Hi Everybody..myself from India joining CTJV

Hi all..I have got a job offer from (Chiyoda Technip Joint Venture) CTJV-Qatar ..I am a B.E from India..working in India with 5 years of experience in oil & gas...Can anybody please suggest me my expected salary in Qatar ....I think I have to stay in Bachelor accomoodation (company provided) in Ras Laffan ..anybody has similar experience ?? please share...will it be possible for me to take my wife also to a locality nearby...the company said that they will then give me the single allowance in my hand...can I afford a proper living place (for myself & wife) near Rass Lafan..any advice is highly welcome


indianqatar,   If company permits you, you can get an accomodation near Al-Khor.  If your wife is in medical field, she can also try to find job here.. you are offering a salary of QR 5000 + living allowance. Normally chiyoda perfers to stay in their accomodation only.. Bargain with the concerned people since they need people very badly...
Nathan, what the hell man, whats that QR 5000 + Living, are you sure you have not left your brains back at home...this guy has 5+ yrs exp and is going to be working in a good company, just because he is Indian dont give that rubbish figure, give it after you have taken into consideration the present working conditions in Doha...   Hey new indian buddy...I would say...find out what position is there...and with 5+ yrs exp, you should surely go for atleast 12000K + Accomodation (Single) and when your wife comes here, then you should ask atleast QR 15000K as Family Status....remember the words here FAMILY STATUS, otherwise your wife will find it tough to get a residence base here if you continue to be on SINGLE STATUS....so talk to them on the lines of that salary with house provided for SINGLE and when you are ready to get your wife they should put you onto FAMILY STATUS...dont think whether they will do it or not, these people are getting into the habit of taking Indians for granted, so kick them on their azz and take these things from them, they are pretty good company from what I hear and make off, and a pretty big one as well...   So dont spare their azzes...cheers buddy and hey congrats for the offer...
KSarat...OK man...I just made one rough calculation since he is not having overseas experiences... Chiyoda is a good company but the management (Indian) is not good...  
F*** THE management so what if its fu****g Indian, to hell with them...those Indian Management comps are always like that, absolute pieces of s5it...   cheers man, that rough calculation also dont give it to anyone man, they can get mislead and ask that salary only...we shud make it a point, to hell with the world and its norms, Indians arent going to be down anymore, the whole problem isnt in the other management comps for a start, it is with these stupid s5it azzz Indian management comps...   f*** them...damn  
CTJV is a good company but they prefer their staff to be in single status and stay in their camp at RLIC   Eployees having family status is staying in Doha City and this facility is provided only for the higher management staff
Thank u 4 such quick replies.....my salary in India ia around 5000 QR (CTC/month) ( taking 1QR=11 INR) ..it will not be worthy 4 me to go to Qatar if there is not substantial rise in package...I am in the middle of salary negotiation with CTJV ...another thing CTJV has hired EXPO Universe , Mumbai as the agent for recruitment in India..do u have any feedback on this company ?
Hey there buddy, dont know about the middle company but I tell ya mate, forget QR 5000 or whatever, starting is QR 12000/- ab iske aagey baat kar...or else f*** off...dont waste my time and yours...   Being under the idea, that you will accept the offer and then come here and ask for a raise,,bhai nothing happens once offer is accepted...   Forget all what I said, unless you are having a tough time with respect to your life and your family and your job, then forget everything and just plainly follow your heart...otherwise follow your brains mate...   I think, this can explain it the best...thats one of ma very good lines (exclusive lines) I have given you ma friend...
presently  in  which  company  u  are  working now
Hi.....newcomer.......   You should ask at least Qrs.15000/- + family status........ dont get facinated by the mathematics of multiplying with 11
My Frank advise is that you should get atleast 18,000 QAR Basic salary Plus accomodation furnished with family status , medical , conveyence allowance  and tickets for self +family every year , bonus as per company norms and gratuity as per qatar labour law . Family status should be must in contract.   Incase you don t get above , don t waste your time , as probably you will get frustrated and get back in 1 year .   Don t fall into the mindset of multiplying x 11 =Indian rupees firstly , as everything is expensive in Qatar now ,so you may not save anything ,so why multiply?   Accomodation if you take on your own in doha city would cost you QAR 8500 ,so better off asking company to provide . Grocery , Tel , E & W Would cost you QAR 3000-4000 per month . Rest depends on your lifestyle .    Negotiate and get a better deal , after all you r joining an MNC at the end of the day . Remember always , if your capable and confident , you will get the package . Otherwise UAE -Dubai and abudhabi have enough jobs to offer with better living conditions .   Raslaffans is industrial city and even for grocery you will end up driving 25 kms to Al Khor to buy vegetables and milk .   Guys have i  missed out anything ???Then key-in those factors .       
Thank u all 4 the valuable feebacks.....I will try to use them fruitfully .....Do I have to pay any income tax in Qatar ?
No income tax in Qatar. However, while paying House Rent you may feel like paying income tax. :-) Welcome to qatar
Is der recruitment in CHIYODA or TECHNIP If so any contact address
a person is hired locally he get more but if he is coming from India he cant expect the same as others here. May be salary will rise after some time Life is a play with out a script ...
Good, Chiyoda is our client. if you wanted a family acomedtaion near CTJV area please feel free to be in touch with us we have number of rooms on a economic/reasonable rate. Mr.Abdul Jaleel [India] DAHAS TRADING & CONTRACTING Al Khor, Qatar Mob:- 66720674 dahas.trading@yahoo.com
excellent reply..a fact finding figures
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