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Here are some rare pictures of Old Qatar to share with you all...

Please mail/message me if you need more pictures....


What era were those taken? Few years ago, or decades? Just curious. And was that the original airport?
do you have more pictures? please show them. :-D *Create your own destiny,fighting against your dark sides,raise your spirituality.Every day is a new day.A new life. Keep the faith!*
airport looks so basic ...
cool pic where did u get these? [img_assist|nid=23511|title=so pretty|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=135|height=180]
sorry was that a joke? Obviously not a 'few years ago'.
wow those were really cool pics. " Remember Kids Beer is Good For You :P "
hazard a guess at the late 50's or early 60's
fanatistic pictures of qatar past.
those are v kool man. need to see few more of them
guys you can also buy cool pic at the souq waqif.. i found it excellent choices...all old pics from kingdoms of all gulf country, specially Doha. Not only that you can also find pictures of traditional people..nice! Price is good too start from 5 riyal..and you can use as post card 
honey, thanks for the info, since all the post cards I found so far were in the duty free at the airport but all of them are for the modern Doha.    
thats the only place in Souq waqif selling postcard with pictures...you wont miss it
its in souq waqif..if you walk to Al bandar restaurant..you will see this shop on your right hand side
i have seen these kinda pics somewhere... i cant remember where though... there were lots of em...
Thanks for sharing those photos, they are really interesting....
very intrsting nice photographs.Add more snaps
nice pics. got more?
Tanks for the information Very good pictures These are important for my study about Qatar´s architecture
awkhan thank you dear, thank you very much for such a nice pictures. just I got it to day.
... looks much as I remember from when I first arrived in the 80s. The whole place was not much bigger than the current 1st class building and the car park could hold around 30 cars! Did you Google it first?
That was long b4 when more qatari's were riding on camel back rather than land cruisers, mercs & bmw's
Doha has come a long way indeed!
with you Baldrick. Even Peacock would agree. In those days you could actually see into the customs inspection area.
nice pics!!!!!!
When we see these pictures, let us think about our selves, What we are NOW, What we were before, and What we hope to be later, Realy they are very nice pictures
sabikp ?? wats with tat code number ? and why u diggin graves here ...lol
wow!! i just love seeing such pictures...just amazes me everytime i look at them. Infact i have a book which shows Qatar since 1960s! or i think even earlier :S it shows the villages too :)
am not feeling that much diffrence,,,old and new...ehm ehmm
now its like heaven
thanks a good lik i really enjoyed so much to know from current sroundings thanks
nice picture that you have.
this one nostalgic
[img_assist|nid=48678|title=|desc=|link=none|align=center |width=|height=0]
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I never knew such airplanes existed these days till I was on board one of them from Amsterdam to Norway. You've gotta see business class seats!! :D
When did these pics were taken ? Live and let live...
very nice pictures , i remember the old airport
thx u so much ..for nice pic^^
can u pls send us all the Qatar Pictures & National Holiday 2009 pictures 2 me .
Very impressive photos, from these photos we can just imagine what developement and chages happened in QATAR, this oil rich country, with all the hardwork of Qatari Residents which includes the expatariate community. SALUTE TO ALL..............
qatar has changed so much!
sweeet :D +| Jokk3R |+
Nice effort
yesterday i visit in souq waqaf .There are somany antique shop .
soni ya arr, it's an old thread & was posted on 18/07/2007:D
ghazalz, yes i know it was an old post..but it wasn't me who started it again..I just added my contribution coz i too posted similar topic some time back(this yr)..thats it..
the transition of qatar is well appreciated..a paradigm shift that holds pride and beauty..economy is at most level.. nevertheless the contribution of expatriates workforce and qatar citizens as well..;)
qatar is a good country
fanatistic pictures of qatar past.
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