Top Ten Fun Facts About Qatar

Top Ten Fun Facts About Qatar :

10- The National Sport in Qatar is biding on International Events.

9- When Going to the cinema you pay full price to watch half of the movie

8- Freedom of Expression on Al Jazeera applies to any other Country

7- The national Carrier Qatar Airways Allow you to Buy liquor on its planes but does not allow you to bring them into the country so you end up drunk even before you set foot.

6- The only country where you will find Roundabouts that are not so round. (jeedah Roundabout and many more..)

5- If you have a White Land cruiser you are allowed to show case your toes out of the window.

4- The Road to perfection is met after the road has been worked upon three to four times in a year. if you don’t know what is it, come to Qatar,

3- Family Day at the Malls can apply for all days of the week

2- Men in Qatar are capable of rotating their heads 360 degrees on the sighting of women

1- Qtel Has blocked most of the internet Websites that you eventually end it up on QL

Ps: Qatari, hope this one wont get censored as well ;-))



but things are changing....slowly

today friday no censoring.

Aana free, jaana free,

Pakde gaye tho khana free.

lol :)

nice facts diesel...

yah things are changing... let's give Qatar another one more decade...

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You can't teach experience...

i found that really hard to believe. give up your back then your front? ooouuccchhhhh.... atleast the front you always get operation to make it like a virgin but back??? hhmmmm....

Everybody is right everybody is wrong, it depend where you stand

There are expert ladies who can know if they had stitched their hymen back some years back it came in the news paper about a qatari asking for divorce after finding she had done the operation





is that so TCOM? wow this mama sun is good. hehehheheeh sorry just joking.

Everybody is right everybody is wrong, it depend where you stand

the mod delete my 1st comment, it must be harsh reality to face. sorry i just telling the truth fact about Qatar as the title said.

Everybody is right everybody is wrong, it depend where you stand

There is a 20 ft bald clam on the Corniche!!

What more could you want?

Happy clamming!!


I say what I like and I bloody well like what I say

I Agree that in Qatar there are some taboos that needs to be dealt with, like movie rating should be applied and not censored...My guess is the people are mature and responsible enough..

they drive their Land Cruisers like a Formula One car.

this is true in Doha.

"You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back."


Let see filled side of glass then looking empty one.Nothing and None is perfect.Many has more

poistive outlook of Doha and Qatar.No country

in middle east is socializing with the temp as

Qatar is doing with rest of the world.So let

salute their progressive attitude and action.

Rest upto us how we see world with miopic or metropic eyes.

Good luck to all

hospitals, and they demand to stay a few days more as they await half of their country to pay a visit...


You must have real experience about QATAR

Cute and commendably original


The way you chose to present your facts (right or wrong) is what attracted me to respond. Thanks for getting your message across with no trace of vulgarity.

I do like #8, 6, and 5..:)


The driving problem is sorted.

They allow Pork.

Sponsorship Laws are changed.

They treat the workers better.

My thoughts are my own, but I doubt my Mum would agree with some of them.

Thanks for your comments, I rarely see something funny on QL, and anything funny is usulualy automatically misinterpreted and wrongly misunderstoodd, i guess those facts does not hurt anybody and do reflect the reality we are living in.

Penny I dont think labour law will be changed anytime soon within this decade..

loooool loved No. 2 and 5 hilarious

The phenomenon of digging up graves

Whats up guys? :O)

Who is digging out the old graves?? lol

Anyways, i found each and every point quite true to the reality...:))

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