Q* companies in Qatar


I have two questions as below:

1) I wanted to know what does Q** companies means in Qatar? and what are those companies? if someone can provide me names of them it will be much appreciated.

2) When a company provide children schooling (registration and tution fee) as emplyment benefit to Brit/expat, how much tution fee usually they contribute? is it 100%? I know it varies from company to company but what is the general rule.



It means every company start with qatar name such as qp : qatar petruluim q post : qatar post office q tel : qatar telecomunication qafco q gas
If they want you, they pay 100%. It's a good indication of your value to the company. And believe me, you don't want to work for a company here that doesn't value you! Mandi
Thanks Mandi, thats good to know as private schooling is very expensive in any part of the world (not just in Qatar) and also I have noticed that not many companies providing schooling benefits in Qatar. Regarding Q* company question, my understanding was the company which contributes towards Qatar goverment economy. thanks anyway. it is good to know these things. Thanks
Hmm, I only know one person whose company isn't providing school fees. They did bump up his salary a lot by way of compensation, though. Their daughter goes to ASD. Mandi
Q- Companys. QP Qatar Petrolum Qafco Qapco Qasco Qafac. these are the Qcompanys.
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