Basic Salary in Dubai for an MBA ?
By deepoo • 7 years 6 months ago.

HI dudes, what do u think is the basic salary for an Indian MBA in DUBAI/UAE, 32 yrs old with 4 yrs indian experiance and 5+ yrs qatar experience in Sales & Narketing ? The candidate is holder of Qatar Driving License and speaks English well. The field of the candidate is AUTOMOTIVE ...

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By Heloo• 7 years 6 months ago.


not less then 3 thousand DHR i have 4 friends there having 6 years exper getting 4 .so its up to the company and urs luck

By michoo123• 7 years 6 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

It depends upon the company which company you join, As u have good exprience you may get 4k to 20k.

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