Qatar Foundation job application for Filipinos

By apot

I also would like to be part of qatar foundation. How long does the application process usually take? I applied online 2 weeks ago. I am also curious how do they interview potential candidates from the Philippines. How long does the whole process take(including visa processing up to actual flight to Doha)? Aside from that I would also like to know what are the benefits they usually give to their employees. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could share their experience with me. Thanks and more power.

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By apot• 7 years 12 months ago.

thanks, your answers are really of big help. :-)

By yllzzar• 8 years 3 days ago.
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if you're background is in research there are many schools here or companies that you can also apply e.g. TAMU, University of Calgary, Georgetown Univeristy and many more options, it's really up to you to get a job, like what i've said it's good if you come here on a husband visa that way you can select good companies and get better salary. fyi, it's getting harder now to get a working visa for female especially for filipinos so better to come here on a husband visa, hope this will help you. goodluck!

By anonymous• 8 years 4 days ago.

dream on...

its free

By andythegreat• 8 years 4 days ago.
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try universal staffing in palanan makati,ive been there yesterday and they are the one who recruits for QF.

visit also their site.

By apot• 8 years 4 days ago.

Thanks for the answers. My soon-to-be-husband works in qatar. Would it be easier for me to find a work (even not in Qatar Foundation) once I am already in Qatar (after we get married by next year)? The reason why I want to work for Qatar Foundation is that my background is into research and development work.

By yllzzar• 8 years 4 days ago.
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better have options search and apply for more companies here not just qatar foundation., they gives a lot of benefits, but they preferred to hire a Qatari or a husband sponsored lady.

By certified BisDak• 8 years 4 days ago.
certified BisDak

Kabayan, it might take eternity.......

By anonymous• 8 years 4 days ago.

i like the way you sound like you've already got the job!!...i have news for you buddy,THOUSANDS of people apply to QF EVERY DAY...even if you do get hired,the process takes a while...maybe upto a year...i suggest you send your CV elsewhere as well,just as a backup eh? *wink*!!

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