Qatar National Day Celebration

Does anyone know if the Qatar National Day celebration will be tomorrow, Dec 16, 2010. Does this mean that non-working holiday tomorrow?


celebration will be on the 18th.. if tomorrow is holiday, they would've announced it on the newspapers..

Sunday is the holiday.

19th is Holiday for most Government departments not sure about the private sector or the banks!

who said tomorrow is holiday ...?

Holiday will be on SUnday but that will be great if they anounce both days holiday (Thursday and Sunday)

Has 19th already been declared as holiday????

Our Company never announced a holiday yet..........

we are waiting the official announcement for Sundays Holiday ?

any one have any idea abt Sunday , is it Holiday or not ??

In hamad there is a rumor that sunday is hoilday because in the news they have announced that out patient department will remain close on sunday.

Nic Nic

The usual Qatari Planning, Organization and Communication Skills on display (or not)!

Nic...agree... this could very well be decided in January itself...:)

Nic Nic


lol... how about the Asian Football Cup and the Qatar ExxonMobil Tennis Open, will they coordinate and communicate the necessary arrangements to the public, in February?

Nic... lol... sorry for the miscommunication.. I meant they could have decided the holiday in January 2010 itself...:)

LOL at January... :P

hope this gonna announce b4 the closing of office hour 4 the weekend, so we can make our programs, right folks?

last year, they made an announcement in Gulf Times.. wonder if they'll be doing the same this year..

Nic Nic


And who would think about that here?! That would require strategic planning and here is more like last minute reactive approach!

Nic... so true.... its amazing that such simple things also remain undecided till the last minute.

Nic Nic


My explanation to this constant failure, is that all senior management, including planning and consultancy organizations, ultimately somewhere up the hierarchic line, encounters a local who is the decision maker. The typical profile is the one who is not regular at his desk and will do the least possible, including thinking and deciding. This is the main cause of all delays, lack of professionalism, lack of effectiveness, huge waste and poor results seen across all sectors in Qatar. Government bodies being the worse performers as the local decider can usually be found starting at lower hierarchic levels.

Only in special cases when the decision is delegated to the executer, you see excellent results at all levels... those are very few exceptions but hopefully will increase with the pressure of 2022, inshalah ;)

Pls refer the following link

is officially holiday for all governments offices......

Nic Nic

Uau, they managed to announce so effectively and with such a long notice period (15 Dec at 12:30), and so clear message that we all know who is included and who is not!

Now, they are only missing the detailed schedule for the celebrations events. Oh, but for that they still loads of time, 2 days, so relax and wait ;)

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