Qatari Wedding

We have been invited to a Qatari Wedding this Thursday, and apart from not knowing anyone (as my husband will be on the men's party and I will be at the women's party - to state the obvious!) I have no idea what to expect and what the customs are. 

  • What should I wear?
  • Do we bring a gift? 
  • What happens during a wedding?

I am very honored to have been invited but terrified of making a fool of my self!


Qatari Wedding:

 Gents Section:

there sure will be two diff section one each for ladies and gents.

the practice is to greet the Groom and his family elders first...then be seated in the tea/arabic coffee will be served..will be called for the buffet dinner..have dinner and say good bye and thanks to the groom n the family member and leave..


Not sure about the custom...

DG,Amensia might help...

PS: Be sure not to use mobile camera phones...



Qatari Weddings are fun. I have been to 23 weddings on my last count. I love it. It's an amazing culture. Try and take a friend with you. And be prepared to dance. Just kidding. You will not be allowed to take your phone, and be prepared to eat lots of nice food.


Have fun.

Don't take a gift, and Dress like you would if you were going to a wedding back home. The ladies all look lovely and spend a lot of time doing their makeup and wearing nice dresses.

I know a girl who went to a Qatari wedding. She said it got heated because apparently a lot of them turned up with the same outfit on. Very embarassing.

qatari wedding............first of all be confident bc no one noticed you so don't be embarress..........dress up just like your own style,no one can bother that what you wear.........don't take a snap with your mobile or camera,be carefull...............enjoy with buffet............if you are try to escape from a borring party then pls take a friend with you......

I thought it was a bit boring.     Beautiful decorations (heard they cost 60,000QR) , tables, lots of sweets.   However it got started very very late  (left at11:00pm, dinner had not started)   Out of 300 women in the room I only saw I dress that I liked.   Most were garish and hideously gaudy.   Lots of Bright bright colors, feathers, sequins, etc.    TONS of makeup on.    They had a runway and a couple of women played the drums and wailed Arabic songs rather loudly.   Girls would get up and dance down the runway (so the older women could check them out as possible daugher-in-law contenders I've been told)


Finally the lights went down about 10:00 the fog and light show started--sort of like a rock concert!   The bride then came out and walked very slowly down the runway.    Eventually people came up and showered her head with money.  She looked scared to death.  I learned she was 20 years old and had never met her husband-to-be, but had talked to him on the phone.


No cameras allowed of course.   The women arrived wearing abayas and covered, but threw them off and checked each other out.    After the bride's walk,   I left, but I heard later that  the women put on the abayas so that the groom & father/father-in-laws could come and walk down the runway too.

So if I have got it right then I should:Be prepared for late dinner ie: eat before I go.Dress as ghoulish as I can.Not take any photos .Piece of cake! Look forward to the cultural experience 

from my experience, no matter how flamboyantly u dress up, its NOTHING compared to the Qatari ladies there. god, they r all so gorgeous, and their way of dressing up is amazing. cant afford (lol) ;))

abt the gift, no u dont take a gift to the wedding. usually i visit them few days after the wedding, n give a gift.

wat happens during a weddin? well, make sure u sit away from the loudspeakers placed at all corners of the hall :-)) u can dance if u want, to the arabic songs being played there. hhhmmm,, n the food part, its yummy. u can starve for a few days after that to lose all those calories earned on that one evenin:-)

its fun, ENJOY!!

PS: oh yeah, like many others mentioned above, dont click any snaps. n thats if ever they let u carry ur mobile phone inside. usually they hold it at the entrance. so be prepared to be disconnected from the rest of the world for the few hours u spent there..

oh yeah, late dinner, depends on the arrival time of the bride n the groom. n by the way, the ladies get a chance to peep at the groom while he escorts the bride to the hall. unlike the men on the other side, who cant see who their friend/colleague is gettin married to ;)



Unfortunately, I have found Qatari weddings to be a bit depressing... I have yet to see it as a joyous occassion... I have been to a few in the last few months, and have been very disappointed. 


The ladies seem to be competing with each other in the dress department, and so some outfits are very outlandish...


There seems to be so much politics amongs the different groups of ladies sitting at the tables, you know.. this group doesn't like that group, or this part of the family feel snubbed for some reason....


The bride ALWAYS looks terrified and a bit like a geisha girl for all the make- up on her face.  I really feel sorry for her.  One of the brides I saw, took about 30 min to walk down the isle in front of us as I don't think she could move with the dress she was wearing....  


And you are right about the mobile thing... I had mine with me in the hall (it had been with me the whole night... I had to answer a phone call, and all of a sudden my phone was snatched out of my hand by a waitress....  I was furious..... the brides mother was horrified that the waitress had done that when I told her, and she returned my phone to me.....


Its sad actually, I have a number of male Qatari friends, and they all tell me that they would prefer it if the bride would rather just take the money and they could spend it on a house or something... but no, she would rather have a ridiculously expensive party, which he has to pay for for years to come....


"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



As i know coz before i'm attending qatary party coz we have catering, they wearing "ABAYAT" but inside it's formal wear. First there waiting for all visitors to come, then eat, after that the husband will arrive and start the ceremony and then dancing and playing arabic songs.

a lot of what the girls wear at the weddings make it look like a tranvestities convention....

the decor can be very Rocky Horror Show meets La Cage Aux Folles

but its a good laugh and you get to stuff your face with chocolate.

food is same same same .........

But Xena has a point...last one i went to the bride was in floods of tears.

A lot of what happens, music, clothes etc depends very much on the family... there are subtle and interesting nuances.

don’t take gaft ,and wear any thing you like nice and fancy, what happed is girls are dancing to the music and they have late dinner  

How lovely for you to have been invited to share in such an important family event.  Here is some information which may be helpful to you:


Dress :  a long evening dress is suitable with perhaps a wrap over your shoulders which you can take off inside when you are comfortable.  Bear in mind that when you arrive there will be lots of men outside droppping off ladies so it is more respec tful to be a little more covered until you are in.


Phones:  usually local women do not wish to be photographed and for this reason you will be requested to leave any camera at the door to be collected on your departure.  So best to take a phone with no camera as they are usually allowed in.


Gift :  It is not necessary for you to take a gift to the wedding.  If you wish to give a gift then you can give it beforehand via the person who gave you the invitation. 


Partners in crime or going solo? : It is acceptable for you to  take a friend as you said you will not know anyone there.


The Evening : I would not usually go before 9pm.  However for your husband he should go earlier...say 8pm.  When you enter there will be two lines of people on opposite sides of the entrance.  They are the family of the bride and groom.  You should take the time to shake their hands and say 'Mabrouk' (congratulations).  Best to say it to everyone around that area.  No-one will mind if you say it to someone you shouldn't!  They'll just smile. 

Dinner can be served as late as midnight.  Typically there will be pre-dinner snacks on the table or served as well as cold drinks, sweet tea without milk and Arabic coffee (kahwa).  Smoking would be considered rude to the family at their special event.  There will be no alcohol served. 

The music will be loud so take note of the speakers and position yourself according to your taste!  The bride will come in and walk along a sort of catwalk to a special seating area for her and perhaps her groom later.  Vidoes, photos will be taken throughout the evening of the bride sitting o her special seat. She does not move from there until the groom comes for her later in the evening.

Some people may dance.  Usually it is relatives of the bride and groom and the younger girls up there but anyone's welcome to give it a go!  Family members dancing and the bride hersef will be showered with money notes.


There will be a signal that men are entering the room and you will see lots of women cover up.  The groom will enter with father and brothers of the bride and maybe some little boys of the families.  More photos, video, and then the men will leave the bride and groom to have photos taken with the mother of the groom.

After this it will be late and it will be announced that dinner will be served.  This will be service at the table or a buffet.  You can leave after dinner.  Try to find the mothers of the bride and groom to say thank you (sucran) and mabrouk again.




I hope you have a lovely time and appreciate that it will be a different cultural  experience from what you are used to but one to be respected for the differences you will find!!!


Have a lovely evening


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Love is the answer...

The wedding is actually a reception.  The religious part of it is done very privately with close family members.  The couple will have signed their wedding contract previously and prayers will have been said at the mosque and homes.



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Love is the answer...

I have been a couple of times to family 'welcome home after honeymoon' parties... these were intimate and the house.... enjoyed these a lot...

lots of jolly banter.

If u go to the wedding you got to dance up the catwalk... my fav!

some of the girls are amazing dancers. qataris generally are very subtle in their dance movements which makes it all the more beguiling.

DG has a good point about  being 'respectable' outside.

If you go native dont smoke a cigarette whilst driving...... I almost set fire to my negab once.



Are Video & Photos of the Bride taken? I thought it was not allowed, If so then why do they dont allow camera-phones?


I have been to the engagement and wedding party of my neighbours son, had a great time and I was made most welcome, stood out like a sore thumb because I was the only one with blonde hair there, but this makes no difference because people come and chat and are friendly when the sit down.


I find the money throwing on the the stage a little unusual as I have seen different aspects of this some  - some ladies are appointed to pick it up and put it into bags and sometimes it is a free for all for maids to go and pick it up.


I love watching the bride come in and walk up the stage until they can finally sit down ( so many people telling her what to do) the one I saw here was extremely happy and looked as if she came out of a wedding catalogue absolutely beautiful.


All through the evening until dinner is served there are servers going from table to table with chocolates and pastries and coffee  even small gifts etc. so the evening is never boring.


Just don't sit at the very front as the music is very loud (unless you like this) but it is impossible to hold a conversation otherwise.

nice topic for women.... to throw their insight (and envy too) on other women


must be having highest redership and response too

Jack...yes a video of the bride and her family is taken as well as photos by a company (female) hired for the event.  Photos and videos are not taken of any others attending the wedding.  The photos will be made into an album(s) and this and the video are given to the bride.


Re the money being is gathered up by women specifically hired for that job (usually when you book the 'wedding package' this is included).  If many women seem to be picking up the money it will all be given to the bride and her family afterwards. 



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Love is the answer...

Just go there... greet them and share their happiness with them. It doesnt matter if you know them or not, they will make you feel welcome with their open arms and hearts.


Every culture is different and plz dont get off if you find something that is different from your own culture... all cultures should be respected and enjoyed... :)


Enjoy and plz keep us posted.. lol






So none of the brides of the wedding you were invited too looks beautiful??

Thank you all for giving me advise for the wedding. I can't say it was very exciting but rather an interesting night. I only wish that someone could have explained what was going on, as it all seemed rather disorganized It didn't appear that anyone was enjoying themselves very much (apart from the girls who was dancing and getting money thrown on them). Not sure if I will go to another one... 

Sorry to hear it was boring tess.


But don't let one wedding put you off.. I've been to loads of Arab weddings and most of them have been good fun.


Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Can anybody advice me on the standard of living in Doha, I was offer a job as senior QS at QR25,000 all inclusive. I have two children 7 and 4.Will this be salary be appropriate for us.



babatee ... beware with the school fees. Good english school will cost you 7500 QR a term and go up 10 percents min yearly.

novitta, what advice are you offering me- ask for more money or leave my family in UK?

Sorry Tess, I did warn you.... 



"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



M.Khursheed Uddin

I attended a couple of qatari wedding, enjoyed to see great arabic culture, simple and impressive. I advised you must go and attend, no formal dress, you can wear any good dress, no need to take gift. u will enjoy...

about 2 weeks ago...I had the absolute time of my life!


Since it was such a wonderful affair, I did dress up fairly fancy, and took a friend who was also invited. We couldn't get there early but showed up about 2 hours into the wedding. The music was loud, but after adjusting to that, the base beat of the drums really gets into you, making your shoulders just move of their own accord. The people were so generous and friendly and the dresses of the women, both old and young were such a sight to behold. The dancing on the catwalk was done with total enjoyment and the young ladies have such a wonderful sense of rhythmn. My friend that invited me, even asked that I join them on the catwalk and I did...her mother came up and rained money down upon my head as they do to the other dancers. It was such fun!!


It was interesting to watch the ladies watching the young single women...and I can't help but wonder if they were thinking down the road as to when their sons needed wives, would they like this one or that one...etc...I, personally would have had a horrible time choosing because they all looked so beautiful and happy.


The ladies makeup was quite a bit more dramatic than usual, but then again, it was a big social event and a wedding, so they needed to be all dolled up. Its just quite different than what we do back home, but ohh so interesting to attend and feel totally honored to be thought of enough to get an invitation to such a family event.


Even when the groom and his male family members came in, the bride was still all smiles, GENUINE smiles....and they looked entirely happy together. I can understand how some folks said the bride looked scared or unhappy, if indeed they are, but in this case, she was positively beaming! Of course, knowing the one family member that I do, if her brother is anything like her, the bride is one very lucky woman, indeed!!


I wouldn't hesitate in the least if ever offered an invitation to a Qatari wedding again. Nor would I hesitate to dance the catwalk or offer up the money for the dancers. (would just have to figure out the protocol, first so I don't make a total jerk of myself in public!) So...if any of you are offered the opportunity to attend a Qatari wedding...GO!!! Its an honor and a priviledge and its just plain FUN!!


Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. --Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

i want to attend a qatari wedding,,,,but in this case, i want to be the do i do that? hmmmmmm,,,,i dunno...i just know one good qatari guy...but too scared to ask him as he can be a very eligible bachelor...step 1?

Been to a few Qatari weddings the next will be mine :D one time i forgot to bring am abya and shayla and when all the men came in i was the only one without anything covering me up (even thought i knew them still embarasing) so i would recommend anyone going to one to bring them along muslim or not :)

Because of the environment of my work, I've been asked the question so many

time about attending a wedding and all what is mentioned here is true.


I always tip them with have a nape before going to the wedding, if it was on

Thursday; or sleep late on Friday/Saturday. Especially if the guest is invited

by the groom and/or family; it is kind of impolite to leave the wedding before

the groom’s attendance.

I’ve been invited to a wedding by the bride’s family and she didn’t come

before midnight.


It is kind of rude if you danced before any of the bride’s/groom’s family. They

have to open the dance floor. Sometimes the bride’s best friends may start the

dancing, but it is better if the family starts first.

The money throwing part is like throwing sugar/salt/rice in the forging




In the Cookies of Life, FRIENDS are the Chocolate Chips

... I've been invited by a man I don't know to his sons wedding. So I just turn up, shake hands whilst saying mabrook a lot, sit politely for a while, shake hands again whilst saying shukran & mabrook then scarper?

Is there an order of events, or can I politely stay, what, 45mins and leave without causing offense?

thanks in advance...

I always think it is rather rude for people who have been invited to an occasion to leave at the first available opportunity. Perhaps you might consider staying for the evening and trying to get to know a few people and experience some local customs. It is generous of the man to extend an invitation to you at what is mainly a family event and you should act accordingly.

Clothing should be formal. A suit and tie if that is your normal formal attire. Try not to take your jacket off during the evening.

Accept and consume food and drink with the right hand. When being served kahwa (Arabic coffee) if you have had enough return the cup holding your hand over the top and shake it slightly from side to side. This indicates that you do not want a refill. Drink the kahwa while eating something sweet as it has quite a bitter taste. If you are eating dinner with your hand, you must wash your hands after you have finished. If you do not, you will be considered dirty. Do not blow your nose near anyone. If you have to blow your nose (use your left hand), use the bathroom or go outside.

When you sit avoid pointing the sole of your foot towards anyone. Many are offended by this.

Leaving without having dinner is rude. No-one will say anything to you but everyone will think you have no manners and you are disrespecting the father who invited you to his family wedding. People will start to leave shortly after dinner. At this point you can thank the father and son and congratulate them and make your exit.

If you have any more questions I will be happy to help.


There have been many comments on the wedding. Basically the difference in the marriage is from the family. You will otice that Bedou marriages are a lot more fun then some of the other families. I have also been at weddings where food was served before the groom came and before the dancing started.

The showering of money means prosperity to the person on whom it is thrown. Usually this money is collected and given to the Arabic ladies band.

Some weddings are boring and some are fun, but never go alone. Much better to have someone whom you can talk to about what you see as very often not many other guests will speak english


.. I was only asking about how long to stay as I have heard conflicting reports from my colleagues. I also thought to have a stranger hanging about might be a bit embarrassing for all concerned, especially as I only speak a tiny amount of Arabic.

One last question if I may - am I to give money? Mention has been made about "showering" with money. Or is only at the ladies event?

thanks again, invaluable advice.

No Grantley, no money. For you gift giving is optional. I never like to go anywhere empty handed so if you feel the same you can give a gift which you can give directly to the groom. Some ideas would be a pen, cufflinks, nicely wrapped presentation of chocolates, etc.

Nothing for the bride. That would be considered offensive as you are a male friend of the father.

Don't worry about being embarassed. You have been invited so you are very welcome.


as read abt all these nice ppl's comments, i think it's not much difference from a Pakistan wedding.

its nice that you are going to attend a Qatari wedding pls don't be nervious but 2 things you must have in your mind first one don't try to take the snap and second one be easy,

... I'm really excited about it. It will now be so much more enjoyable, thanks to all the advice provided.

I'll report back on my experience!!

Completely different experience, made more enjoyable by your help. I didn't know a soul, nor did I have any luck finding someone to speak english to. My few atempts at striking up a conversation were either interrupted by someone else wanting to greet my "victim", or met with a polite "la englesi". But just soaking up the atmosphere was great fun. All those swords!!!

FYI - the rules about phones don't seem to apply on the men's side - many pictures being taken. So I had a juice or two and wandered around. Westerners were very much in the minority, but it was a privilege to be invited.

I tried to greet and thank my host, but am really unsure if I met the right person - I worked the front row anyway!

So, thanks again - I'm looking forward to the next one, and I will be sure to take someone along with me.

So glad you enjoyed the experience. You're quite right...taking pictures is fine for the men. Ah yes, the sword dance. I just love the singing and dancing that comes along with that *swoon*. Although I don't go to men's weddings (!) I watch the DVD aftwerwards. Always ooks like a great evening :) I'm sure you were well fed too.

It would be a good idea to bring a friend along next time.


All this information is great, so I only have one question:

A group of us from work have been invited to a we need to accept the invitation or just turn up on the day ?

You should indicate verbally that you intend to attend.


Airwolf, don't worry, just show up. Women's weddings are completely different, you would need a special card to enter.

Many people also come uninvited and we don't care (they see a wedding while driving and crash in to greet) .

Printed invitations are optional, many weddings rely more on word of mouth. Don't bring it with you, nobody will ask for it (they would probably be amused if they see you carrying a card).

Just went to a male side walima, was kinda cool. They did a sword dance to the beat of drums.

Food was good too. Was nice to be invited to a wedding, was very lavish and... well lavish.

O and I forgot the best part.. They set up this like vehicle procession and one of the shabab got a lil over excited and flipped his land cruiser over. I saw it happen all slow motion style..

Was amazing no one got hurt.

thx all, bcz tomorrow amm inviting to aQATARI WEDDING, AND NOW I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I CAN DO, DONT DO, ITS LOOK GREAT....

hmmmm...wonder when will i be invited to one.. :) just bookmarking this thread..

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johanna your a Wedding Dresses Designer right well im getting married soon do you have a shop here or was it back in your home country? Coz i would be intrested in meeting you.

while i was reading all the comments, i was surprised and very interested, how can i visit a qatari wedding? :)) i know its impossible... but still have a hope :D loooool

thnx, cheers ;)

it's been mervelously well versed diamond !

mabruk !

mabruk? for who? :d Some one got married here? am i invited? :D:D:D

why cant't the wedding receiption be done during day time?

why is it done at very late night? Qatari wedding is during winter all the time. Any idea why it is done at night?

To get a good mood, the day time is best. :):):)

If me, I will do during day time.

Ghosts enjoy at night.

well I can ask the same question to western people do their wedding during the day???

What I knew that you party all day all night. unlike us we party only at night and in some occasions it goes on to very early hours of the morning.

it is kind of a norm thing to host the weddings and any social event at night specially if it comes on a weekday where everyone is at work.

It all started out when back in the old days, the official part of the wedding (signing the contract) is done after the sunset prayers then people are invited to a dinner and a celebration.

then over the years it developed to be a bigger and require more time to arrange.

also, because everyone by then (I mean night) had relaxed, done with their Commitments, well prepared and looking forward to party.

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novitta is right, also make sure that they pay school fees and housing fees, if not then u can forget it!

first when u enter the wedding place, say salam to all, assalamu alaikum, then go and shake hand the bride groom wishing him congradulation, or in arabic alf mabrook. and wait or drink a cup of Gahwa or black tea that always a supplier will be roaming, if it is hotel, be seated till every one get up to begin filling the stomach with verieties of food that you have not dreamed ever before including big camel fry to tiny sheep to make you a big surprise and later eat fruits if available, then just move out straight away, that is the proceedure for men.

For your wife can join with wemen area and say the same to the bride and be seated till everyone is invited to eating and just finish it and go home, that is all. No extra things to think about it what so ever. This is very simple custom. No more no less. Best of luck for fantastic party.

I am going to a Qatari wadding today.. Cant wait!


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

have fun and don't be shy to dance. They will surelly appreciate that.

lol not my first Qatari wedding... I would dance but I don't have a sword. :P


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

have fun

Have fun and keep away from "flippin" land cruisers. Girls' side of the wedding doesn’t include a procession:(( would've loved to be part of it.

Have fun


Happy, I prefer to flip my own LC.

Eve Eve

I have to use Ear Plugs at the Ladies wedding parties the music is way too loud. Also, they do now give cards to guests and every wedding I attended the card is required for entry, so make sure you bring it or you won't get in.

Bleu...Do you have LC in the first place?..:)

Eve, you'll definitely need thicker 3D ear plugs for Egyptian weddings..:) you cannot dodge the penetrating noise from any corner down at the wedding hall. Yet, they are so nice and upbeat.


Eve, usually no card is required from the men's side of a wedding, anybody is welcome to crash in.

Happy, Of course I have a white landcruiser, just like any other Qatari. :P

A few weddings are without a card needed for entrance. The host gives you one for family/friends, as many as one wishes.

And enjoy the white Land Cruiser, but be careful with your driving though, the traffic law is strict now. Hope you read the new one.

Next time make sure not to reveal any personal info. Now we know how to find you...white LC in Doha:))


lol word to the wise, if you get invited and sit next to the groom in the white chairs. Stay there for a few minutes only. we stayed there for like.... a half hour till we noticed we were the only ones staying in those chairs..

Come greet the groom, sit for 5 or 6 min then move to the other chairs.

Lol wish someone would have told me that instead of me figuring it out then asking only to sheepishly find out my intuition was right.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

LOL, don't worry about it, we have unwritten/unsaid customs that you're not really expected to follow.

This reminds me of a wedding I went to, there was this Japanese guy who was invited, and he had his guitar and a sheet of paper with him.

He wanted to play some music and sing in Japanese for the groom (who was embarrassed between his elders... ). Everybody wanted him to do it, but the groom asked him not to (unfortunately) ... some of the guys wanted to take a video using their phones and post it on youtube.

I've been to a few mens' weddings and I would never bother going to one again. The guy's wedding ceremony is deathly boring.

The protocol is that you arrive, shake hands with the groom and his father. Just say 'mabrook' and keep moving... don't linger. The groom will look bored and fed up since you will be the 500th person he has seen all night...

After that the guys pop inside, have a bite to eat, and then go home. Nothing very exciting.

Usually all the non-Qatari guys end up seated together so there's very little chance to meet the local guys and interact.

My advice is to go for the free food and just to say you've been. Don't expect it to rock your world.


The groom doesn't want to be there, he is counting seconds before going to the other-side...

Don't sit with all the non-Qataris, try to mingle. Grab a sword and wave it around. Your experience depends on what you do.

Bleu, I haven't been to bedou weddings :p

I guess I just went to really boring, refined, upper class weddings. I did get invited to one of these weddings out in the desert, and was quite keen to go, except it was in some remote part of the UAE and clashed with work.

Perhaps I've just been to some dud weddings, granted, but how much fun can a bunch of sober men have in a banquet hall?

i attend qatari wedding today,,coz my friend in my work invite me,,, mobile not allowed ,,and must have invitation,

the qatari lady walk slowly to aisle ,, suddenly her husband came and stay for 15 minutes then they go together going to hotel,,, i enjoy also coz my friend from my work also qatari, we sit are in one shy little bit coz im the only filipina there and im very very happy.

`jazmin Williams

It all sounds so interesting

and fun, It must be an honor, to be invited to a celebration like this, being from another country and not a part of the family.

I read most of the comments, and I feel like I have went to one now. ( good Imagination !)

You will shoot me but i must ask...Is the prince married?

Wow he is so handsome, lololol i can imagine him crossing the sand on a with horse and running away with my for a nice and romantic wedding was just a dream on the arabic land lololol

Don't get all carried away..:) Sorry to rain on your “ Arabic dream”.


i have just being invited to a qatari wedding with the trditional dance, male & female seperated, you don't have to bring the gifts, but important to meet the bride and congratulate him face to face with sincerety.

to be honest, i use the mobile camera and they told me it's allowed for the male gathering. female forbidden.

Just Dress Up as you do in any wedding Ceremony. Do not forget to wish Bride and her family Members.

Make up your mind that YOU will see a different look of Qatari Ladies which you do not see normal in any public Place and that is Why You are not allowed wid MObile Camera.

Have a Nice One


Your indeed correct in your inputs.. these are traditions and needs to be respected that way :)











"Criticism is prejudice made plausible."


shouting from the rooftops.....hmmmm.... my eardrums are hurting....

dr.xray, I am intitled to my own opinion..... Someone asked about my experience with Qatari weddings and I gave it.... No need to SHOUT (capslock on)

BTW... this post is more than a year old.... and many other posts have gone after mine, so get over yourself, I have no doubt that my experiences DIDN'T hinder anyone else from enjoying the experience.... ok....

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



Perhap Dr Xray should read 'Girls Of Riyadh' and hear how Saudi girls themselves describe the pain and anguish of their own weddings.

Or perhaps they aren't entitled to their opinions either.

yes, true, along with the whole Jean Sissons "Princess" series....

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



fubar, Xena,

Those are about the experiences of "SOME" of the people in this part of the world, it doesn't make sense to generalize either on all marriages.

p.s. "Girls Of Riyadh" and "Princess" are both about Saudi Arabia.

I didn't mean to imply that *all* Gulf women hate the thought of marriage. If anyone thought that for a second I'm surprised.

I was merely responding to someone who was questioning Xena's perception of the wedding.

The few Qatari guys I've met who are unmarried are not considering marriage because they can't afford it. Prospective wives demand that after marriage they live away in their own house, something more and more couples cannot afford.

For a few of my Qatari friends, they can't see the point of entering into an arranged marriage with a relative. They know that they won't be faithful to their wife, and so they figure rather than put her through the grief of a sham marriage they should instead just continue playing the field as care free bachelors, much to their father's diappointment.

But perhaps I just know a wierd bunch of Qatari men.

bunch of men.... my male qatari friends say exactly the same thing....

I know its the culture, but I think its such a waste to spend so much on a wedding when you can put it into your home rather.

I have a qatari friend, whose sister just wants a small family wedding - she is under such pressure from her cousins, that if she doesn't have a big traditional one she will be an outcast. She has the full support of her immediate family in regards to her choices - as her mom and dad did the same thing.

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



Xena, i believe that the couple could make better use of that money, I'm all for small weddings.

Whatever you do, people will never be satisfied, so even if you pay QR1 Million and bring everything, you'll find people who will complain (it's just like QL), they will hate the atmosphere, the invitees, the food, the color, the songs, ...

So if it's a small wedding, you'll have less people complaining...

But it's very difficult to leave out some family members. We, as Qataris, generally have to invite all our family members to would be a massive slight to family members if we left any out.

I'm not saying it's right but that's how it is.


won't believe the flack I picked up for having a small wedding - 60 people was all we could afford, so we had to just explain to people, sorry, but its not personal, its just that we cannot afford anything else....

Hmmmm in hindsight, should have just gone apesh*t and had the big wedding, affordable or not - the marriage was a disaster anyway.... needless to say, there were only the two of us standing at the divorce court... amazing none of those complaining family members were anywhere in site...;-)

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



I can understand the difficulty in working out how many people you can afford, but in many cases the expense of the wedding isn't due to the number of guests.

You could invite the same number of guests but reduce your costs by chosing a cheaper venue, rather than a ballroom at a 5 star hotel.

Or you could cut back on the catering.

Or the flowers.

The hair and make up.

The live entertainment...

Just because a lot of people are invited doesn't mean the affair has to be lavish and expensive.

From what I hear, and I may well be mis-informed, a lot of struggling young Qatari girls are spending so much on their wedding that they can't afford to buy a house.

If I had to choose between screwing up my financial future and upsetting a 3rd cousin, I'd choose the latter.

I have a friend that is a loans manager and debt collector for one of the banks - he is also qatari - he told me it breaks him to see how these young men come into his office to ask for loans of QR1mn for a wedding - he tries to councel them into not spending so much, but as much as they would love to agree, the girl wants what she wants, so he has to pay...

He also told me about one client that has been jailed due to the non-repayment of his loan, cause he ended up not being able to afford it due to circumstances beyond his control - Now for me, thats a disgrace on his wife - she wanted the wedding - he's now in trouble because of it - how selfish she is.... Sorry, this is not generalising - but just stating that some people need to think about costs before making such silly requests.

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



A normal ladies' wedding has between 300-700 people invited (And they all wear new dresses!! they won't be seen in something they wore before)... You would also spend a lot of money on the invitation cards (I heard of QR50-QR200 per card and sometimes more (It's not usually just a simple paper card)).

A hairdresser asks for 10k just to do the bride (Just because she's a bride)... It adds-up to a cost of between 200k and 1MM (and maybe even more) depending on what you do.

The costs are much more than any expat can imagine...


"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



Cut back on hair and make-up? Are you out of your mind????????????????????????????????????????????????


jeans, sweatshirt and sport shoes would have been my dress for my wedding.... my hair would have been tied up in a pony-tail and not a stitch of make up in sight...;-)

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



i am riyas From India

qatary wedding is very nice before i viste one wedding oh ur lukky gir dear

but take care


Look, so simple and no comaprism with marriages in other country, invitation is just for you to participate and have a wonderfull dinner with them along with Gents and you can wish the bridegroom only. No ladies would go wish bridegroom and it is very shamefull act because u will not find anywomen passby coz it is islamic system.

for your wife can have it taken a seat in the women area if it is provided seperately and take part of dinner and just come home back, no formalities of any sort. to concuclude in concise to say EAT AND ENJOY THE SCENE AND COME HOME WITHOUT EVEN REFERRING BACK YOUR PRESENCE AND ABSENCE, NONE CARE IN THE GATHERING EACHOTHER. Good luck in eating full launnging of Sheeps and Arisa tht make your night life also more energised and active because the food is desinged to boost you up to be a new honeymoon couple memmory back with trospective strength of horse power. hahah.





numerous people have replied on this thread, but you seem only to target out my posts. Get a life, and see how the conversation is running.... don't attack people when all they are doing is saying what they think, on a site where everyone says what they think.

Oh and PLEASE - LAY OFF THE CAPITAL LETTERS - You don't need to shout to get your point accross.

Oh and I will speak whatever I want - whether I have thought it through or not.

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



what "runway"? they held it on an Airport apron? or plane runway?

You hava nice outfit plan on your(may i ask, 2nd,3rd,4th) marriage. my ideal kind. not so expensive.rather than spending hundreds of thousands maybe more for a relationship that will last for one,two three years? or even less...

Dear Diamond,

Very happy to read your diamond answer to a important question. you exceed the qualities of your chosen nickname.

Your answer was most sensible, unbiased and very very informative, unlike most of the replies from depressed and biased people with their cheap and vulgar information, ridiculing the good and friendly hosts, usually sincere and trustworthy people are invited to such a personal and important occasion but it so happens that people fail to recognize genuine friends.

Friends never complain, ridicule and never wail out, this is the result of choosing cheap & vulgar people for friends.

Strangely everyone wants to reply even with bullshit hear say nonsense.







"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME





:) :)


Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"

a couple of cement blocks should do it:-)

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



sorry, it wasn't meant as a commentary - my cat walked across my keyboard while I was trying to reply - but your cure for stupidity should be kept in mind. My only question is how do you employ it on other drivers in a traffic situation?

Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"

"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



I sooooooooo want to go to a Qatari wedding!!

I guess that's impossible, as I don't know any Qataris =..(

lolz to poor xena....

u need supporters more than the cement blocks HAHAHAHAHA


Attended my first ever Qatari wedding last night - a double one as it happens - and was blown away by it! Absolutely loved it, such a spectacle. The room was beautifully decorated, the women's dresses were awesome (some good, some not so good), food abundant, the dancing, music and just the whole cultural experience was something I feel privileged to have witnessed and been a part of. The brides were stunning and the whole event from start to finish was a happy, wonderful occasion. Just wish I could have taken pictures to share with my family and friends so they too could see how fantastic it was!

"They know that they won't be faithful to their wife, and so they figure rather than put her through the grief of a sham marriage they should instead just continue playing the field as care free bachelors, much to their father's diappointment."

Sounds like they simply want to continue playing the field. This has nothing to do with showing respect.

Fumar, please keep in mind that I speak from a woman's perspective. How can a woman feel desired and appreciated by her husband if he is spreading his desire and appreciation about town?

can bralian marriage whit pakistani in doha?

i went for two marriege function in doha without invitation. that was very fantastic,and eated many local foods

it was held in Dana Club...Im just nosey about stage decor (kosha) hmmmm only 50,000 QAR


well guys qatari ladiase spend about 5000qr for makeup and dressing and there dresses from labanese fation designers not from any where

Nice concept Xena ... Why didnt you even suggest celebrating weddings in ''Ma39arat 7amood'' ? Im sure you`re saying what the hell is that ?

oh and aplogies for the late reply ... the topic seduced me ! :)


And the men's wedding at "Karak Al-Naimi"...

Good morning Bleu ,

Just on the right time while i am holding my karak mug and typing this to you ... Man , 10k for a hairdresser ? You really must`ve been hanging out with some spoilt and super rich families in here huh ?

Come on .. Its not to that extent , but as your profile says : You like to exaggerate ;)

I do have to admit one thing though ... I am totally against arranged marriages . I am WITH ''I get to know you marriage thing'' Because in that case they will get the chance to know each other and agree on how to lower the expenses if both parties are mature and brave enough to discuss it ... TRUST ME , its happening nowadays which is a good sign . The new generation will do well inshalla =)

دمت لنا يا بو مشعل

White veil covers it all so whats the point to spend huge amount

'Why didnt you even suggest celebrating weddings in ''Ma39arat 7amood'

I didn't get you.... no idea where that is...

assuming its somewhere cheap:-)

Message from the QL Animal Section Editor:

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You have been tracked.

Ready... Aim....

Congratulations... you have been Eliminated!



Ma39arat 7amood: One of the juice stalls.

Karak Al-Naimi: A "karak" tea stall (sorry, no Wikipedia page).

well you can write something about Karak on wiki.

nah, will actually spend a bit more than that, ummm, maybe a shawarma or two from Turkey Central;-)

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Your post has been deemed ignorant.

You have been tracked.

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Been there , done that !

I visited your suggested link and nominated your name :-)

دمت لنا يا بو مشعل

are you invited ?????????

I attended a Qatari wedding last night and wow, it's once-in-a-lifetime experience. I really had a good time. Bride and groom looks so sweet and the Qatari ladies do know how to have fun!


Driver picks the music - Shotgun shut his cakehole

I've been attending Qatari weddings as photograher for the ladies guest!

It's really an opportunity for me seeing this wonderful events; seeing lovely ladies in their beautiful gowns, dancing & singing, hearing Arabic musics & learning their cultures celebrating the special, indeed!

Foods is abundant & very attractive in different preparations & is very open to everyone...!!!

The stage wherein the bride & groom is seated is decorated w/ different styles & very is the place wherein the couples will be introduce w/ the bride family & w/ the Eman who will officiate the ceremony.

The entering of the bride is the finale; all light is out but only a spotlight focus on her - wearing in white wedding gown all radiant walking slowly & very lovely!

When the bride is at her place w/ her family - the groom will enter w/ his father & male escort holding his sword so gentle & mighty!

The Emam will say his sermon, then, some ladies will pin & shower some paper money for the couples.After this the couple will leave the place & enter in an secluded area.....then everyone will go & get their foods...!

Then you won't see the couples again...!

the practice is to greet the Groom and his family elders first...then be seated in the tea/arabic coffee will be served..will be called for the buffet dinner..have dinner and say good bye and thanks to the groom n the family member and leave..


Not sure about the custom...

DG,Amensia might help...

PS: Be sure not to use mobile camera phones

Make sure you are invited to the wedding. Don't just go because your friend is going. Arabic people want to personally know everyone at the wedding.

And be respectful, dont wear clothes that make you look like a stripper. Be conservative.

What AlKhater999 said almost doesn't apply to the men's portion of the wedding... :P

i dont see why thats a problem for them they all wear the same thing outside everyday

You Should go only if you are invited...

that is the main thing we have to care about.

No need for any presents, in case if its necessary,

you collect and give some land-cruiser gift coupon from lulu.its precious...

Go only if you want to bore yourself to death.

LOL. We have blackberrys nowadays, surf the net while you're there.

before you enter Kbaisi...

My phone was snatched away from me by an over zealous waitress when I picked it up to answer a call...

I swear... if I hadn't been wearing 3inch heels, I would have slapped her... but my balance is shy*te on those heels...;-P

I think find a cheap wedding dresses for Brides is not

a easy thing.Every bride wants to look her very

I don't see how a wedding where people are swinging katanas like swords over their heads can be boring. I guess I leave in the wrong country because here we have boring parties. As for using mobile phones it's a lack of respect wherever you are. Weddings usually have professional help hired to video the whole thing so if you really want pictures just ask the grooms. But that's just my opinion. Anyway, wish I can attend such a wedding. I've been living two years in Qatar but never had a friend there get married.

1- I would expect a suite for a western.

2- Not really necessarily but acceptable and welcomed.

3- For women they will party, dance, play songs, stay with the bride until husband comes in with few family members and take her away to the hotel room!

I have not been to Qatari wedding but heard from my Qatari friends...that it I ver loud and interesting..I would love to photographs some of the weddings as have been doing Indian and Asian weddings too.

YOu can contact and see my work at as well

I hope one of this days someone will invite n bring me to attend Qatari wedding.

It is recommended to wear Qatari Thoub (Long white for men and a cap on the head. for women, Abaya, the outfit black long dress and head covered like Qataris makes a perfect respectable attire. Cost 200/- for both ready made available in New world Center.

Hello I m professional henna designer, if u want make henna for all desigin Arabic Indian , contect me. 55383520 my home at dafna big almera.

You have a good point here!I totally agree with what you have said!!Thanks for sharing your views...hope more people will read this article!!!

Advice by Real Kolik

Interesting thread, but I have an important question - how do I get invited to a wedding if I don't know any young Qataris?

Join a decoration / tents / lightings company's workers / team in your next vacation ... you will really love it ...... everything filled with joy ..... ............ so much fun ........... ....

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