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Hi all,
I've finally received the official offer from QP and I think I'm being lowballed. The offer is QR23,000 + 14,200 housing and school and benefits. They put me in grade 16. I don't know anything about these grades. Can anyone enlight me and tell me also how much I can negotiate? I read some mixed discussions about the leeway I have for negotiation. I was expecting QR35,000 basic, realistic?. Thx in advance


35,000 is out of reach for grade 16, however, there is always a room for negotiation provided that you afford risking the job as they aren't normally that keen have a particular applicant for the job. They don't even care if it takes them more couple of months to fill the vacancy.

open their website and you can apply online..

^try to negotiate more buddy...

Realisticly you are making $6,300 per month, with paid accommodation and free children's education etc etc. I don't see how you are being low balled when the majority of your basic income is going to be savings because your overheads are being paid for by QP already. Even if your current job position you are making more then $6300, the chances of saving anything are highly unlikely. Also remember their are promotions, yearly appraisals and the big fat bonus's every year. If you do the annual gross income on your basic salary with the above you could be pulling easily 28,000-30,000 per month :) Don't miss this opportunity!! Most ppl on QL dream to have a offer like this!! Good luck!

How much were you getting at your previous job, have you mentioned that in your CV ??

Normally QP does not negotiate packages, it is either you take it or leave it. They have hundreds of applicants looking to join QP. That salary is a lower end of grade 16. Normally there is no promotion in QP unless you are a Qatari or someone within GCC and you do get bonuses depending on your rating. Your annual bonus for an everage rating on your salary is around 34000 QAR and after 4 years you get 6000 QAR furniture maintenance annually. On top of the salary they will give you an expatriate allowance of about 3000 per month depending on which european country you come from and a car allowance of QAR 2000.00 per month. So basically its not bad.

after taking all that you may start 'cost control' on your subordinates....

takes care of your single biggest expense.I'm not a QP employee so could be wrong, but dont they take care of tuition for upto 4 kids? US/UK schools here will cost you north of QAR 40K annually....and that is for PRE-K !!!!

As to whether they are low-balling you,maybe. But without knowing details of your qualifications,current pay etc its hard to tell.Take into consideration the point I've made about schooling expense and those made by others on this thread.

That said, I will say there is always room for a counter-offer.Just be smart with the number you go backto them with.Also depends on how much of a hard-ass the person you are dealing with is and at this point,I would imagine you have some idea.

If you're going to be the office tea boy - it's magnificent. If you are a professional (engineer) with years of experience and a senior management position, it's garbage.

One note - school fees and housing (depending on where and how you wish to live) can be very expensive. Do some research on school fees and look at ads for the type of housing you would find satisfactory.

Your question can be answered, if you provide more details on your education/experience and what job you are being offered.

School fees and housing are paid for by the company. I'm in corporate fin with over 10 years experience in North America. We are making here more than what was offered, that's why we are thinking to counter offer as I'm gonna be the only one working there. Can anyone who knows QP policies tell me what amount to ask for to get a good trade-off, and if I can ask for grade jump from 16 to 17? As reminder I was offered 23k basic. Thx

If you are making more in NA then stay put. Also their offer might increase by 2000 or so but won't be significantly different. As to the grade increase, this is not very likely as they cannot have someone doing the same job on a different grade. Creates a lot of problems for them

Thanks, we are actually making more than that here, but my wife won't be working there. I'm just trying to make the most of the present opportunity 'cos I heard this is the only time to negotiate. Once done you're stuck with what you signed for. If I can get somewhere close to 30k basic I'll go for it. I'll counteroffer and the worst that can happen is them refusing the counteroffer, and I'll still be able to accept the initial one, right? What do you think? And can anyone tell me the max of grade 16?

with QP should be pointless.

They have (or had) a well designed methodology for setting equitable starting salaries.

If they have abandoned it chaos may not be far behind.

As someone mentioned earlier, there are other benefits which are rarely mentioned as part of the deal.

Good luck.

Does anyone know the max range for grade 16 at QP? Thx

You may or may not be able to accept the original offer if your counter offer is rejected by QP. If I were the HR person, and you rejected the first offer, countered, then said OK I'll take the original offer, I'd have to rethink your commitment to the job/organization - would you jump ship if a better paying job came along?

It's expensive to recruit and hire people from outside Qatar - I wouldn't want to waste that money on someone who might or might not stay.

They are not likely to give you top of the grade scale - they don't usually give it to people fresh to an organisation. It is designed for established employees so they have somewhere to go on the payscale and can be given yearly increments depending on their peformance. If they give you top of the pay scale, what will you say in 1 to 2 years when you want an increase and the HR dept say to you 'but you are already top of the scale, we can't give you any more' and I am sure you will be aggravated then, hence you will be a difficult employee to manage in terms of on going pay expectations.

You do NOT want to come to Qatar for less than you are making now. The usual ex-pat package is current or competitive salary at home PLUS 25% PLUS housing, schooling, transport, etc. Don't get low-balled, you will regret it later.


jjj75 - fair point. That means that in a couple of years when you reach the max, one will be earning the same salary year after year without any increment. Am I wrong? Maybe they would index it to inflation, but I know nothing about how they do things there.

Mandilulur - Do you mean 25% more on gross or net salary?

Gross, usually.


No they don't index it to inflation, you will rise through the pays scale and if you are already at the top you have nowhere to go. You might get bonuses but it is as it says, a bonus, not to be relied upon

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