DOs and DONTs this Ramadan for all

• Don’t eat or drink in public. You can feed small children, though. Non-Muslims are not required to fast during the holy month. However, eating in public is punishable by law. Smoking and chewing gum are also not allowed during the fasting hours.

Adults found eating, drinking, smoking and chewing gum in public between dawn and dusk (the fasting time) can face up to three months of imprisonment or a fine of up to QR3,000 or both under Article 267 of Qatar’s criminal code.

• Dress conservatively: Avoid going to public places like shopping centres and parks in shorts, mini-skirts or sleevless outfits. Dressing indecently in public or using abusive language is a crime punishable under Qatari law. The law is applicable at all times, but during Ramadan sensitivities on these issues grow. Dressing indecently is a crime punishable under Article 290 and action can be taken against the violators regardless of whether it is Ramadan or not.

• Be aware that office hours will change and that late morning or in the evening after 8pm are the best times for business and shopping.

• Avoid driving close to sunset (Iftar), as people are anxious to get home for breaking the fast. Driving can be hazardous.


and shop at really Odd times if you do not want to be stuck 3 hours :)

Our company is not non-muslim religion, is the time of working hours also applicable? I mean do we need to follow the 6hours rule of working during ramadan?

And One more question, What is the hour of fasting 6am-6pm? Can you suggest a working hour time for non-muslim residence... Thanks

then there is no need to rush home. If you there are no dates then he /she can break fast with water. If water is not available then he/she can still break fast

its should be 'Our company is a non-muslim religion...' sorry my mistake. :)

To answer your question yes, Kikay, all regardless they are fasting or not should follow shorter time as i understand

hope our company will know that too..

What are the road accident statistics like during Ramadan? I bet they are horrendous! I will play safe and keep out of the way...I'd like to still be here at the end of Ramadan,not a statistic!

and Magrieb is 6:06pm (time to break fast)

since majority of muslims are ignorant they think it means driving fast well its not. One has to stop near masjid break his fast with 3 dates like Prophet peace be upon him pray Salah then drive home.

There are companies never follow the especial 6 working hours for non-muslims. The reason, still they can take their lunch but not in PUBLIC. And some companies giving equal work timings for muslim and non-muslims.

so does it chances of working less 8hrs a day is 50/50...sadness.. still need to wait for our company notice.

Maximum working hours during Ramadan are 6 (six) as per Labor Law.

LincolnPirate, please could you send a link to the Labor Law for the 6 working hours?

Thank you.

Yes kikay, wait from your cmpany advise, some cmpanies after 6 hours it is overtime as per labor law. But some non-humanitarian cmpany straight 8 hours for non-muslim and if you go after 6 hours that is under time!

even muslims get paid their overtime, if they are intended to continue working after 6 hours...

please can you send the link so that i will show it to my boss..thanks..

Thanks my Sense...but i already sense that we are not going to have a 6hrs working, its gonna be the same as normal days...8hrs.

All I see is a bunch of Donts... Where is the things you can do during Ramadan?

working law - overtime is paid....

Never in the 4 years(this will be my 5th Ramadan here) have our company paid any overtime to anyone working more than 6 hours during Ramadan.... We still work our full 8 hours + at least 2 hour overtime everyday.. never been paid for any of it....

The Muslims in our company get 1 hour to break fast and pray.. khallas... then its back to work....

If you take that law to our bosses, they tell you straight... what the laws says and what is practiced are two very different things....

Still PMSL.....

thanks for the helpful reminders....

Xena, same here in our company...

8-12am work

12-5pm break

5-8pm work

meaning 7 hours work during Ramadan.

i hope our boss make it straight timing this year. (fingers crossed)


im excited of the 5-day or 3-day no work. :)

we don't get Eid holidays either.... but for these days we DO get paid extra - alhamdilillah...

However in the hotels you can eat and drink during daylight hours if you need.

Is it me or does anyone else get the feeling that the celebrations and anticipation leading upto this weeks event are somewhat muted - I was in City Centre yesterday and barely a mention of the celebration - certainly no decorations - in the past shops and the public areas are very well decorated (I dont mean well in the sense of a tasteful display you understand) and I have seen on occasion a large "creation" downstairs depicting a "typical scene" - but this year nothing. That is true for most if not all areas of the city. Perhaps the novelty is wearing a bit thin. Thanks for the advise but I shall do what I bloody well like.

Gosh I freakin LOVE this country

quit being sarcastic ;-)

I'm not being sarcastic... this is gonna make fasting so much easier. Hope they do this in my uni too.

I was under the impression fasting wasn't supposed to be easy.

True but the weather already sucks. It's never easy for people who don't stay home anyway.

Seems pretty pathetic if you can't fast without laws being applied to force you.

It's not forcing anybody. the dressing thing is really really really necessary, food and smoking, not so much but also helpful... it's hard to fast when you got temptaion around you.

Again, Love this country. I'm sure there are so many people who will be happy about this as I am xx

Its supposed to be hard to fast. That's the point. The whole suffering for God thing. Doing this just makes it easy and takes away the purpose.

when is the start of ramadan by the way? is it on Aug 10 already??

No not really, the government is actually commended for doing things that make fasting (not easy) but possible.

The weather is still gonna be hot, people will still have headaches and other problems cause of hunger, we're still required to work/study.

People who don't like the rules might wanna go somewhere else, just saying.

Thanks for above tips..

It is really true and correct.

Holy moth Ramadan probably will start from Wednesday 11 Aug 2010.

Funny that Muslims everywhere else in the world can fast without the government making it easy for them. Frankly I think these laws are a sign of what weak faith Muslims in this region have. Are they going to have to make laws to force people to pray to?

no it's not funny. this is an islamic country and no other religion is nationally recognised as in other countries. They have some respect for other religions but that's about it.

they should actually do that like in KSA, that's a great suggestion.

Yes. let's persecute other religions. That's enlightened.

lol, yeah sure it is. smh

My advice to any expat who can't withstand these laws to go in vacation. It's summer and most schools won't be open till late august / mid September . Work slows down in Ramadan as government offices are open daily for only 5 hours (all sectors are affected by this in one way or another as government offices approval are required)

Over the years there was some flexibility in applying these laws to foreigners. In fact many international companies allows their staff to eat/drink at their offices, the same with EDC Staff. In addition all 5 star hotels continues to serve food in some of their restaurants, gym & spas

Honestly , I no longer see any reason for flexibility in applying these laws. Specially since conservatives in the west are continuing to pass laws to prohibit any public display of islamic practices / celebration

The law was issued in the first place to preserve the traditions of the holy month according to our religion(you'd be naive to think it's only applied as a courtesy to those who fast ) . How would this month be any different then ?


I'm sorry genesis, the only Western country that's passed anything of the sort is France's banning of the veil. Otherwise you can do as you please in any other country, including fast. See in the West we have this crazy thing called freedom to practice your religion, unlike here which just forces you to adhere to it. I personally could care less if they don't allow me to eat, I just find it hilarious that your religion has to be enforced by law in order for people to follow it. Absolutely hilarious.

As for just leaving. Not an option for most folks and you're naiive if you think every office follows Ramadan hours.

The law was not made for Muslims, but rather for non Muslims like yourself to comply with the tradition of this country during the holy month

Israel observe yom kippur till date, during that The whole country goes dead. And it's impolite to eat in public...I'm sure you don't find that hilarious ;)

As for your last sentence , maybe you should read my post properly. I said all sector (including non governmental ) get affected by the goverment offices shorter working hours.

I do find that hilarious. I don't understand the purpose of forcing people to comply with religion. All it does is prove that the Muslims here are incapable of following their own religion without enforcement and punish those who aren't Muslim.

Not all sectors do. Some, such as construction, just keep building away regardless of the government sector being shut down, only now the poor men can't drink water during the day in this heat.

I agree with u XEna, same us our company here... we worked 8 hours but dont have overtym pay.. i dont know whats happening to Qatar ryt now... it is a muslim country and we should respect and follow their rules and traditions...

This will be my 4th Ramadan in the gulf and till date I don't understand the logic of imprisoning people for eating or drinking in the open.

I don't find it hilarious but rather disconcerting.

My mother fasts half the year for the various festivals in Hindu calendar, thankfully she never felt the need to starve us to ensure her fast is not broken.

I was pointing out that other religions like Judaism also Preserve this tradition...anyway ;)

As for construction business, labors in construction sites are not fined for drinking/eating in public. Work progress is reduced due to the fact that many governmental approvals takes more time than other time of year

saeedkhan there is nothing like Hindu law, everything goes there ;)

In Israel it's impolite to eat during Yom Kippur genesis, not illegal. The Israelis aren't throwing people in prison for drinking water in 50 degree eat to preserve their "traditions" and I don't think it was a "tradition" of the Prophet to throw people in jail for eating during Ramadan if they weren't Muslim.

This silliness is a result of the fact that the Muslims here are incapable of fasting if it's not enforced on them through fear of punishment.

Well since Muslims are starving me to ensure their fast remains unbroken, I do feel the need to comment here.

Are the convictions of Muslims and Jews too evidently so weak that seeing someone eating or drinking puts them off their religious duty.

If that's the case then those convictions are very weak indeed and they should stop pretending to be true religious followers.

Lastly this is an open forum, if you just like reading comments agreeing with you then stick to sites like FB where only your friends can comment on your status updates.

The true test of ones faith and determination is when one can control with all temptations around. By forcing everyone not to eat, it is like keeping the temptations off so that one doesn't lose control.

I have no idea of Islamic laws, but the idea of prohibiting everyone from eating sounds not so right.

No it wasn't the Prophet's sunnah to throw non Muslim's in jail for eating/drinking in public,Allahu'alim. Having fasted since the age of five in a non Muslim country even having gone to a non Muslim school where of cos knowing the nature of kids, we'll be taunted much, I can't say my fast was harder/easier there than here. However I guess this law of the land must have come about due to some reason unknown to us. So though we may not see the sense in it it still needs to be followed.

Again saeedkhan why should I go back if you can't follow your religion by seeing me eating or drinking?

You are the one with the problem, not me.

Great notice from you , Reli Nice to point it out .

Also nice from people who understood that :D

@ Whyteknight it is consider as respect for the country and its tradition . we are nt talking about ur home and Mom

Well Fatimah, I can tell you that I have greater respect for you for fasting with all the temptations not to around you, then for the vast majority of the people who fast here under threat of imprisonment if they don't.

Its not only non Muslims affected by it. Even menstruating Muslim women as well as other Muslims exempted from fasting still have to follow the law.

AmgadHatem don't give me that made-up reason, tell the truth. You guys can't resist it if you see anyone else eating or drinking so ban all of them from eating to ensure you can keep your fast.

Atleast tell the truth like it is.

What does that article have to do with forcing Non-Muslims to fast saeedkan?

saeedkhan are you threatening me with violence there by reminding me of the Denmark issue??

Sorry didn't get the relation between the two subjects.

Nobody is arguing the importance of it for Muslims saeedkan, what we are arguing is the practice of imprisoning NON MUSLIMS who eat during the day in public.

It's not illegal in Israel because no one would dare to break the tradition of yom kippur. No one did till date, Not even secular Jews

In gulf countries , where more than half the population are non Muslims. If this law is not applied, the Islamic identity of those countries will be lost.

It's about preserving this tradition during this one month.

As I written earlier , if it bothers you that much go in vacation . I'm sure your contribution to the economy during this month won't matter anyway ;)

Again it goes back to your fear and inability to practice your religion without it being enforced. Doesn't sound like too many people here have great faith in the staying power of their religion if they have to enforce it by law.

Unfortunately I can't go on vacation in the summer. Guess my contribution would be missed.

Saeedkhan WAKE UP, these DOs and DONTs are for people from all religions not just Muslims.

genesis I am sure deep down, you don't quite agree with imprisoning people for eating during Ramadan ;)

wat is up ? about respect people u live with

why shall u deviate the words ? we never do fast only for food or smoking or watever . Sorry to say that but reli .,. u didnt understand even wat he article mean ? or wat fasting mean for Muslims ?

that is why u start with ur Mom story about fasting

Saeedkan do you actually live in this country? This isn't about Do's and Don't s for Muslims this is Do's and Don't s for EVERYONE in Qatar, Muslim or not.

And one more thing genesis, since you are the only sensible person I see here I will address it to you.

Remind me to dig up this thread when someone starts a thread on lack of tolerance in the west ;)

I need to grow up? You can't even carry out a discussion without making a fool of yourself.

Seems to me that the only contributors making ANY sense in this thread are Pilgram and Whyteknight - the rest of what I am reading is frankly unmitigated, insecure, indefencible, uncorroborated trash. I have no desire to alter my feeding habits for one month of the year and guess what, I sharnt!!! Bizarre state of affairs really.

Nope saeedkan I have no interest in knowing any religion. Atheism works fine for me.

keep their fast and traditional Ramadan alive without requiring the law forcing it on everyone. I have spent a few Ramadans here and what I see is it is a time of greater triviality running around in the shops until the wee hours and excessive eating after the fast breaks. It doesn't give the impression of being sacred or even a religious holiday, but is more like what Christmas has become in Christian countries. One big party.

On the other hand, I fully expect with the pc leadership we have back home in Britain-i-stan that we will soon have laws like these qatari ones.

Oh...the yearly routine thing... the state wants us to do something, someone doesn't agree and year on year the arguement continues ... lol

lol happy I didn't even have to think up new arguments, I am posting the same thing I posted in Ramadan 2009.

stop that Saeedkan , it is wrong to do argue like that

as long as they cannt understand wat respect mean and devaite wat we say or the whole article meaning . it is better to stop ... Who didnt respect will nt be respected :p

"Atheism works fine for me" hahahaha at last the clear light of day - thank Dawkins for the intervention of common sense!!!!

Yeah Chairboy Dawkins rocks :o)

The sorry thing is, if they didn't make these ridiculous laws, most Non-Muslims would still respect fasting Muslims. I had Muslim friends in Uni back home and I didn't eat in front of them out of respect for them during Ramadan, I'd wait till I wasn't around them anymore. I didn't need laws to teach me to be polite.

But putting laws to prevent people from drinking water in their car in 50 degree heat, or not allowing them to eat in their office, is just silly and downright mean spirited.

I agree..sadly Ramadan seems to many a time of "celebrations" at Ifthar & suhoor than what its truly meant to a month of sacrifice & intense worship.Its supposed to then make us better Muslims for the rest of the year.Allah says in the Quran ""O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious)"

If it wasn't so scary I'd laugh at some of the ifthar promos with stuff that are actually haraam anytime of the year let alone in the sacred month of Ramadan..Audubillah! Oh well may Allah grant us all knowledge and guidance that will benefit us not just in Ramadan but throughout our lives..aameen!

May you have an accepted Ramadan..aameen!

May Allah blessed you and your family

And that is wat the article meant ..

thanks for you understand

I remember something i couldnt hold , Can u read Arabic ?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

{ وَلا تَسُبُّوا الَّذِينَ يَدْعُونَ مِنْ دُونِ اللَّهِ فَيَسُبُّوا اللَّهَ عَدْوًا بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ }

صدق الله العظيم

I hope u will understand wat i meant by it :) ?

Happy Days for all , Ramadan or not .. Just be tolerant and respected to be respected and esteemed :) :) :)

Yes Saeedkhan because God speaks Arabic.....

My view is that threatening to put people in jail for 3 months for eating in public is wrong, but non-muslims should respect the month and not eat and drink in public. If someone forgets they shuold be reminded and most will apologise and stop.

Tinkerbell yes you can eat in hotels even if you are not staying there, but no booze. Need to keep the muslims off the beer during ramadan....

Now look, saeedkhan & amgedhatem are not locals, and yet they were offended by what you wrote. Can you imagine the reaction of the local public if there was no law imposed and what impact it has in the country's security

Only with posts like yours do locals grow more conservative and unfortunately xenophobic

You can rant all you want, this law will not change. Not now, not ever

and that's what happens when MUSLIM decision makers in MUSLIM countries try to do something nice for themselves and other MUSLIM people on MUSLIM land.

I hope whoever came up with these laws get his/her due reward, Ameen. Afterall it is Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem :)

Yes we should live and forgive and respect people of all faiths and beliefs in all countries.

Genesis they reacted the way they did because they can't understand what I'm writing. They thought I was upset at Ramadan in general, not the silly act of making eating in public illegal. I can't help it if they can't read English.

accept ur mistake...many muslims in this session has raised voice abt ur comments...anyway rather than making it worse just forget it...

Many Muslims in this session can't read English and obviously feel that they need to be threatened with jail time to stick to their religious traditions. Not my fault they're weak and faithless.

r u staying in qatar..pls answer....

Lol. Are you that bored?

I'm done discussing this with you. As apparently you just want to troll around

You can ridicule this law as much as you want, I'm sure you know that this will not change the fact that's applied. Whether you like it or not ;)

Are you Qatari?

ur right...pilgrim is mentally ill...better to ignore before it becomes worse

How am I mentally ill because I'm voicing my opinion? I'm sorry, is it illegal to disagree with something in this country as well?

do u know even who ur..i u know ur religion also or not...

it is clear ur mentally ill...go take a rest...

sakaera is ignorant of what you're basing your argument on, leave him be. Genesis is a better person to debate with in comparison.

Who are you to call someone mentally ill? Dude I told you once before too, if you can't interpret English, stfu!

Pilgram it is ;)

Ramadan is wonderful.

Forcing people not to eat is not ;)

Sakaera saeedkan whatever your name is, go check out the threads from Ramadan 2009, some Qatari nationals were surprised too that Non-Muslims are put in jail for eating anything in open. Stop trying to use your mob mentality, doesn't scare me.

i know very well what iam u want to add something for this session...

genesis is polite and tried to explain pilgrim but failed...the same i did...

WK I love Ramadan (after Iftar) I love the way it actually makes people nicer in this country, the festive air, etc. What I don't agree with is throwing people in jail for drinking water in public in 50 degree heat. I think that takes away the spirit and purpose of Ramadan.

sakaera all you have been trying to do is scare us by reminding about the reactions for having an opinion, people like you defame your religion.

Pilgram I agree, people become nicer. There is this festive air and everyone is so cheerful..

i agree with u...pilgrim this is wrong of putting some one in jail...this is totally wrong...

the reason why they must have been put in prison is (may be) they were drinking in front of a muslim person which they found it wrong...put him in a jail is wrong...if he is thirsty he should go to an area where no one is there...

nincompoop is an appropriate title ;-)

You mean like a car sakaera? Oh wait, you can be arrested for drinking in your car.

And as my last post on the subject, I would like to say yes Ramadan must be respected but Command respect, don't demand respect...

my dad always told me that, "command respect, don't demand it" ;-)

I was always told "respect has to be earned" and "do unto others as you would have done unto you." I think these lessons need to be taught here.

its nice meeting you....ur invited for iftar...WK and colt too

i changed my nationality was QATAR and i changed it to india...

good morning kitne baar kahengi tinkerji :-).

tinker ur invited for iftar, eid and inshallah to my marriage after october (in hyd)

why dizzy tinker...raat ko soya nahi..aur boss is wandering around :-)

questioning their motive (for implementing these laws) is one thing and questioning their faith is another.

maybe the reason why they made these laws is because of some people who do not have the sense of being polite to others.

not all people are like you guys, they need laws to follow it. this cliche applies to those people: common sense is not so common.

you guys are lucky to be blessed with it :)

give me a superman moment a normal human being and other moment superman

It's good that you mention "do unto others as you would have done into you" . For years now all shopping malls & 5 star hotels celebrate Christmas. Despite the fact that most locals see this offensive in accordance to the wahabi sunni sect which the majority of qataris follows. Have you seen any Qataris oppose the christmas celebration or showed any hostility towards Christians during the holiday season?

It saddens me to say that We don't care whether you respect us or not. Just follow the law of the land, earn your money and go back home

We do just that Genesis. We do follow the law of the land and earn our money and go home, however I didn't realize keeping my mouth shut was part of that arrangement. I'm allowed to voice my opinion on this site whether you like it or not.

Common Sense it would seem has intervened in UAE according to this morning's Gulf Times - I cant be arsed to put in the link - check it out for yourselves. After a reasonable complaint from an Oil Rig worker about having to work in excessive temperatures and being "forced" to abstain from taking water, the "authorities" have conceded that in certain types of employment and given certain caveats, workers MAY break their fast to save their lives!!!! and take water as appropriate. I am extending that ruling to the taking of coffee in my car first thing in the morning in order to protect the health of my staff when I arrive at work!!

On a broader canvass, seeing what I do see around the place, I'm not so sure that the commercialisation of Ramadan in the retail sector isnt going the same as Christmas went some years ago in the West - interesting development.

Genesis on a point of grammar, we "tolerate" you, you are "tolerant" towards us NOT "tolerable" - I know you'd want me to correct you.

I'm sorry Genesis, you think because I complain about the law that I don't follow it? I don't drink or eat in public during Ramadan. And I have to laugh that you think spas & restaurants in hotels being open is a bonus, I guess you live a much higher lifestyle then I (or most expats)do, as I can't afford to go eat in the hotels everyday and I don't go to the spas. And I've never had food delivered or found an affordable place that delivers during the day.

Just abide by the law of our host country to avoid unnecessary trouble. Qatar is a very conservative muslim country and we have to respect that....shalom

Not don't follow this particular law, And yet you have the nerve to criticize it. You have the option to eat out in hotels during the day in Ramadan, all gyms & spas are open during day time . Many restaurants offer delivery to offices. Turning a blind eye doesn't mean we are not aware of what's going on. It's just a clear indication how tolerant we are

The fatwa was always there for non musilms . However the UAE have legalize it for musilms too to break the fast during extreme working conditions

And thank you for correcting my grammar ;)

I don't care whether you're wealthy or live on welfare, the point is the option is there. Despite the fact that it's against the law

It's not against the law for the hotels to have one restaurant open. That's actually in the law, or at least the Emir has allowed it, which is a law in itself in this country.

omG.... everyone's still on about this :S

everybody (including the government people) try to do as much as possible to raise their religious status in this month particularly and by doing this i guess they thought they'd earn more hasanat. I know many people will appreciate this and that's what matters.

Eyecandy...yes the discussion is still on ....come next year during the same period and you would see this discussion still on...:)

hehe i wouldn't be surprised. nice to see qatar developing but still making it a better place for Muslims though.

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