QP Offer and Site Interview --- is it a good one?

Hi Everybody;


I just got an invitation for a site interview from Qatar Petroleum for a Senior Systems Engineer Grade 15 after I've done a phone interview. I was offered a base salary + Car + Accommodation. I'm not married but Engaged and will be getting married soon and would like to ask you guys if they would treat me as a married package or as a single package? Also, my contract is one year renewable per management approval. I work in the states now but would like to relocate to the Gulf area. Do you guys think this offer is a good one ... my only concern is leaving my permenant job here in the states and go there for a one year contract and after a year they will terminate the contract and I have to begin looking for a new job again (Frustrating)... any ideas? Also, do u think there will be a room for negotiation for the Allowances with QP? I'd rather live in the company's accommodation appartments instead of getting the Housing Allowance since its not worth it to buy furniture and then they terminate the contract after one year ... I will be interviewing for 2 days? Can someone tell me please what goes on during the 2 days other than meeting the team, HR, and medical? .... I would appreciate a feed back from you guys ...


unless you have something to prove that you are indeed married. then you're still a bachelor, they can never treat you as being married.


- live your life as simple as you are

- money doesn't create man, but it is the man who created money

- don't do what others say, just listen to them, but do what you feel good







Many want to get in but few are called. You're one of the few lucky ones! Go for it!

how about the 2 days interview ...what did they go over with you?

1. Allowances are not noegotiable, they are fixed for all. Salary is negotiable.

2.If you will be married on the day you start work then you should let them know that. If not, your status can be changed later on when and if you get married, it will take time to change, but it can be done.

3. You mention allowances taken from the book. In fact, anyone with less than 24 month contract is offered company accomodation and fully paid transportation. You will get no money. You will get to know this when you receive your final contract.  The reason for this is; the first 3 months you will spend in company "welcome accomodation", then for the remaining 9 months you will not be able to lease anything under 1 year. Hence you will stay in company accomodation for the rest of your contract.

You can ask to be offered  a 23 month contract, because you can say, it is rather risky to relocate just for 12 months. They will listen.

4. As you seem to have Middle Eastern or Asian roots, chances are that you will be renewed. Systems engineer, is that IT or instrumentation, in either case anything related to operation is needed.

5. 2-day interview, is to show you around the work place and the City. You will have to find out where your place of work is. It might not necessarily be Doha.

6. Is the salary good? that is a very personal thing, because you are not relocating just for the money, you have other personal reasons. In a nutshell, if you're currently employed, and if the offer is less than your 'gross' before taxes, then you should be asking for more. Good luck.


It seems you are very experienced in this field ... are you a QP employee? I'm American/Lebanese ...where are you from? I am making more than what being offered ..but we have mortgages and other expenses here that I should not worry about in Qatar which  makes it kinda break even point ... and the main reason for me relocating there is being close to family who some of them live in Qatar ...

If you have family in Qatar, then go for it. You have nothing to lose. You will also get help from your family.

I gave a telephone interview on 26th feb but no call still. Can you tell me how many days after the tele interview did you get the call to qatar. Thanks

I got interviewed on Jan 1st 2008 and I just got an answer few days ago ...so, it takes between 3- 6months to get back to you ... Be Patient. What did you interview for?

thanks for the kind information. The position is Sr. Structural Eng. Wonder, why they take so long?

I have no clue why they take so long ... but I think its the huge number of applicants makes them behind in getting back to the shortlisted candidates ... hopefully you will get your offer soon and we'll meet in Qatar :-) ... where r u from?

am an indian. Looks like u have recd the offer and the call, both on one paper. Does the base salary range indicate that it is negotiable. How many years of experience you have ?

I haven't received any calls ... this was just an email after I've done the phone interview on Jan 1st ... I tried emailing but with no answer until a week ago they sent me this preliminary offer letter ... from the answers above it seems that the Salary might be negotiable but the Allowances are fixed and can't be negotitated ... so, hopefully they will give some room to negotiate the base salary since rent is way expensive there .... Let me know what happens with you ... Good Luck.

Salam All ...


I got my Visa yesterday and I got my ticket today to go to Qatar for my Technical Site interview at QP ...the process was very smooth and did not take more than 3 days. Any ideas on what goes on in the Technical Interview? I'm going to interview in the IT department as a Senior Systems Engineer Grade 15 ... Any ideas will be appreciated?



All the very best to you. What I heard from a friend is that once you are called to qatar, you are 99% thru,

You can relax .....

dont forget to ask for an extended contract (min 2 years) or even for a better grade (16), adopt a moderate approach,  take it cool,  they need you as much as you need them,







Thank you so much for the info ... I do really appreciate it ... I will try to ask for an extended contract and a better Grade once I get there .... Hopefully they will be responsive .... Have you heard anything yet about your job?

I promise they will not be responsive but God bless sjoudeh!


QP HR are notorious for being extremely unreasonable these days. Its all based on grids.


Enjoy your trip to Qatar and let us know how it goes!

P.S. your salary for grade 15 sounds about right for QP employees!



Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Princess Habibah do you work with QP? Why do you say the will not be responsive .... any bad experience with them? Please let me know ..so I can be prepared ...

Its just that QP works on a grid system when reviewing pay.

p.s. Being Lebenese could be a huge advantage as well!

And yes we have had a very interesting time trying to negotiate a better salary package.




Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

here is a link that may help you a bit!



Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Still nothing, but I have some information, 

InshaAllah, will get an invitation soon,



Hopefully I will see you inshallah in Qatar ...

Please let me know ...what did they end up doing after your negotiation with them .... and btw, I'm being hired based on my American passport not based on my Lebanese passport ...

Sjoudah we could not negotiate any more pay! Although my husbands interviewer requested they give him more for the job! And they do need his expertise more than he needs to work for them!




Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Heard that you have to explain in detail Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity! There's an option though. You can expound on any subject by Prof. Stephen Hawking. Of course not! Just tryin to lighten up your day bro! Hope you make it to Qatar- The world's fastest growing city!

If a job is graded at a particular level, forget asking for a salary grade higher than that.

No way!

Dweller how does QP retain staff? Is there a high turnover rate?


Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

PH I don't know.

In the early 80's they had a massive problem retaining western staff (turnover at 39% per annum)  but at the time were not worried. They had no such problems with staff of other nationalities.

It took years to convice them to look at it from the employee's point of view and even then the view was "limited".

The tendency has always been (and possibly still is) to ignore the problem and then over react at the last minute. This could be as a result of "management" taking their time in making decisions.

When I say management, I mean "very senior" management. Pushing the case for change is difficult, that's why the top of my head is flat!

Despite what is often said on QL, it's generally a good life with QP in Qatar and the "moaning" about salaries is rarely justified.

The majority of people stay with QP. They know which side of their bread is buttered.

lol Dweller.. has QP made you part of the bald and beautiful club? I think my husband lost a few hairs just trying to negotiate with them and handle my interrogations at the same time!


My husband found a few gray hairs 3 years ago and he hasn't stopped moping about it since.. ha ha ha..


Personally I think it looks classy..




Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

I agree with Dweller.

If an employee quits, he either leaves Qatar , transfer to another QP subsidiary, or join the government.  Very seldom you hear them quitting to take a job in another company in Qatar.

Not very high but better salary, good benefits, and most of all,  the workload is light, and take note, they get overtime pay despite of this.  These are some of the reasons why they stay.   

Another proof is, they encouraged their relatives to work in QP.  You would notice quite of lot of employees with one or two members of their families  also working in QP.  

Yes, life seems good with QP.



Thats very interesting! So how does the overtime work?




Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

You made up my day ... I hear good and bad things about QP ...but the good stuff are more which is encouraging ....


Dweller ..can I at least negotiate the contract time? ..they gave me one year renewable .... and its rather risky to relocate from the states and then they will terminate the contract after one year ... so, from your experience is it negotiable?


What does the Medical Exam cover (In details please) if anybody knows? Do they give end of year Bonus as well? Shall I ask for that?


Thank you

Unless there has been a major change of heart in QP, overtime is only for ELS (Employee level staff) and not for SS (Senior Staff).

I'm sure I will be corrected if that has changed.

I have said this on other threads, only rarely is a contract not extended. Definite contracts (and other types of contract) were introduced as a means of overcoming specific problems. If you negotiate a permanent contract don't expect the same salary, it will almost certainly be lower.

I suspect that with a one year contract you get you company arranged and paid housing, in all probability furnished.

It's worth checking that before you agree.


 No overtime for hard working senior staff!




Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Salam Everybody


I just got back from Qatar after two long days of interviews with the QP IT team and the QP HR team ...and a long day at the Medical clinic in Ras Bu Aboud ... The Medical Exam took so long and it includes

1- Urnie Test

2- Blood Test (HIV, Hep-A, B, C, Syphillis, TB, Glucose, and many others dont even recall the list but its a long list and many exams)

3- Blood Pressure check up + Height and Weight

4- Eye Exam

5- Audio Exam

6- EGI (Heart Exam)

7- Chest X-ray

8- Meeting with the Doctor for a general checkup.


After finishing the Medical I went to the HR building and was given an Initial offer since HR got the answer from the Technical Team, but they have to wait for all medical records to be emailed to them ...

Pray for me guys and hope to see you soon in Qatar ....


Good Luck to you all ..


Let us know your salary package brother?

basic pay, benefits so we can compare..


Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

contract is good?  $150,000 - 180,000 plus all benefits and bonuses.  We pick our villa.  They are only paying 75% of schools, but I think that's reasonable for three children. Looks like a really nice package on paper, but dweller, you're there.  Opinion? 

helennann, cant u ask they pay the school fees fully not 75 percents?

wow helenan.. thats 52k QR a month just for basic pay. I should say that is a good package.. And understand now why you only pay 75% for school fees.


Of course that depends on how much you earn in the states? And compared to other employees of your calibre.(spell check please)  


Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

that's the final offer.  they pay for our housing, but i'm troubled by trying to fing something.   do you know any contacts for house hunting.  i'll be there on the 17th.  Oh no sjoudeh, i wasn't trying to take your forum.  It just got me thinking.

novita is prob. the best to help you out there. I hear from everyone that she is the sweetest QLer on this site!


when the husband wakes up then I will grab my Qatar book and pm you the numbers to relocation experts in Q. That may help you a bit!




Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

so it's all final.  Just always good to hear what others who are there think.

medical paid

nice bonus

tickets for the five us home once yearly

$20,000 initial moving/shipping

two months holiday

we're excited, hopefully it all works out well.

yadda, yadda, yadda

So what is your husband going to do over there heleann? Become a pearl diver?


Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

i'll keep that in mind Princess H.  

So, Novita if you know real estate well let me know.  I am pretty sure you said the Vellagio area would be good if our kids go to ASD.  Is that right?  Do you know someone who could show me some villas while i'm there 17-28 of this month?  hope you have a good day.  it's almost midnight here.

but that's normal. lol  (it's midnight) I know about the Pearl.  Sounds awesome!!!  his initial job is some construction in Kuwait i think anyway.  he lived in saudi for many years as a kid and is following in his father's footsteps.  he loved the expat life.  

helennan ... i will PM you my girlfriend number, she is an indonesian with american husband and works as a house agent.

I think you'll like it too if you have never lived as an expat before. At first it will be a big culture shock.. It was for me coming to england from America.

 And then after all the moaning you'll start to appreciate your new found home and the added luxuries we don't have in america.  Like a full time maid, cook and driver! Yippeee......






Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

i think i will too.  I like change, and enjoy meeting new people.  My husband and kids need a cook.   They'll love that.  I, on the other hand will find a driver to be great.  I get lost very easily.

<Novita, thanks again for the info

Sorry, I am not in Qatar, I am in Turkey

The only thing that changed was they gave me a Villa and a car + fuel instead of the accommdation allowance and fuel allowance since my contract is less than 2 years .... they confirmed that the contract will be renewed ..



Salaams and Congrats, hope you love it there in qatar,


Was is it like a formal interview or just getting to know each other,

and what was the final basic figure they offered?


 Yesterday they asked me to mail my PP copies which I did, said, they will  get in touch again by sunday,




The interview was a real loooooooong one ... I've interviewed with around 4 employees, 3 managers and 1 director ... it was technical interview and I passed ...then the next day I went for Medical which was extremely long and frustrating ... they've done all kinds of Exams from Blood to Urine and all what I mentioned in my previous message ... Qatar is nice but hot ... my final package stayed the same as I mentioned in my first message ...the only thing changed was they gave me an apartment and a car instead of the allowance for both .... Good Luck to you and let me know how it goes with you ... Who is your HR contact?

Who was your HR contact sjoudah?


Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Salaams Sjoudeh,

Thanks, if you can, email me at 'sunnyhuts@yahoo.com',  even a blank one is ok


check your email ...

thanks, see my reply ..

I received the offer letter :-) ... See you guys in Qatar soon ...


Hopefully you will get yours soon too ...

how to apply for qp yaar.

give the link address for it please.





U can apply maximum 3 posts!!!!!!!!!!!

didnt the lucky bird knocked on your door...nice work

Could you share more details about the technical interview...what were the questions about. How were the interviewers etc. Thanks for sharing.



I have been in QP for two days (22nd of Jan 2009)for technical interview along with a medical check. I have signed a document "Standard Terms & Conditions for Indefinite Contract of Employment" for an expatriate Senior Staff and they told me that they'll send me an email in which they will make an official offer. Since then I'm waiting. Just asking if it is the usual procedure?.



Thank you for your reply. I wonder how long does it take to have a response from them?.



I'm coming for Operation Engineer position in Dukhan field


Thank you for your Welcome. I hope that I'll make it through.


Congrats! My husband works for QP and we are very happy with how they've treated us thus far. He works in Medical and is amazed at the quality of the health care professionals here. He's made friends quite easily, especially with some of the British docs who also seem quite pleased with QP as an employer. I recall when he came for his technical interview and it was a two day whirlwind as well but everything turned out well and he was able to negotiate his salary but not his benefit package but we felt we got a fair and decent package. I work for another Oil and Gas company and feel QP is comparable to what we offer folks as well. Good luck to you!


Thank you for your reply and support. I've heard a lot of good things about QP. I think I've made the right decision.

Brihouch... due to the current economic situation all new recruitments are on hold... if the situation changes they might call you again..


Hello again,

I have just received an email from the recruitment supervisor saying that the position has been filled internally, therefore they cannot continue my recruitement process. However, should another position becomes available in the future they will contact me immediately. Could you tell me if they did so in the past?


Just asking if this situation has occured in the past.

Has anybody experienced the same situation.

It may depend on which department the vacancy is in.

Some jobs they HAVE to fill, others aren't as urgent.

Anyone know what the basic salary for a Grade 16 should be? Or what their pain threshold is for this grade?

Hi Sjoudeh,

I got an invitation for Site Interview from QP for a Systems Engineer Grade 14. They called me for 2 days... What should I expect during the 2 days... is the interview with the IT department a personlity interview or technical one.. I already had a technical interview over the phone..



Great News!!

How many days after your phone interview did they send you site interview invitation?

Thanks in advance!!

Usually about 3 weeks

Hi everyone,

Sorry for posting here instead of creating new post. Seems like lots of helpful people here and just wanted to see if anyone could offer further guidance.

I had an interview in Canada with QP for level 14 Senior Business Analyst. Was told that they were very interested and I don't need to sell myself as I have already been preselected by the interviewer.

Afterwards the interview interviewer said I should be hearing from them in 2 to 3 days. Since I havent heard back, wondering if anyone knows whether QP does formally notify candidate even if they are not selected?

Thanks in advance for any replies :)

they will advise you if you are not selected. Certainly others have been and that was recent.

Thank you for your reply. Have a great day :)

Hi Everybody; I just got an interview call from qatar petroleum. My interview was fantastic. After what they will do ...after how many days they will contact me Please give me your reply.

hi Everyone; I was interviewed for the post of Instrument Engineer in May-15, After site interview QP HR told me in 3 weeks i will get Employement offer but now they have intimated me that recuirement

is hold, once recuirement is released they will contact me....

Is this a normal QP process or due to crude Oil prices?

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