Is it possible that unmarried couple can stay in one hotel room?


Legality wise, it is illegal as per the law of the land, and you could be subject to prosecution (if caught). However, admission of unmarried couples depends on the hotel - not all hotels  have the same policy so better check with the hotel directly.

Generally in the 5 Stars, it won't be an issue.  But 4 stars or less, it may become a problem.  Like the previous poster says, check with the hotel.

Yes, you can....might end up in spending the subsequent nights at another luxury place called "jail" with separate cell allocated for both.

Dear, y should invite a risk......i will give a good suggestion, you can marry her. then u can stay any hotels like 3 ,4 or 5 stars.......

Get ready to go first behind the bars then to your country with a no entry stamp. No hotels will let you to stay in one room. You will be able to stay in two rooms in one hotel but if you want to sleep with her then you will be in deep trouble.

You allreay got your answer from some users of QL. some western and europen thinking they can enjoy same cultural activities here. The law is very strict here. by seeing some westerns with short dress don't think everything is possible here. check your inbox

5 Star hotel will do. But always remember Law doesn't premit us to do so.  Now i have Question, Y alot of Un marride couples stay in one room in 5 start hotel & Y hotel let them to do so If its illegal, I m not saying just Coz i heard, i am saying coz i witness myself. 2nd Question, Y there are mini Bars in 5 start Hotles if couples are not allowed. 


guys she is kidding waw she just trying to joke around so guys chill out!!

we all know no hotel will accept that, we can just tell her no with out the fighting and attcking her i guess she is new here thats why she is learning  so answer her with out attcking

Yeah you can stay in a hotel if ur unmarried.... if its a 5star hotel they do not ask any questions... you go by your self make the reservation and then u tell ur partner or girl friend the room number and she can come no one will ask any thing...

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