Minimum Salary in Qatar

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Most of us post a topic for our selves!!!!! what about the others??????,,,,i mean what about the other people (low salaries).....Can we talk about their side also....i was already in Qatar for more than a year and most of my labours ask me about their salaries coz to be frank it is LOW,,,,,all i want to know is how we can help this people???any suggestion or recommendation from this site???!!!!Please guys let us help this people thru this network,,,coz by this i can tell them what are the LAW's in QATAR regarding the salaries....thnx guys cheers


"nO mAtTEr hOw BIG oR small D' pPoL aRe,,, tHeY aRe sTilL HuMaN"=)

i meet few guy and asked about their salaries in the site..its really very low its only 600 riyals a month..and they are working 10 hours a day..

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u know what djkiller its good that u've known 600 riyals salary for 10hrs/ guys are working 12hrs/day,,,then we deducted 1hr/day for their breaktime but still they are 600QR + 50 QR overtime for 1mnth

"nO mAtTEr hOw BIG oR small D' pPoL aRe,,, tHeY aRe sTilL HuMaN"=)

first of all hi guys... secondly, i agree with you... the salaries for these labourers are really low... i mean what is 600 riyals? u can spend this amount of money in a week... Lets face it, doha is not like it used to be in the there is inflation, and everything is expensive... the food, outings, and name it.... the reality is recruiting agencies and employers should start acting responsible by stop taking advantage of asian workers who have no choice but to come here... we are all human beings at the end of the day. I think qatar and the rest of the middle east should start practicing democracy so everyone can be happy .. what do u guys and girls think?

in our company too, 650 riyals for 12 hours!! is this fair!??? please shed some light..






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I was surpised by some of the lower grade salaries when I arrived. I raised this issue with HR and they told me that it wasn't my concern, it was to do with HR policies... Enough said...

Y dont we start from here lets help those people whom covered by this sacrifices,,,,we do have our own sacrifies but think of this people who stay under the heat of humid burning their own flesh....maybe in any chance our comments will go thru the ministry of QATAR and give justice to our men....=)

"nO mAtTEr hOw BIG oR small D' pPoL aRe,,, tHeY aRe sTilL HuMaN"=)

We need to 1st get our hand on the Labour Laws,

Have a good read of its contents,

what is for and what is not in the workers advantage,

and maybe from there one can try to see where real help can be done and through whomother wise all what I have heared is that a contract is signed and one must accepted as it is,

So maybe one should go back to the labour recruiting offices in thier countries and see to the matter of asking them to be less gready and give the man his rights

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Its not only the matter of 600 or 650 Qrs per month.. the question to be answered first is.. Are they all given this amount monthly?

A very honest reply is NO.

Most of them are not even paid this amount, poor people have to live hand to mouth here in Qatar to send all the money to those dozen back home waiting each month eagrly for the money.

The only REMEDY, that could fix this issue is "Heart Transplant" of people who are in authority, otherwise, forget it :'(

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yes, your right anahmed... i know somebody who had to wait for 2 months before he can have his first salary...

yah its true there must be a heart transplant to those people sitting on their soft and shiny chair, in order to realize what they have done to those people under his/her the way i heard that the minimum wage here in Doha was 800QR!!!is this true???

"nO mAtTEr hOw BIG oR small D' pPoL aRe,,, tHeY aRe sTilL HuMaN"=)

Thanks (^_^)

well i have come across people getting 500 Qrs/ month..

Never Ask for a SMILE..just GIVE it..

I think it's crass. Total crass.

How are we going to help those poor people?

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