By tom_qatar • 6 years 9 months ago.

Can anyone tell me about their working experience with NBKS, especially the automotive division.

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By MHA• 6 years 9 months ago.

Do read your contract carefully before signing! What you sign may not be what has been promised saying that it's just a formality!

By anonymous• 6 years 9 months ago.

agree with MHA, be careful before signing, contracts here is like a block of ice offered to you that when you get home that ice have melted..

By bibo• 6 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

decent bunch of people and a big group. Just make sure you get the best deal out of them, as you won't be able to negotiate it afterwards.

By tom_qatar• 6 years 8 months ago.

Anyone else got any comments about NBK???

What would a good package be to work as a General Manager in the Automotive Business?

By tom_qatar• 6 years 7 months ago.

any more comments??

By MHA• 5 years 4 months ago.

Did you join NBK?

By Never Again• 4 years 2 weeks ago.
Rating: 2/5
Never Again

I have just spent a little over a year with NBKS - non Auto.

A huge group with little organisation from NBK Holdings - my opinion.

Never again will I return to the ME because of this experience.

They treat all as numbers. Easily replaceable.

The few who are "good guys" are treat like crap.

My Expat package is dire - it was my 1st experience of required "expectations" etc.... and I did a lot to find out accomodation costs etc... before going.

It wasnt enough and the package which looked good sadly was far short of the mark.

I arrived in the country at 3am, was taken to a disgusting apartment (I have pictures). I was collected at 8am to start my day.

I had 2 weeks to locate an apartment - with very little help from the company.

The place I found to be reasonable and of expat standards (a pool gym 3 bedrooms etc...) was over my alotted housing allowance by some way. But there are some things in life you dont give up on and basics, after a hard day at the office is one of these.

Dont get me started on policy, allowances, etc....

For a "family" company, with such a huge standing in Qatar, working for them and the experience within the business was harrowing.

After 8 months of giving it my all, winning new business and making huge net profits I never recieved any thanks, kiss my ass or by your leave.

So.... NBK tarnished my thoughts of ever returning to the ME.

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