applying for air hostess in "Qatar Airways" or "Emirates Airlines"

Does anyone have any information on the recruitment of airhost or airhosts from "Qatar airways" or "Emirate airlines"? How is the salary package? any other details?



I think they have on-line recruiting

Go to their web sites then apply online. you can even try for Etihad Airways.

Pckge would be more or less the same for a new joiner, i gues it would come down to individual lifestyle betwee Dubai and Doha

In Qatar Airways the beginning basic salary is low. It also depends on the no. of flights you are scheduled for. But I have seen many QA crews earning up to 12000 or more per month.

The website of Qatar airways is, you can choose careers and apply!

Regarding salary, its starts as 4500 + accomodation and transportation...besides you get deposit in every country u land for your own expenses and you get extra payments for the extra hours you spend flying...means you will be gettin around 8000 Qr as cash + allowances..

Gd luck!

I think they have on-line recruiting

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