Why aren't people respecting Qatar?

I noticed many people do not respect local Qataries or they do not respect the country. They come here without having an idea about our culture and religion. All they think about is how much salary they will take.

We as a Qataries feel worried about the thousands of outlandish people and we try to be open with others but if they respect our culture and our land.

What do u think..?


thats not true. who told you that?

i'm working here so i respect qatar.

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There r ppl who dont respect ..I agree.

But dont u know there are also people who r not Qataris but love Qatar as much as u do?

Ramadan on its Way.......:)

there may be some but i know most of the people residing here specially those who brings their families certainly love Qatar...


Ramadan on its Way.......:)

some of foreign ppl not respct country by do things against culture and religion like drinks outside, wearing bad clothes (short, naked). and so on

huyenqatar,,, Im not agree you the only important thing is salary, before i go to any country i have to read and know about ppl there,,, also its good if i try to make a friendship and relationship with locals,,,

but i noticed from some off ppl silly ideas, they look on the empty of cup and think they are all foolhardy !!

do u think foreign ppl come to qatar to be guards and police and that's why i can sleep in peace every nite, looool !! (i dont know what the relationship between the respect and sleeping at nite)

thanks for all who put lovely messges, Qatar love who love her,, and we as a locals welcomed any body from anywhere.

this forum is one of chanel for healthy discussion but i think also forigen have to learn arabic and be more share in the public society..

we all love money locals and foreign but in same time we have to have a way to help others without waiting $$$

if the western ppl proud that they are more civilization than qataries or other why we dont see any effect from them, they only come to have a $$$ and left !!

is that the only thing what we r looking in our life..

Designer...I dont see why peopleh ave to speak Arabic, TBH, i speak Arabic and English and i find it hard communicating in public in general, because most speak netiher...esp in shops etc, personally i think we should learn to speak tag a long...

Actually i find expats are very respectful of Qatari culture, you might get a few that arent but you wil also get a few from Qatari culture that arent respectful, its normal...

Today morning I was made to wait for half an hour at one of the immigration outlet in the city while the gentlemen attended a phone call and then went out for a cigarette and then went to the restroom.... and what I went there for shouldn't take more than 5 minutes...

Meanwhile he let another chap jump the queue ahead of a lot of other expatriates who had tokens in hand because this particular gentleman was under the sponsorship of the Qatari at the counter...

And this is not a one off incident... I can recount several other incidents...

There are several Qataris who treat me extremely well too... but sadly the bad experiences far outweigh the good ones...

I travel on short business trips to Dubai every other month or so... On one of these trips I happened to meet a Emarati who warmed up to me so much that he offered to drop me off to the airport and he insisted on doing so... and that is really something considering the Dubai traffic... I rate that gesture higher than any positive experience that I've had with a Qatari in my thirty years here...

My Qatari landlord just threw a tantrum last week asking me to vacate his house because I struck five nails on the perimeter walls of my garden... and he did that while blocking my car as I was just about to set off to the airport for my holiday

My old landlord made me vacate my house of 16 years after I had spend a significant amount of money to renovate it... saying that he was going to tear it down... only to give it off to on rent to someone else...

Do you want me to go on?

Today morning I was made to wait for half an hour at one of the immigration outlet in the city while the gentlemen attended a phone call and then went out for a cigarette and then went to the restroom.... and what I went there for shouldn't take more than 5 minutes...

Meanwhile he let another chap jump the queue ahead of a lot of other expatriates who had tokens in hand because this particular gentleman was under the sponsorship of the Qatari at the counter...

And this is not a one off incident... I can recount several other incidents...

There are several Qataris who treat me extremely well too... but sadly the bad experiences far outweigh the good ones...

I travel on short business trips to Dubai every other month or so... On one of these trips I happened to meet a Emarati who warmed up to me so much that he offered to drop me off to the airport and he insisted on doing so... and that is really something considering the Dubai traffic... I rate that gesture higher than any positive experience that I've had with a Qatari in my thirty years here...

My Qatari landlord just threw a tantrum last week asking me to vacate his house because I struck five nails on the perimeter walls of my garden... and he did that while blocking my car as I was just about to set off to the airport for my holiday

My old landlord made me vacate my house of 16 years after I had spend a significant amount of money to renovate it... saying that he was going to tear it down... only to give it off to on rent to someone else...

Do you want me to go on?

I love it here, and my friends and co-workers love it here too.

I do see ppl who are not respectful, but these are the people who never last long outside of their own country.

But, most of the people I come in contact with have a high respect and regard for Qatar and Qataris.

We wish we could get to know you better and be better friends.

What has made you post this comment?

Whatever it was, or whoever it was, just try to not let it get to you.

There are many, many people who really love qatar and the local qatari people, who are interested in the country and the culture, and are here for not only the money, but for the experience, and meeting new friends.

Hope that helps you.

It's the disrespectful people who easily grab your attention, but look closely- good people are here, and are many!!

You see? this is the root of the problem. Just listen to the original posters mentality along with other similar posts. Pointing fingers etc. I think everyone needs to chill-out and stop thinking about other and casting judgment. People see a problem with wearing shorts here. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! its freaking HOT here! You are too up-tight to wear shorts? Where do you learn its a taboo? are my legs too sexy for your wife to look at? Its wonderful to wear shorts! its not my damn problem of your mentality! or some guy wants to walk around with his other race of girl friend?! just mind your own business. its very simple. JUST RELAX LET GO. this after a few generations of all us die out, this country will be totally different in 100 years. so just try to enjoy your short life. getting offended or thinking about it does you no good. If you ask me. One of the most disrespectful things you can do in your OWN COUNTRY is LITTERING. Yet I see it happen all the time. At first I was shocked to see Qataris littering in their own country. But now its such a common site. Throwing trash out of their cars, or walking out of the store, taking the wrapper off then chucking it. I just say... "ah that's the way it is"... oh well... its Qatar, you gotta love it :-)

Give respect to take respect....

criticism doesn't really come out of respect. Don't we ALL rant about Corruption, caste, delay in infrastructure work,bad driving,road rage,etc.

Expatriates are the real contributors to the developing of our country & we must appreciate that in return.

Alcohol is permitted in Hotels & there is no dress code suggested by Authorities.

I could argue with you that Niqab is not part of our culture, although it's worn by alot of Qatari women

To gain respect, you must also understand & respect other's culture

dezigner,please come and meet my qatari friends!

Hypothetical From UK:

"I noticed many people here do not respect local Brits or even respect the country. They come here without having an idea about our culture and religion, and all that they think about is how much salary they will take.

We as a British people feel worried about the thousands of foreigners - we try to be open with others but if they respect our culture and our land, (e.g. Speak English, celebrate Xmas and wear our clothes)

what do u think .. ?"


I don't think I would ever say the above. I don't require immigrants to abandon their culture; I don't require them to speak English. I'm not worried about them making money. I don't need them to wear traditional clothes. There are laws which make it illegal to incite racial hatred. The first half of this comment would be illegal. Openness.

Problems with landlords are not limited to Qataris only.

You must understand that renting properties is only income to some of the local landlord. Greed & arrogance is not justifiable. However, You must understand that Qataris are also affected by the inflation.

I'm moving to Qatar next week and I expect to always be conscious of the local people and customs. I am sorry you have experienced any kind of ignorance or disrespect from foreign expatriates but please understand that most do not mean to be either of those things. I am confident that most foreigners are happy to be in Qatar and are thankful that Qatar has been so open and accepting of other countries.

I can only hope that your opinions of foreign workers will change in time and that nobody else will give you reason to be wary or concerned about any kind of 'invasion' of your country.

Hashin is correct. I like it here in Qatar but I expect the good with the bad so when the bad happens I am not surprised or upset even though I still tend to get upset.

Almost every Qatari I have met have been nice people but.. A lot of them seem to have this "I am better than you" mentality and treat you accordingly. Be it in immigration, the bank, on the road you name it.

Also.. Try and leave this country as an expat. You can go to my country, get a job, quit leave and come back and do it again 100 times.. Its all good for you. Look at what I have to go through to leave the country or change jobs.

Check the housing scene, you guys go the UK and US and buy up properties and we can only buy over priced houses on artificial land... You can go to our countries and buy and own businesses and we need to have a 51% Qatari shareholder to open a business here.

Look at how low level workers who fuel your economy and current boom are treated. These guys are the heart of your boom and on the one day they have off they are banned in anyplace that has AC. When people see this what do you expect them to think about you lot?

These sort of things have an impact on how people view you as a people and a nation. Most of us over look it but others tend not to be so forgiving in their judgments.

Its not only about your side of the story. You want to be treated with kiddie gloves while kicking people in the groin repetitively.. come on man.

The problem is..... Qatar is not great!!! Why do Qataris belive this is such a great country? Do you really belive were all here because of the faboulous lifestyle in Doha?

The Qatari attitude stinks...seriously!!! I have even seen little Qatari girls shout, order, hit and humilate there maids, it must be genetic. How many times have I heard, "this is my country, i go fist" or "I'm Qatari, this is my airline i don't pay excess".

There is 0% crime in Doha.....oh ok! The crime is covered up or not reported. I would not feel safe living in Doha if I was a woman.

There is nothing to do in this place, go shopping every weekend...ummm..well that's it.

Don't get me started on Ramadam! No I don't respect the culture...it just seems like i'm living in 19th Century England, Qatar Airways aircraft are actually time machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 20 years i guess Qatar might have caught up a bit and might be a good place to live, but now...i'd rather take the risk of being stabbed in London then live here.

Wooooooow man... This is generalization... Like in every country there are good and bad people, there are good and bad expatriates, and there are good and bad locals.

You see i reckon the problem is that in contrary to other gulf countries (I.E Oman) the number of expat outweigths the number of locals, so you dont actually have that much contact with the local culture apart from the Land-Cruiser coming flashing you on the highway which, assumably pisses of those who have a hard to adapt to local driving style for example...

I agree vips_on. There are good and bad people in every country, every country and culture has there faults.

BUT...it just seems that Qataris belive Qatar is perfect and that I should feel so privallaged to live here....i don't.

Over the last year I have met a lot of good Qataris, but for every good one, i've met 20 who were rubbish.

Goodlookin still up at 6h11 am ?? :P :P lol!!

Let me explain the way i see it... you could definitely look at the bad experiences you have had with those 20 who were rubbish and just try to look at the good Qataris you have met...

I always tried to keep a positive attitude about Doha otherwise you become emo... for example i got really really sad when the police station refused me for my license even if it said they would give it to me two months before hand (age issues) so the dude lied to me... but then you just have to cross out those really depressing moments out and just think about the good stuff... Obviously its the best country in the world, but we are here so we should all stop complain because no one on this site was forced to come here... unless you are part of a 'family decision'...

I love Qatar, too. It's such a nice weather outside:

Homeless’ workers live out in the open

Publish Date: Friday,8 August, 2008, at 01:04 AM Doha Time

By Sarmad Qazi

Despite the oppressive weather these labourers find sleeping in the open a better option than living in the “hell” of labour camp accommodation

A GROUP of construction workers have been sleeping in the open for the past eight months – because it is better than living in the “hell” of labour camp accommodation.

Five men, four from North Africa and a south Asian, were seen bedding down for the night next to an under-construction 7-storey residential building at 11pm in the heart of Doha on Wednesday.

“It is an irony that we build these ‘residential apartments’ and don’t have a roof to sleep under,” said one visibly exhausted worker.

“My company did provide me with accommodation when I landed here in January, but the rooms were overcrowded – 12 in one room – and the food quality was horrendous. We simply decided to live out in the open rather than the hell my company calls accommodation. The decision is solely ours.”

According to the labourer, there are more than 200 Nepalese workers at the company-provided accommodation located in the Industrial Area, as well as the dozens of Muslims from his home country, Egypt.

“How are we supposed to live together with people who have religious and cultural habits, diametrically opposed to ours?” he asked.

“There is a remarkable difference in our bathroom habits, food tastes and living style, all of which we were forced to share.”

The labourers Gulf Times spoke to work on site from 5am to 1pm. Due to the lack of facilities, they use the local mosque to freshen up and dinner is “one chicken with a lot of gravy and bread” paid for by the five of them chipping in.

“We have also made a makeshift bathroom onsite, while our clothes and ‘bedding’ gets bundled up every morning and tucked into a brick-made storage space,” the worker explained.

Despite making the best of their environment, the labourers admit they often spend a torturous night struggling to get to sleep on old, worn mattresses and pillows – and in the midst of the summer humidity even breathing becomes an act of great difficulty.

The labourer added: “The winters are tolerable in the open, but now half the night is wasted scratching my skin due to heat rashes. For most of the time we just pretend to each other that we are sleeping and gaze at the stars.”

The Egyptian said he and his colleagues were not the only labourers these days to spurn camp accommodation for the open skies, and he claimed other workers were sleeping at under-construction sites in Muntazah, Mansoura and Najma.

“We like our Arab-speaking Qatari brothers. It’s the construction firms that maltreat us. Actually that’s an understatement. They treat us like animals. I’m just an employee, a number, to my company,” he said.

‘It is an irony that we build these residential apartments and don’t have a roof to sleep under. My company did provide me with accommodation when I landed here, but the rooms were overcrowded – 12 in one room – and the food quality was horrendous. We simply decided to live out in the open rather than the hell my company calls accommodation’

I noticed many of ppl here are not respect local qataries or even they not respect the country,, they come here without have an idea about our culture and religion. and all what they think about is how much salary they will take.

We as a Qataries feel worried about the thousands of outlandish ppl and we try to pe open with others but if they respect our culture and our land.

what do u think .. ?

some of foreign ppl not respct country by do things against culture and religion like drinks outside, wearing bad clothes (short, naked). and so on

This is the part I don’t understand. You and so many get so offended by these things, which is fine as we all disprove of different things, but I never see posts by Qatari’s that are offended by the trafficking that occurs in Qatar and the appalling state of human rights. Instead of critising the people that make this country function why not thank them for all their hard work?

To be fair I’ve rarely seen ex-pats disrespect Qatar, and as someone said, how can you judge others respect for Qatar when you litter your own country and don’t even respect it yourself?

About being open with others, I’ve never been to a country like Qatar where I see quite the opposite – which is fine but don’t make out as if the locals are open and warm with everyone.

The other point I wanted to make is do you think that ALL Qatari’s respect other countries when visiting? I don’t think so and will give you a few examples.

1.Malaysia – Qatari’s walk into a pharmacy, interrupt the sale that was going on and insisted on being served. We are Qatari's they said. The shop assistant served the Qatari’s first and when I asked him why he did that, he said to keep peace, we are used to this sort of behaviour, that’s why we don’t like Gulf Arabs.

2. Sri Lanka – Taxis drivers everywhere told me stories about Qatari’s disrespecting their country and said they are very bad people - we don’t want them here.

3. Yemen – Driving from Sana'a to Aden, we came across very rude Qatari’s who treated the country like their own. Littering everywhere, driving at insane speeds.

4. Damascus – Driving around the beautiful area of Bab Touma in their 4x4’s speeding up the alleyways having no respect for the people or the significance of this beautiful place.

6. India – All I heard was, very, very bad people; only care about money and they treat us with disrespect.

In fact I have never heard a positive thing said about Qatari’s outside of Qatar...has anyone else?

The point is you get this EVERYWHERE you go with ALL different nationalities.

So you see you will always get people of different cultures disrespecting other countries – can you come up with the perfect society who have never had foreigners disrespecting another country? This thread is absurd.

I mean all the foreigners can go home and you can always build your own country....oh wait, that would mean having to actually work.

It goes both ways, treat people the way you want to be treated – I don’t see the labour workers getting treated with respect, do you? After all they do build your country, and very few of you – yes very few give a damn.

A wise guy once said "If u want to see the change in world, make a change in yourself first", the rules are made for everyone in the world who comes to this country, exept for the Qataris, they have the wasta.


Norton Anti-virus cant keep draculas and T-viruses away, "G-lik" can ;), get yours today :D.

You want respect, bloody well earn it !!

You mention about expats not respecting yer customs, come to Bahrain at the weekends, and see yer fellow countrymen racing around the (already crowded) roads. Watch them hang around malls, leering at women like they are pieces of meat.

See them in various bars and clubs, getting totally pi$$ed out of their tiny heads on alcohol, whilst visiting " Ladies" for pleasure, whilst at the same time, cursing the " West" for its so called immoral values.Cursing alcohol as the mother of all sins.

Maybe yer should take a look around at yer fellow Qataris, and yer will see life isnt as rosy as yer think it is !



if the western ppl proud that they are more civilization than qataries or other why we dont see any effect from them, they only come to have a $$$ and left !!

Westerner’s don’t claim to be more civilized, that’s not the issue. We are appalled and disgusted of the treatment of others and yes many of us try to help out as much as possible. We have westerners helping out at the labour camps, westerners running an animal shelter for all the poor and mistreated animals etc etc. Maybe if you left the mall now and then you might realize that yes westerners do try to help.

Please answer this next question honestly. What else would people come to live in Doha for if it wasn’t for money? Why does anyone anywhere move countries? It’s not like foreigners are living in Doha, doing no work and living off the locals. WE ALL work hard for that money – do you really suggest we all leave if we are only here for the money? Yes we leave in the end - it's a thing called family and a life back home that we want to go back to.

Why don’t you have a little more appreciation for the foreigners living in Qatar and think where you would be if it wasn’t for them.

Respect comes from Mutual respect. I have been here only three weeks and I like Qatar. I respect the customs of the Qatari people and do not expect the Qatari people to respect me because I am in their country,but, if you want my respect as a person, you must show respect for me. I was invited here to manage a business, so the way I see it, I was needed here. This is the same for all expatriots,we are needed here to make this country grow. We do respect this country, but we are all here to make a living.













where is Mr.Designer....never heard from him..?

Abu Mr P Genesis

Well said.

I really like Qatar and I am very grateful for my job and my life here

Gentlemen... you have all made valid points....

respect is a two way street...

My husband and I are here to do the work that Qataris SHOULD be doing- that's what I feel. I understand that Qataries can't do everthing but the jobs they are in they should be doing properly - MOST of the them don't seem to do much at work ( of course you have the exception)

I like the environment and the religious side of it which is really the reason why my family is here. The money was secondary since I had a business and my husband had a good job back in the UK. Qatar wants us here to work and build Qatar - unlike some people we have to work to get PAID !

Qataries are muslims but they don't practice their religion with regards to equality and rights that others have whatever their nationality or job (this include labourers and Indians). Even amongst themselves they have a kind of CASTE system where if you belong to a different family you are better - very similar to the HINDU CASTE system. This is all unIslamic. We are all human and made of the same stuff whatever our colour and nationality - the only thing that differentiates is our beliefs.

I pray Qatar becomes a good society respecting others and respecting themselves by not importing cultures from the West or the East but having their own identity which currently they seem to be losing.

Im here :) .. i will reply on ur comments guys but give time to breath, its difficult for me to understand and write in english since my educated english only within Qatary skools :$..

thanks nadt as u said "Actually i find expatriates are very respectful of Qatari culture, you might get a few that arent but you wil also get a few from Qatari culture that arent respectful"

and that all what we are looking for, also we have responsibility as a Qataries we have to printout and distribute our culture regulations and suggestion to all kind of expatriates, through the media, internet, newspaper, Tv, brochures and anywhere, and this step honestly not started yet..


dezigner said some of foreign ppl not ...

some of foreign ppl not respct country by do things against culture and religion like drinks outside, wearing bad clothes (short, naked). and so on "

Dezigner: From which hole did you come out?

If only 15% of the population is Qatari, are you sure that the police can keep you safe, if foreigners were that bad?

I don't live in Qatar so all i can speack about is Morrocco, i enjoyed the country respected the costumes except the part of kissing my girl in the lips, at Rabat zoo, only fealt kinda shocked when they told me that if i don't convert to marry her, she's considered single, this is just an example how religion and politics should be apart, at Portugal, if you marry on civil registration, you are married everywhere without depending from your/our religion.

Only God Can Judge Me

الله فقط يمكنه محاكمتي

I am you and you are me, if you love i love, if you suffer i suffer

أنا أنت, و أنت أنا, إذا أحببت نفسك أحببت نفسي, إذا عانيتَ عانيتُ

Dezigner: Qataris will follow the rest of the world on the costumes soon because this is a globalized world and the internet is making us all to live nearer each others, so we all need to find a middle term on cultural/religous matters.

Only God Can Judge Me

الله فقط يمكنه محاكمتي

I am you and you are me, if you love i love, if you suffer i suffer

أنا أنت, و أنت أنا, إذا أحببت نفسك أحببت نفسي, إذا عانيتَ عانيتُ

Run Run

Its a matter of respecting other people no matter what his race,religion,culture,work etc....very simple..if u want to be respected also.

This is happening not only in Qatar but in other places that brings in people on work basis, their main focus would be earning and saving plus there is no facilities for Orientation. The Pre departure orientation of workers from their country of origin includes Culture and Tradition of the country. Their circumstances will not allow them to integrate socially with the locals.

It is not the same for people who goes to another country on Immigration or relocation wherein their mind is set that the new country will be their home permanently. Tourist who goes to a country would try and absorb as much of the culture and meet the locals.

I am sure that one way or another, people will have a respect for QATAR and the QATARIS simply as it is giving them their daily bread and there are a lot of people we know that think of Qatar as their home.

mr hashin i think the cases which you talked about can be to anyone, non qataries or qataries, its depend on the person morals,,, do u think as u said all immigration staff are acting the same?

i feel sad about ppl who said "let ppl respect us after that we will respect others" bcoz someone who doent had the respectives inside him cant have it, even ppl respect him or not... im talking about respect the culture of country im not talking about the person or guy who not respect others,,,

for sure who not respect me, i will not respect him.. but for sure i have to respect his family his country his relegion, his culture,, even if i am from other world.

who said globalization and nothing mean culture.. i can say thats american joke,, and its very funny "normal ppl can not believe it"

happy to see your nice comment canadiangoldygirl and im totally agree with you,,

i wish u spend the happiest time in Qatar, with all ur family and friends :)


only what u are looking in this life is HOW TO ENJOY IT,,, but as i said you have to respect others,,, i believe in god, in morals, in many many things maybe u r not agree with me about it, but in last you have to respect that...

u can stay at ur home and wear whatever u want, do whatever u like,,

u said u r saw qataries who r not civilization and through trash from cars (that what i understand) we all admit ppl here are learning and that what i talk about it,, u r American and you can bring ur civilization here...

but sorry to say that all what we learned from americans is Macdonald, and KFC. thats bcoz u r not free to sharing the poor society. u didnt think how you can make change in positive way in this point of land (Qatar). bcoz u think life is only (short).

honestly when i saw Qatar team at the Olympic opening ceremony i cheered for them...instinctly thats more than respect i think.

but for sure any individual who will not respect me and my country neither will i respect him/her.

[img_assist|nid=21401|title=Adjust, Adopt & Overcome|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=180|height=135]

"who said globalization and nothing mean culture.. i can say thats american joke,, and its very funny "normal ppl can not believe it" "

I'm the one that spoke about globalization, if you mean that "globalization" doesn't exist, than i advise you to ask anyone with more culture than you about it.

Being considered as an equal on a foreign country is part of the respect. Forcing someone to convert to be allowed to marry one of their citizans can't be considered respect, it's called descrimination.

Only God Can Judge Me

الله فقط يمكنه محاكمتي

I am you and you are me, if you love i love, if you suffer i suffer

أنا أنت, و أنت أنا, إذا أحببت نفسك أحببت نفسي, إذا عانيتَ عانيتُ

i think it should be mutual,no??

if host does not respect whoever HE HAS INVITED in, how this whoever can respct the host? based on what?

Qatar wants us to come here; to work, having minimum rights (or none of them!) at the same time; and to leave the country. Qatar is BUYING us as slaves, no matter what countries we are from. So, that’s what we do. We state our PRICE, come to get this price paid and leave the country.

Which respect, feelings, sensitivity are you talking about? This is sell-buy market. Qatar set up these rules. Expats are acting accordingly.

excellent points- couldn't agree more

"Forcing someone to convert to be allowed to marry one of their citizans" DOES NOT call descrimination......

check in the dictionary what does descrimination mean...

I love Qatar for the following beautiful reasons

Security - One of the few places in the world where you can leave your car, ignition on, parked in front of a supermarket, go and shop come back and still find it there....This was few years ago, hope it still works. Never tried it out :)

Good Roads - Much better than roads in our country. Only I should be able to drive through the traffic in my 4X4

Petrol price - We pay roughly 8 times for a litre in our country. Hope we could store some at home but the security wouldn't alow it :)

Loans - We get them so easily and with so less paperwork. Though I still dont think about taking one. :)

People - There are so many nationalities here I think you dont need to watch Olympics opening ceremony, just go to Lulu or City Centre on fridays :)

Saving money - I think even if I had 100,000 Riyals I could spend everything in one day :) but saving money is difficult provided you do the following....

Dont loan your money, Dont take a loan :)

High Living status - We can take an apartment in any posche residency suites(for a loan) and enjoy 99 years RP free :) if you can live that long and someone invents the longevity gene therapy :) , was it already invented? who knows. Lemme wiki

Respect & Recognition - People truly cherish if you are from Qatar. Especially people from my country India if you tell them about Qatar they immediatly say, yes the country which hosted the last Asian games. But they also say, I tried to find a job there but when I checked out from QatarLiving about the prospects, had to back off because of the huge cost of living :(

The plus point is.....there are 400,000 of us here so God bless us and hope we live in harmony and help build Qatar. By the way I am a resident here from the last 25 years and still having a good time paying my loan :)


I agree that many westerners don't respect the Muslim culture and expect the country to bend to them when they come. How many western women have you seen walking around with their hoochie mama micro mini skirts or skin tight pants and stilletos, completely disregarding that the women around them are covered....a pretty obvious hint you'd think. Westerners know better so shame on them for that. BUT, I have also seen some western women actually wearing abayas and really making an effort to respect Qatar. I really respect those women alot. There is in fact a dress code, but it is not enforced.

I agree with blackcat.. it should be MUTUAL!

you respect me, i respect you, and otherwise...

justifying wrongs by saying that this is how things happen in other places as well is just poor logic...

give respect to take respect is a very popular expression in english... not something that I made up...

Trying to turn that around by a silly argument such as who should respect whom first is childish and very typical...

My point is simple, many people here need to learn respect human beings irrespective of their nationality, origin, race etc...

you say that you are concerned with 'outlandish people'

I suggest you go to the corniche... and look at all those concrete skyscrapers... I am sure you feel mighty proud of your country when you look at them...

Now while looking at them... I'd like you to ask yourself one question... how many bricks would have been laid by a Qatari in all those buildings put together?

There is a typical attitude that all Qatari's have, that they are doing expatriates a favour by letting them have work in Qatar...

You need to realize that you need these expatriates here or your country would come to a grinding halt

Expatriates in a lot many other countries get treated much better than here in Qatar...

Like I said earlier, I've lived in Qatar for 30 years. Had I been in almost any other country I would have been offered the local nationality. I can vote, stand for elections, own property freely, social service etc. etc. etc...

But here in Qatar... I am at the mercy of a 'sponsor'

If Qatar owes me nothing except my salary, then I don't owe respect to Qatar which is what this whole thread is about isn't it...

If Qatar owes me nothing except my salary, then all I owe Qatar is the work that I do... nothing else...

Have your read my post!

Ordinary Qataris don't care about skyscrapers. They haven't build it nor do they own it.

A decade ago it wasn't there...

All those building, housing complexes, malls are owned by the same people (the big 5)

You lived here for 30 years, did you pay taxes, road tolls, parking fees,actual electricity/water bills, etc?

With all due respect,Qatar owes you nothing except your salary...

Definitely not for me... that was hypothetical... if you think you got me to admit that Qatar owes me nothing except a salary... you are WRONG

Besides my salary is not paid by Qatar, its paid by an American multinational company

The American Multinational company is payed somehow by The Qatari Government...otherwise they wouldn't be here in the first place

I agree with you on that and that's what i wrote in my first post.

Have you read any government decree or officials announcement demanding respect from expatriates?

None, that I've heard off.

People are really edgy about respect, here. In UK everyone makes fun out of each other, and so you get used to it, and so you don't worry about it. And I think the Americans (and I'm here to be corrected) would say its up to you to work on yourself to become strong, so that you control your emotions, and you don't let others bother you.

genesis I see your point and I see Hashins too but at the moment it looks like you are taking the route of "we pay you lot so bend over and take it raw dawg and like it biyatch" and it seems a bit insulting..

If its like you say it is then fire us all and start doing it yourselves if not pay some respect to the people who will do the work your people are too proud or lazy or too inexperienced to do themselves.

Your argument is really condescending and in the big picture you guys don't have much of a step stool to look down on people from.

Now after reading loads of your posts in the past in different topics I'm sure you intend something else but its not coming out like that and it looks like you are falling back on this "We are better than you because we pay you and this is our country" mentality... This seems uncharacteristic of your previous posts so I could be wrong... but all in all you seem to have lost your argument are falling back on national pride as a basis to dispute with others..

Soon insults will start to fly.

National pride!

have your read my posts!

did i mention anything like, if you don't like it than leave?

If a Qatari asked me, i'll answer the same. Since we don't pay taxes, electricity/water bills, parking fees,etc

Qatar Owe us nothing.

Nice, I pay electrical bills and water..

I am owed the respect and dignity every human deserves. Beyond that the rights of one Muslim upon another.

If not in this life I will get it in the next and then the situation of those who denied it to others will REALLY be screwed up. You keep believing that statement gen.

I made my comment based on hashin's comment of not getting the local nationality. It has nothing to do with respect. I think my perspective in that is vary clear in my earlier posts.

Well like I said, you seem like a level headed person so what I am reading I could be misinterpreting.

Taking about culture and knowing Qatari people are having friends with Qatari seems out of question.

Having said that i want to ask e.one one question..Beign expat how many people from Qatarliving have been invited to a Qatari residence for lunch/dinner or some kind of party or wedding party or so on..?

In our countries when there are people coming from outside if they want to friends they invite people home thats the begning of a good relation I think ...with respect to all.


Been to several houses and over 20 weddings....

and stuffed my face stupid with many many chocolates and other tasty delights...

been invited falcon flying

been invited to engagements

been invited to baby shower

been invited to camel farms

been invited by Qatari family to wedding in Bahrain even.

I am not muslim and not arab....OK?

Qatari hospitality is tip top!

Qatar is our secong home... so we respect Qatar as we respect love our own country.. the local here are great same with our elders they are the foundation of this country. The cultures and religion are same only, provided that they care also with our diferent belief..We love Qatar and our productive days are only spent here!!!

I haven't been to as many places as Oryx but I am fast catching up.

Have had several invites to houses, desert BBQ's, weddings, and loads of other stuff.

I will say it again, these are nice people but something is amiss here and there. NO ONE is perfect.

All in all no one should interpret anything I say as a dislike for Qatar. I really like it here.

I love Qatar as a country and its culture too. I agree with the Dezigner and Genesis that the expatriate should respect Qatar's culture. We, as the guests should respect it. if you go to any other country as a guest or for earning, we should respect that country's culture and law. But, some laws, especially the SPONSORSHIP LAW, which restrict an employees movements is really inhuman, un islamic. If that law is not here in Qatar, at least if there is any changes in the law for the free movement of the employees, even after 2 year or even 5 years in a company...personally i'm happy...and i know majority of the middle class and low class employees, labours will be happy, as we came here to earn money. The sponsorship law, and 2 years re-entry ban are the main inhuman laws, which i seen as a big obstacle to SINCERE LOVE FOR QATAR. The other things is NON-IMPLEMENTATION OF THE LAW. In many cases, especially in the labour law, the department is very softer to employers. We are reading many pathetic stories about the poor labours accommodation, non-payment of salaries for many months etc. The dept is very soft even when they found illegal things done by the employers. There is no SUCH BIG PENALTIES LIKE IN TRAFFIC VIOLATION in the labour department. Even though many of our company's emplyees complained in the Labour Dept about our company's many of the 'illegal rules' in last 4-5 years, non of the staff didn't come to our company to check it so far and or they didn't fine anything to our company. So, they continue the same 'illegal rules of the company'....If anyone complained, only that guy gets the benefit....

And the attitude of the employees by QATARI employers are far different from EUROPE/AMERICAN EMPLOYERS. If you ask any person, 'where do u wish to work with, a Qatari company or European/American Company', 90% peoples' answer will be EUROPEAN/AMERICAN COMPANY. its not only the salary or payments, their attitude to the empoyees too..

I'm a Muslim and i love the Qatar's attitude to the religeous acitivities. But, on many cases, I find it hard to believe the Qatar is following an Islamic culture, especially when they treat the poor labours....

Is anyone else getting sick of these "Ex-pats don't respect Qatari's, Qatari's don't resepct ex-pats." Excuse me folks while I get out the worlds smallest violin to play for you.

Seriously, Yes there are expats who don't respect Qatari laws, but really the vast majority do, if they didn't then ALL you would see at the malls is strappy tank tops and mini skirts, rather than the odd girl (in fact I've only seen someone dressed inappropriately once).

And yes some Qatari's are complete and utter dickheads. Is anyone saying there country doesn't have dickheads? And unfortunately dickheads are much easier to spot then non-dickheads.

At the end of the day folks, with the exception of the weather and some rather odd rules, here really isn't that much different from your home.

Visit www.qatarhappening.com

Qatar has everything that it requires and its on a road to prosperity,, blessed with massive resources . What makes a country is not just wealth but its people and culture..

Qataris are nice and not harmful.. I wouldnt say friendly because i would be generalising.. most of them are not.

An indian, phil, westrn.. though you know eachother or not.. always shows the courtsey to smile..say hi.. or a small gesture of greeting when you happens gets an eye contact.. How about a Qatari???..

The first lesson for them to learn is .. this I guess. Learn to smile, and greet people when you see them...

Dont look at them as if they are just intruders / guests/ expats/ came to beg.. Na they are here to earn, they are here because either they are qualified than you, or they are prepared to do some work wht you are not or cannot.. which helps you and the country survive and build.

Respect it.. and am sure you will be respected more....

I never mentioned that expatriate should respect Qatar's culture!In fact,i'm strongly against Niqab. And find dress codes controversy as ridicules (as i've expressed in previous posts). I agree with you about the unjustness of Qatar sponsor law.However, it's only less than 10% of qatari populations are benefiting from it. there is strong resistance from some of consultative council (Ashura) members against any amendments or abolishing of the law as they claim it's for the interest of Qataris.Change will definitely come soon. However, you must know that's will come with a price tag (fines, fees & restriction on facilities)

I hope there will be changes in the laws. I have been waiting for the 5 years for the changes...Now, i have to skip Qatar for a better job. I know only few Qatari are getting benefitted from this law as even my company employers are not Qataris....Best wishes to Qatar

I like Qatar but not Qatari........Qatar is very nice place to live compare to othe GCC,but the people are not so kind,their attitude towards expatriate is not good.


People on both sides don't have respect for the other, and this happens in all countries between all nationalities.

I'd like to ask--NOT as an attack or a criticism of your post, but just out of curiosity--what is your idea of respecting Qatar & the Qatari people?

Respect is a two way street. If you want someone to respect you, you should respect them as well. Respect is not based on religion, wealth, family name, status, or ethnic affiliation. Respect means treating someone the way you would like to trea them.

I can see non of-respectiveness here

some ppl wants to changes laws, bcoz they see it its (as they thought) inhuman laws.

some ppl as they said (they dont love Qataries ppl) and they just come to earn money.

some ppl think that they are a gift for qataris and they come to do job which qataries can not do it (i consider that as a joke) bcoz ppl come from all world in for a different job, cleaners, housemaids, engineers, Doctors and so on, and i think We as a qataries have alot of Doctors, engineers, technician,,, but we suffer from the low of populations,, we are only 200,000 and if you take it as a percentage u will find its normal.

some ppl here misunderstand me when i say respect Qatar, i mean they have to follow the regulations and culture.. but im sure many many of ppl here or around qatar they dont know about our culture and even they dont like to know, maybe they dont care..

i think qatar can be better without silly thoughts from differenet kind of ppl, who think that qatar will lose if he go to his home. we say he is not welcome here..

We should all thank Designer for being brave enough to come out and strive to realize the facts going inside his country. That is really heroic! Atleast we, the expats, knows that atleast one or more, like this guy is concerned about preserving and sharing their culture.

Mr. Dezigner, I am sorry that you have to read all these comments, pro and anti your beloved homeland.

Please don't forget the quotation "Respect is not forced to be applied, but it is hardly earned" and "If you want to gain respect, learn how to respect others"

These might be the key for Qataris and Expats harmonuous relationship.

Listed below are some of the facts why we love to stay in Qatar:

1. Genarally, its clean (cleaner than most of the places around the glove)

2. Sports events are for Free

3. No Tax

4. Police Visibility

Some things that Qatar needs a little attention:

1. Driving Ethics (those 4x4s were made to serve u better in a longest possible time, and not to secure u during accidents)

2. Salary protection for Expats (Most hard labor force have salaries ranging from 600-1000QAR) how much time will it take u to spend this much?

- Most of the companies that entered Qatar are abusive of the conditions of its worker's welfare.

- May I suggest that Qatar hires someone from the international surveys, to get accurate datas from the expats in Qatar.

- i think 70% of the asian expats cannot afford to hire the new flats/villas that are being constructed all over doha.

3. Most locals seldom smile to strangers (so we can feel very welcome in your country)

4. I suggest that someone should step forward to create programs/strategies on how the locals can reach to the expats and vice versa.

Mr. Dezigner, I agree that we your expats are mainly here to earn good money for us to be able to send as support to our families on our homeland, but we are here also to help Qatr realize its goals to a better community. You cannot do all these without us, and we as well cannot do all of these without your support.

Let us feel your concern to us and surely we will do our very best to improve on our work ethics and respect to Qatar and its people.

Together let us make Qatar work With the World...

Again, I thank you for the opportunity...

The Sponsor law IS inhuman.There is no doubt on that. Like you, i find some of the criticism hard to digest. However, most of it is true. Don't the queue jumpers, bad drivers (specially the one jump to the front raw of a traffic light to get passed), mean service at government offices bugs you? Unfortunately most of those offenders are in fact Qataris.You can't stop people from speaking their minds. Instead you can argue back, if you think that what they wrote is untrue.

If you don't like what's written here, you can always leave ;)

Beepinoy, that was very well written...esp the below suggestion..

"4. I suggest that someone should step forward to create programs/strategies on how the locals can reach to the expatriates and vice versa..

Well said.


Beepinoy wellsaid..


How many of you would do the labour work at construction sites the day the whole epxats leave the country??.. they are here to do stuff you cant do..no doubt and its not a JOKE as you think it is.

Come on its a joke heard from you... i prefer to live in peace in tent with some of my sheeps than to live with silly ppl who think they are better than me.. you have to stop. Who call you to come Qatar to share with us to contsruct Qatar, you earn money and experience. many many of expatries come here in a dreamy job and have a chance to learn and bla bla until he has experience.

Regarding crazy driver we also as Qataries suffer from them.. dont think teenager be any where in the world, US, UK, So so so so on..

Mr. BeePony

Thank you very much i like ur comment so much... and im open mind enough to recive whatever ppl think,, i knew we are in WEB which any one can say any think..

maybe im not represntative all qataries but i can say in general we are ready to to give our hand (help) any body from expatriates... while he realy come to build Qatar future with us.. who come to enjoy and earn both money and life experience he will get it, and who come only for money he will get only money..

i think the truth word here is respect and you will get respected. i dont feel or find often the local here respect us as we should deserved specially when they see asian woman. am sorry. if you want us to respect your country you need to step down from your high horse.

Everybody is right everybody is wrong, it depend where you stand

I think respecting a countrys culture and laws is the minimum a visitor should do. I would expect the same if you came to South Africa. You cannot compare Qatar to a weternized country because it is not. Until it opened it's borders to the world, Qatar was a sheltered Muslim country, sheltered from the ways of the West. Qatar citizens view visitors with suspicion because of attitudes, dress sense, mannerism, etc..etc...etc which goes against the grain of all Qatari nationals. I have not yet made up my mind to come to the country but I am aware of the following:

1. I will never become a citizen

2. I will not be accepted as a citizen

3. I am there to do a job based on my experience, and in return will be paid for it

4. I am not there for the scenery

5. I will respect the country

6. I will respect the culture

7. If the locals ignore me then I will ignore them, if they are friendly, then I will return the friendship

8. It is not the country I was born in and will not expect to be received with open arms

I may not agree with some of the rules and regulations... but then I expect that the country does not give a toss. I am a visitor and at some stage will return to my country where I can enjoy all the privileges as a citizen.

and respect their culture and heritage thats why we are still here and raised our kids here. Unfurtunately it is "some" of the locals who do not respect us:-(

"Fascinated with Supercars but can’t afford it yet, so I settle down for a humble Jeepney. Proud Noypi!"

LAMBORJEEPNEY said I am a temporary guest of this contry.. ...

And respect their culture and heritage that why we are still here and raised our kids here. Unfortunately it is "some" of the locals who do not respect us:-(

You see Lamborjeepney unfortunately due to the wealth provided by oil money, most..... I’m not saying all but MOST locals have the luxury of wealth that they take advantage of others and disrespect other nationalities.

Now, I have had some who have called me racist against Qataris, which isn’t the case as I have met some decent ones who are open to many subjects that many choose to hide. Unfortunately it’s the majority who look at a person’s race and then decide how they should be treated.

Yeah it goes on everywhere blah blah BUT not at such high incidents as it does here.

There are some who dispute this and think it’s not a racial but an individual decision to behave in such a manner, but tell me why oh why have I been to so many other 3rd world countries where they treat other races with respect whether they are Indian, Pakistani, Other Arabs, Americans, Austrian etc etc etc? None on you can tell me that Asians are treated with respect in Qatar.

Dragonfly - I don’t feel or find often the local here respect us as we should deserved especially when they see Asian woman. am sorry. If you want us to respect your country you need to step down from your high horse.

They don’t respect you and never will – how strange it is to hear how westerners are racist towards Qatari’s blah when they are the most racist of them all. Disagree?

Let’s open our hearts and send a message to the world that this is not acceptable.

Such a shame that Doha doesn’t get to host the 2016 Olympics – it would have been a real eye opener to the world that have no idea that modern slave labour still exists to such an extent.

Such a shame.

Thats very rude of you to mention that in your last paragraph.

Duhhhhhhhh whats happening in China?

far larger scale human rights abuses than most places...

Doha is small fry compared to that....

And I am sorry that some of you just haven't had the Qatar experience i have.... shame.

The Qatari humour is wonderful.... they really can laugh at them selves... i was with some this morning and we were making loads of jokes about getting Qataris to work in macdonalds.

Dezigner.. Its fact mate..Forget about the professionals..lets talk about those ones who is doing the odd jobs out here. May be its their fate and they are lessfortunate.. But they are doing wht you dont wana do yourself.. The labourers, cleaners, housemaids..

Respect them.. they will respect you too.. Treat them as human..dont chase them away from streets.. dont chase them away from malls.

Otherwise , Qatar as a country and its Culture ..I respect ..every one respects.

Give Respect and Take Respect...

Who told us that Qatari's don't treat labourers with respect? Nobody had to tell us mate, we just opened our eyes and looked around.

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Don't forget those sponsors who are making some of these maids prostitute themselves. And the one's who beat and rape their maids.

Visit www.qatarhappening.com

who told you Qatarries not respect labours? you guys have a wrong idea about us.. did u made your thoughts regarding 1 story from here or there !! i can say in general its a FALSE.

why u not see Qataries do cleaning or housemaids, thats not bcoz ppl are lazy but bcoz the percentage of locals. why should i do hard work while there is easy work i can do it,, also dont forget its a money. you dont axpect from ppl to work in low salary job until they dont have another chance..

dont think that the cleaner boy, or tea boy have a chance to be officer but he love to work tea boy !! dont think dear..

We treat all ppl as human offcourse, We all at Masjed pray in one row, Me and indian tea boy attach me, and pakistanian,and philipeno.. we all same i have option after finishing the pray to give him my hand and welcome him..

its take two to tango

dosent matter who you are ....qatari,indians,malaysian etc

respect each other...

yea i agree 100%, you are right, and still we all must learn Arabic, why not? we have too, we are here so we must be able to speak their lang, not like stupid wondering what they are talking about.


for those who i have met, working and living in qatar for money only and they even hate Arabs, i say one thing.


hey guys,, what r u talking about there, were ppl who againest laws. they are in all world.. not only in qatar there is a companies who didnt paid for a labours, didnt u read the news-paper? the government stop companies permits every month, and there is government departments who take this matter seriously and take actions..

Dont draw a black picture and donut make the things like its a disaster,, and i think who not live in Qatar will believe you. you are totally wrong,

yes there is some bad ppl, there is some bad companies, we are not the best, we try to be the best even you guys who hate Qataries, we will continue build Qatar by good and possitive Qataries and non-Qataries ppl.

Mmm... Krispy Kreme donuts... mmmmmmmmmmmmm


╬ Pass the dutchie on the left hand side! ╬

The Ministry of Labour have just suspended the transactions of the 92 violated companies for delay on payment,they didn't cancel their permit as you claim

do you think this is enough?

offcourse i like to hear from all of you guys.. Alexa say whatever u want


newspaper is not a summary of whats happening here, what theyre publishing wont even reach the backpages of a tabloid in my home country. as gypsy have suggested, look around and go to labour camp(s). and when you get there i hope you will be able to see the situation in the eyes of other people not just say "its happening everywhere"

and we went here for money. that money is in exchange for services period. if youre not happy with the work, send them home. thats the way it is, stop complaining.

Dezigner.. You sound gr8 and is an exemption. and I respect that.

But you are not aware of whats happening around brother. I guess we got deviated from the basic subject of the post. But still its not just one isolated incident am trying to portrait and claim. I can simply generalise on it .. they are being tortured, beaten and sexually abused in many cases.

Few were rescued from uae and KSA recently. A guy was beatn to death. one was found with wounds allover his body. Check the Gulf times day before.. two of them were sleeping otside in the heat , they were in the sun the whole day buidling the roof for all of us.

We are so called Guests , or expats here.. you are a Qatari.. one among those 200 000 who can do something about it.. do it , we will support you..

There are undoubtedly feelings of contempt for Qatar among many expats. Given the appalling Qatari educational and labour system this can't really be helped. I feel much of it comes down the fact that Qatar lacks the human resource capacity to develop itself, and is utterly dependent on foreign help, yet it treats that help like dirt.

As the saying goes, respect isn't given, it is earned. I see Qatar doing little to earn the respect of those it is dependent upon.

i agree with what Bliksem said. nuff said.

I believed people who are here think, even research, information about Qatar---their traditions, cultures, etc., before coming here for whatever purpose they may have..

Qatar needs these people to work for them and these people also need work.It's not easy to work in other land and away from their love ones...Just think about it!

Be cool man! Life is so short..so live it to the fullest!

A lot has already been said so i guess I'll just share a few stories...

My boss's father went here to our factory one day to use the facilities for a project (he has his own company in their country). The next day after his arrival, I saw him working with the laborers, his shirt and hands all dirty from manual work.

I was on queue at a bank, I have been waiting for about 30 minutes when a man who just arrived went directly to the desk where I was queued on. He went about his transaction and left, leaving me and others patiently waiting our turn.

11:00am. In the absence of a collegue I attended to a client who came to take the job that we did for him, which was to be delivered at 12:30pm. The client told me that if he doesn't get the items he would drag me out to the street.

I can and do respect the country, it's cultures and abide by it's laws. Respect for it's people is not something that I can just hand off, they have to earn it from me. This is how I do it in this country, in my country and any country that I go to.

funny story.. i can say thousands story and crimes happened at ur country, guys how old are you?

Yes, but when it happens in our countries the issues are addressed, and actions taken. That doesn't happen here.

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you with your monopoly tactic is not going anywhere. soon or later globalization will take over. and am wondering what you going to do then....

Everybody is right everybody is wrong, it depend where you stand

its a very long commented thread, that i couldn't read all... but i have few words to say to dezigner

my nick tells where do i come from...

and i like to be in any GCC country, as i always wanted to work outside Bahrian ... i have pplied for jobs ain almost all GCC countries but got a response only here .. i guessed that we Qatar and Bahrain are kind of similar in many aspects ... so i searched the net and luckily i found QL.com and signed up for a membership .. did some reading in the culture section

but the problem is lots of Qataris prefer not to socialize with expats other then those who they work with .. in malls -i won't say all Qataris- but majority avoid any contact with them ,,, i don't wear a thobe... i wear shirt, tie, trousers, jeans, t-shirts, so they behave with me as they behave with expats and i can see why you think that people are not respecting Qatar, becuase they don't fel respected in Qatar.. the previous sentence can be harsh but its true -don't you expats agree???- it takes some time for Qataris to get used to expats and stop discriminating people according to what they are dressing, or where they are coming from,

thats how i see it,,,, and i love Qatar

Bahraini.. You are 100% right.. and this is what I wrote too..

Atleast learn to say hi, greet , and smile to people.. basic gestures any cultured and educated one would do..

Then they will see the difference.


It Takes 72 Muscles to Frown...And Only 14 To Smile.

: ) Keep Smiling : )

Gulf Times

85 firms penalised for rules violationPublished: Thursday, 14 August, 2008, 01:02 AM Doha Time

THE Labour Department has penalised 85 private sector firms for violating labour laws during the August 3-7 period, a statement issued by the department said yesterday.

The department said the companies had committed glaring violations, including delaying the salary of a large number of workers and endangering workers by not following occupational health safety rules.

According to the statement, the action is part of an intensified crackdown against private firms violating labour laws.

The department had suspended the transactions of 92 private companies for similar violations last month.

bahraini you are welcome, Qatar its ur country.. but dont expect Qataries to be like Filipinos, each ppl has thier own style, french, americans, indian, russian.. bur for sure local here you cant judge them until you live with them by having friendships.

Oh come now Bahraini, I find the Qatari's to be very friendly, why just yesterday a group of boys hooted, whistled and called me habibi from their land cruiser. :P

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desigenr, the thing is i can't make friendship with qataris when the avoid contact with me!!!

gypsy ... i guess u know why they have done that, don't u? ;P

That means they are telling ya. yer look like a man !



They could have been calling me Habibti, it was hard to tell through all the kissing noises, rude gestures and hooting.

If I was back home I would given them a rude gesture back, but alas, this is Qatar and they were Qatari.

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paul, they might have some persian origins.. persian grammar does not differentiate between males & female like we arabs do ;)

nice as they said habibi, that mean they are friendly and they loves gypsy's ;)

Okay, since we're talking in generalizations:

Your question is:

'Why aren't people respecting Qatar'

Well, from where I stand, the 'people' who are disrespecting the State of Qatar, are:

The people who sit in cafes smoking, right beneath signs carrying on how 'the Emir, in his wisdom, has decreed that smoking is to be banned in public places'.

I wonder who are the majority of these people, breaking the local laws of Qatar???

Then there are the people who disregard all the traffic laws, flying down in the left hand lane, ducking and weaving and endangering the lives of those sharing the road.

I wonder who are the majority of these people, breaking the local laws of Qatar???

Then there are the people who roll down the window to dispose of any and all rubbish from their vehicles - plastic cups from tea shops, wattle bottles, food wrappers, cigarette butts... the list is endless.

I wonder who are the majority of these people, breaking the local laws of Qatar???

Then there are the people who park anywhere they want, run red lights, and then call up their brother's uncle's best friend to get the Traffic Department to cancel the fine because they don't see that they should pay a fine imposed by the government.

I wonder who are the majority of these people, breaking the local laws of Qatar???

Or the employers who ignore the labour laws and mistreat workers.

I wonder who are the majority of these people, breaking the local laws of Qatar???

And the land lords who ignore the rental laws and increase rents and evict tenants in clear violation of local law.

I wonder who are the majority of these people, breaking the local laws of Qatar???

Seriously, if there is any one group of people who disrespect the laws of this country more than any others, it's the Qataris.

And don't give me crap about 'but that happens in every country'.

The question is - why aren't people respecting Qatar.

Well, gee, I don't know. Ask a Qatari, since they are the root of the problem.

very well said Rami-leb. For once, i do agree with you 100%.

All those issues are addressed several times at the local media. In fact last year MOI had banners all over doha in local dialect about the excuses qataris give to not wear seat belts.did it change anything?No, unfortunately.

It's a shame with the Emir's Qatar national 2030 Vision to transform Qatar into an advanced country.

I can't help but wonder, how many fellow-Qataris actually read the QNV 2030?

Dont folish ppl sami-lebanon, i think who breaks laws better than who kills ppl at ur country..

what r u talking about ?? im proud to be QATARY and part of Qataries ppl whom you talk ur story about them.

is only qataries who do that (people who park anywhere ,people who roll down the window to dispose of any and all rubbish from their vehicles etc) !! ahahahah you are funny and all ppl belive you. did u visit lebanon ? did u see the dirtness thier? did u visit any asian country?? i leave this quastion to others who they visited other countries. and please respect Qatar since qatar give you the safe and secuirty and money..

live ur life at QATAR, and you can leave, (albab yfaawwet jamal).

Rami-lebs point Dezigner is that we aren't living in Lebanon, we are living in Qatar, and if people see that Qatari's can't even respect their own laws and country, why should expats respect it?

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Why are you comparing Qatar to Other Countries?

If you care ( and i guess you do). You must address these issues & criticize the offenders instead.

If you love this country as you claim, You should find solution for these issues instead of saying that it happens in other countries.

Because it doesn't. Take Singapore for example.

It is the rapid change that this country is experiencing. In 1990, when I came here first, every Qatari I met was proud to be a Qatari, giving away anything out of this proudness, and if you were sensitive enough you would be treated like a king. Now Western influence is over-running this country and forces Qataris to change their way of living. That hurts.

Qatar, at the moment, is not sure what they want to be: a successful industrialized nation competing with the US or Germany, or just Dubai? That would mean giving up Qatarism. But they are not too good in Westernism. And it does not serve all Qataris equally. It is a long struggle from what a government wants to make the people want the same. And I am talking about 40 or 50 or even hundred years.

So all of you criticizing the behavior of Qataris make sure you are without fault. You are bad teachers if your only means is punishment to achieve performance.

I guess dezigner's point is something like:



Not sure.

Maybe that bad things happen in other countries that are equal to or worse than the bad things that the locals do in this county.

So.... in other words...

Geez... dude. I'm glad you are proud to be a person who doesn't think that you should follow your own emir's laws.

I'm glad that you are proud of your compatriots who abuse the legal system, and ignore the police, and basically give the finger to the Emir and what he stands for. After all, who is the Emir of Qatar to tell a Qatari what to do?

You're a Qatari, right, and the Emir can stick his laws and his judicial system and his police force and the whole body of legislation right up his... as far as you're concerned, right?

Why don't you take a long hard look at the Qataris and see if the disrespect shown by foreigners is really the worst problem in this country.

Good point Magic Dragon.

This country is at a cross roads. What does it want to be? And who will lead it there?

Unfortunately, in other countries who have developed to similar points, the people looked to their leaders for wisdom.

efore 1950 Singapore was a tiny island of no global economic or political significance. Its leaders led the country to prosperity and the people dutifully followed.

China too was once just another under developed land, until its leaders brought the country into the modern world.

Japan too developed itself economically to become a modern powerhouse.

Each of these three countries lost a lot of their heritage along the way, and culturally become quite western. I’m not arguing that this was a good or bad thing.

But the point I will make is that these massive transitions were only successful because the vision of the leaders became the vision of the people. Qatar will have great difficulty achieving any sort of growth as a country because there doesn’t exist the strong leadership, or the will to follow, that is required. There are various factions pulling the policies in opposing directions, and as a result the country really isn’t moving.

The country needs to address:

Is it going to relax, or tighten, the labour laws?

Will the country trade cheap manual labour for ethical manual labour?

Will the country stand up to local sheikhs who are abusing the legal system, or leave them to freely and publicly break labour law, rental law, traffic laws etc?

Is the currency going to remain pegged to the dollar, or will it be allowed to float?

Will mixed sex education, like at education city, become the norm, or be phased out?

Will there be a growing acceptance of western ‘vices’ (alcohol, for instance)?

Will the country continue to pursue Olympic aspirations, while at the same time providing little assistance for sporting associations like the rugby club?

Will the country seek a stronger Islamic presence, or continue to open more churches?

Will the country continue to seek press freedom, while still maintaining internet censorship and the censorship of imported literature?

Will the country seek to become a financial powerhouse, while not allowing open governance?

Is HH Sheikha Mozah going to remain an advocate for women’s rights, while the Qatari government prevents woman from travelling, studying, working…. Without the permission of their husband/father?

The country is free to decide how to run itself, but with so many conflicting ideals and a populace of Qataris who have no desire to follow the will of the government, it will be a rough road ahead for this country.

I guess once of the reasons why democratic countries tend to be more powerful is that there is greater unity of purpose and spirit amongst the people. In democratic countries, people feel engaged in the country’s future and work together for the common good. In this country Qataris are used to just sitting back and letting the country run itself. Not only do they feel disengaged from the county’s economic development, but the rising numbers of expatriates makes them feel isolated from its social development. As a result the youth are becoming much less concerned with doing things for the good of the country, such as obeying the rule of law, for instance.

This country runs a very real risk of turning into a Saudi Arabia – home of a vast number of disenchanted, bitter young people who hate the outside world but who are still totally convinced of their own greatness and superiority.

Rami-leb, nicely written

dezigner seems to have a really twisted sense of humor, finding the accounts of offense commited by qataris funny. regardless of the degree of the offense, I don't think it's a laughing matter.

Why do you keep pointing your finger whenever someone says something against some of the locals? your country's worse, your country is this and that... well we're talking about qatar aren't we? It's pathetic that you should consider other people's actions acceptable because there are others doing the same thing elsewhere.

the fact that you have to reference each commenter's nationality, home country and it's shortcomings hints at something... racism perhaps? and you're asking for respect? now that's funny.

Nicely written.

Hmmmm I'm not sure if I agree that Singapore, China and Japan became quite "Western" While Western countries and the North-East Asian countries do share some similarities they are quite different cultures. I would say that in the process of development both the West AND the Far-East had to leave behind some of it's tradition, and instead developed new ones to replace it (Karaoke anyone?)

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i become to point that is difficult to discuess in english.. my language is not that level.

ur comments is unfair. you are talking about locla like the all were broken the laws. shall i discuess with you up to next year about ur believe somthing i not true at all. dont put urself as a police man on the all people.

i think fair people here can reply on u..

thank you all guys..

Designer... ahk... you are missing the point... what is the title of the thread man????

Anybody with eyes and pays attention will see that it is Qataris doing all that that RAMI said in his initial post...

Qataris couldn't seem to care less what their Emir has decreed as law... Qataris should set the example for us expats....

They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to see it... --George Carlin

@asfaq, all my Qatari friends have friends with expats.

Expats usually don't come up to Qataris or attempt to make friendship.

Qatari's are very social but are usually shy to initiate friendship.


Mr. Q's Blog - A Qatari's view on Qatar.

Well said, Rami.

I have a lot of Qatari friends. I love them to bits. They are great guys, but they simply don't follow the laws. It's not part of their culture. They don't mean it in a bad way, it's just that they don't really like the idea of being told not to smoke inside, and they don't see the harm of littering.

As far as breaking the rental law, that's a different matter entirely. That's simply greed, and that sort of behaviour must be condemned whenever encountered.

Dezigner, you asked a general question about why people don't respect Qatar. Rami simply pointed out that as far as breaches of written law are concerned, the bulk of offenders are Qataris.

It's one thing to say that western girls should just know what to wear and what not to wear (even in the absense of any written rules/laws) or that they should behave sensibly, again in the absense of written guidelines to follow.

But when it comes to breaking the law, and that's disrespecting Qatar in the worst possibly way, the Qataris are the worst offenders.

Don't distract yourself with the shortcomings of other countries. The question YOU asked refered to QATAR.

By the way, I'm Australian, so now you can start telling me about how Australians break laws and, by extension, how that makes it okay for Qataris to break laws.

Nice...that is your point of view. but generally thats not the reason.

They are not too worried. They are dumping culture and tradition themselves for good night life and alcopops.

I know them...they are not much of a hypocrite.

the council has gotta put in effort to preserve qatari tradition and cultural beliefs.

Otherwise........well....change happens

Culture and Traditions has to be preserved, But changes which are inevitable should not be stopped too or the country and the people will loose the pace and go backward from the rest of the world..


It Takes 72 Muscles to Frown...And Only 14 To Smile.

: ) Keep Smiling : )

badu people ..

thats the ones i hate ..

Qataries Huge Egos ..

me hate ..

me hate 96% of em Qataries ..

97% of em are gay / bi ..

98% of em are racists ..

99% of em are Ignorant ..

Dezigner...Respect is something u EARN!You dont just get it by being qatari. Qataris shud realise that and have respect for the non locals and maybe they will get the respect they are dying for!

qataris respect expats..... as much as needed. They do realize that expats are the "Work-Horses" to their success....And in cases... they are the ones heading key ops with them as work-horses....This Gen of qataris are not....noooooot...snobs... Really.. you gotta see the 40's gen aussies.....And the greek-aussies. man are they ..... Racist. Racism is not something you see in qatar. If you think it does...you guys gotta try mars.....

In a word Qataris Rock....

Eventual, slow paced change is good....accomodating needs and preserving culture....Radical changes are crazy and unbecoming of middle eastern philosophy and should remain that way

All countries have their own cultures. But from what i read in this thread and other, there are lots of Qatari's that are uncultured. You should be alarmed of what is happening to your countrymen Dezigner.

For the sake of argument, there are only 20,000 bad Qataris, that is 20% of your total population.

In this modern world, internet is the great equalizer.

Dear very simple just apply the principle “do respect get respect” other way to be respected you have to learn respect others too.

My feelings for this country are as I do feel and respect my Loveland.

To be respected do respect & to be loved do love.


To be loved Do love……..

Give Your Smile To Every One But Your Heart To Only One!

before asking this question you should ask this yourself...

there are millions of other places in the world where expats lives and work but the disrespect you see in qatar is no where to be seen...plain and simple

First of all, there are good and bad people in all communities and RESPECT IS BOTH WAYS, different cultures have different attitude.

I believe Qatar is a lovely country and there are nice Qatari people I am sure, I personally like and respect Qatar and its people as I would want people to like me and respect me.

We can’t really generalize people and blame everyone, but then again you know there is a something called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and different individuals express them differently,

xyned -"Racism is not something you see in qatar." LOL..

visit malls on fridays and i'm sure you can tell most bachelors with 'you guys gotta try mars.....' lol

nice evening to all! :)

Not true. I had done thousands of researches and asked thousands of questions about Qatar and its people before decide to come!

To earn respect, you have to give respect and not intimidation tactics.

Most Qatari or anyone else understand this matter clearly.

It is not about your religion or customs, but a few issues that do have the tendency to boil, past their point of logic.

Here is a few points that had being debated over and over.

1- Housing prices and lack of strict regulations that will protect the consumer.

2- The current visa issues, sponsorship program, the labor laws and civil rights overall.

3- The language barrier, for most of us, it is a burden.

4- The current cost of living.

5- The bad and glutenous painful driving habits of the local population.

and the racial integration of the races in Doha is basically western with western not locally.

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful,”

hmmmm....i feel qataries hv a respect towards others.....they behave well.....but some coming from outside dont gv back respect.....it depends on each one's attitude.....

Not everyone is a bad apple, but there are some out there that need to be sort out properly.

Anyhow, I'm American and I know.


I'm having dinner today with a Syrian, a Jew, A Lebanese, an Iranian, a Palestinian, a chinese, a gay and a North Korean, only for the purpose that I will keep my eyes on them.

Just kidding

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful,”


Too many Camel Jockeys going locos in town Amigo..

They act like they got a very "HOT JALAPEÑO" stuck in the rear muchacho....

Yo se, there is no tequila plants in the desert, but you could drink your Bepsi in many ways to get respect mijo.

Where is my sombrero?

It is siesta time pinche jodido!

Don't bother me no more with your nonsense.

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful,”

Better working conditions would go a long way. Just compare with UAE about the rules for changing jobs, family visa, noc, exit permit, visit visa etc.

All expatriates in middle eastern countries are bonded labours held by golden chains.

...their own country. Go to the Qatari desert and see what I mean. It is sad to see rubbish all over, left by Qataris...

I respect Qatar as I respect any other country, but the disrespect (often from Qataris) I see here, I have never seen in any other countries I have been.

Civilization levels are generally low here (respect, human rights, etc...).

Honestly, I never had an emigration officer screaming at me and threatening me that if I has a problem, he will show me what he could do, as this is HIS country and I need him more than he needs me... what a welcome reception at the Qatar Airport last night!....

As far as for the really nice and human Qataris, I feel sorry for to be seen by the world the way they are!

What shocks me the most is the government does nothing to educate society here in Qatar.

Simple adds would provide some awareness to those who have no education, such as:

- drive respectfully

- do not throw rubbish out of the designated areas;

Respect others equally;

- pay fare salaries to those who build your country and give them human life conditions (contrary to what is happening here now, which is an "offense to Islam")

- Etc

- Etc

- Etc

Don't get caught throwing garbage in my beach or it will cost you one Oil field(Money wise), jail time and a very long walk cleaning those beaches for miles to come as part of 10000 hours penalty of community services.

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful,”

I respect Qatar more than they do for me !!!

I read most of the comments and concluded that It is a 2 way bond.....respect cannot be asked for, this should be "inbuilt values" which comes to you from your Parents, people around you and country, which is rich with the cultural values. I agree one can't teach anybody (adult) a Lesson on RESPECT.

Read Beepinoy's comment on previous page and to add from my experience in Doha. Qatar is growing very fast in recent years and flooded with expatriate population. We do need to show respect being a good guest,

We are Guest here in a Foreign country as a good guest we should respect your host.

Again its a matter of 2 ways communication, being language is a barrier. People with knowledge of dual spoken language especially (Eng & ARABIC) has a better edge and repo with locals and influence easily.

As there are always a mix of different communities in every society, its same in Qatar.

Most of the asian migrate in Qatar due to various factor (different in individual case) , everybody love his/her own nation. It is very clear from Day one that You will get Citizenship in this part of world (GCC), so don't crib on this point.

Regarding discrimination of Laws for locals and expatriates is painful. All humans are same, RACISM is not accepted anywhere in the world.

To have harmony among all resident is possible with some extra effort to be made by NGO or social and family affairs departments to organise International cultural events in Qatar and invite all communities to represent.

I am sure such initiative will definitely bring all of us more close, regular communication and will break the ICE.

One need to be positive and look forward positively, as UAE has changed a lot in last decade, we will insha-allah see the similar or better changes in future.

Not acknowledging the problem, will never solve it!

Respect has to be earned-forcing respect earns only fear which is what I see most of here in Qatar!! Laws made to protect people but they are not enforced or enforced only to the "lesser" person!!I see Qataris on a regular basis putting my family at risks so they can be one car in front of me at a red light!! I see people leaving there families and countries for 2 years at a time and being treated like maggots here. Then when they are free one day a week they want to feel at home as much as possible by dressing the way they would at home and doing things the way they would at home-so what!! They are here building your dam country-give them respect and they'll respect you. In the U.S. a counstruction worker makes minumum $7 an hour or 26 qr per hour. Here its what 70 rihals or $19 a day-would you respect someone or there country that exploits you and your country men like that? Walk in there shoes for a day you stuck up rich ass lazy Qatari!! (there are some nice kind generous Qataris out there-this was not geared towards those humane Qataris)

I had a Qatari last night almost run me over on my bicycle!! He saw me, I made eye contact as I was passing by his window, what did he do. Decided to drive on the shoulder where I was and put my life at risk so he could beat traffic. He came within 1/2 inch of nailing me. I wonder what he would tell to my wife or my 2 year old son you f*&#ing bastard. Would you sacrifice your family for mine since you sacrificed my life for yours? I use to respect any country I was in. I even tried to learn arabic- then one Qatari laughed at me when I tried to say "Shalam"-then he and his wife and son started chanting-salami salami salami. You talk of respect. The hard working poor people working there asses off building your country and then Qataris cut que in front of these humans taking precious time off work to get stuff done that they can't get done on there day off because gov't offices are closed. Show them some respect. While they work there butts off for you Qataris take there sweat ass time chatting with there friends or staring blanky into the air as these people stand in line-respect? Oooooooohhh you got me worked up now. (once again this is not all Qataris-I do respect those who earn respect-I respect your culture also and your country but for those (which is most I run in to) have little or no respect for another humans life-kiss my white American &55)

for now let us forget about ur white american &55

and i will advive to keep showing respect

I show respect to those who earn it and deserve it. I always will and do respect the countries culture and the laws even if they are not enforced! But as far as the people-thats differs by individual

like I said abohmaid this is not aimed at you or any other Qatri in particular. Just the ones who disgrace there own culture and country by disrepecting everything not under there own shirt. So no disrespect to you as I don't know you and as long as I feel respected by you I will also respect you.

Pardon for what you've posted,I would like to correct you,we came here to work to earn for a living,however it dosen't necessary mean that we ignore your culture & traditions.If it is so,maybe in time of ramadan we will be doing incorrect behaviors,like neglecting your religious practices or by harassing qatari women.But i've been here in DOHA for nearly 6 years & up to now my respect & love for your country stays the same.We may be foreign to your country but we do & follow your rules & regulations.

respect works both ways,.... you'll earn other's respect if you give it as well...

Respect is gained and earned. It is not automatic. People and countries earn respect through hardwork, individual behaviour, etc....just look at Singapore and Japan.

its not about money

even its a major factor


Hey there,

u selected a good topic....

But allow me to spread few points.

Well, its not that expatriate do not respect the country, its people and culture.

The day any person decide to leave their country, they think about the new country, its people abd culture. And they believe to try to follow the most. However, they might not follow 100%. Apart from that all know Qatar follow Sahriya law (Islamic rule). May b some non muslims are not acquainted or not b comfortable. Like clothes , etc....Ofcourse, I do feel men - women clothes should b covered.

But as a muslim, do we all follow 100% law, do we offer 5 times prayers. What we do to make non muslim show that we follow Islam in the best possible manner....

So many times, the masjids are vacant during Fajar salaah.....Have you seen so many crimes done by our Muslim brothers....And how much are we helping them.....Lets not argue with expatriates, residents or government.....

I personally observed that many Qataries, Government machineries and ofcourse expatriates and some companies are really doing marvellous for the country and its people. Not only in terms of building the towers, but donations, helping needy people, etc. etc...

Only bcoz of few people we should not hold all expatriates not following culture. Nor any expatriates should point out about the country and its people.....

I believe this palnet is ours and its individual's responsibility to take care of one another....

What you give is what u get and we should stop complaining, regretting the government, culture and its people....

I appeal to all the citizens of the world to share the common goal of peace, love and integrity towards the nation where you reside.....

Any mistake in this article please forgive.....

Salaam again to all

I beg to disagree with you. I did a comprehensive study of Qatari culture prior to working here. I think this has been done by the majority of expats here. It is beneficial as it prepared me to effectively deal with my students and so with their parents and colleagues as well.

I noticed the same thing.

Many indeed grow to love Qatar.

but many also come with preset ideas that do not change.

For example the other day in Hamad hospital a "westerner" woman made a scene because the desk clerk didn't speak English.

Qatari doctor out of respect took her aside and apologized to her....but winked at the desk clerk lol.

Another "Asian" doctor that works in Hamad hospital is known to have amazing racism and prejudice against the locals (specially the Bedouins). He is the type that always brags of being from a "High class" family.

Not everyone is equal and we certainly dont stereotype people according to their race or background.

This is a Muslim country first and foremost. If you respect us we will certainly respect you.

I noticed the same thing.

Many indeed grow to love Qatar.

but many also come with preset ideas that do not change.

For example the other day in Hamad hospital a "westerner" woman made a scene because the desk clerk didn't speak English.

Qatari doctor out of respect took her aside and apologized to her....but winked at the desk clerk lol.

Another "Asian" doctor that works in Hamad hospital is known to have amazing racism and prejudice against the locals (specially the Bedouins). He is the type that always brags of being from a "High class" family.

Not everyone is equal and we certainly dont stereotype people according to their race or background.

This is a Muslim country first and foremost. If you respect us we will certainly respect you.

dezigner.. my point is if the qataris learn to respect us expats, then there should be no problem.. i know i do my part to respect whoever im dealing with regardless where they come from...but i still come across rude qataris especially while driving.they act like we are slaves here and have no rights. yes lots of us came her for the money, but still deserve to be respected too.....in this case, while driving, i dont give any respect to them at all. i know it is not all qataris that are like that, but there is a whole lot of you that do not respect us too, its a two way thing, as you see...if you go to my country, i can bet you that you will get your respect wherever you go..

simple answer my friend, because qatar is not respecting people, period...

i alwayse consider Qatar as my second homeland..im here since 5 yaers and never been offended. i really do love Qatar...wallah A7bek ya Qatar.

tnalj...good on you mate.....

Period eh?

Maybe you think you have more rights than you actually do

dezigner.....I have been here for a little over a year. I will be leaving a few months back home. If anybody asks me what is Qatari culture since I have lived here, I really have no answer apart from telling them that they drive big cars with which they bully others on the road and exploit people for labour and salaries.

I may be totally wrong, I have not interacted with a single qatari till date (I think). The reason being a.language, I dont speak arabic but I like to learn, b. attitude towards people coming from my country is not very friendly.

All my Qatari friends here in QL, please tell me what is Qatari culture

I am open minded person and would really like to learn, even if you want to meet me in person ..i am usually in corniche from 7 to 8 p.m..

I totally understand and agree with you. Its true. but know this that Qataris with big cars don't only bully foreigners but also each others. they are usually teenagers.

We are a very closed society (between each other) based on tribalism. The thing is that the policy of Qatar is to make foreigners comfortable and at home more than advocating its culture...kinda like dubai. thats why you don't see much qataris engaging with foreigner much..they dont like the idea of changing themselves to make others comfortable so they avoid it all together...of course im speaking in general.

I really apologies for your experience in Qatar you seem like a pleasant person. I can only blame it on capitalism and greed.

Dezigner.. I am sure you have an idea about what and why??

I am sure this thread will go on untill QL exists and Unless Qataris dont change.

Sit back and read.



Let Live,

& Help Live..

Be well dressed. Conduct yourself in a dignified fashion. And bullseye. No one is a snot.

classism is present (if not as much prevalent as before). Racism...as-such... not all that common

Respect culture. Toe the line...

Otherwise...if it hurts your ego....Loose the chip off your shoulder

may I finalize this matter to all of you in few Wards, PPl come to Qatar or any place else to work & collect money they live like Rats to maximum the amount collected so they hate the country, the life & the others, wise PPL who knew that money is for spent & enjoying of life they life happily in everywhere & they love life, country & others, so chose your life & don`t judge others

Grateful for job and conditions, but hate:

1) utter lack of respect for the people BUILDING THIS COUNTRY. These stupid, discriminatory 'family days' at the soulless malls probably exclude the very people who helped build them. That's disgraceful.

2) Appalling wages paid to these workers and domestic staff who Qataris seem to expect as normal and treat with indifference. This is one of the richest countries in the world, yet no minimum wage..........absolutely disgraceful. This is a country essentially built on indentured labour, something most countries left behind with slavery.

3) drivers of white land cruisers

4) it's a theocracy, not as bad as the abhorrent Saudi Arabia, but not far off........it's the 21st century, but the legal system is stuck around 500 AD. As you can guess i'm not the biggest fan of sharia law..........

i love Qatar this is my homeland and as much precious as my own country...i am from Pakistan but i born here and thats why i Love QATAR...

Qatari laws are stupid in some cases and severely favors the natives over expats and in some cases you dont even get treated like human being.

so just because expatriates dont bow down to you doesnt mean that are not respected.

People that are claiming to "love" qatar obviously haven't visited many countries outside their own or are jaded against non-muslim countries because of their own religion.

I have been to many, many countries, including predominantly Arabic and Muslim locales, and I can honestly say that this place is the biggest ****hole that I have ever set foot in.

While here, I have witnessed:

1. The likes of modern-day slavery, prejudices and racism that were abandoned more than a hundred years ago in other developed nations

2. The reckless driving of locals which endanger not only themselves, but the people around them, young and old, blatantly disregarding the value of human life

3. Flatulence of monetary objects bordering in idolatry (that's a sin in multiple religions)

4. A first-hand account of a local Qatari snickering and joking at a dying Indian man lying right in front of me. Yep, that's right.

5. The horrifying and atrocious act of banning the Indians from the malls.

6. The list goes on and on... Oh well, Darwinism will prevail.

Whatever I had thought of writing has been written by someone or the other, not that its going to make a difference in the real world.

All I really wana say now is that expats, give these guys a break. Thier government is paying them for a reoson, how often do you see a Qatari & think he can handle something real? I used to fight with them on roads every single day, not anymore recently, you guys know why? Cuz I feel sorry for them. ALL the expats writing here in this forum are extremely ruthless, how can you bash a guy who can hardly type? A nation that can hardly 'actually' work? Dont you feel sorry for them? Trust me on this, have some patience, a couple of more years, thats it.

I'll respect a country and its people when they choose to respect humanity. As of now, these can't even be logically discussed in the same sentence.

The reason for the bad driving and irate behavior towards expats and OCN's is fear; they're threatened by social & financial replacement or loss of petty heritage. What does an animal do when it is in danger? It acts angry, irrational and lashes out at its opposition.

he made a point. in the last two posts. while qatar isnt a s+_thole, it has serious problems, that need to fixed. the worst thing is that some of the offenders claim to be muslims, yet there seem to be people, who claim that qataris are better than others, and are extreme misers even when these people earn milions of riyal a year.

look at the guy who bought 20 brand new jaguars at once, so that nobody could drive one while he was.

Read this and tell me, what shall I do .. LOVE or HATE?


in my opinion, some are pretending to be a qatari locals by wearing the same clothes that they have, sometimes i cannot identify who is qatari local to the one who pretends to be a qatari

Me, I respect Qatar as well as the nationals on it... but there's just a little something that has to be done... and that's their courteousness... That's "my opinion". It happens everywhere...

the universal law says" give respect and get respect"

and after all if we give the respect to others sure they intreturn gona give us respect. this is the law this is the nature of human....

Stop complaining and workout on urself and i m sure there will b a big change..

ppl come here to earn money coz thats the only case they leave their family behind but if they r not treated properly by any mean then defininlty they will show some negative signs, and mr. deziner for ur kind information i agree qatari go outside countries n treat well but just try to work in a foreign country other than qatar and when someone will treat u bad then tell me wat will b ur reaction..so it is said that clap with both hands not with single hand..


worried about the thousands of outlandish people

A scenario which exists everywhere. We must enhance through the friendly competition of cultures and be pride of our human identity above all identities.


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