When will Ramadan start?

When is the start of Ramadan and when will it end? also the EID?


according to science or to the muslim hierarchy ? because science already knows ....but you need to see the moon the night before if i understand the muslim way of thinking ... what to understand ....??
propably on monday,,,,it is according to seeing the moon
on september 01, 2008.happy ramadan.........
Monday....thats what iv heard from my friends..Happy Ramadan.
before Eid by 30 or 29 days but it is moon calender not solar calender and science do'nt tell which day mr. modern but it says that the year according to moon is less that sun year by 11 days so the month maybe will be 30 or 29
and because fasting one day in ramadan is very imporant to muslims so they have to check the moon to determine the exact day RAMADAN MOBARAK EVERY ONE FULL WITH WORSHIPPING, NOT FULL WITH FULLY STOMACHES LOOOOOOOOL
Sunday or Monday Totaly depnds on the moon sighting. as it is the main point in order to determine the start and end of Ramadhan. Wish you all a fine month of excepted deeds.
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