Unmarried couple sharing a hotel room?

Is this even possible? I have read that unmarried and/or married couples staying together in a hotel room were not required to present their marriage certificates before they check-in. If this is possible, what hotel can you suggest? Can anybody shed a light on this stuff. Thanks in advance!


Irene, this is an islamic country and once at the hotel reception you could be asked to provide a proof (marriage certificate) so that way you are allowed to stay together in the same room.

Otherwise the hotel staff could call the police and report you, then you'll be in deep trouble (really deep)

So better stay on the safe side

No Problem at 4 and 5 star Hotels. Also depends on the reception staff on the day.

There will be CID officers in all the hotels especially 4/5 stars and if they come to know that you are living with a stranger then as Galloper mentioned you will be in deep trouble. You will be caught for adultery or any other similar charges and will be sent to jail, tried and punished including deportation with no entry to Qatar.

if u want to go in prison, then u can live together. but my suggestion try to avoid this situation. dont live together.

Houses/flats are safe for illegal relations unless someone noticed you and reported. In all hotels reception is required to submit the details of the guest to CID on daily basis.

ok...how about if they go seperate rooms...then it is easy for one of them to go in their partner's room, right? how can the CID or staff will know this.

c'mon it's easy... get one room for you and let your partner visit you.... kalas

there is nothing like that..

the people who are answering.. did u even try this before answering

there are lotsof people doing this thing..

and no 1 does anything..

It is haram in this country for unmarried couple stay in a hotel. Hotel establishments is obliged to ask the couple's cetificate of married before letting in. This could either be done in a private flats or villa provided no one would notice them and report to police.

i herd this thins r goin on in hotels in doha...(i dont wana mention names)i herd this from a man ho workd in a hotel thats located in(souq)guez:D and they will provide safty :P......but were will c.i.d stayin in hotal out or in really confused..!_!_!

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