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qatari ladies
By kkforever young

I witnesses how a few qatari ladies behaved at the airport earlier this week. Without any hesitation I noticed then going straight to the check-in counter passing everybody in the queue. They considered it normal that they could do this

The ladies had no clue whatsoever what was happening or what was going on around them. That they caused delays for others (also single ladies) that was not their concern as they were unable to notice it.

Ladies, you should be ashamed.

Especially, you left your children in the hands of the nannies that were witnessing your behavior, as you were too lazy to take care off them either.

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By khalidglory• 4 years 3 months ago.

Probably the OP was standing on the other nationalities line and those ladies were passing through the local lines.

Anyways, if they were jumping the que that is wrong.

By claudia73• 4 years 3 months ago.

ahahahahahah you got it :D

By claudia73• 4 years 3 months ago.

ahahahahahah you got it :D

By 2020 Olympics• 4 years 4 months ago.
2020 Olympics

To the OP and haters--if you don't like it, just stay wherever you are going on your trip.

By Bachus• 4 years 4 months ago.

Apricot--good points, but lots of Qataris don't travel first or business class.

By Apricot• 4 years 4 months ago.

I was reading your post and couldn't help noticing you saying that these ladies were Qatari. Have you seen their passports? Are you sure they were Qatari? I have many Qatari women friends and i know them to be very kind and polite.

I can assure you that not all ladies dressed in abaya are Qatari. On top of that, Qataris travel first class most of the time, so they'd sure have their own check in counter.

Don't assume straight away they were Qatari, because most of the time they aren't. Was there a man with them? if there wasn't, then 100% sure they were not Qatari.

By ghazalz• 4 years 7 months ago.

Some people think being reserved is rude. That's their problem :P

By strawberryshortcake5050• 4 years 7 months ago.

The comments on this subject is funny. But yes, RUDE! but not all women are like that here so dont judge people too easily.

By Stevenbeth• 4 years 7 months ago.


By King Julian• 4 years 7 months ago.
King Julian

"lost a relative back home....and they are not in their good mood ???"

okey, let's assume this is the actual situation. they get ahead of queue and board the flight early. will the flight take-off before time because of the emergency situation of one passenger? the answer is obvious, no.

so, no point in pushing in front of the people who are waiting in the queue.

By omoniyi777• 4 years 9 months ago.

what a wonderfully experience for all but whatever a lady may do to you kindly take it as is a couture and don't think they are rude but do to some of our ladies this days take it as urportunity. whatever my advice to all ladies is to cool down a little bit some men are angry

By Tomtud• 4 years 9 months ago.

Well, this happened to me as a Qatari male made his way to the counter. I'm a big guy 6ft4 and 220lbs. I told him buddy back to the line ,,,, my money is just as good as your money. You should see the look on his face, priceless. A few americans I believe said good for you.

As for the ladies, well when you talk to them stand up for yourselves. There are good and bad Qataris.

By ruby29• 4 years 11 months ago.

speaking of queues, there was a sale in victoria secret month ago and the line was long, these ladies in abayas just strode in without a care in the world and didnt think twice that there was a line. im not sure if they were Qatari or from any arab country but that was rude. Its not about nationality here it just so happen that they were the ones that did that at that moment while the rest fell in line. experienced queues in washrooms no problem! they followed and fell in line. its probably the sale thing lol that drove women crazy!

By maaham85• 4 years 11 months ago.

I am with you about the que issue.

But regarding the nanny thing i 100% sure that you wouldnt mind some help from time to time from all the stress of everyday life between husband kids work house work and other social responsiblities.

Your just jealous

By fubar• 5 years 4 days ago.

I'm pretty sure Non Merci is referring to those rude and arrogant people who simply walk beside the line and proceed directly to the head of the queue.

I get so enraged when I, having arrived at the airport on time as required, am punished by having to wait for the morons who arrive late and decide that they are too important (too stupid!) to stand in line to check in.

I remind myself that these idiots are the same morons who miss their departing flights from Paris and Lobdon because they are too poorly educated to arrive at the airport on time.

By Molten Metal• 5 years 4 days ago.
Molten Metal

Again, if that turbulence is due to someone's breathing, it can't be classifed as pushing at the first place ... it will subside when that uncle / aunty just moves ahead for duty free.

Yes. I guarantee, when we [ seniors or young for that matter ] see a smiling face with deep stability in the eyes, content at heart, we remember our own relatives and just wish let there be happiness to this fellow also who just happens to be as couteous as our own family member or relative.

And that [ free of attachment ] wish works wonders !!

By nomerci• 5 years 4 days ago.

MM, so you think if I give a friendly , encouraging smile to those pushing in front of the line they will bless me?

By Molten Metal• 5 years 5 days ago.
Molten Metal

That is fine.

We should strive for more & more, you know these 'air port' blessings are from travellers / strangers who have no expectaions from us and it has more intensity,

means more precious than the blessings of our relatives.

By nomerci• 5 years 5 days ago.

MM, my uncles and aunties are not in Qatar. My family comes to visit once in a while, but they do not live here. They do bless me every day though.

By blisteringbarnacles2007• 5 years 5 days ago.

Bumper to

By snessy• 5 years 5 days ago.

Oh ok MM, unfortunately we can't always read a person's tone in text. I misinterpreted your post...:-)

By Molten Metal• 5 years 5 days ago.
Rating: 3/5
Molten Metal

I understand & follow what you say about our natural requirement of individual gap between humans.

But at public places if we accommodate fellow humans it will bring us their good wishes & blessings from uncles / aunties !!

It is worth to take rewards by tolerating a few minutes of discomfort, i.e. principle of share [ space ] & care [ help ].

ghazal : Excuse me , it is important to answer 'nomerci'.

By nomerci• 5 years 5 days ago.

MM, that's because some people have no concept of "personal space".

By Molten Metal• 5 years 5 days ago.
Molten Metal

My sister, I respect your views , there I wanted to turn it to be a bit light hearted , [ I follow that what you say ].

Imagine when the queue is full , people stand bumper to bumper ,then a healthy [ a respectful word for fat passenger ] person breathes in & out there will be some turbulence to everbody which you consider as pushing....

which actually is not pushing !!

Note : 'ghazal' has already whispered to me to put a brake on further discussion on q u e u e !!

So I am afraid ..

By snessy• 5 years 5 days ago.

MM: I do not understand your response to my comment...but what I DO know is that I am entitled to my opinion.

By Molten Metal• 5 years 5 days ago.
Molten Metal

Achcha ji.

By ghazalz• 5 years 5 days ago.

Shanti :P

By Molten Metal• 5 years 5 days ago.
Molten Metal

Queue is not a kind of 'militry discipline order'.

People just don't deserve this kind of strict mandate just to get to the 'mode of transport' that is paid also !

By Molten Metal• 5 years 5 days ago.
Molten Metal

Whenever I leave home for the 'air port' I always carry a lot of good thoughts about how I have to snatch any available opportunity where I would be of any help & just give away my turn / seat /small efforts to the needy.

It gives me satisfaction to sacrifice , however small gesture it may be.

Specially to 'office wives' with half dozen pieces of luggage...!

By Molten Metal• 5 years 5 days ago.
Molten Metal

Excuse me ,

if one's ''breathing'' is taken as a ''pushing''

that is really a interpretative error !!

By snessy• 5 years 5 days ago.

And they'll keep on pushing in the queues if you don't say anything...I always tell people to get to the back of the queue - nationality doesn't have a hierarchy wherever you are in the world....manners don't cost a thing!

By turbohampster• 5 years 5 days ago.

Molten I happily give my place to people in a queue if they are in a hurry or some other good reason!

But you will find that these people will ASK the people in the queue if they can go in-front coz they are in a rush.

Jumping the queue as alot of people do in Qatar and around the M.E. is extremely rude and just shows a lack of respect for the other people in the queue.

By Molten Metal• 5 years 5 days ago.
Molten Metal

If 'a person' is not willing to give a place which costs nothing to others who may be in hurry [ or just to ' free spirit' kind fellows ] what can this world expect from that 'person' ???

May be that 'person' won't contribute even a Dirham when needed !!

Folks,, at 'air ports' there are people from far off places, who may had travelled for long long hours at that time hence be too tired....

Some may be in a emergency situations like they may have lost a relative back home....and they are not in their good mood ???

By nomerci• 5 years 6 days ago.

They know it is wrong, but they can do it, so they do it, as simple as that.

It has nothing to do with education.

By turbohampster• 5 years 6 days ago.

Exactly check in counters are all the same! Only difference is business/economy..

I used to ignore people pushing in-front of me when I first got here in Carrefour or the other places....

But now I tap them on the shoulder and politely point out the rest of the people in the queue and tell them to get to the back!

And for those are saying the usual its their country mantra are you SERIOUS???????

Come on think about in ANY other country do you see people jumping the queue because it's their own country and somehow that means they don't have to queue How ridiculous!

I can't wait to go back home for the Olympics and skip the queue because its MY COUNTRY hahahahaha

I once saw an employee in the Qtel shop in Villagio tell a guy in a thobe to get to the back of the queue. He then started shouting do you know who I am blah blah blah I will get u deported etc etc

I said to the guy are you serious? He said what I am Qatari this is my country blah blah blah

So I said ok have you ever been to the UK? He said yes of course go every summer. So I said must be annoying having to let all the locals push infront of you in the queue's in the UK.

He then started to get the point and got embarresed and left the shop

By fubar• 5 years 6 days ago.

The check in counters, which is what this post refers to, are the same for all travellers. It is where most people patiently queue up with their baggage to get their boarding pass before heading to the passport control desk.

In a civil society everyone would just wait their turn, but that might be expecting too much honor from these people.

By Arien• 5 years 6 days ago.

Just my thoughts Ghazal.. they dont need to queue with expats.. they have a separate counter for the GCC citizens

By ghazalz• 5 years 6 days ago.

The nannies are hired to be taken care of the kids...why are you so upset?

By ghazalz• 5 years 6 days ago.

There's a separate counter for local and GCC citizens...maybe it was the same queue in which expatriates were lined up.

By medan• 5 years 6 days ago.

We are all visitors. How could we say bad things about our host??? Sad. Talking about rude, who is being rude here? Them? or us?

Just think whenever we visit someone's house, and don't you call its unethical if you say bad things about the hostess of the house while we are still at their homes??

This is their country and I think it is their right to be prioritized.

I had also been experienced mentioned situation. Lets bygones be bygones. Take it or leave.

Please don't talk bad about any of nationalities, it is only bring hatred without solution.

By Molten Metal• 5 years 6 days ago.
Molten Metal

Free spirit people just don't need to be bothered by so many rules & regulations.

Sky is not going to come down.

Everybody will reach their planes ... 2 minutes left or right ...

By Molten Metal• 5 years 6 days ago.
Molten Metal

Runner , We should think positive,,,, that is right opportunity to invest those 3 hours 'air port' time by being courteous & earn peoples' blessings,,,

at there ,, their mind is very soft ,,, so what ever they wish for us will definitely come true ,,,!!!

By Runner1409• 5 years 6 days ago.

@ Molten Metal : this is not about free spirit... a free spirit society does not cut in line.

This has to do with lack of civic education. Lack of "people skills". Rudeness. They seem to be a constant among qatari citizens.

By syriaman• 5 years 6 days ago.

it is normal to let your brother and family entering to your home easily , while forigners need some restrictions .

By PerfectPudding• 5 years 6 days ago.

Ha ha ha ha!

You obviously cannot read, or understand, the opening post.

Since when have there ever been toilets at the check-in counter??? Duh!

By Molten Metal• 5 years 6 days ago.
Molten Metal

You are saying all this without any facts.

Who knows they hurried to answer an urgent call [ Of Nature ].

By Bachus• 5 years 6 days ago.

Perhaps they are trying to compensate for the fact that outside their tiny country no one cares who they are and they have to wait in the back of the line.

Mandi--have you ever seen them try to push ahead in the US or UK? In my experience they all look terrified that immigration is going to detain and frisk them.

By anonymous• 5 years 6 days ago.

It is their country. Let them enjoy a bit. What is wrong if they leave the kids to nannies while they are doing a serious business..

By fubar• 5 years 6 days ago.

Lol. Newsflash, "ladies in Qatar are rude bitches".

Are you new here?

By Mandilulur• 5 years 6 days ago.

I generally allow the ladies their moment of privilege - in Doha. When we land in Europe or the US I am more than happy to tell them off when they try the same thing!


By tigabaguio• 5 years 6 days ago.

before i got irritated too..

i accompanied one of my friend to renew hes estimara..

the same.. so i guess its normal.. ladies and gentlemen the same..

well as they say its their country, just get use to it its better..

By anonymous• 5 years 6 days ago.

stay calm and respect women. if cant, go to those countries where you feel OK about the women. Your words mean nothing to these women and they will remain like this for ever. Dont mind my words but its true

By anonymous• 5 years 6 days ago.

Ha ha, this is rudeness. It will also happen or try to happen when they fly home

By anonymous• 5 years 6 days ago.

And who says women have no freedom in Arab countries, this is proof.

By Mughalzada• 5 years 6 days ago.

Its the beauty of a culture, respect for women or ladies but if someone look like ladies........

By kkforever young• 5 years 6 days ago.
kkforever young

Sorry, it was not my queue and I was not involved.

And yes, I do care about the nannies as they could witness these ladies. What other experiences do these nannies have to swallow f.e. at their home ?

By Enigma• 5 years 6 days ago.

not all. only LESS-EDUCATE ladies did.

By britexpat• 5 years 6 days ago.

You are peeved at them jumping the queue - fair enough, but leave the kids and nannies out of it :o)

By Elegance• 5 years 6 days ago.

It is their country. Let them enjoy a bit. What is wrong if they leave the kids to nannies while they are doing a serious business..

I agree with you that it is frustrating to see people getting ahead of you in the queue while you patiently wait for your turn.

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