in Women here compared to their guys...

Storm Arabic people like Indian movies because, theyre light hearted and full of songs. They just like to watch them I guess

cjnuzri: its good lesson to know more about Qatari women but its true that Qatari woment not allowed to Marry other foreigner i guess i am ryt?

They can marry ... but the state of Qatar will never accept anyone outside Qatar, so the man will not be given nationality. He can stay here on some one's sponsorship, but I'm not sure if a Women can sponsor !!!

Anyways, I don't understand why a Qatari Woman would want to marry an Indian man, and why an Indian man would want to marry a Qatari ???? These are opposite people, with way different culture and life styles .... I think Indian wont be able to stand her for more than a week :D

Im a Pakistani ... I never found any Qatari Women attractive !!

This is very much typical in cast-based or religion based close knit societies, like Indians or Qataries or say Muslims. Girls are never actually 'allowed' to marry outside their cast or religion. But the girls from other cast (Preferably Higher) or religion are happily allowed in.

Sad but true fact. Westerners may find it difficuilt to grasp as they are pretty much free societies.

I don't think it is the question of findindg someone attractive or otherwise. The real thing for the girl is fighting the tough battle to break the rigid religious or cast bonds.

Well, just for my knowkedge, do Qatari women are allowed to marry westerners? or are there any examples of this kind?

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.... Boredom is a choice. - Wayne W.

Why, because in the eyes of the qatari the Indian is just a driver,road sweeper or a tea boy. Now what Qatari father with a mansion and 8 cars would want to marry his daughter to the tea boy in his office who does not even earn enough to feed himself let alone his wife.

The law does not allow marriage to outsider but if you look at how many are married to Iranians, you would be surprised. Many of these iranians are given nationality too. It is a matter of status I think.

I am sure if she was to marry a British, American or aussie there would not be much of a problem. I can't see them locking up a British or American here over the issue of marrying a local girl

adeel Qatari women are very attractive, i know a few myself but Not being Qatari it was a no go for me.

I agreed with Shreeya

Cheers !!!

Actually there was a law recently introduced in the country that women over the age of 35 were allowed to marry who they wanted even foreigners.These women are called "al anoussa", those women who had reached a certain age but had not married.

because of the restriction for women to marry non Qataris, there became an influx of unmarried womenin the country, who either were not interested in marrying Qatari men or found qatari men who were allowed to marry non Qatari ladies,not intersetd in Qatari ladies.

That law, however apllied only to older women who were not married before or divorced or widows. Not for the fresh young lady.

You said - "This is very much typical in cast-based or religion based close knit societies, like Indians or Qataries or say Muslims. Girls are never actually 'allowed' to marry outside their cast or religion. But the girls from other cast (Preferably Higher) or religion are happily allowed in."

A small correction - The girls from other castes are not allowed either.It works both ways and the key factor is 'marriage'. Having an affair or even having children is acceptable - not religiously but atleast socially if managed well. Marriage outside the caste and even class is a big issue.

Qataris are equally conservative that way. But here I think it's the 'class' or the perceived social status that counts more than anything else. Sometimes I feel - If you can afford a ferrari you can marry whoever/whenever/

Life is Beautiful...Indeed!

could not afford to have Qatari Wife.....that is the reason even Qatari males are marrying Indian Girls as 2, 3 or 4th Wife.

As LIB said it is all status quo and high standard of living.

Barkas girls are not Qatari's, they are from Yemen Origin

these marriages took place in 80s and early 90s.

Please do let me know,

what is Barkas? How yemen origin become Qatari?

thanks in advance ES

How are you?

Well said. Strange fact is, We, as a society, don't want our girls to go out, similarly we even don't want our boys to go out and get convert.

In such complex conditions, I think, my family is a big big exception, a real secular one. My two nephews are married to a Christian and a Muslim girl respectively. And one of my sister is married in a Muslim family.

So, for me it is like getting the best of the both worlds...Delicious Rum cake and Shirkhurma too...LOL

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.... Boredom is a choice. - Wayne W.

Thejam, I don't know where you got that Law, there was one, year ago or so, A Qatari Ldy, inlove with a lebanese man, She no longer have family, she is living alone, and she was not allowed to marry, she is 42, the man is younger, the family, father mother and sisters of the man are all here in QAtar, when they are not allowed to be married in the court, She (Qatari) bring the case to the Human Rights, and until now, i haven't heard of it, i wanted to know what hppened really...



"There's nothing we can do to change the past, if it teaches  you a lesson profit from it then, forget it."

i am 100% agrry with you .


can i ask why u are so curious about this issue...

if INDIAN man can marry a QATARI woman? :)

Islam has no objection in getting married of 2 Muslims, no matter if some one is from India or Afghanistan or Sudan !!!

Who is Qatar to say NO !!! What is Qatar .... have they forgotten their history already !!! It is Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, Egyptians etc etc who have grabbed their fingers and brought them to where they are now !!!

And now they are saying no to them ... lol what an Irony !!!

the matter of fact that Qatari's standard of living is too high too aford by average Indians mainly due to their lavish customs, traditions and cultural rituals.

The Shriaa law doesn't forbid anybody to legally marry a Qatari but just to protect their own caste, tradition, culture and heritage. The seniors in the community doesn't permit their males/females to tie-knots outside the frame.

It is similar in India; one has to go through the firewalls to have inter-caste marriages. Must have heard of many cases of burning girls (honor) for marrying outside the caste.

The story is different for expats in Qatar, in case of people serving here for generations; will not get full rights. From here the Qatar tolerance are a foreigner here and will remain an Alien always

Open up your eyes and accept the matter of facts.

Be happy to be here as guest and always remain as good guest; Don't try to become a family member.

Allowance starts from 3000-10000

Jewellery (only precious stones)

Maids, Car and Driver, University fees

minimum 3 trips abroad

No co-wife will be accepted

Independent Villa- there should be space

for future swimming pool

Mariam, I had a friend, a revert from jamaica who was here recently and he was looking to get another wife so he was exploring several avenues as to how he can find a wife here. This was one of the issues put to him, that there was a law that permitted foreign men to marry older Qatari women ('anoosa).That was how i found out about it.However things are different for him an American compared to lets say Tenguvalapil from kerala (no offence i have nothing against indians).Like I said most indians here are either drivers , tea boys or construction workers or are in Jobs where they don't earn much, so how on earth will they be able to sustain the lifestyle of a Qatari women whose 1 abaya and housemaid and driver may be costing Tengu's monthly salary. I remember when i first came here and was applying for work in IT I was told, we are very impressed with your CV you are British, British educated with lots of experience but our head of dept from India earns so much(very little) and if we employ you we cannot afford to pay you, besides we cannot pay you more than our head of Dept if you will be under him.Sorry.

So no offence but I cannot afford to marry a Qatari at the moment so it would be difficult for Tenguvalapil to be able to afford it. it is a matter of culture and a matter of changing people's habits. Most qatari women i know do not know how to fry and egg, never picked up a spoon in their lives, had every thing done for them. How would Tengu ( he has become famous now) be able to cope with that.Besides, marriage to a qatari does not give residence so this indian would still have to be at the mercy of someone else who would sponsor him.The least problem with his wife and he is on the next plane to Kerala with no access back to Qatar ever in his life.

first of all, I wish to know how a Indian man wished he should marry a Qatari girl.. There is a proverb in India "purchasing an Elephant is difficult; but to maintain is more difficult"....... Do you think Indian men can "maintain" Arab women ??.......LOL

secondly, i agree with whitefeather.. I dont think any Qatari women will find Indian men attractive. Please try to study "beauty concept" of each nationality and analyse how "we" look

Culture, language, traditions, food habits, marriage rituals etc are a very important part of one's life.. I can never imagine getting married to someone whose culture is so vastly different from mine...Since I am from Pakistan, I can only imagine getting married to a fellow Pakistani or some North Indian who speaks my language who has the same traditions. Same goes for Qatari women. They are allowed to marry only Qataris or other GCC nationals.

NOt necessarily Kareena. I know a lot of Qatari women (Qatarias) who are married to non-Gulf nationals.


I think it is difficult, but not impossible. After all, a Qatari lady can travel with her Indian man to India (or elsewhere), get married there, and live happily ever after. now, finding one that would actually want to do something like that is another story altogether.

Normally, not only we are NOT allowed to marry a non-Qatari, But also we are not allowed to marry Qataris of curtain tribes.. It's complicated. ( a man from the Arabian Gulf however can marry a Qatari woman if he is from curtain Arabian tribes..)

I belong to an Authentic Qatari tribe.. It's just not possible for the girls to marry men of different nationalities or even different ancestors sometime.. It's REALLY complicated..

However, exceptions are always there. There are examples of Qatari women actually marrying a non-Qatari, an Indian too.. But it's really, really a social suicide for her. Her family will just not acknowledge her existence anymore.. The traditions are so powerful.. they have nothing to do with religion most of the time.

In my opinion, when two people get married it’s better if they have many things in common. Especially the culture.

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Whoah, Aisha, haven't seen you around for so long...

I'm back now :-) Thank you for noticing moi

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I know someone else who will be happy to know you're back, too! Nice to have you around.

Great to see you back on the forums Aisha :)

I think your comments are particular to your tribe and tribes associated with yours. This is not the case for everyone, however. Like I said before I know lots of Qatarias who have married other nationalities and the family have accepted and welcomed the husband. And I also mean non-Arab nationalities (UK, US, France, etc) -------------------------------------

Thank you dear.. It's alway great to see you too..

Yes my comments are pratucular to some tribes.. But really the cases you're talking about are very rare. As I see around.. Or maybe things are changing lately.. Bare in mind that the mother's nationality has a major role in that. It's easier for a Qatari girl to marry a non Qatari if her mother aint Qatari I mean..

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I guess it has to do with culture and acceptability of the family.



Is there anything like 'colour - no bar'? The tune of this forum is that the Qatari girls cann't marry Indians but they can happily marry 'Whites'.

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.... Boredom is a choice. - Wayne W.

Not so rare as you might think, Aisha. I know some tribes are very conservative but in other tribes a more individual approach applies.


No It's not the color that stoppes Qatari women from marrying Indian men. I mean, there are Qataris of color too my dear.

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as I understand that Qatari society is very conservative and limit it to their tribes & tradition.

But I am hopeful that with global education and islamic teachings things will change and improve in near future.

" I am hopeful that with global education and islamic teachings things will change and improve in near future.


I hope so.

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No, not necessarily to do with skin tone. It can be difficult for some people to accept someone who is not of their tribe or a tribe close to them. Some are weighed down by tradition to the Nth degree which makes their lives so difficult and restrictive. Sad really.


Thejam said "I am sure if she was to marry a British, American or aussie there would not be much of a problem. I can't see them locking up a British or American here over the issue of marrying a local girl".

Well, I know coloured Qataris

I think he should be reading your reply too.

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.... Boredom is a choice. - Wayne W.

Some Indians can not marry other Indians because of the caste system?



UkEngQatar very careful of the "Thakur" North India

Read Uttar Pradesh / BiharProvince....mostly the rich Thakurs, who have huge estates.....most usually have a gun....

They are the ones who are capable of killing their even own daughters if they elope with someone other than their cast!

hey JM exactly..So we have to respect the culture and bounds of some traditions even though they might not be in line with world of today...



not 'Some', it should be 'Many'. If it is the arranged marriage then yes, it is normally within the caste limits. If it is the love marriage then as you know 'love sees no boundries'.

Castism is truly a disease, and the education is the only solution imho. when are we going to get rid of it, God only knows. But I think it is going to continue for some more period as is the case with Racism.

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.... Boredom is a choice. - Wayne W.

Shreeya.. question to to you and the rest.

What is the difference between in Arranged Marriage and Forced Marriage and what is your views on this?



If the guy is handsome...has nice job....good own big house....then the "arranged marriage" is not forced.

If the guy is & handsome but a known womaniser....or a known drunkard.....then it becomes "forced".

nice explanation



The marriage against his or her will is a forced marriage. Usually it is the girl who doesn't have any right or opinion in such a situation. Sometimes, when the girl or boy has fallen in love with the boy or girl of other cast or religion, then the parents try to separate them. And force them to marry to one from the same cast. Usualy this kind of marriages are made for the honor or something like pride of the family. In this type of marriage at least one member has to live in the unhappy relationships throughout the life.

Arranged marriage is normally made with the consent of both parties. Mine is an arranged marriage too. There are matchmakers who are ready with the database of eligibles. Then, there are friends and relatives too, who can suggest a suitable match for you. The boy and girl meet each other in presence of their families. And then they can meet several times to reach the final decision. They are both free to take their own decision.

This is the most prefered form of marriage in India. God forbid, if anything goes wrong after marriage, at least they don't lose the strong emotional support of their families. And this one is surely the plus point if they have kids. I personally don't see any problem in this type of marriage as the percentage of successful marriage is the same in both Love or arranged types. In India, it is the marriage of two families rather.

But there can be a hidden agenda in arranged marriages and that is the issue of Dowry. Usually the Girl's parents have to pay it, sometimes going beyond their capacities. This is really a pathetic tradition in some casts.

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.... Boredom is a choice. - Wayne W.

And I've wasted almost half an hour to type all the above... rubbish....LOL.

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.... Boredom is a choice. - Wayne W.

Thanks for the detail explanation..Good information,

Coming from the west never could digest the thought of an arranged marriage.. But as you said it does work for a lot of people.



it is good info for other community...I am aware of this sort of marriages in India and its pros and cons...but just deviating from the main thread.

Think about Why an Indian want to marry a Qatari girl, if he is handsome, lots of money and all sort of luxury to buy? there are so much options available outside.

shreeya you did well...too can get more complicated than I explained.

Thank you. But I was just kidding on JM's comments.

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.... Boredom is a choice. - Wayne W.

VB the thread should be reworded Why would a Qatari Girl ever want to marry an Indian?



unless she fell in desperate Love and ready to runaway from this high flashy society with him to India....bcoz they would not be allowed to exist here.

There were a few story, I know from Saudi.

And do you think it will be good for her to do that..leave a life of luxury for a simple life?



they realises when they face real life challenges.

Yes with with the law of the Gulf Countries, I would dare even to think.. You remember the Saudi Princess who was executed in Public in the mid 80's for such crime..



i don't know what u all Qatari (women+men) have against indian men but let me set the record straight here. Every indian is not a driver or tea boy from Kerala. i am an indian, brought up in Qatar, went to a british school, got my engineering degree from Berkeley, CA and now have a job earning $100k/yr in California. Would i want a Qatari wife?? NO WAY. Would i want to return to Qatar? NO WAY. i am more than happy with the less maintenance American girls here. And they are not racist and treat everyone with respect.

my friend was going to marry his girl friend of 4yrs from Dubai but bec he was an indian her family said no. He is not sad, he is enjoying life to the fullest. Never give up your life for one girl, for every girl that rejects you there are 100s more out there.


i think your friend didn t married with his girl friend because he s not a muslim guy and u said never give up your life to one girl????

exsuse me but what do mean exactelly ??do u egg him on to have 100 girls friend or what????

No, I said if you get rejected by 1 girl, don't get depressed bec there are 100s of others still out there!

My friend got dumped by her family before their marriage bec he was not a muslim, but he is not depressed; instead he has moved ahead in life and has a new girlfriend.

I'm of a certain age, where it was socially the norm to grade people by sex, age, religion, race, ethnicity, nationality etc.

Now things are different. International Law protects the human rights of everyone, though enforcement of this is patchy. However it's about time that people of enough intelligence to operate a keyboard would stop trying to justify medieaval, even primitive, attitudes. We are all trying to do our best, judge people by their actions, not their race, etc.

everybody or every nation has a time, let them take their turn, we will have our soon too,,,,,,,

if a QATARi LADY wants SHE Can (BOTH must B Muslim) BUt there will B lots of Hurdles in Her WAY


...if you would be able to live with it...


"Admit your mistakes...before someone exaggerates the story."

As in Quran Allah says "You can marry a women 1 or 2 or 3 or 4".."but select ur women in the right way."

Mohammed (pbuh) said select your women for marrying wisely..the most wise man is who , tat got a girl with VIRTUE.

There are 4 reasons to marry n women...the best women is that , in which having VIRTUE.

Allah said in Quran "Today we had completed the Quran 4 u, n remember me, and No Arab is superion that non Arab & a Non Arab is superior than Arab"

so there is no CASTISM in Islam... :)

I cant see why a Qatati woman cant marry an Indian man. I mean to the untrained eye Indian and Qatari men look alike to me :-)

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Diamond, you say that you have seen many marriages to people outside of Qatar, im assuming the outsiders were all muslim though?

Why on earth would they choose an Indian over their own men...Qatari men ( alot of ) are gorgeous not just in looks but the way they carry themselves and they sure smell good! I aint seen any Indian men like that....even those Bollywood actors are minging!

this thread still alive.


"Admit your mistakes...before someone exaggerates the story."

newtoqatar, and to an untrained eye, Asians and Africans look alike to you??

How about penguins and jellyfish?

keep it coming. you can forgive him Bleu? since he is new to qatar and has untrained eyes? :)


"Admit your mistakes...before someone exaggerates the story."

First of all a topic came up in class yesterday about one of the benefits of marriage is sharing money.

the girls fell around laughing...who would share your money with their husband?

you spend HIS money ....... so you must have the cash these ladies are high maintence.....

Second...have you seen some of these Khaleeji boys?

they are gorgeous.....and Dora beat me to it but they are well groomed and smell lovely.

Third - many indian families pay dowry to the man... here it is the other way round....another thing that will get girls laughing - paying to marry a man!!! perish the thought

"why Arab Girls NOt getting marry indian man?"

your grammar makes me want to cry. the whole thread/comments, you will understand....

All humans are more or less same in the eye of God!

It is culture, traditions, standard of living, many more reasons for diversity....

who assigned you the thread policeman? besides, the topic is pretty much covered. they can if they want to, most families will disown them and if the man isn't muslim her religion says she'll go to get off my case.

Pengiuns and JellyFish ? I am confused ? I didnt know JellyFish had had economical and water difficulties in the past and migrated to Iran and Indian where then married pengiuns over generations only to have returned recently.

What Im interesting in knowing is what Mr Nasar said that caused Mr Mod to get upset.

Did you go to Kansas Tech ?

they can marry after following the court's permission..!! but the guy will not be given the nationality.!


"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

this is not false information if u not beleiving so i will make it practicall for u just come with me, ans there is one friend of mine in ministry of interior,just say to him wat u r asking in ql,he will give u the ans ,the ans is fst of all he will fine u and he will take u to the prison and u will be finished from qatar.thats all u suker

what you really mean by that is so unknown to me but i like that. i know relationships are based on certain things plus most of all love but racial issues to me makes it so funny. as in movies i sometimes wonder if they really happen in real life. i am not against any socittal laws but i however think if you love someone and you see a future with them do follow your heart but don't forget you must get approvals by parents no offense i think its that inportant but you know you just don't say you will not give it a trial with other people just beacuse your culture don't permit that. try other waters but you must be on the safe side first, that is if you are in it for love, there is nothing wrong with it. after all love , peace and joy is all we all want right!!!!!!!

Indian Men v/s Qatari Women

I feel the qatari females r brought up with a silver spoon n female r well taken care off than in India where until sometime girls were killed on birth. Indian boys were 1 up than girls in the society so they r priviledged 1's there.

Chemistry is good but not logical

Qatari females have too much inclination to her parents not like indian females who accepts her husbands parents like there own.

So if u want to leave ur parents n make her parents ur aneways by doing that too u won't get her. If ur filthy rich n ready to be a 'yes' man she may get married to you.

My opinion is mine without any offence intended

I think we are less rude than the Qatari drivers, respect our woman, dont cheat on them, dont abuse labor, pay them like a human that enough convincing?

LoL got so much neg. feedback here. ;p

Well, Goodluck!


"Maniwala na lang tayo sa Goodness :)"

The marriage rules here are against Islam. They are openly going against the word of Allah.

Thats too much. The answer is simply a big NO.. No way, No way in all aspect

"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

an indian guy wants to married by qatari girl?are you fooking dreaming indian?

because you're asking for an huge dowry! :P






What for.. She must be insane to even consider.. Not in this place in hundred years..




Oude (the guy who has put this post)...

You are the first one I m seeing whos ready to compromise so much tht wants to marry a Arab...

????????// Are you nuts or something??

Even an Filipino I would have had not objected buy..Qatari??

Do you want your wife to be on roads holeday roaming for no reason in a land cruser,,,,or live to eat types.. not eat to live....

or you want someone who can take good care of your kids.. give them good moral fibre so tht tomorrow your kids are successful no matter which field they are in...

And to support you not jus monetarily but more important emotionally..... So tht you can achieve things which you could not even dream of....

Getting married to a Indian girl would be a dream come true.... She ll not only be a beautiful wife for showpiece but you ll be a proud husband..

Ever tried flirting mate???

My exprience says.. getting any other female hooked is easy.... Getting an Indian or any from Sub-continent,, she ll take hell amt of dedication n efforts from your end... even for e kiss,,,

Hard Work Doesn't Kill Anyone... But Why take Chances.

HE IS NUTTERS.............

Pits... Thks for the 2nd compliment of the Day/weekend..

And... Nutter??? How do you manage to invent words.. (belong to the oxford family by any chance??)... lols

But I feel you are the only one who s reading my postss...

And me too doing good in returning the favor... you know tht.....

Ha ha ha ha ha.... Good to see you around...

Hard Work Doesn't Kill Anyone... But Why take Chances.

May I borrow some of your patience...?

Everything gonna be alright!!!

Please, only english in the main forum.


Thanks, I was expecting the one liner. He is relatively new on QL.

Everything's gonna be alright!!!

You ROCK, Buddy!!!!!

Everything's gonna be alright!!!

Teri Gand Me dam Hekya QATARI ladki se Sadi karne ke liye Teri Sal bhar ki kamay wo One week only Mekeup Me use Karegi

abe galti se bhi ye mat soch warna teri gand fat jayegi

Ha ha ha ....

Dracula.. I apologise for using regional lang here,,

Didn know the rule...

And see wht on QL you can actually take your words back

Ha ha ha..

I ll translate the whole thing...

Sheeya Ma'm the secret of paitence you talking about is nothing but the guidelines given by Mahatma Gandhi...

Non-voilence is the best weapon...

Nothing can annoy your opponent than the fact tht your inner peace and inner world is not at all affected inspite of his/her hard work n efforts....

It is not tht you tolerate.. it is tht you do not get affected at all..

If you tolerate and keep it inside some or the other time it is gonna burst out loud... tht too on a undeserving person.. a fren most of the times...

So this paitence is efforts of many yrs put together..

And About "giving it back right on the face solution"

Tht is a weapon in your Arsenal you can use anytimes....

Ghandigiri Roxs....

Dracula... thks for the advice man....

I am good at not repeating mistales once committed,...

Accept for falling in love ... :)

Hard Work Doesn't Kill Anyone... But Why take Chances.

Iqbal Bhai...

For this decission he doen't need guts in his back... but siht in his Brains...

And I have a Gut feeling the Forum Owner doesn have his definations of Nouns clear....

1. Arab Gals and Qatari Gals is Differnent Dude

Qataries are people always driving a Land Cruser and have no idea where they are going and why they are going...

Arab is a Very broad word... from Afganistan to Sudan... Any women can be categorized by tht name..

About Marrying a Qatari.... Your personal Choice.. run away with her.. if you have anyone who likes you... (Your name is next after alice in wonderland :) )

Second tomorrow Damn if you ask me Why A Bollywood Actress is not marrying any Middle class dude...

Why a FAt Ugle Businessman,,,, Money talks...

And Talks Laud...

I have never heard a Qatari or any Arabic Gal goin for Love Marriage... So don know if they marry any at all of any other nationality.....

And if Given a choice for inter country affair.. Indian Prefer Western females... over Arabs anytime...

Hard Work Doesn't Kill Anyone... But Why take Chances.

Iqbal2009, English please in the main forum!

can any one please te^ll me why the titel of this thred changed? the first time i read it, the titel was "why qatari Girls NOt getting marry indian man

now it has chang to "why Arab Girls NOt getting marry indian man"

can any one make it clear for my eyes?

action speaks louder than words

one of the reasons why Qatari females are not usually allowed to marry foreigners is because of demographics (the native population here is very small), the second is financial.

The state does not want to support foreigners who marry Qatari women.

That's why shahee5946773 won't get permission unless she leaves Qatar forever (and she'll need permission from her guardian to leave I think - but I may be wrong)

However Qatar on the top of the above has a law which does not allow the local girls to marry expatriates and vice versa (even men are not encouraged for the matter) reasons could be more than one but to manage the population etc....

I ll share with you history/story about a community PARSI in INdia.. these guyz are suppose to be Persians by origin......

They have a very limited population, and to save their culture they had decided tht they shall marry within there community only and hence save the culture..

But in due course of they where getting married to 2nd or 3rd cousin, and bloodline was not very far from each other... the kids being born where not 100% healthy...

And it is proved scintifically tht by marrying blood relatives probability of child not being medically fit are higher...

Hence it is always recommended tht the couple are from as wide blood line as possible..

Hope the same story is not repeated for the Qataries...

It is good tht they want to preserve the identity of their own....

And if the Guyz are doing this to get Citizenship here is equally bad from there part....

(Mexicans girls ... m coming...)

Hard Work Doesn't Kill Anyone... But Why take Chances.

As far as I know Qatari women can marry foreigners now but they still can't sponsor their husband, their kids won't be Qataris and her family will make their life to hell. Why going through all the trouble? Btw, not even their men are worth marrying them...

Trust is a fragile thing. Once earned, it affords us tremendous freedom. But once trust is lost, it can be impossible to recover. Of course the truth is, we never know who we can trust. Those we're closest to can betray us, and total strangers can come to

Afghans are not Arabs


they are Tajiks, Uzbeks, Turkmen, Pashtun, Balushi, Hazara etc

and the Sudanese are not Arabs there are loads of ethnic groups like Dinka and Nubian


Thnks for the Info.. I was waiting for some one to give a clear picture of Arab Territory...

I admit to be unaware as I want to know it now.... Reply awaited..

Hard Work Doesn't Kill Anyone... But Why take Chances.

Well dont write things that you dont know about....

it undermines the credibility of everything else you say

If you want to know more google it or try wikipedia!

Oh Damn.. if I was actually tht hard wrking you think I would have asked you...??

Every Answer is available on Google... from nursery rhyme to How to make a space craft.... no need for anyone to write anything.....

If you think m wrong.... Google your Doubt...

If you know it... answer it ...else... Let someone who can...

If you think it ll affect the credibility of posts...

It is my gift... it is my curse.. who I am I am Spiderman..... (Toby McQuire)

b t w let me share with you the reason.. it might take ages for you to understand else.... with limited resources you possess...

If I Google.. I Know... I mean only I know...If you write here.... Everyone who sees this knows..

And most of us here are either form Asia,Europe or America... so you would share with many... by answering one...

Now You get it?? Or still no bells ringing in the top floor ????

Hard Work Doesn't Kill Anyone... But Why take Chances.

i like you already ashwin.

In this modern world, internet is the great equalizer.

Hey Man... thks a Ton..

Its an honor to be like d by You.. :) m touched...

Hard Work Doesn't Kill Anyone... But Why take Chances.

don't even think qatari girlz marry to some indian hahahahaha stop this topic right now here if some qatari

have seen this shit i swear they gonna kill this peron who started this topic ...... we people only work for arabic girls not marriage

maybe it's because your face looks like a busted pumpkin.

Too complicated to be summed up in a QL thread.

If you're interested in marrying a Qataria, just push your luck.


but in your dreams ... LOL

The person who advices to stop the thread... is the one responsible for re-opening it . . .

MArrying a Qatarina - ??

Men get Dowry in India... heard its other way round in here.....


Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it

Yep, ashwindoke.. Women here get the dowry.. A real huge one :)

Ash i was really shocked when i heard that men get dowry in india:P

Btw where is the gr8 guy who has started this topic:P

Same in India QL -

depending upon how good or better the guy is.....

there are slabs ... :)

If guy is qualified and lucky enough... gets enough to start his own business... :)

If either of the one - Qatari Chick and/or a Indian guy is money minded... don think s/he ll say yes to this....

And if its the love thing for the emotional fools ...

Don think even the social Chains that we have put ... shall be good enough to stop them ....

Ya SalmaJi - It is a common practice...

It causes lot of social crimes too.... abuse of woman for greed of more n all.....

These dayz guyz are not falling into this social evil..

even women are bold/independent enough to say NO to it..

things are changing for good....

Even though I intent to opt for Arrange marriage option....

Shall be a good citizen and wont ask for Dowry...

but wont be saying NO to whtever my pop-in-law wans to give.. :)


Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it

Nothing is more relaxing than flying like an Eagle in Heaven !!

SURE. preferred to be from Kerla :P

it s allowed but u ll get a 100 years prison as a marriage gift :P heheh

I would never suggest to any woman to break the norms of their community and marry an outsider especially of poorer background.She is ver likely to find herself helpless, unable to return back to her country if the marriage goes wrong. I also think that most of the Indian women who marry arab men are usually sold to them and to me, it's not a marriage really.

Are you nuts? doubt I am crazy about you!

full noding force...


india full of sh*T dreams...

Would you guyzz accept cash to let a dead forum Die ???


Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it

The reason why they go there is to avoid Qatari family members seeing them dating other Qatari's. It's like a hideout. And even when they go to the Indian Cinema, they don't sit together, they sit like one seat apart or two seats back making you think they are single and looking. To be honest I like Indian food but it doesn't mean I'm attracted to Indian women (which i am). LOL! Don't read to far into it man.

ItS there of ma frnd whose mom is qatari and his dad is Indian...hOW cOME?? of ma frnd whose mom is qatari and his dad is Indian...hOW cOME??

W T F . . .

HOw in this world you know my SON ????

I had sent him to boarding school in Jakarta...

Away from all of us :(


Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it

Nic Nic

The reason can be summarized in one word: Xenophobia

ask first the Qatari girl if she wants to marry you..

Guess what ? YES i have seen a local woman married to an indian guy . Some rules are meant to be broken i guess .

Love is blind afterall :)

دمت لنا بو مشعل

coz Qatari boyss are enough smart beautiful and handsomee than others.....

When you have time go and visit India, then you will change the word Indian are not attractive, may be you are correct here in Qatar you may see too much handsome guys, visit, New Delhi, Bombay, Banglore and you will change your word. we have million only out of 110 millions here, unfortunately most of them under class labours. So please dont judge all Indians. If I see one very few bad behaved Qataries, it does't mean all Qatari's are bad.

Lookwise Indians are very attractive........definitely more proportionate and better features than Arabs.......but I am no advocate of marriages between Qataris and Indians.

Are you nuts? doubt I am crazy about you!

I like the way you think savvy...when you think about it from $$$ point of view marrying a Qatari lady is equivalent to buying a Ferarri ;(

who said Indian men are not attractive?

look Indian men are handsome...but I think it is the personality that you want to refer to. most Arab ladies are not easy to deal with...believe me they are not easy AT ALL...the poor polite Indian will have a heart attack trying to understand how to deal with arab girls.

look in general Arab men know how to deal with their own kind...believe me I sometimes envy your culture especially some polite almost you dont hear their voices...

Qatari ladies maybe nice at heart, but outwardly they are too loud and audacious even for arab standards.

Are you nuts? doubt I am crazy about you!

Can someone provide a link about the govt laws regarding marriages with qatari women... ?!?

maybe a qatari guy can married a foreign... but a woman?? a big question???? but its up to you and to her if you can fight for it..


indians are our mads why they have to ...

yaah dear frnd supporting u.....

who said Qatari Girls not allowded.... huh

its not depend on Forign or any other thing...

everything is fair in LOVE And WAR....

According to me,if both are muslims then they can marry but Qatari girls like qatar environment there may be some hurdles for her.

marraige is not a problem.managing is problem...LOL!

i agree with mariam mar , godsgrace and HASRAT .....


No cjnuzri ...they allowded but it depends on the girl if she like to any one dn its possible...

[ everything is fair in LOVE AND WAR ]

but as nature every one have his own standard... if she like she will....

but depends on CULTURES also...

i give u example.....

but plz don't mind its just example nothing else..

its like u r indian ... and what u think if one nepali, indonesia or weitnami girl wants to MARRY u or Even me or with any others???

How any one Agree with her.. if u don't know her, don't like her Cultures, LAws, etc etc...

But if you know her , she works with u or having contacts,, after few days having affairs .. if u like her then may be u wll agree to marry...

other wise not .............. am i right ???

Same as if Qatari Girl Don't knows u ,,, Even don't like Cultures or......... dn how she will ????

i agree with victory brother also.. ....

qatari girls are so proud .... any way they olways flirt with boys ahem ahem and marry i dont knw !!!

pls i would like to know ,,there is any qatari woman married with tunisia man?

probably their culture dictates that they should only marry Qatari men..too bad. some Qatari women are really pretty.

i think its because of religions.its caz of islam. most family dont let women to marry with foreigners in muslim contries but of course it depends on contrys... u know qatar rules are more harder than other muslim contries. maybe its coz of this. but no way.. love doesnt care anything...

but if u wanna marry with a qtari girl u better ask her first

man you must be Muslim but beleive me forget it its impossible dont even think about it.

Nice post.

Well it's always been my understanding that Qatari women can marry whoever the choose legally as long as they are muslim or convert to Islam.

However, just because you can do it does not by any means mean it is accepted.

yus because you hinde

arab mary arab only

qatari we can marry egypt ok but indian nooooooooooo

And why does it bothering to the OP??

Hope OP is still alive on QL to answer our queries..

yea gamal i heard you can marry in egypt for 2 weeks and get divorced and the husband doesnt have to pay any post maintenance money/support

mr.gamal..if goes with islamic shariah(law)..muslim can marry to any muslim..islamic law is not based on individual country r any particular origin,culture etc.but he r she should b muslim.there is nothing like arab should marry arab,like that,but ofcourse there will be cultural issue.language traditional issue.but though its is legal.

CONCLUSION for this thread: Qatari women cant marry indian men, egyptians and other qataris from certain tribes because they are born to love smiling cute filipino men like me (just joking) BUT they cant marry them for the fact that most of us are not muslim, not wealthy and the traditional laws governing them.

Qatari women can marry any nationality but the process to do so is to tiersome and diffcult , if you or another lady have strong reslove she will be able to marry no matter whats his nationlity .

all she needs is approval from her guardian and the Apporoval from the speical forigen marriage commite in Al naser ( MOI dept. )

it take usually without Wasta from 6 months to 2 years to get the apporval .

know lots of qatari women who married non qatari's ..

hope this clears some miss information being spread here .

you can pay for her around 200000 QR

for wedding preparation

if she agree her parents will disagree

and our culture not allow to marry from Indian

Wow .... cant believe that this topic of discussion has stayed alive for yrs ;-)

I understand the situation you are in now. However, from knowledge for you to marry a Qatari you obviously must be a Muslim. And she will lose all the benefits for her children from free health, education, scholarships, and many other things the country provides for Qataries. tell me if you have any other questions.

I have noted the comments by several people. My request is that, we are not much aware about the culture and heritage of other nationalities. Dont simply evaluate a man simpy based on their finacial status, religion, race country or else.


Laughing at people like you.

That is what i can do.

Was it actually a question or just passing time?????


Laughing at people like you.

That is what i can do.

Was it actually a question or just passing time?????

i have a question?

Question:(1)how much age limite for the qatari girls want to marry a qatari man?

(2) any qatari man want to marry with the qatari girls age till may be untill 20-28 yrs of the age needed, if no one qatari man marriage to her that the age then she what to do?

(3) Man have the marriage permission to marry any nationality girls in the world and get full faciality of them (chieldren medical and edjucation)but the same thing just opposit girls not have the permission to marry any muslim in the world, if some one get the marriage other nationality she lost everything about her (chieldren medical and edjucation)

(4) if the girls not have the permission to marry any other nationality then why after the 28-29yrs any qatari not to abule marry her,her whole life going alone, that is humanity? then she what to do go bad relation not halal, if have the permission to depend of qatari girl if she was wait for qatari man then the after the age can marry any nationality, one thing is importance that man will be muslim, then not going haram all thing going halal what is the matter of nationality?

i have that question about the low of muslim not a personal,

so please change the rules of marriage if possible?

after 28 yrs of qatari girls or womens can marriage her self or her choice of any nationality of man but man must be muslim.

any advice please update

i want to know that?

i hope we are muslim doesnot matter of nationality.

if all muslim become one no body can do anything of muslim.


i hope and i will be beg to allah all muslim become a one unity, no big and small....

some day everything will make a perfect sense. Wait.

IT's that a trick question? lol!! but we must admit Qatari Women are hot and Beautiful

How much long needed change of marriage low make freedom to all nationality,

after the her age of 28 yrs she gote freedom to get marriage,

any qatari muslim can marry with any nationality of muslim man

dont worry my friend here must be change of marriage low,

becouse lot of qatari girls more then 40 yrs no body marriage,she don't have huminity? she must get freedom of the low and she don't get any bad sence,

she will be get approval after the her age of 28 yrs,

she will be like some one can marriage with any nationality and get freedom to get marriage,

you must have to wait for our muslim,

Please safe our muslim girls.

than any qatari girls can marry with any nationality of muslim man,

that is the huminity of the girls dont get the suside

I wouldn't imagine so! I thought Qatari girls could only marry Qatari men.

Well if you can afford the Maher of the Qatari beauty, good luck then!

lol,, who9 cares about racist bitch, im a muslim , in my salat ,I always say 'ashadoo an laailaaha illallah, wa ashadoo anna Muhammad rasul alla, aleyhis salaat wa sallam,

I am married to Algerian woman, you know, when you compare qatri with Algerian,qatari is low grade, Algerian girls are far better looking than Qatari's one..

what do you mean by race? in Qur'an allah says race is important? you arabs nowadays are always disgusting by your uncivilized culture, Yaa allah why you still letting people like this to live in? don't you feel that they are raciost bitch? uyou says in Qur'an we are all the same to you, but here the recognized country of yours, I mean tha counties that most prophets was born are nowadays very2 racism, why you let them, still superior? don't you get mad at them?

oh allah, I have some respect to arabs only for my rasul allah, if rasul allah allah has nothing to do with these arabs, then I will hates all arabs ,I feel insulted , I feel upset

my Algerian wife is far better than any arabs from middle east.. this Qatar ,Saudi and most Arabic countires are racist bitch, you never followed the law of qur'amn you says you have followed the sharia law,, according to allah, isalm is one, no race for islam, islam is our race..

but this wild arabs are just annoying

and don't think that indian are poor., if there is no makkah, baitul maqdis, and madimnah, and prophets got nothing do with arab,then indian will destroy the whole arabs, cuz india is the most strongest country, don't play with indian

I respect my religion, I respect my allah, I respect my lovely prophet, that is the only reason you were safe for now,

lets close that craps.. now come at my point..

you think that Qatari are superior to indian?

Algerian morrocan Tunisian eygptian and Libyan are the real angels and malaikat of the world, also most Europeans, but not irish, irish are the most racist among Europeans, i have experienced of them..

this middle easterner are just a wild animals, that is non civilized..

all Indians loved their wife like a baby, for indian, wife is equivalent to a baby and angel, that is why we wont gt separated.. at least we respect for wives,, nothing like arabs, full of nafs al amara, i mean lust on every beauty, fu(c)k you, you don't love your wife for her heart, but you loved her beautiness,.. fu9c0k you, im gonna piss off into your face,, lets having it one by one..

racist b(i) tch

lol as astronomer i don't like arabs cuz arabs are brainless people, at least my berber wife is far better than this Qatari.. what your Qatari lady can do for you? she know just to khara on your toilet and piss on your mouth.. this arab girl and guys are idiots actually.. i would marry anyone but arabs, cuz arabs are low grade thinking peoples according to me.

i loved my Algerian wife lots and loads.. she is far better than this arab craps.

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don't consider that Algerian,morrocan,tunnisian Libyan and Egyptian as arabs they are far better white and far better looking than you oh racist middle easterno..

let me khara into your face..

bacuse Qatari woman look far better than idnian girls, but Algerians morrocan tunnisian Libyan Egyptian and whites look far better than arab girls..

Maybe for love. Last I remember love knows no culture, color and race distinction.

most Indians prefer nature beauties than artificial.

To me, my wife is everything,, although anyone give me a trillion sum, and asked me to divorce my wife, I will not divorce her, since money does not matter to me, but my wife is my life

i do agree with frenchies, there are indian as you've said..

but as indian, to me, if people asked me to give my life to save my wife's sake, I am willing to give my life for rescued her .. and algeria is also not a rich country, but rich in heart and their culture ..

not like middle eastern, rich country, heart damaged

in indian muslim community, we do call that Saudi as 'holy land' due to existence of makkah, madinah and our beloved prophet..

but nowadays the image for that 'holy land' were spoiled by the citizens and their goverments due to the raciom acts..

in Qur'an our god says , everyone will be treated equal.. but these countries nowadays are muslim by name, but non practicing muslims,

I have a friend who has married a saudi arabian, when they were there, Arab society there looked down upon the Arab women because she was married to someone from outside and from poor countries.whereas both Muslims

the other hand,there was an Arab lady who have fallen in love with indian man, both were Muslim, but he was not liked by her family ..

when he went to Marriage proposal, then their families give an answer, we do not want 'people who are not Arabs, because we want to keep our genes?'

you mean that ugly genes? your genes has proven us everyone that you are the most useless and brainless peoples..

see how racist middle easterns are, whats wrong with my friend? he is indian with green eyes, petroleum engineer, and he is 6ft 1inch,he is muslim to say

see how idiots are middle eastern,, simple reason that they are threatened by outside forces because their brains are not useful to the world.. im not saying the arabs during rasul allah and sahabas,

im exactly mean about the arabs nowadays,whereas why european not vulnerable to outside forces or parties? because of the one word which is called 'united'

but when you ask a middle eastern that 'what is united?' they would say arabs are one, non arabs are none ..

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arab sucks racist sucks

jus do fun no love or marriage:)

It's all about money and status in life.

Thejam is right :). No money, no honey! lol!